File Title
1 Brazil Votes to Bar Bolsonaro from Office for Election-Fraud Claims
2 Peg Yorkin, Who Helped Bring the Abortion Pill to the U.S., Dies at 96
3 Indiana Supreme Court Upholds Abortion Ban
4 Governor Vetoes Louisiana's Ban on Transition Care for Transgender Minors
5 Along with Conservative Triumphs, Signs of New Caution at Supreme Court
6 New Migrants Have a Year to Apply for Asylum. Many Won't Make It.
7 Fight or Flight: Transgender Care Bans Leave Families and Doctors Scrambling
8 Ohio Moves Closer to Ballot Issue that Would Protect Abortion Rights
9 Ex-Amazon Manager Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison in $9 Million Theft Scheme
10 What's the Future of Wood-Fired Pizza in New York?
11 He Worked for Years to Overturn Affirmative Action and Finally Won. He's Not Done.
12 'I Watched as a Car Careened Down the Bridge Toward My Booth'
13 Where Clarence Thomas Entered an Elite Circle and Opened a Door to the Court
14 Vivek Ramaswamy Leans into His Hindu Faith to Court Christian Voters
15 Artifacts Stolen from Kenya Decades Ago Are Returned
16 When the Water Rushed in, Help Rushed Over
17 Man in California Pleads Guilty to Murder in Fentanyl Death of 15-Year-Old
18 In Southern California, Hilltop Homes Sink into a Canyon
19 A Survivor in New York, Cycling with Other Wounded Warriors
20 Iowa Republicans Aim to Sharply Limit Abortion in Special Session
21 What to Know About Vermont's Devastating Floods
22 Community Land Trusts in California Work to Create New Homeowners
23 Polls Were Great in 2022. Can They Repeat Their Success in 2024?
24 As Politicians Cry 'Crisis,' Some Migrants Are Finding Their Way
25 A Major Heat Wave Arrives in California
26 Three Decomposed Bodies Found in Colorado Campsite
27 U.S. to Pay $975,000 to Resolve Sexual Assault Claims Against Air Force General
28 Trump Seeks Court Order to Quash Investigation in Georgia
29 George Santos Used Most of His Campaign Cash to Pay Himself Back
30 Detroit Takes on Problems that Were Once Beyond Reach
31 Over 700 Civil War-Era Gold Coins Found Buried on a Kentucky Farm
32 House Democrats Prepare Push to Censure George Santos
33 Georgia Supreme Court Rejects Trump Effort to Quash Investigation
34 Family of Murdaugh Boat Crash Victim Reaches $15 Million Settlement
35 Price of N.Y.C. Subway Ride Is Set to Go Up for the First Time in Years
36 Death of 16-Year-Old at Mississippi Poultry Plant Prompts Federal Investigation
37 On the Map, Nothing. On the Ground, a Hidden Maya City.
38 What to Expect from Wildfire Season in California this Year
39 How the Police Finally Zeroed in on the Gilgo Beach Suspect
40 She's a Smash Hit in Latin America, Even if Her Korean Mom Disapproves
41 How the Gilgo Beach Suspect Wielded Power in Brownstone Brooklyn
42 Michael Cohen Agrees to Settle Lawsuit with Trump Organization
43 Catherine Burks-Brooks, Freedom Rider Who Had the Last Word, Dies at 83
44 A Retired R.C.M.P. Officer Is Charged with Spying for China
45 They Checked Out Pride Books in Protest. It Backfired.
46 A Mental Health Crisis. An Officer's Gun. A Too-Common Tragedy.
47 'She Proceeded to Empty the Bag's Contents onto the Small Table'
48 Firefighter Dies After 'Targeted Attack' on an Alabama Fire Station
49 Woman Is Found Dead Near Bear Tracks Outside Yellowstone, Officials Say
50 A California Bill Would Cap Renters' Security Deposits
51 Miami-Dade Police Chief Suffers 'Critical' Injury
52 Alabama Woman Admits She Lied About Abduction and Report of Wandering Child
53 Judge Suggests 20 Years for Doctor Who Abused Women, but Delays Sentence
54 School District Woes Likened to 'Environmental Racism' in Flint, Mich.
55 Gilgo Beach Suspect's Home Held a 279-Weapon Arsenal and a Walk-In Vault
56 The Harbor Porpoises Are Here, Putting Up with the Noise
57 How George Santos Used Political Connections to Fuel Get-Rich Schemes
58 Why Legacy Admissions Are at the Center of a Dispute in Higher Education
59 Batteries in E-Bikes and Other Devices Are Sparking Fires in San Francisco
60 2 Supervisors at Juvenile Lockup in Bronx Are Charged in Beating of Teenager
61 If You Can't Stand the Heat...We've Got Some Suggestions
62 Damaged Tracks Caused Train Derailment that Killed 3, Investigators Say
63 Flagpole-Wielding Man Convicted in January 6 Capitol Attack
64 In High School Gilgo Beach Suspect Was an Angry Loner, Classmates Say
65 In the Event of a New York City Blackout, Preparation Is Key
66 Canada Is Ravaged by Fire. No One Has Paid More Dearly than Indigenous People.
67 Dogs Die from Heat-Related Injuries on Their Way to Police Training
68 Phoenix's Month in Hell: 31 Days of Extreme Heat Tests the City
69 Woman with 'Doomsday' Beliefs Gets Life Without Parole in Her Children's Deaths
70 Missing Sailor's Boat Is Found Off the Mexican Coast
71 Sheila Oliver, New Jersey's Trailblazing Lieutenant Governor, Has Died
72 Bishop Accused of Abuse Gets Married After Bid to Quit Church Is Denied
73 Former Tour Dancers Accuse Lizzo of Harassment and Hostile Work Environment in Lawsuit
74 100 Today, She Remembers: 'We Sewed, We Talked'
75 Teens Are Dying on E-Bikes. Should California Regulate Them?
76 He Raised Millions for Bibles but Spent It on Gambling and Gold, U.S. Says
77 Heat Wave Grips Portions of South America in the Middle of Winter
78 Crime Is Down. So Why Don't New Yorkers Feel Safe?
79 Some of the Things You'll Be Paying More For
80 Michigan Republicans Charged in False Elector Scheme Appear in Court
81 A Love Letter to Hip-Hop
82 Judge Throws Out Trump's Countersuit Against E. Jean Carroll
83 Thousands of Los Angeles City Workers Go on Strike
84 Union Square Melee Shows an Influencer's Power Unleashed in Real Life
85 WM, 51, Separated, Looks to Rekindle Old Bond--With Voters
86 U.S. Nurse and Her Child Released by Kidnappers in Haiti
87 De Blasio's Security Chief Admits Hindering Corruption Investigation
88 The Chuck Close Painting Is Heading to Auction. The Dog Walker Abides.
89 Inside California's Program to Better Treat Addiction in Prisons
90 New York's Attorney General Breaks with Gov. Hochul Over Migrant Crisis
91 It Took $1.7 Billion to Fix Fire Island's Beaches. One Storm Wrecked Them.
92 Company Recalls Ice Cream Products Over Listeria Contamination Concerns
93 What the Supreme Court's Decision to Hear the Purdue Pharma Case Means
94 Listen to Trump Pressure an Official to 'Find' Enough Votes for Him to Win Georgia.
95 Biden Administration Urges Justices to Hear Cases on Social Media Laws
96 A $250,000 Gig: Telling New York the Mayor Is 'Doing a Damn Good Job'
97 How a High-Ranking F.B.I. Official Fell from Grace
98 Former F.B.I. Spy Hunter Pleads Guilty to Aiding Russian Oligarch
99 From 'America's Mayor' to Criminal Defendant: Giuliani's Long Tumble
100 They Survived the 1921 Tulsa Massacre. Now They're Seeking Reparations.
101 3 Die in N.Y. Area from Infection Spread Through Seawater and Oysters
102 Pilot Dies After Medical Emergency on Flight from Miami to Chile
103 Calls for Georgia Leaders to Stymie Trump Prosecution Fall Flat, So Far
104 Rockaway Shark Attack Victim Had 5 Surgeries and Faces Long Recovery
105 Teacher Is Fired for Reading Book on Gender Identity in Class
106 Anticorruption Crusader Wins in Guatemala, in Rebuke to Establishment
107 At a Tense Moment, Eric Adams Visits Israel in a Show of Solidarity
108 Tropical Storm Hilary Hits California
109 A Bumpy Ride for San Francisco's Driverless Taxis
110 Legal Battles Begin in Case Against Trump and Allies in Georgia
111 Woman Who Fatally Shoved Broadway Voice Coach Pleads Guilty
112 Judge Orders New Trials for 2 Men Convicted in Grisly '93 Murder
113 Sweltering Temperatures Disrupt the New School Year
114 Carol Robles-Roman, Latina Champion for Justice, Dies at 60
115 Trial Opens for Men Accused of Aiding Plot to Kidnap Michigan's Governor
116 Florida Considers Tough Discipline for College Staff Who Break Bathroom Law
117 South Carolina Supreme Court Upholds Abortion Law, Reversing Earlier Decision
118 In Israel, Adams Has Swagger in His Step and 'Hustle' on His Sleeve
119 How an Ice Cream Scooper and Aspiring Actor Spends His Sundays
120 Trump Surrenders at Atlanta Jail in Georgia Election Interference Case
121 Texas Appeals Ruling Aimed at Blocking Its Transgender Care Ban
122 At Least 4 Killed, Including Gunman, in Biker Bar Shooting in Southern California