File Title
1 2023 Global Heat Wave: First Three Weeks of July Were Hottest Ever Recorded
2 New Study Reveals How Plants Pass Down Genetic Memories
3 Scientists Discover 7 "Cryptic" New Species of Walking Leaves
4 Revolutionizing Renal Care: Can an Artificial Kidney Finally Free Patients from Dialysis?
5 Scientists Discover New Side Effect of Birth Control Pills
6 Warning: Paper Drinking Straws May Be Harmful to Health and Worse for the Environment than Plastic Versions
7 Decoding Deafness: USC Scientists Tune into Hearing Regeneration
8 Mysterious Galactic Signals: Magnetar Observations Shed New Light on Fast Radio Bursts
9 HIV Cure? An Existing Cancer Drug Shows Promise in Killing "Silent" HIV Cells and Delaying Reinfections
10 Innovative Atomic Device Enables a Simpler Way to Connect Quantum Computers
11 Probiotic Bacteria Treatment Reduces Insulin Resistance & Protects Against Diabetes
12 Entanglement Enhanced Sensing Paves the Way for Advanced Quantum Sensors
13 Scientists Have Made a Discovery that Could Change Our Understanding of the Universe
14 USDA Scientists Build a Healthy Diet with 91% of Calories Coming from Ultra-Processed Foods
15 Hidden Danger of Antibiotics: Boosting Growth of Resistant Bacteria "Superbugs" in the Gut
16 Osteoarthritis Breakthrough: New Therapeutic Approach Discovered
17 Researchers Found a Way to Reduce Saturated Fat, Sugar, and Salt in Popular Foods Without Sacrificing Taste
18 Lunar Rock Stars: NASA Selects Geology Team for the First Crewed Artemis Moon Landing
19 Surgeons Pull 3" Parasitic Worm from Woman's Brain--Still Alive and Wriggling
20 Sun's Mighty Solar Wind Powered by Tiny "Picoflare Jets" Within Coronal Holes
21 More than Just Storing Electricity: Scientists Develop Dual-Use Rechargeable Battery
22 9000 Feet Deep--Magnetic Bacteria Discovered in Deep-Sea Vents
23 Space Station Shuffle: Crew Swap and Stellar Science Activities Unfold
24 Challenging Einstein--New Study Suggests that Dark Matter Interacts with Gravity in a Non-Local Way
25 Smarter AI: Choosing the Best Path to Optimal Deep Learning
26 Sleep Deprivation's Sneaky Side Effect: Dulling the Cognitive Benefits of Exercise
27 From Photons to Photosynthesis: Quantum Computer Reveals Atomic Dynamics of Light-Sensitive Molecules
28 Unique New Species of Marine Bacteria Discovered in Deep-Sea Cold Seep
29 Broadband for Mars: Laser Boost for NASA's Deep Space Communications
30 New Study Reveals that Heavily Restricting Carbohydrate and Fat Consumption Could Be Shortening Your Life
31 The Great Oxidation Event: Decoding Earth's Ancient Atmospheric Mysteries
32 The Scent of the Afterlife: Ancient Egyptian Mummification Balm Ingredients
33 New Research Sheds Light on Side Effects of COVID-19 Vaccination
34 Challenging Common Understanding: Scientists Discover Unexpected Quantum Interference Anomaly
35 10-Year Countdown: Climate Change Could Cause Arctic Sea Ice to Vanish by 2030s
36 Life-Saver or Risky Gamble? New Study Sheds Light on Controversial Drug for Trauma Care
37 Startling Findings--Scientists Discover that Microplastics Could Be Changing Your Brain
38 Time Is Running Out: Coastal Wetlands Can't Keep Up with Climate Change, Warns New Study
39 Microbial "Dark Matter" Yields Gold--New Antibiotic Could Be a Powerful Weapon Against Superbugs
40 Beating the Opioid Crisis: Human Trials for Fentanyl and Heroin Vaccines Nearing Launch
41 Researchers Design New, More Efficient Way to Capture and Recycle Carbon Dioxide from Industrial Emissions
42 ESA's Hera Mission: Mini-Radar Will Probe Asteroid's Heart
43 Strange Neptune-Sized Planet Is Denser than Steel--May Be Result of a Giant Planetary Clash
44 Space Station Crew Handovers Continue as Four Astronauts Near End of Six-Month Research Mission
45 A "Silent Killer" with No Treatment--Scientists Develop Game-Changing Drug
46 Living Longer, Healthier: 8 Habits that Could Extend Your Life by Decades
47 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter: NASA's Secret Weapon for Artemis Moon Missions
48 Why Omicron Is Different--New Study Helps Explain SARS-CoV-2 Variants' Rapid Spread
49 Innovative Saliva-Based Glucose Sensor to Revolutionize Diabetes Monitoring
50 Clockwork Biology: cAMP Molecules Illuminate Circadian Rhythm Mysteries
51 Better ZZZs: Most Restful Sleep Temperature Range Revealed
52 Cosmic Explorer: A Bigger, Better Gravitational-Wave Detector
53 The Hidden Cost of Boredom: The Silent Killer of Academic Performance
54 Beyond Hot Jupiters: TESS Discovers Longest-Orbit Exoplanet Yet
55 Should You Lift Light or Heavy? Science Says Both Work
56 Unlocking the Future of Nanophotonics--Breaking Symmetry to Excite Polaritons
57 Three-Eyed "Fossil Monster"--520 Million-Year-Old Fossil Reveals Amazing Detail of Early Animal Evolution
58 Cracking Cancer's Origin Story: Stanford Researchers Uncover Predictable Plot Line
59 Climate Change Solution or "Worse than Coal"? New Research Explores Debate Around Controversial Energy Technology
60 Doubly Magic--Physicists Observe Oxygen-28 for the First Time
61 Jupiter's Volcanic Moon: Diving into Io's Fiery Puzzles with Hubble and Webb
62 Impact Crater from Russia's Luna 25 Crash Spied by NASA's Lunar Orbiter
63 Deciphering Volcanic Secrets: A Groundbreaking New Method to Predict Eruptions
64 Striking Gold--a Molecular Mystery Solution for Potential Clean Energy
65 Cosmic Titans: Unveiling the Origin of Supermassive Black Holes
66 Scientists Uncover Secrets of Plant Regeneration
67 Scientists Discover that a Southeast Asian Ginger Has Anti-Cancer Properties
68 Chemistry Breakthrough: Scientists Take Photoclick Chemistry to the Next Level
69 Paving the Way for Tiny Devices Integrated into Human Tissues--Scientists Develop New "Droplet" Battery
70 Climate Change's Deadly Legacy: How Rising Temperatures Fueled Ancient Aggression
71 Hot Jupiter Planet Blows Its Top in Spectacular Fashion
72 Countering Weight Gain--New Research Reveals Why You Should Eat Meals Earlier
73 The Best of Both Worlds: Merging Digital Logic with Brain-Like Analog Operations
74 Navigating Drought: Panama Canal's Shipping Snarl
75 From Phone Cases to Missiles: Innovative Molecule Makes Materials More Durable
76 Metabolic Time Bomb--These 4 Risk Factors Are Linked with Earlier Heart Attack and Stroke
77 Advancing Quantum Matter: "Golden Rules" for Building Atomic Blocks
78 NASA's ILLUMA-T: Pioneering the Next Era of Laser Space Communications
79 The Search for the Super Potato--Scientists Create Potato Super Pangenome
80 Warning: Columbia University Uncovers High Metal Levels in Blood of Marijuana Users
81 Bioplastic Backfire: Why Paper Cups Are Just as Toxic as Plastic Cups
82 Scientists Solve Mystery of Microgels
83 Innovative Endeavor to Create a Sensory Bridge to the Ancient Past
84 Surprising Findings--Scientists Discover Super Low-Noise Genes
85 Atmospheric Revelations: New Research Reveals Earth's Ancient "Breath"
86 Primordial Puzzles: Unraveling the Cosmic Origins of Life in the Lab
87 A Whiff of Genius: Simple Fragrance Method Boosts Cognitive Capacity by 226%
88 Dining to Destruction: How Your Food Choices Are Fueling Climate Change
89 Comprehensive New Amphibian Family Tree Revises Frog Evolution Timeline
90 Unveiling the Magnetic Mysteries of Black Holes: How Does "MAD" Accretion Form Around a Black Hole?
91 Cosmic Keyhole: Webb Reveals Breathtaking New Structures Within Iconic Supernova
92 Unlocking the Secrets of Climate Evolution: The Tipping Points that Changed Earth Forever
93 Groundbreaking Probiotic Therapy Could Revolutionize Autoimmune Treatment
94 Muon Magic: Groundbreaking Technology Enables Navigation in Places GPS Can't Reach
95 Long Haul Ahead: The Prolonged Impact of Severe Long COVID
96 Diabetes Breakthrough: Dahlia Flower Extract Found to Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels
97 ESA's Planetary Defense Mission: Hera Asteroid Spacecraft Is Complete
98 Electrifying Learning: How Brain Stimulation Can Improve Math Learning
99 Feel Your Breath, Calm Your Mind: Scientists Develop Shape-Shifting Ball that Supports Mental Health
100 Don't Miss: Venus, Harvest Moon, and Zodiacal Light
101 Not All Weight Loss Is Good: The Counterintuitive Finding that Could Extend Your Lifespan
102 Rewriting the Rules of Longevity: Scientists Propose Alternative Connection Between Diet and Aging
103 AI's Dirty Little Secret: Stanford Researchers Expose Flaws in Text Detectors
104 Mars' Muddy Mystery: Did the Red Planet Once Have Seasonal Weather?
105 Galactic Isolation: Lingering Energy of Catastrophically Violent Explosion
106 Pacific Puzzles: How El Nino and La Nina Are Changing Their Dance
107 Why Opioids Are Not the Answer to Your Back Pain: New Study Calls for Medical Rethink
108 Better Cybersecurity with a New Quantum Random Number Generator
109 Splashdown! NASA's SpaceX Crew-6 Returns Safely to Earth
110 China's Ancient Echo: Lessons from the Qing Dynasty's Collapse for Today's World