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1 Myth or fact: Plant-based yoghurts are nutritionally more dense than dairy ones
2 Not just diabetes, insulin resistance can lead to many other health issues; know more here
3 Experts on whether rocking your hips for a minute help release 'stored trauma in the body'
4 Three simple remedies to combat acne, pimples, and breakouts this summer
5 Kadaknath, an all-black chicken, is brimming with health benefits; know more
6 'Nature's own Ozempic' or berberine is all over social media. But does it really help you lose weight?
7 Westernised lifestyle is major contributor to increasing diabetes cases in Goa, say experts
8 This herbal tea can relieve you of 'acidity, migraine, nausea' (recipe inside)
9 Taurine, found in body, foods, found to drive aging
10 Arsenic contamination of food and water is a global public health concern--researchers are studying how it causes cancer
11 Why chronic stress drives craving for high-calorie 'comfort food'
12 Know Your Body: Is the stomach acid so strong that it can actually dissolve metal?
13 Nutrition alert: A ripe guava (100 grams) contains...
14 If you are reading this from under a blanket, you are probably 'bed rotting'
15 All things vitamin B: Its function, types, sources, and how a deficiency can negatively impact the body
16 Are you more likely to have a serious heart attack on a Monday?
17 Packaged vs. homemade curd: Which one should you pick?
18 Can you really compensate for your lost sleep?
19 Can yoga asanas help manage hormone imbalances?
20 Where do you draw the line on PDA?
21 Know Your Body: Can labour pain be as excruciating as broken bones?
22 Does lemon reduce the glycemic index of foods to a 'great deal'?
23 Why we're searching for the evolutionary origins of masturbation--and the results so far
24 Cyclone Biparjoy: Experts share health measures to stay safe
25 One-shot chikungunya vaccine found safe, effective in first phase 3 trial: Lancet study
26 Ministry of Health shares warning signs of heat stroke in children; know more
27 World Blood Donor Day: Not just a noble cause, blood donation is 'equivalent to one week of exercise'
28 This 'herbal infusion' crafted from silky strands of corn husks is packed with health benefits
29 World Blood Donor Day: How often can one donate blood?
30 Nutrition alert: Figs (100 grams) contain...
31 Overactive inflammatory response could be at the root of long COVID: Study
32 Engineered white blood cells can eliminate cancer, study finds
33 World Blood Donor Day: This Delhi man walked 13,400 km across India in 17 months urging people to donate blood
34 How the good ol' champi can be beneficial for your hair health
35 World Kidney Cancer Day 2023: All you need to know about the condition
36 Tender vs. mature radish: Which is better?
37 What happens to the body when you give up sugar for a month?
38 Know Your Body: How does the baby breathe in the womb?
39 Smriti Khanna tries ice water facial; is it really effective?
40 Men, follow these simple tips to improve sperm quality
41 Nutrition alert: A raw orange (100 grams) contains...
42 Long COVID could be caused by the virus lingering in the body. Here's what the science says
43 Tired of the heat? Try making cold cucumber tomato mint soup
44 Human brain's cerebellum affected more than other regions from COVID, study finds
45 Can you actually get rid of cellulite without exercising?
46 Microwave popcorn vs. organic popcorn: Which is better for your health?
47 ADHD: Inattention and hyperactivity have been the focus of research--but emotional problems may be the missing link
48 Effects of early childhood adversity seen in their adolescent bodies, study says
49 Nutrition alert: Mosambi [sweet lime] (100 grams) contains...
50 Alia Bhatt's sunscreen use has changed for the better; know the right way of applying it
51 Anshula Kapoor keeps herself hydrated with oranges; here's why you should too
52 Here's why you should start your day with fenugreek seeds or methi water
53 Lifestyle, not being 'morning' or 'evening' person, impacts longevity, research says
54 Need a mental health day but worried about admitting it? You're not alone
55 Gonorrhoea and syphilis diagnoses are at their highest in decades--here's what you need to know about these STIs
56 Lighting gas stoves found to raise indoor benzene above that in secondhand smoke
57 Meet Kamala Sohonie, the Indian scientist being honoured by Google Doodle today
58 World Sickle Cell Day: Should patients with the condition avoid travelling to high altitudes?
59 Decoding the '5-a-day mix' guideline of fruits and vegetables for better health
60 Ultra-processed foods: Bread may be considered one, but that doesn't mean it's all bad
61 Who are japa maids and how do they help a newborn, and the mother post-delivery?
62 Elevate your cooking game with Za'atar spice
63 World Sauntering Day 2023: Importance of slowing down for your mental and physical health
64 Nutrition alert: Custard apple (100 grams) contains...
65 UK scientists warn of new 'deadly virus' due to climate change; know more
66 Monsoon health: Tips to prevent waterborne diseases
67 Should you begin your day with a detox drink? Experts answer
68 Beat the heat: Experts share tips to safeguard yourself in sweltering conditions
69 Nutrition alert: Bael (100 grams) contains...
70 Here's how scheduling 'worry time' before bed can help you sleep better
71 Testosterone therapy does not raise heart risk in a group of men
72 Is sabudana [tapioca pearls] really healthy for you? Experts answer this
73 Adele reveals she developed 'jock itch' from sweating 'a lot' in Spanx; know more about the skin infection
74 Finding 'solace and strength' with prenatal yoga: Aashka Goradia Goble pens note
75 Kourtney Kardashian announces pregnancy at 44; know all about geriatric pregnancies
76 Try this fruit to relieve digestion, constipation issues
77 What is cassava flour?
78 Masaba Gupta swears by this five spices concoction to de-bloat
79 Know Your Body: Surface area of human lungs is equal to that of a tennis court!
80 What happens to your body if you don't eat rice for a month?
81 Experts weigh in on whether lobia or black-eyed beans aid thyroid management
82 Malaika Arora drinks 'ABC juice with ginger'; know how it helps
83 Study says 1 in 5 women conceive naturally after having baby via fertility treatment like IVF; expert weighs in
84 Nutrition alert: Phalsa (100 grams) contains...
85 Heavy drinking linked to lower muscle mass--here's what you need to know
86 Myth or fact: Mangoes are safe to eat during pregnancy
87 Dr. Shriram Nene suggests 5 things you need to do if you have a desk job
88 Boost your blood flow with these 6 nutrient-rich foods
89 Fever in Children
90 Are daytime power naps good for your brain? Here's what a new study says
91 Globally, 1.3 billion projected to be living with diabetes by 2050
92 Nutrition alert: Cherries (138 grams) contain...
93 Pop star Kesha says she 'almost died' after freezing her eggs; know more about the procedure
94 From regulating blood sugar to promoting weight loss: Discover the many health benefits of barley grass
95 Y chromosome loss in men with age linked with worse cancer outcomes
96 World Vitiligo Day: Know all about the condition, its symptoms, causes, treatment
97 Sharad Kelkar, who dubbed for Prabhas' character Raghava in Adipurush, recalls his struggle with stammering
98 Try this Ayurvedic remedy to improve your digestive health
99 Nagpur man was 'pregnant' with his twin for 36 years; know more about rare medical condition
100 Microbiome: Certain gut microbes may warn of Alzheimer's disease long before the first symptoms begin
101 Know Your Body: You get a new stomach lining every three to four days
102 What happens to your body when you give up alcohol for a month?
103 Cognitive subtype of depression described, may need less commonly used antidepressants for treatment, say scientists
104 Smart snacking: Here's your guide to making intelligent snack choices
105 Nutrition alert: Dates (100 grams) contain...
106 Sarah Ferguson asks everyone to 'go and get screened' after breast cancer diagnosis; know its importance
107 Pride Month: How to be a better ally to your queer friends and family
108 Include these 6 food items in your diet to manage diabetes
109 Can Kegel exercises prevent you from ejaculating faster, strengthen pelvic muscles?
110 Know Your Body: Humans can survive without food, but not without sleep
111 Genetics and concussion--why a minor knock can be devastating for some people
112 Try this method of deep muscle relaxation to improve your sleep quality
113 No more needles? A daily pill may work as well as Wegovy shots to treat obesity
114 Nutrition alert: Raspberries (100 grams) contain...
115 The next big advance in cancer treatment could be a vaccine