File Title
1 AI helps ID cancer risk factors
2 What are the most polluted cities in the world?
3 Rare bamboo flowering event could be followed by years of ecological change
4 Striking gold with molecular mystery solution for potential clean energy
5 Sex between space tourists is inevitable--are we ready for the 1st babies conceived off-planet?
6 Study shows making cities greener doesn't just capture carbon--it reduces it
7 Digging deeper into how vaccines work against parasitic disease
8 Will El Nino end the Southwest's megadrought?
9 UBC study: What happens when you give homeless people $7,500?
10 5 unanswered questions as Cal, Stanford join ACC, escape Pac-12
11 Investigating responses to China's Digital Silk Road initiative
12 A new approach to stop cancer growth?
13 India's lunar rover finds 1st evidence of sulfur near the moon's south pole
14 Pentagon unveils new website for reporting (and learning about) UFOs
15 'Suicidal' mechanism discovered in ion channel receptors enables the sensing of heat and pain
16 James Webb telescope reveals the universe may have far fewer active black holes than we thought
17 How hydrophobicity shapes protein assemblies
18 Scientists unpick how lung cells induce immune response to influenza
19 How do electric batteries work, and what affects their properties?
20 Invasive spotted lanternfly may not damage hardwood trees as previously thought
21 Groundwater depletion rates in India could triple in coming decades as climate warms, study shows
22 Developing silicones that are friendlier toward health and the environment
23 New research explains 'Atlantification' of the Arctic Ocean
24 Russia's Luna 25 lunar lander left a 33-foot-wide crater when it crashed into the moon, NASA images reveal
25 Raman amplification at 2.2 microns in silicon core fibers with prospects for extended mid-infrared source generation
26 SMART-BARN--a cutting-edge technology lab to study animal groups
27 'Doubly magic' form of oxygen may challenge a fundamental law of physics
28 Satellite delivers high spatial resolution ozone profiles
29 Immune cells shape their own path
30 Flowering for naught: 120 years with nothing to show
31 Landscape-based methodology reveals ecological stability in the Qingzang plateau
32 Antarctic ice shelves thinner than previously thought
33 Critical loads lowered in the Netherlands
34 Di-isononyl phthalate disrupts pregnancy in mice, study finds
35 Groundwater depletion rates in India could triple in coming decades as climate warms, study warns
36 Toxic molds, fossil fuels, antibiotics linked to chemical intolerance
37 A cutting-edge technology lab to study large animal groups
38 Study could help explain why certain brain tumors don't respond well to immunotherapy
39 Researchers examine emission factors for nitrous oxide from synthetic and organic fertilizers
40 Red blood cells exposed to oxygen deficiency protect against myocardial infarction
41 Study reports observation of nonlinear disclination states
42 Precarious employment conditions can increase risk of early death
43 Chemical engineers draft a roadmap for research into metallic 'sponges' for clean hydrogen
44 Optics and AI find viruses faster
45 Three types of boreal summer intraseasonal oscillation found to influence precipitation over the Yangtze River Valley
46 Adding complex component of milk to infant formula confers long-term cognitive benefits for bottle-fed babies
47 How do mirages work? / Live Science
48 India launches spacecraft to study the sun after successful landing near the moon's south pole
49 Patrolling honey bees expose spread of antimicrobial resistance
50 Scientists detect and validate the longest-period exoplanet found with TESS
51 HL-LHC magnet alignment system passes crucial tests
52 Acting fast when an epidemic hits
53 Ancient corvids, tetraquarks, and researchers who aren't bored hearing about your dreams
54 Growing triple-decker hybrid crystals for lasers
55 AI 'nose' predicts smells from molecular structures
56 Newly discovered fungus helps destroy a harmful food toxin
57 Space photo of the week: James Webb sees the Whirlpool Galaxy in a new light
58 Two out of three volcanoes are little-known. How to predict their eruptions?
59 Aloe vera peels could fight staple food crop pests
60 Watching a bimetallic catalytic surface in action
61 Are deep blue seas fading? Oceans turn to new hue across parts of Earth, study finds
62 Using artificial methods for growing crops could help solve global food security
63 What would an ancient Egyptian corpse have smelled like? Pine, balsam and bitumen, if you were nobility
64 New giant planet evidence of possible planetary collisions
65 India launches next space mission
66 Why men, wealthy people and maritime residents are more likely to develop skin cancer
67 New scalable, etching-based technique for precise tuning of microdisk lasers
68 Is digital media use a risk factor for psychosis in young adults?
69 Searching for dark matter with the world's most sensitive radio
70 A global observatory to monitor Earth's biodiversity
71 New map on potentially groundwater-dependent vegetation in the Mediterranean biome
72 The search for the super potato
73 Modular flow cells for sustainable chemistry
74 The scent of the afterlife unbottled in new study of ancient Egyptian mummification balms
75 Evolutionary imbalance explains global plant invasions
76 Tiny mineral inclusions picture the chemical exchange between Earth's mantle and atmosphere
77 A new breakthrough in obesity research may allow you to lose fat while eating all you want
78 India's moon rover completes its walk, scientists analyzing data looking for signs of frozen water.
79 New blood test for noncoding RNA significantly improves cancer detection
80 Could a star ever become a planet?
81 Minnows blamed for algae-filled French, Spanish lakes
82 Taking photoclick chemistry to the next level
83 Taking photoclick chemistry to the next level
84 When should you get a flu shot? What to know for the 2023-2024 flu season
85 Using evidence from last Ice Age, scientists predict effects of rising seas on coastal habitats
86 4.6-billion-year-old meteorite increases our understanding of the early solar system
87 Experiencing the texture of skateboard sounds can mediate divisions new research says
88 Study quantifies link between greenhouse gases, polar bear survival
89 Kindergarten conduct problems could cost society later, researchers find
90 After studying more than 1,500 coastal ecosystems, researchers say they will drown if we let the world warm above 2íC
91 Watch: MotoGP world champion Francesco Bagnaia injured in horror crash / Racing News
92 Research explores why daughters in Chinese families with a preference for sons fail to break from sustained exploitation
93 Proud Boys member Dominic Pezzola gets 10 years in prison for January 6 role: NPR
94 Crisis response in Maui shifts from a sprint to a marathon: NPR
95 How Your Smartwatch Could Help Unlock Secrets of Disease
96 The story behind UNC's Daily Tar Heel front page after the campus shooting: NPR
97 Medicines360's long and winding, $82 million road to create and distribute $50 birth control
98 A $4 thrift store purchase turns out to be a rare painting by N.C. Wyeth: NPR
99 Hospitals pay midwives up to 2,000 pounds a shift to plug staffing gaps
100 Roman emperor statue seized from Cleveland Museum of Art in smuggling probe: NPR
101 Paris' rental electric scooter ban has taken effect: NPR
102 States and families wrestle over compassion in transgender youth care bans in Tennessee, Kentucky
103 Court revives doctors' lawsuit saying FDA overstepped its authority with anti-ivermectin campaign
104 Judge strikes down porn age-verification law in Texas: NPR
105 Ten red flag signs of arthritis in your mouth--and how to tackle inflammation
106 AP photos of Kashmir's mental health clinics show the invisible scars of decades of conflict
107 Seven red flag signs of eye health issues to spot in grandchildren
108 Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms include numb hands--what to look for
109 Nutrition expert shares four 'best' foods to lower high blood pressure
110 The healthiest foods in the world to reduce cancer risk--recipes to try
111 What is Scrub Typhus, Bacterial Infection Claiming Lives in Shimla? Symptoms to Precautions, All You Need to Know
112 At risk from sea level rise, Norfolk, Virginia plans a massive floodwall: NPR
113 North Carolina elections face major changes with a GOP bill: NPR
114 How Donald Trump's trials crowd the GOP political calendar: NPR
115 Labor Day is now a key to Election Day for Democrats and Republicans alike: NPR