File Title
1 Complementary and Alternative (CAM) Treatment
2 Mitch McConnell appears to freeze again while talking to reporters in Kentucky: NPR
3 Experts warn of Hepatitis risk from foreign health and dental care
4 Climate change makes wildfires in California more explosive: NPR
5 Pensioners miss out on crucial healthcare due to spending cuts
6 Top prosecutors back compensation for those sickened by US nuclear weapons testing
7 Migraine Triggers Don't Have to Take Over Your Life
8 Senators hail Health Dept. recommendation to ease restrictions on marijuana
9 Taking Care of Your Mental Health When You Have RA
10 Managing RA Through Diet and Exercise
11 Real Talk on RA
12 California panel to vote on increasing storage at site of worst US methane leak despite risks
13 Some US airports strive to make flying more inclusive for those with dementia
14 England Cancer Patients Will Be First to Access 7-Minute Treatment Jab
15 6 Early Symptoms and Health Risks [of Ovarian Cancer] Women Should Never Ignore
16 Expert on 4 ways to eat less to reduce diabetes risk and lose weight
17 5 million bees fall off a truck near Toronto; drivers asked to close windows: NPR
18 What is Chronic Pain Syndrome? Symptoms to Precautions, All You Need to Know
19 A building fire has killed dozens, many homeless, in Johannesburg: NPR
20 Ukraine beaches reopen for the first time since Russian invasion: NPR
21 Student loan forgiveness is still alive, and other tips ahead of repayment: NPR
22 COVID symptoms to look out for as deaths skyrocket by 57% in a week
23 Why Biden is now routinely taking the short stairs up to Air Force One: NPR
24 Mum's 'total devastation' as baby dies from leukaemia after developing lumps on his head
25 She was convinced she didn't exist. This is how she tethered herself to reality: NPR
26 COVID and flu jabs brought forward ahead of 'very challenging winter'
27 School bus in fatal Ohio crash lacked seat belts. Most states don't require them: NPR
28 Parkinson's breakthrough as new blood test could diagnose disease before symptoms appear
29 Native American substance abuse Medicaid scam Phoenix Arizona Navajo Nation: NPR
30 Pain in buttocks could be the 'first' symptom of cholesterol build-up
31 Risk of COVID can be reduced by consuming citrus fruits and drinks, nutritionist says
32 More than 75 percent of fatal drug overdoses in Montreal occurred at home, public health finds
33 Saudi man sentenced to death for tweets in harshest verdict yet for online critics: NPR
34 How to save a life using a defibrillator--nurse explains step-by-step
35 What to Know About the New BA 2.86 COVID Variant
36 Donald Trump pleads not guilty to Georgia racketeering charges: NPR
37 Male GPs now making 50k pounds more than their female counterparts as giant pay gap here to stay
38 Justices Thomas, Alito file 2022 financial disclosure forms with new trips and gifts: NPR
39 Proud Boys leader sentenced to 17 years for January 6 attack: NPR
40 Why Explosive Anger Isn't Just a 'Bad Attitude,' but a Symptom
41 Texas high court allows law banning gender-affirming care for transgender minors to take effect
42 Chile to search for 1,000+ victims disappeared by Pinochet dictatorship: NPR
43 What's Next for Geographic Atrophy
44 As U.S. COVID cases rise, will mask mandates return?: NPR
45 A concert film of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour is coming to movie theaters: NPR
46 What to expect from Strike Force Five, the new podcast from late night TV hosts: NPR
47 Alabama's attorney general says the state can prosecute those who help women travel for abortions
48 Food ads are in the crosshairs as Burger King, others face lawsuits for false advertising
49 Call for network of brain health clinics to 'revolutionise' dementia care
50 US regulators might change how they classify marijuana. Here's what that would mean
51 Political scientists confront real world politics dealing with hotel workers strike: NPR
52 Rule change allowing the logging of old-growth forests violates laws, judge says: NPR
53 'ChatGPT' for Biology? A Dictatorship of Engineers
54 Why is the New COVID Variant Pirola Spreading Rapidly? All You Need to Know About This
55 Turkey archaeology reveals ancient underground structures under Zerzevan Castle: NPR
56 Return-to-office policies are getting stricter as work from home fades: NPR
57 Taking vitamin C supplements could feed cancerous tumours, scientists warn--'harmful'
58 Nursing home staffing requirements could fizzle, despite Biden's pledge: Shots
59 Cheap over-the-counter medication could cut risk of developing diabetes by 15 percent
60 US will regulate nursing home staffing for first time, but proposal lower than many advocates hoped
61 After recent disasters, the White House says FEMA needs more money: NPR
62 Professor issues warning about new COVID variant found in Scotland
63 'My veneers left me with incredibly hot, angry and itchy blotches all over my face'
64 Dr. Mosley shares diet hack which could help you lose weight 'effectively'
65 After nearly 30 years, Pennsylvania will end state funding for anti-abortion counseling centers
66 Menstrual Migraine Tips
67 The job market continued to expand at a healthy clip in August: NPR
68 Long COVID can 'relapse with little warning' expert says
69 Will updated COVID-19 vaccines work against latest variant? What experts say--National
70 What is 'Personal Space,' and How it Impacts Mental Health? Experts Speak
71 Why the Trump criminal case in Georgia is so complicated: NPR
72 Mitch McConnell freezes while speaking again shining a spotlight on age: NPR
73 The trouble with NYC using teletherapy to help teens with mental health: Shots
74 Three foods you eat during the day could be keeping you awake at night--full list
75 COVID booster confusion: Should you get one now or wait for new formula?--National
76 A federal judge strikes down a Texas law requiring age verification to view pornographic websites
77 Meet Peanut, a 21-year--old chicken and Guinness world record holder: NPR
78 Under-prescribed Menopause Relief: Women Suffer Needlessly
79 Photographer captures rare 'gigantic jets' of upside-down lightning blasting out of Atlantic hurricane
80 Paris fumigates for tiger mosquitoes as pest spreads in Europe
81 How to help prevent childhood stunting
82 Critically endangered donkey with stripy 'zebra legs' born in UK zoo
83 Early ancestral bottleneck could've spelled the end for modern humans
84 New blood test gives very high accuracy to screen for Alzheimer's disease
85 Humans faced a 'close call with extinction' nearly a million years ago
86 How does 'MAD' accretion form around a black hole?
87 Mutation rates in whales are much higher than previously reported
88 Fast-spinning ride at county fair triggers stroke in a young woman in unusual case
89 Southern California's 'water doctor' pushes for transformation to adapt to climate change
90 Expanding the impact of CAR T cell therapy: An immunotherapy strategy against all blood cancers
91 Brain fog in long COVID may be linked to blood clots
92 Mapping the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein could provide insight into vaccine development
93 A system to keep cloud-based gamers in sync
94 One of the longest dino tracks in the world revealed by drought in Texas state park
95 Rising temperatures linked to increased child neglect
96 Webb reveals new structures within iconic supernova
97 Hungry bears invade and overrun abandoned city in Canada after wildfire evacuations
98 Do artificial roosts help bats? Experts say more research needed
99 Peering into nanofluidic mysteries one photon at a time
100 What is the strong force?
101 Could insights from ants help people build better transportation networks?
102 An 'introspective' AI finds diversity improves performance
103 Famous Neanderthal 'flower burial' debunked because pollen was left by burrowing bees
104 Deprived teens with poor learning skills at greatest risk from email scams, says expert
105 Radiologists must monitor novel Alzheimer's treatment side effect
106 800-pound alligator is the longest ever caught in Mississippi
107 Nearly half of dog owners are hesitant to vaccinate their pets, finds study
108 NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission almost bit the dust--then Queen guitarist Brian May stepped in
109 NASA's LRO observes crater likely from Luna 25 impact
110 US graduates brace for return of student loan repayments
111 Tracking drivers' eyes can determine ability to take back control from 'auto-pilot' mode
112 Why are humans good long distance runners?
113 Striking gold with molecular mystery solution for potential clean energy
114 Unraveling the long history of breast cancer formation
115 3,000-year-old tomb of shaman who may have mediated 'between spiritual and earthly worlds' found in Peru