File Title
1 Post-Years El Nino Could Result in Trillions in Lost Income Worldwide
2 CBD Food Coating Prolongs the Shelf Life of Fruit
3 T Helper Cells Improve Antigen Presentation for Cytotoxic T Cell Immunity
4 Exercise Is the Best Medicine for Mental Health
5 Artificial Intelligence Used to Understand Genetics Disruptions
6 We've Lost About Half of the Gut Bacteria in Our Primate Ancestors
7 New Zealand Researchers Call to Re-evaluate Cannabis Protocols
8 Smartphone Clip Expands Blood Pressure Monitoring Access
9 Flavanol Deficiency Linked to Poorer Memory Scores in Older Adults
10 Astronomers Detect "Intermediate-Sized" Black Hole Only 6,000 Light-Years Away
11 Canadian Study Finds No Increase in High-Risk Cannabis Use
12 Trial of Blood Test for 50 Types of Cancer Produces "Exciting Results"
13 Obesity More Likely Before Mental Health Diagnosis
14 Webb Telescope Identifies Water Vapor Traces in Ultra-Hot Jupiter's Atmosphere
15 Towards a Complete Understanding of Methylation
16 New E-Nose Tech Detects Harmful Chemicals
17 Fishing Bans Don't Reduce Industrial Fishing Catches--But They Do Heal Ecosystems
18 Synthetic Skin Developed with Self-Healing Abilities
19 Species of Clams Might Have Experienced Evolutionary Lag
20 Pilot Study Experiments with Breathalyzer that Detects THC
21 Algae Could Carry a Wave of Pathogens to Florida Shores
22 Lab-Created Nuclear Reaction Helps Understand Neutron Stars
23 Earth's Mountain-Building Processes Might Differ from Previous Hypotheses
24 New Test for Rare Neurological Disease Recommended for Kids with Symptoms
25 How Mosaic Variants May be Involved in Bipolar Disorder
26 Strong Association found between Adolescent Vaping, Cannabis, and Alcohol Use
27 Are Gut Microbes a Secret to Longevity?
28 Knoxville-Based Startup Granted License for CO2 Capture Technology
29 Reversing Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Using Immune Cells
30 Coal Ash Toxicity Begins at Nanoscale Levels
31 BabySeq--Expanded Newborn Screens Give Families Useful Data
32 A New Era in Menopausal Treatments Began with Faulty Findings
33 Adolescent THC Exposure Alters Metabolism and Fat Cell Function
34 Junk Food May Harm Deep Sleep
35 NASA Webb Observes 6,000-Mile Water Vapor Plume from Saturn's Icy Moon, Enceladus
36 New Developmental Discovery of Immune Cells Improves Immunotherapy
37 Beyond Fight or Flight: How the Brain's Freeze Response Should Shape the Judicial System
38 After a Death in a Clinical Trial, Researchers Determine the Likely Cause
39 A Metabolic Pathway Could Lead to a New Glioblastoma Treatment
40 Colorful Vegetables May Prevent Diabetes
41 An Ancient Viral Remnant May Underlie ALS
42 NASA's Parker Solar Probe Takes Direct Hit from Solar Wind Blast, Detects Surface Origin
43 Diabetes medication decreases risk of long COVID, but not by as much as you might hear
44 Drug to Combat Cannabis Use Disorder Progresses Through Clinical Trials
45 A New Way to Activate GPCRs is Discovered
46 NASA's Webb Detects Complex Organic Molecules in a Galaxy Far Away
47 Urine Test for Parkinson's Disease
48 New Football Helmet Reduces Severe of Concussion and Head Injuries
49 Microplastics Affect Seabird Gut Health--With Implications for Human Health Too
50 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Are at an All-Time High
51 Speaking More to Infants Boosts Brain Plasticity and Linguistic Ability
52 New Multi-functional Reconfigurable Antenna Could Transform Telecom Industry
53 'Dudding Disease' Hop Latent Viroid (HpLVd) Threatens Global Cannabis Crops
54 Scientists Discover a Tooth Decay-Related Germ
55 How Neanderthal DNA Affects the Health of Modern Humans
56 Volunteering and Recreational Activities Boost Overall Health in Seniors
57 Questions Remain on How to Treat Relapsed Lymphoma During Pregnancy
58 Does Taurine Deficiency Promote Aging?
59 An Easy Way to Scan for & Treat a Cause of Hypertension
60 Astronomers Confirm Historic Second Planet in Two-Star System
61 New Artificial Intelligence-Based Method Could Develop Better Aircraft Autopilot Systems
62 Home Cannabis Cultivation Practices by State
63 Stem Cell "Village in a Dish" Advances Research
64 Tumor Exosomes: A Messenger for Cancer Progression
65 When Humans & Wildlife Interact, Viruses Spill Over
66 Earth's Plate Tectonics Theory Defied in New Study
67 The first pathogen-targeted therapy ever: XACDURO
68 It's getting hot in here! But not for long with Veozah, newest drug approved by FDA for hot flashes.
69 Blissful Bugs: Probiotics Show Promise in Easing Depression and Now Anxiety
70 Deciphering the Genetics of Voice Pitch
71 Optimal Protein Intake for Longevity
72 Asteroid Itokawa Salt Crystal Samples Provide New Insights into Asteroid Population
73 Enceladus' Interior Ocean Confirmed to Possess Phosphorus, A Key Building Block of Life
74 Immune Cells in Aged Women Collect in the Stomach Cavity
75 June 15, 1888--the Death of Fredrick III: Did a Cancer Misdiagnosis Cause World War I?
76 How Beneficial are Additional Breast Cancer Screens?
77 Cell Interaction Mechanism Drives Inflammation in Severe Asthma
78 Colorful Vegetables May Improve Vision in Athletes
79 Limiting social media use reduces anxiety, depression, loneliness
80 Oral Contraceptive Use Increases Depression Risk in Teenagers and Adults
81 Cannabis Use Disorder Linked to Increased Risk of Bipolar Disorder and Depression
82 National Megalodon Day: 5 Facts About Megalodons
83 Megawatt motor to make electric planes
84 Groundwater Depletion Has Pushed the Earth's Rotational Spin
85 Giraffes Threatened by Climate Change-Caused Rainfall
86 HIV Can Lie Dormant in the Brain for Years
87 Deep Soil Organic Compounds Vulnerable to Climate Change
88 Drug Development for Cannabis Use Disorder
89 A Bacterial small RNA that Regulates Infection
90 An Advance & A Dilemma--Synthetic Human Embryos Grown Past 14 Days
91 Pre-Clinical Study Shows Benefits to Targeting the Lymph Node for Cancer Treatment
92 Nature's Pharmacy: Amphibian Peptides with Lavender Oil Heals Wounds
93 A New Epigenetic Sequencing Method to Improve Cancer Detection
94 It All Goes Back to Asgard--a Common Ancestor is Revealed
95 Modifiable Risk Factors Related to Cognitive Impairment in Adult Childhood Cancer Survivors
96 Early Alzheimer's diagnosis might involve intense sampling process
97 Study Examines Associations between Cannabis Genes and Therapeutic Properties
98 Chronic Stress Makes Us Crave High-Calorie Snacks
99 How Will Climate Change Continue to Impact Plants and Soils for Carbon Sequestration?
100 Omega-3 Fatty Acids a Game-Changer for ALS
101 NASA Webb Identifies Thin Atmosphere on Rocky Exoplanet
102 The Loss of Y Chromosomes, a Natural Part of Aging, Drives Certain Cancers
103 Light Alcohol Consumption May Help Heart Health
104 Drug-Resistant Fungi Thrive Even in Remote Regions
105 Recreational Cannabis Laws and Binge Drinking Share Potential Connection
106 Immunotherapy Can be Improved with Three Immune Cells
107 Gas Stoves Increase Levels of a Chemical Linked to Blood Cancers
108 Lab-Created Mini Lungs to Study Infections
109 Key Amino Acid for Life Found in Star-Forming Region
110 Bacteria can Drive the Development of Endometriosis
111 A Better Test for Measuring HIV Viral Load with Only a Drop of Blood
112 The Mechanisms of the Ciliary Motor are Revealed
113 Adenomyosis and Mifeprostone--what is the correlation?
114 Tamiflu for preventing flu admissions--or not
115 Inspired by Leaves, Scientists Can Now Create Clean, Sustainable Fuels from Thin Air
116 Wildfire Smoke Costs Thousands of Human Lives and Billions of Dollars
117 Parental Loss or Separation Linked to Poor Immune Function in Adulthood
118 Blood Pressure Drug Prevents Post-Traumatic Headaches in Veterans
119 Quitting Smoking After Cancer Diagnosis Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular Events
120 Increased Binge Drinking in Older Adult Populations Linked to Cannabis Legalization
121 Gamma-Ray Bursts Could Occur from Stars Demolishing Each Other