File Title
1 MS Progression Genetic Breakthrough: New Discovery Paves the Way for Treatment
2 500-Million-Year-Old Fossil Reveals Astonishing Secrets of a Strange Group of Marine Invertebrates
3 On Thinning Ice: Emperor Penguins Face Breeding Meltdown in Antarctica
4 Innovative Lignocellulose Bio-Refinery: Yeast's New Frontier in Value-Added Chemical Production
5 Regulations Are Urgently Needed--Children Are Spending a Third of Their After-School Time on Screens
6 Cooling Atoms in Space: NASA's Pioneering Quantum Science Lab Keeps Getting Better
7 The Future of Vaccines? Japan's Breakthrough in 100% Pure mRNA Production
8 New Research Reveals Surprising Sources of Methane Emissions
9 Taming the Sun's Inferno: Controlling Fusion Plasma Heat at 100 Million Degrees
10 Neuroscience Breakthrough--New Images Capture Unseen Details of the Synapse
11 Researchers Successfully Extract Ancient DNA from 2,900-Year-Old Clay Brick
12 The Future of Medicine? ChatGPT Shows "Impressive" Accuracy in Clinical Decision Making
13 ISS Fires Engines to Dodge Space Debris While Awaiting Cargo Delivery
14 Russian Progress Cargo Craft Docks to Space Station to Replenish Crew
15 Mysterious Dark Spot on Neptune Detected from Earth for the First Time
16 Space's Hidden Toll: New Research Could Improve Health in Space and on Earth
17 Truly Mind-Boggling Breakthrough: Graphene Surprise Could Help Generate Hydrogen Cheaply and Sustainably
18 History Etched in Stone: Scientists Unravel Sad Story of Ancient Malaysian Rock Art
19 Discovery of 8.7-Million-Year-Old Fossil Ape Challenges Long-Accepted Ideas of Human Origins
20 Simple Device Can Identify Early Signs of Alzheimer's Disease in Your Sleep
21 Gravity Assist: Venus Flyby Sends Parker Solar Probe Toward Record-Setting Flights Around the Sun
22 Brain Gains: Scientists Discover How to Replicate the Cognitive Benefits of Exercise
23 A New Era in Biophysics Discovery Unleashed by Exascale Supercomputers
24 Brighter and More Efficient Next-Gen. LEDs: Stanford Breakthrough Comes at a Cost
25 Superbug Menace: Farming's Hidden Plastic Crisis Threatening Our Food Supply
26 Quantum Illumination: Advanced Device Generates Single Photons and Encodes Information
27 Genetic Breakthrough: Scientists Induce Asexual Reproduction in Fruit Flies
28 Scorched Earth: Wildfires Continue to Rage in Greece
29 New Study Suggests that Long COVID May Affect Millions More People than Previously Thought
30 Astronomers Discover Never-Before-Seen Way to Destroy a Star
31 Darwin's Paradox of Coral Reefs Solved--Scientists Unravel Age-Old Mystery
32 New Research Reveals Why You Shouldn't Add a Banana to Your Smoothies
33 Unraveling the Secrets to Brain Diseases--When Proteins Get Stuck at Solid
34 New Study: ChatGPT Outperforms University Students in Writing
35 NASA's Historic SpaceX Crew-7 Mission: Meet the Astronauts
36 ISS Gets Food and Fuel: But Where's SpaceX Crew-7?
37 Beyond Eyes: This Fish Can See with Its Skin
38 Solar Orbiter Spacecraft Discovers Tiny Jets that Could Power the Solar Wind
39 ISRO's Moonshot: India's Chandrayaan-3 Successfully Lands on the Moon
40 Unlocking the Secrets of COVID-19: Why Some Populations Are Hit Harder than Others
41 Decoding the Bronze Age: Scientists Unravel the Secrets of an Ancient Family System
42 Difficulty Swallowing? It Could Be an Early Warning Sign of Parkinson's Disease
43 Extreme Temperatures and Humidity: Heat Dome Descends on Central U.S.
44 NASA Surprised by Cracks in Ancient Martian Mud Discovered by Mars Curiosity Rover
45 Is Your School Next? Decoding Mass Shooting Risks
46 Unexpected Findings: Researchers Uncover Connection Between Human Genome Topography and Cancer Mutations
47 Scientists Invent New Glass with Supreme Toughness
48 Four Countries, One Rocket: NASA's SpaceX Crew-7 Launches to International Space Station
49 New Quantum Computing Paradigm: Game-Changing Hardware for Faster Computation
50 1000 Times Faster Processing: Innovative Detector for Large-Scale Optical Neural Networks
51 Scientists Discover 300,000-Year-Old "Giant" Handaxe in Rare Ice Age Site
52 Molecular Mystery Solved--Harvard Scientists Discover a Previously Unknown Way Cells Break Down Proteins
53 We Have a Question for NASA: Where Are the Moon Rocks?
54 Hidden Hazards: Scientists Uncover Unexpected Effects of Anti-Cancer Drugs
55 Wired to Explore: NASA's 45-Mile Long "Nervous System" for Roman Space Telescope
56 Charge Migration: Measuring the Speed Inside Molecules
57 Mysterious ASASSN-14li: Massive Star Obliterated by a Giant Black Hole
58 Can 30 Minutes a Day Save Your Mental Health? New Study Reveals Surprising Results
59 The Metaverse's Surprising Role in Combating Global Warming
60 X-Ray Vision to the Cosmos: JAXA, NASA XRISM Mission Ready for Liftoff!
61 Is Your Dog Walking Slow? They Could Have Dementia
62 New Study Reveals: Methionine Restriction Could Reverse Old-Age Obesity
63 New Breakthrough Paves the Way for Extending Human Lifespan--Scientists Successfully Transfer Longevity Gene
64 Behind the Spacecraft: New Video Series Reveals What Drives NASA's Psyche Mission Team
65 Tectonic Trouble: NASA Measures Sinking Land in American Samoa
66 Popular Myth Debunked: Social Media Does Not Cause Depression
67 Key Molecule Identified: New Discovery Paves the Way for New Obesity Drugs
68 Groundbreaking AI-Method Finds a Way to People's Hearts
69 Great Cut Unveiled--Mississippi Mud Reveals Secrets of Antarctica's Ancient Expansion
70 New Study Reveals How Creativity Can Save You from Boredom
71 Peeling Back the Chemical Unknown: Scientists Are on the Hunt for the Other 99 Percent
72 The Orchid and the Fruit Fly--Scientists Discover Unique New Plant-Animal Relationship
73 SpaceX Dragon Docks to ISS--Expedition 69 Welcomes NASA Crew-7 Members Aboard Station
74 Scientists Sound the Alarm: COVID-19 Virus Is Rapidly Evolving in White-Tailed Deer
75 Microgreens vs. Mature Veggies: Comparing Nutrient Content and Weight Loss Potential
76 Chikungunya Virus's "Invisibility Shield" Uncovered--New Findings May Lead to Vaccines or Treatments
77 New Research Sheds Light on the Formation of One of Nature's Most Fundamental Molecules
78 Eating this Common Ingredient During Pregnancy Could Pose a Health Risk
79 Solving a Stellar Mystery--Astronomers Discover Elusive Planet Responsible for Spiral Arms Around Its Star
80 The Deepening Mystery: How Sea-Ice Retreat is Influencing Marine Life
81 Neurology Breakthrough: New Pathway to Regenerate Myelin Discovered
82 The Future of Vision: Scientists Develop Flexible Cornea-Thin Battery Charged by Saline Solution
83 Astronaut's Breathtaking View: Moonglint, Volcanic Aleutians, and Aurora Borealis
84 Demon Hunting: Strange 67-Year-Old Particle Physics Prediction Finally Confirmed
85 Just Add Sugar: The Surprising Ingredient to Supercharge a Common Antioxidant
86 Pioneering Single-Pixel Technology Achieves 3D Imaging of Living Cells
87 The Ocean's Rising Fever: Global Sea Surface Temperatures Hit Record Levels
88 Yale Researchers Discover Potential New Way to Treat Cancer
89 Nanowire Innovation: Revolutionizing Fuel Cells with Enhanced Durability
90 Frightening Findings--Heatwaves Are Becoming More Frequent and More Deadly
91 Magnetic Destiny: How a Wolf-Rayet Star Might Morph into a Magnetar
92 Saudi Arabia's "The Line": Urban Marvel or Nightmare?
93 Intercontinental Fusion in Space: Station Hosts 11 Astronauts from 5 Countries
94 Superconduction Breakthrough: Scientists Discover New State of Quantum Matter
95 Eczema, Asthma, Food Allergy and Hay Fever: Common Origin Discovered Behind Major Childhood Allergies
96 Scientists Discover that a Neglected Part of the Brain Could Play a Critical Role in Addiction Recovery
97 Rewriting History: Ancient "Ivory Lady" Shatters Assumptions About Gender Roles in Iberian Copper Age Society
98 Spider Pulsars' Missing Link Found--Astronomers Validate Longstanding Theory
99 Unlocking the Secrets of Alzheimer's: New 3D Model Sheds New Light on Brain-Immune Interactions
100 Revolutionary Leap in Solar Energy: Researchers Crack 30% Efficiency Threshold with Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Cells
101 No Child Left Behind--New Teaching Method Can Equalize Children's Reading Skills
102 The Downfall of "Umbrella Science": Researchers Need to Step Out into the Rain
103 A Game-Changer for Infertile Men--New Diagnostic Detects Viable Sperm
104 3,000 Years Old--Scientists Discover Hundreds of Mummified Bees from the Time of Pharaohs
105 College Students Beware--New Study Unveils Hidden Risks of "Pregaming"
106 The Great Net-Zero Scam: Are Oil Companies Fooling Us?
107 Researchers Reveal Six Essential Foods to Combat Cardiovascular Disease Risk
108 Y Not? The Full Story Behind Sequencing Humanity's Most Elusive Chromosome
109 Cosmic Thermometer Detected on WASP-31b--a Giant Leap in Exoplanet Research
110 Scientists Identify New Brain Imaging-Based Biomarker of Depression
111 DNA Danger: Physicists Expose Fat Droplets' Hidden Threat
112 Seeing the Invisible: New Method Makes Infrared Light Visible at Room Temperature
113 Startling New Research: Sickle Cell Disease Is 11 Times More Deadly than Previously Thought
114 Antarctic Sea Ice Crisis: Emperor Penguin Colonies Suffer Catastrophic Breeding Failure
115 The Psychedelic Paradigm Shift: Revolutionary Treatment or a Slippery Slope for Mental Health?
116 SpaceX Crew-7's Stellar Start: Adjusting to Zero Gravity & Learning How to Use a Space Toilet
117 Turbocharged Python: AI Accelerates Computing Speed by Thousands of Times
118 Quantum Device Used to Slow Down Chemical Reaction by 100 Billion Times