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1 Changing climate, growing human populations and widespread fires contributed to the last major extinction event
2 Ultrasound can briefly induce a hibernation-like state in animals
3 Breast size affects women's attitudes to exercise--ScienceDaily
4 The process could usher in an era of shot-free vaccines, researchers say--ScienceDaily
5 Groundbreaking green propane production method--ScienceDaily
6 A new way to identify chiral molecules with light could vastly improve detection efficiency--ScienceDaily
7 Patients forget appointments, mix up medications and have no one to contact in an emergency.--ScienceDaily
8 A new 'spin' on ergodicity breaking--ScienceDaily
9 Nature-inspired pressure sensing technology that aims to transform healthcare and surgical robots--ScienceDaily
10 Using big data on livestock farms could improve antimicrobial resistance surveillance--ScienceDaily
11 Spear thrower weapon use by prehistoric females equalized the division of labor while hunting--ScienceDaily
12 Increasing legumes and reducing red meat is safe for bone health and protein intake--ScienceDaily
13 How a supposed 'nuclear' receptor makes TCR signaling possible--ScienceDaily
14 Study observes sudden acceleration of flow, generates new boundary layer--ScienceDaily
15 Discovery could lead to targeted new treatments for aggressive cancer of the bone marrow--ScienceDaily
16 Seine pollution forces cancelation of third Olympics test event
17 Economist group argues for scientific experimentation in environmental policymaking--ScienceDaily
18 Radiation may not be necessary for patients with low-risk breast cancer--ScienceDaily
19 North Atlantic volcanic activity was a major driver of climate change 56 million years ago, study finds
20 Pollutants are important to biodiversity's role in spread of wildlife diseases--ScienceDaily
21 Should you really pee on a jellyfish sting?
22 Without aggressive climate action, U.S. property values will take a hit from escalating wildfire risk and tree mortality, study finds--ScienceDaily
23 Victorian-era disease hits Scotland's poorest
24 Liraglutide benefits brain activity in people with obesity--ScienceDaily
25 Changes in lipid metabolism affect how cells respond to stress: Study
26 Study uncovers potential new source of genetic mutations that cause neurodegenerative disease--ScienceDaily
27 Space travel depletes red blood cells and bone, but bone marrow fat may come to the rescue
28 New insights into fighting antimicrobial resistance--ScienceDaily
29 Russia's Luna-25 lander just crash-landed on the moon, space agency confirms
30 Citizen scientists reveal how the common wasp spreads across UK
31 Estrogen-negative cancers respond to anti-estrogenic therapies--ScienceDaily
32 New 'potentially interstellar' comet will be visible to the naked eye next month before leaving our solar system forever
33 How vocabulary breadth and depth influence bilingual reading comprehension
34 Cracking the code that relates brain and behavior in a simple animal--ScienceDaily
35 What is the difference between a pet cat and a wildcat?
36 Tracking species range shifts in a changing climate
37 Illinois researchers calculate carbon-capture potential of basalt rock applied to cropland--ScienceDaily
38 Invasive yellow-legged hornet spotted in the US for the 1st time
39 Unknown 'anatomically modern human lineage' discovered from 40,000-year-old hip bone
40 Physicists use a 350-year-old theorem to reveal new properties of light waves
41 Natural language processing to extract social risk factors influencing health--ScienceDaily
42 Why do some stars fail to ignite?
43 New approach shows hydrogen can be combined with electricity to make pharmaceutical drugs
44 'Complete' twist of fallopian tube sent girl to hospital with sudden belly pain
45 Want to know how light works? Try asking a mechanic--ScienceDaily
46 190 years after Darwin, 2-year expedition launches to retrace his voyage around the world
47 Research sheds new light on York's thriving medieval Jewish Community
48 Did sabertooth tigers purr or roar? The answer may lie in a tiny string of bones--ScienceDaily
49 Ringing protons give insight into early universe
50 Thinning ice sheets may drive sharp rise in subglacial waters--ScienceDaily
51 Studying the specific carbohydrates in Polygonatum sibiricum
52 Simple blood test may predict future heart, kidney risk for people with Type 2 diabetes--ScienceDaily
53 Research finds both conservatives and liberals endorse 'values' and 'vices'
54 Moving the needle on monitoring skin cancer--ScienceDaily
55 Small urban greening projects can dramatically increase number of insect species in cities
56 Over half of parents worried about mental health issues; children's health concerns greater among parents in low-income households--ScienceDaily
57 City living may make male song sparrows more doting 'super' fathers
58 Strict tech rules at boarding school a bonus for teens' sleep--ScienceDaily
59 A potential new and less risky treatment for thrombosis--ScienceDaily
60 Fukushima's water release: what we know
61 Advancing trajectory tracking control of pneumatic artificial muscle-based systems--ScienceDaily
62 Two dead as Greece battles growing wildfire front
63 Crying wolf to save livestock and their predator
64 Research team developing a nano-sized force sensor and improving high-precision microscopy technology--ScienceDaily
65 Silica particles found in food and makeup could be chemically reactive, study finds
66 Conquering the arid wilderness--ScienceDaily
67 How bad the climate crisis gets is still up to us--we just have to act
68 Driverless cars are no place to relax, new study shows--ScienceDaily
69 How to depolarize political toxicity on social media
70 Mice on a time-restricted feeding schedule had better memory and less accumulation of amyloid proteins in the brain compared to controls--ScienceDaily
71 Watch a see-through squid with demon-like eyes swim in Alaska's deep waters
72 Advances in quantum emitters mark progress toward a quantum internet
73 [Birds Native to Tropical Andes:] New research shows how to protect them--ScienceDaily
74 Bizarre new cosmic object is the most magnetic star in the universe
75 Poll shows who Americans trust (and don't trust) for health news
76 Deciphering the molecular dynamics of complex proteins--ScienceDaily
77 All of Neptune's clouds have mysteriously disappeared, and the sun may be to blame
78 How to prepare your home for summer heat waves
79 Now researchers think they know why--ScienceDaily
80 Exploring links between the beneficial and pathologic actions of an enigmatic protein
81 Heat sensor protects the Venus flytrap from fire--ScienceDaily
82 Newly discovered black hole 'speed limit' hints at new laws of physics
83 Birds living on a university campus found to be less afraid of humans after the pandemic closure
84 The trio--nickel, palladium, and platinum--for enhanced hydrogen evolution--ScienceDaily
85 'I want Cal and Stanford to die on the vine'
86 Deprived communities in England experience higher emissions of air pollution: Study
87 AI can predict certain forms of esophageal and stomach cancer--ScienceDaily
88 Europe's oldest known village teetered on stilts over a Balkan lake 8,000 years ago
89 Study adds to evidence that Parkinson's starts in the gut
90 Call to protect whales and dolphins at Indian Ocean hotspot
91 Engineers use kirigami to make ultrastrong, lightweight structures
92 New study finds electoral uncertainty threatens international investment at companies with government ties
93 Researchers discover potential target for gastric cancers associated with Epstein-Barr virus
94 Discovery of how stem cell niche guides differentiation into functional cells is a significant step towards therapies
95 How bacteria surf cargo through the cell
96 Navigating climate change and water management
97 Fluid dynamics researchers shed light on how partially submerged objects experience drag
98 As wildfires multiply, a new era of air pollution
99 Mapping methane emissions from rivers around globe reveals surprising sources
100 What's the best way to prevent tuberculosis transmission from wildlife to cattle?
101 Neuroscientists create new resource to improve Alzheimer's disease research models
102 Water release finds little support in Fukushima
103 Why childhood adversity impacts how a person's behavior is judged
104 Blood-red walls of Roman amphitheater unearthed near 'Armageddon' in Israel
105 French heat wave sets new late-summer record
106 Keep fit to avoid heart rhythm disorder and stroke
107 Remote Pacific coral reef shows at least some ability to cope with ocean warming: Study
108 Small urban greening projects can dramatically increase number of insect species in cities
109 India lands near the moon's south pole, a first for the world as it joins elite lunar club
110 Which is easier to remember, symbols or words?
111 First observational evidence of gamma-ray emission in young sun-like stars
112 'Topological gardening' to achieve unexpected spin transport
113 Fabry-Perot-based phase demodulation of heterodyne light-induced thermoelastic spectroscopy
114 Fire, disease threatening sanctuary plants for Australian wildlife
115 Scientists discover strange 'singularities' responsible for exotic type of superconductivity