File Title
1 Helping or hindering? US scientists debate how to save giant sequoias
2 Invasive species a growing and costly threat, key report to find
3 In US capital, 'Bambi' is increasingly unwelcome
4 Why are animals so colorful?
5 Japan fishermen, locals seek halt to Fukushima water release
6 What is the most colorful animal on Earth?
7 Can Africa grasp its green-powered potential?
8 Infant's dark-brown eyes suddenly turn indigo blue after COVID-19 antiviral treatment. But why?
9 AI algorithm learns microscopic details of nematicity in moire systems
10 Scientists finally figure out why cats are obsessed with tuna
11 Researchers develop novel tumor-targeting nanospheres to improve light-based cancer diagnosis and treatment
12 Up to half black holes that rip apart stars and devour them 'burp back up' stellar remains years later
13 Extreme El Nino weather saw South America's forest carbon sink switch off
14 Scientists reveal the hidden math that governs how neurons cluster in the brain
15 The kitchen is key to improving indoor air quality, say experts
16 New genes and natural toxins offer hope for cancer patients unresponsive to chemotherapy
17 2,800-year-old figurines unearthed at Greek temple may be offerings to Poseidon
18 Invasive species problem will be 'worse before it gets better'
19 Most species are rare, but not very rare
20 CDC health warning issued after 5 killed by 'flesh-eating' bacteria across East Coast
21 Farms that create habitat key to food security and biodiversity
22 A federal court throws out Alabama's congressional map again: NPR
23 Pink pineapples are in high demand
24 New research paints bleak picture of repeat violence in Scotland
25 ChatGPT is debunking myths on social media around vaccine safety, say experts
26 Unknown ultra-light particles linked to dark matter could be found using atomic clocks
27 Better cybersecurity with new material
28 15 jaw-dropping spacewalk images / Live Science
29 Buddhism helps entrepreneurs to beat competitors in the cut-throat world of business, research says
30 Causes of the Qing Dynasty's collapse: Parallels to today's instability
31 Experts warn 'green growth' in high income countries is not happening, call for 'post-growth' climate policies
32 Software analyzes calcium 'sparks' that can contribute to arrhythmia
33 Californians are moving inland for cheaper housing, and finding extreme heat that keeps getting worse
34 Air pollution has decreased across the US, but new research finds health burdens remain unequal among racial groups
35 China's fury over Fukushima water casts shadow on Asean Forum
36 Control of behavioral decisions is similar in insects and mammals
37 Fires continue to blaze across Northern California. More than 135,000 acres burn
38 Largest genetic study of epilepsy to date provides new insights on why epilepsy develops and potential treatments
39 Money and politics put world's biggest climate deal at risk
40 A step closer to digitizing the sense of smell: Model describes odors better than human panelists
41 Machine learning for chemistry: Basics and applications
42 Electrical noise stimulation applied to the brain could be key to boosting math learning
43 Next major X-ray mission set to launch
44 Burning candles and fumes from cooking is harmful for people with mild asthma
45 New endemic Agapetes species reported from Yunnan, China
46 Air pollution prevents pollinators from finding flowers, study shows
47 Kenya bets on carbon credits as it hosts climate summit
48 Scientists synthesize new organometallic 'sandwich' compound capable of holding more electrons
49 S. African rhino farm, world's largest, bought by NGO
50 Will the sun ever become a black hole?
51 Faster postal service linked to better voter turnout
52 Blowing snow contributes to Arctic warming
53 Study reveals molecular mechanism underlying cross-membrane transport of plant hormone abscisic acid
54 10 times humans messed with nature and it backfired
55 An age gap in the C-suite makes companies more innovative
56 COVID warning UK 'has let its guard down' over Pirola variant / UK / News
57 U.S. women's gymnastics is changing, with more diverse and older athletes: NPR
58 Labor unions praise Biden's plan to boost staffing at nursing homes: Shots
59 Singer Jimmy Buffett, who celebrated loafing in 'Margaritaville,' dies at 76: NPR
60 More than a meal: Restaurant-based programs feed seniors' social lives
61 End the postcode lottery of Osteoporosis detection, pleads MP / Politics / News
62 An Ohio ballot measure seeks to protect abortion access. Opponents' messaging is on parental rights
63 Ohio votes on abortion rights this fall. Misinformation about the proposal is already spreading
64 10 Symptoms in Feet and Ankle that Indicate You Are Losing Bone Density
65 Nobel Foundation pulls invitation to Russia, Belarus, Iran to attend ceremonies: NPR
66 Burning Man rain leaves thousands stranded: NPR
67 DeSantis Florida redistricting map is unconstitutional and must be redrawn, judge says: NPR
68 'I thought my leg was itchy because of washing detergent...but it was a deadly disease'
69 'I'm a professor in respiratory physiology and here's what I know about long COVID'
70 Doctor shares three 'early' signs of liver cancer that might be 'hard' to spot
71 12 Ayurvedic Herbs and Kitchen Ingredients to Control Bad Cholesterol
72 'I'm a GP--these are the lesser-known red-flag signs of diabetes'
73 'I'm a venous surgeon--here are three red flag signs of blood clots to spot'
74 Five plants that could reduce your cholesterol levels
75 Cannabis smoke has many of the same chemicals that cigarette smoke does
76 Pediatricians call youth overdoses a public health emergency. What will end it?--National
77 France will soon ban disposable vapes under an anti-smoking plan, prime minister says
78 Jimmy Buffett died of a rare skin cancer: NPR
79 'Channel your inner five-year-old' to spot the signs of leukaemia
80 Tomy is recalling more than 85,000 highchairs that pose a fall risk: NPR
81 SpaceX Crew-6 NASA mission splashes down off Florida after ISS stay ends: NPR
82 Why Collagen Is a Proven Necessity
83 Francis opens a homeless clinic on the 1st papal visit to Mongolia: NPR
84 Upward of 20,000 Ukrainian amputees face trauma on a scale unseen since WWI
85 India's moon rover completes its walk in search for signs of frozen water: NPR
86 As AI develops, Las Vegas and its workers brace for change: NPR
87 Drinking beer could boost your gut health, study suggests
88 Changing economics means legacy airlines are leaving regional airports: NPR
89 'My daughter's eye cancer was mistaken for eczema'--Signs to look for
90 Prescription fruits and vegetables work to improve heart health: Shots
91 Shipwreck hunters discover a schooner's 142-year-old remains in Lake Michigan: NPR
92 'I'm nutrition expert--here are surprising foods that count as your five-a-day'
93 Pharmacist shares main symptoms of Pirola and Eris COVID variants
94 Viagra could be answer to numerous health conditions--but is it safe?
95 New COVID variant reaching 'pivotal moment' as cases soar
96 One in two adults unaware of 'life-threatening' signs of heart attack
97 Gabon military leader sworn in as president after coup, vows eventual elections: NPR
98 COVID surveillance to restart as 1,169,195 people likely to have symptoms right now
99 Four 'tricky to spot' signs of Lewy body dementia--When to see a GP
100 UK heatwave warning for deadly melanoma skin cancer--five red flags
101 'Magic mushrooms' are still illegal in Canada. How can stores be opening?--National
102 Steve Harwell, the former lead singer of Smash Mouth, has died at 56: NPR
103 Russia rejects Turkey efforts to restart Ukraine grain deal: NPR
104 Ultra-processed fast foods: separating fact from fiction
105 New miracle weight-loss jab shall saves lives and cut 6.5 billion pounds bill
106 Thousands march in North Macedonia over claims cancer hospital staff stole drugs meant for patients
107 Campaigners call for justice as women have suffered since using coil
108 Ernest Hemingway letter after surviving two plane crashes sells for $237,055: NPR
109 President Biden tests negative for COVID ahead of G-20 as First Lady is positive: NPR
110 Make Healthy 'Me Time' a Priority
111 Australian who fell ill at remote Antarctic base is rescued, authorities say: NPR
112 5 Causes of Lower Back Pain and Ways to Strengthen the Spine
113 Congress returns to avoid shutdown and health questions swirl around McConnell: NPR
114 'There could be vaccine-resistant COVID strains and the public should remain informed'
115 Almost half of all UK men suffer with erection difficulty, study finds
116 Pirola could become the next dominant COVID variant--signs to spot
117 Senate returns; Ken Paxton trial; Turkey archeological finds: NPR
118 'I'm a pharmacist and there are potential side effects to taking weight loss drug Wegovy'
119 'I have had years of severe pain': Hundreds who suffered after Essure coil could sue
120 10 Major Signs and Symptoms of Growing Renal Tumour
121 Burning Man festival exodus underway after heavy rain trapped thousands: NPR