File Title
1 Several Cases of Malaria Arise Locally in the US
2 First Gene Therapy to Treat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is Approved
3 A Hydrogel that Can Pull Water from the Air
4 Exercise May Cause Stroke in People with Blocked Arteries
5 Teaching AI to Detect Specific Objects is a Game Changer
6 NASA Webb Identifies Carbon Compound in Young Star System
7 In a Major Advance, Scientists Reprogram Skin Cells to Become Placenta
8 A New Tool Could Diagnose the 'Missing Millions' of TB Sufferers
9 Direct Air Capture Technology Could Get Cheaper and Better with Bank-Tube-Inspired Modules
10 Link Between Cannabis Use Disorder and Mental Disorders--Insights from a Danish Study
11 Diet Intervention Generates Lasting Immunity in Vaccine Strategy
12 New Cell Marker Deletion Leads to Reduced Tumor Growth
13 Reading Inflammation to Identify Heart Disease Drugs
14 Slow Slip Earthquakes Likely from Sinking Seafloor Mountains and Volcanoes
15 Loss of Smell Linked to Late-life Depression
16 Placebo Bests Opioids for Acute Neck and Lower Back Pain
17 Protoplanet-Hunting Just Got Easier Through Chemical Signatures
18 A Blood Condition Increases Some Disease Risk, but Reduces Alzheimer's Potential
19 Could Nutritional Interventions Ever Replace Cancer Drugs?
20 The first of its kind: a brain tumor vaccine
21 How can Precision Medicine measure Intangible Emotions?
22 Time-restricted Eating Reduces Risk of Diabetes & Obesity
23 New Work Sheds Light on the Autism-Microbiome Link
24 Adverse Childhood Experiences Linked to Cannabis Misuse as Adults
25 A Biomarker for Multiple Sclerosis Severity is Discovered
26 Cal Poly Humboldt Offers Bachelor's Degree in Cannabis Studies in Fall 2023
27 New Insights into Gravitational Waves from 15 Years of Data
28 A New, CRISPR-Like Gene-Editing System is Discovered in Animals
29 Childhood Reading Linked to Better Cognition and Mental Health in Adolescence
30 Hellbender Cannibalism Is on the Rise, Thanks to Climate Change
31 How AI Can Help Reduce the Impacts of Natural Disasters
32 A Surprising Culprit Behind Multiple Sclerosis
33 Researchers Develop Rapid Method Testing to Identify New Designer Drugs
34 Space Travel Significantly Changes Gene Expression in Immune Cells
35 A Gut Microbe that Affects Cholesterol Production
36 A New Open Resource for Pediatric Brain Cancer Research
37 Demystifying the Art of Stem Cell Isolation and Picking
38 Saturn's Rings Glow in Infrared in Latest Webb Images
39 Did Our First President have Skin Cancer?
40 The Chemistry and Logistics Behind Fireworks and Firework Shows
41 Chronic Sleep Disruption Increases Heart Disease Risk
42 Smartwatches Can Dramatically Improve Parkinson's Diagnosis
43 Newly Revealed Protein Release Mechanism May be Universal
44 Powering Cell & Gene Therapy with Advanced Flow Cytometry
45 Long COVID Has a Unique Blood Plasma Protein Signature
46 Transcription Factors Can Bind RNA & Have a Big Impact
47 Federal Grant Funds Hemp Genome Research Project
48 Unraveling Schizophrenia: Genetic Study Reveals New Insights and Non-Inherited Mutations
49 New Bacterial Structure Helps Overcome Antibiotic Resistance
50 A Group of Proteins Can Predict the Development of Diabetes
51 High-intensity Exercise and Heart Disease
52 NASA Webb Discovers Early Universe Galaxy Structure
53 Chromosome Imbalances Drive Cancer, and Removing Extras Can Stop It
54 Cannabis Users at Increased Risk of Perioperative Complications
55 Exoplanet Could Be Producing Spiral Arms in its Young System
56 Gum Disease and Tooth Loss Linked to Shrinking Hippocampus
57 A Fungal Pathogen Can Live in Dogs' Ears
58 Human Encounters Prompt Unusual Whale Behavior
59 Evolutionary Cousin to Fibonacci Spirals Discovered
60 New Device Protects Esophagus During Cardiac Ablation
61 Wearable Monitor Provides Continuous Monitoring of Stress Hormones
62 Birth Control Pills 'Disconnect' Stress Response in Women
63 The Keto Diet and Cancer
64 With Expansion Microscopy, Scientists See Fundamental Cellular Processes
65 Big and Powerful or Small and Mighty: CE Instruments for STR Analysis
66 Ticks Use Static Electricity to Identify Hosts for Parasitism
67 Electric Nanowires Seem to be Ubiquitous Among Microbes
68 Proof-of-Concept Device Allows Real Time Detection of COVID-19 Virus Variants
69 Study Finds No Difference in COVID-19 Treatment Outcomes Among Different Substance Users
70 Failed NGS or qPCR? Spectrophotometry can tell why
71 Lupus Flares Linked to Growth of Specific Gut Microbes
72 Unveiling the 36-Million-Year Link Between Tectonic Activity and Marine Life
73 Unmasking Origin of Lunar Swirls: MAPS Instrument to Examine Solar Wind and Moon Interaction
74 The Gift of Influenza: How DNA vaccines are presenting proteins to the immune system
75 Viruses Can Aid Bacterial Survival in Man-Made Environments
76 THC Use During Pregnancy Impacts Fetal Development at Epigenetic Level
77 Artificial Intelligence Used to Recognize Abnormal Heart Rhythms in Firefighters
78 NASA Webb Celebrates One-Year Anniversary for Science Mission
79 Learning More About a Special Venom Made by Caterpillars
80 A New Type of Biosensor Can Detect Neurodegeneration Biomarkers
81 Rise in Type 1 Diabetes Linked to COVID-19
82 Obesity Impacts Cancer Risk, but the Effects Differ between Men and Women
83 Gen Z, Millennials More Susceptible to Fake News Online
84 Gum Disease is Linked to Alzheimer's Disease
85 Ocean Color Variations: Evidence of Human Impact on Marine Environments
86 Running Mitigates the Effects of Chronic Stress
87 Sense of Purpose Protects Against Loneliness, Heart Disease
88 Scrub Typhus-Causing Germs Found in North Carolina Insects
89 The Growth of THC-O-Acetate in the Cannabis World: Fluff vs. Facts
90 Can fish skin help heal wounds?
91 The first fully FDA-approved Alzheimer's Disease treatment
92 Voice Authentication May Not Be as Secure as We Think
93 Epigenetic Factors Create the Immune System's Memory
94 Greater Likelihood for Liquid Water and Potential for Life on Exoplanets, New Study Finds
95 NASA Awards Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace Task Orders to Advance Spacewalking Capabilities
96 Quality Sleep Linked to Lower Levels of Depression and Anxiety
97 Air Pollution Affects Insects, Too
98 World's Oldest Glaciers Discovered, from 2.9 Billion Years Ago
99 Genes Behind Learning & Memory are 650 Million Years Old
100 Researchers Propose a New Explanation for Gulf War Illness
101 Sugar Molecule in Breast Milk Boosts Infant Brain Development
102 Genetic Similarities between Human and Canine Cancers: What Can We Learn from Man's Best Friend?
103 The Pine Tree Bark Extract that Can be Used in Treatments for Skin Conditions to UTIs
104 Oxymel--a Honey & Vinegar Mix Has Antibacterial Power
105 New SETI Procedure Could Filter Out ET Signals from Fake Signals
106 Promising Results: Donanemab Shows Potential in Slowing Alzheimer's Disease Progression
107 Potential Plant-Based Preservative in Skincare: Achyrocline satureiodes Hydroalcoholic Extract
108 Evolution of Antibody Humanization and Affinity Maturation
109 The Brain's Cannabinoid System Reduces Risk of Addiction Following Childhood Trauma
110 Hydrogel Creates Hostile Environment for Tumor Cells After Surgery
111 Probe for Examining Brain-Gut Connection
112 Jupiter's Magnetosphere Produces Swirling Waves from Solar Wind
113 BepiColombo Mission: Probing Mercury's Unique Auroras and Magnetosphere
114 A Gravity-Powered Diagnostic Device to Expand Access to Testing
115 WVU Receives $3 Million Grant for Hydrogen Technology to Reduce Carbon Emissions
116 Opill: A Milestone in Accessible Birth Control
117 Acoramidis: A Potential Breakthrough Treatment for Transthyretin Amyloidosis Cardiomyopathy (ATTR-CM)
118 Analysis Finds Medical Cannabis Laws Have Little Impact on Reduction of Opioid Prescription
119 New Developmental Role in Immune Cells Can Kill Pathogens
120 Understanding Mast Cells and Their Role in Response to Allergens