File Title
1 Aeolus: 'Impossible satellite' ready to fall to Earth
2 Climate change: July set to be world's warmest month on record
3 False claims that heatwave is bogus spread online
4 Avian flu warning to tourists as birds face 'catastrophe'
5 Climate change: Last year's UK heatwave 'a sign of things to come'
6 Swan upping: Royal cygnet numbers drop by 40% in a year
7 Excessive heat: Why this summer has been so hot
8 Climate records tumble, leaving Earth in uncharted territory--scientists
9 Portrush: Beaches red-flagged for toxic algae risk
10 Kings Norton tip set to close for two years after Perry Barr reopens
11 Greek fires at Nea Anchialos prompt blasts forcing F-16s to evacuate base
12 NASA collect Rum rocks ahead of Mars space mission
13 Ancient 2,000-year-old Roman shipwreck found off coast of Italy
14 Porthcawl: Row after beauty spot swan put down
15 Neglected community planter transformed by Carlisle school
16 Astrophysicist to be part of musical swimming baths show
17 Airbnb: Could 'ethical' rival preserve fading communities?
18 Are arsonists behind Italy's devastating wildfires?
19 Tunisia fires: 'We had no water to douse the flames'
20 Ancient human remains found in County Armagh
21 Google alert failed to warn people of Turkey earthquake
22 The microbes that could protect grapevines from climate change
23 When so much at work has changed, why can't we shake presenteeism?
24 The hoax 'documentary' about human flesh-eating that shocked the UK
25 Is the decline of oil in sight?
26 How the 'lazy girl job' took over work TikTok
27 Sydney's best beaches, by Bondi lifeguard Bruce "Hoppo" Hopkins
28 Mark Zuckerberg: Threads users down by more than a half
29 Threads: Twitter threatens legal action over Meta's new app
30 Threads app signs up 100m users in less than a week
31 Kenya cyber-attack: Why is eCitizen down?
32 Google what our chatbot tells you...says Google
33 Ministry of Defense accidentally emails ally of Russia
34 Netflix touts $900k AI jobs amid Hollywood strikes
35 E-bike battery fires prompt call for better regulation
36 Artificial Intelligence police van detects drivers using mobile phones
37 Hollywood writers fear losing work to AI
38 UN warns of risk of having smartphones in school
39 Rare Apple computer trainers on sale for $50,000
40 Excitement over Threads fades but users return to app
41 Do you need a degree to work in tech?
42 The US military revives an idea for stealthy sea power
43 Scottish university UWS targeted by cyber attackers
44 Glory to Hong Kong: Court dismisses official's request to ban song
45 Anger over plan to site phone mast near Blackpool playground
46 New Bristol cinema will measure audience reactions
47 Cryptocurrency: Four members of 5 million pounds drugs gang jailed
48 Nuada: 3.4 million pounds investment for NI green technology firm
49 Elon Musk tweet boosts vaccine conspiracies targeting LeBron James' son
50 Bedfordshire boy's anti-bullying Instagram account deleted 'in error'
51 Less food for free school meal kids in summer scheme
52 Free school meals: How many children can claim them?
53 Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock receives honorary doctorate
54 Wales' holiday free school meal axe faces legal challenge
55 Childcare plan won't work without more money--MPs
56 Child Trust Funds: Nearly a million accounts not accessed
57 Cambridge University releases 1913 English test question
58 Teachers' strikes: When, where and why?
59 Primary school closed after sinkhole found in playground
60 University marking boycott: What is the impact on students?
61 University complaints rise to pre-pandemic levels--data
62 Brexit: Irish government gives NI students 2 million euros mobility funding
63 PM intervenes in London housing in challenge to mayor
64 Jersey agency teachers costing 44k pounds a month
65 Wokingham: Angry parents slam plans to cut school bus passes
66 How money worries are putting young dreams on hold
67 Wiltshire Council buying 250 homes for people in urgent need
68 Over half of upheld housing complaints from London--report
69 Some 180 homes could be built in Loddon despite objections
70 Ipswich ex-BT site to be turned into 150 affordable rent homes
71 Families struggle with rising cost of summer childcare
72 Guernsey Housing Association buying 1.8 million pounds Braye Lodge site
73 Education: Funding shortfall to tackle underachievement
74 Bristol parents of SEND pupils 'feel unwanted'
75 Alpha-gal syndrome: Meat allergy linked to tick bites rising, CDC says
76 Allergy emergencies double in recent years in England
77 US heatwave leads to rising number of burns, medics say
78 Wall squats and planks best at lowering blood pressure
79 Serving-size labelling leaves many confused--Which? survey
80 Surge in ill health will have major impact on NHS
81 Aspartame--is it a possible cause of cancer?
82 Kenya sickle cell: Fighting to dispel the myths around the disease
83 Outcry in Ramsey over residential care home closure announcement
84 Student awarded 22,000 pounds after botched My Dentistry work
85 Blood-inquiry victim from Ipswich fears compensation let down
86 Manchester hospital maternity units' care deteriorating, report says
87 Midwifery training to return to Kent in September with new course
88 COVID: Award-winning jab scheme to resume in Bristol
89 Northamptonshire: Teenage cancer patient fulfils rugby 'dream'
90 Sudden surgery closure affects thousands in Luton
91 Private companies take over Newcastle sexual health service
92 Shropshire patient left to change in hospital corridor 'felt exposed'
93 Specialist GP clinics in NI to have services cut in half
94 Cheltenham councillors concerned over maternity unit closure
95 Blood scandal relatives accuse PM of platitudes
96 Plans for replacement residential care home in Ramsey scrapped
97 Patients likely to pay more for NHS dental treatment
98 MP flies to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro
99 Last orders for takeaway pub pints as COVID rules expire
100 Donald Trump faces further charges in Mar-a-Lago documents inquiry
101 How big are Donald Trump's legal problems?
102 Trump indictment: Shush emojis and orders from the boss--charges in full
103 Randy Meisner: Eagles founding member dies aged 77
104 Florida woman jailed for stealing from Holocaust survivor in romance scam
105 Emmy Awards 2023: Ceremony postponed as Hollywood actors and writers strike
106 US heatwave: Joe Biden announces measures to tackle extreme temperatures
107 Winnipeg: A daughter's quest to find her mother's remains
108 Donald Trump indictment: Lawyers meet federal prosecutors in election probe
109 Kylie Minogue announces Las Vegas residency
110 Kevin Durant says 'everybody does' cannabis in NBA
111 Hunter Biden's plea deal collapsed. What happens now?
112 Chief heat officers want to help cities adapt to scorching heatwaves
113 UFOs and aliens bring a divided US Congress together
114 Why do Kevin McCarthy's Republicans want to impeach Joe Biden now?
115 Dublin police to receive 10 million euros to target street crime
116 Canada approves historic C$23 billion child welfare settlement
117 Russia urged to renew Ukraine grain deal at Africa summit
118 Ukraine grain deal: What has happened to food prices since it ended?
119 Melting Swiss glacier uncovers climber missing since 1986
120 World Fencing Championships: Ukraine's Olga Kharlan disqualified for refusing Russian Anna Smirnov's handshake
121 Prigozhin: Wagner boss spotted in Russia during Africa summit
122 Sweden's Quran burnings put freedom of expression law to test
123 Eurozone interest rates reach joint record high
124 Ukraine war: Kyiv claims success as southern fighting intensifies
125 Mediterranean fires: Evacuations as new blazes break out in Greece
126 Ukraine war: Western armour struggles against Russian defences
127 Russia-Africa summit: Putin seeks to extend influence
128 Ukraine launches 'intense' assault
129 Three men jailed for 15 years after 'brutal' attack
130 Rhodes tourists return home to Newmarket after emotional holiday
131 Iain Hughes: Charity swimmer confirmed dead as body found
132 AIB makes a pre-tax profit of 987 million euros
133 Drugs worth 700 k euros seized in County Meath
134 Two more boys charged after Dublin US tourist assault
135 Israel-Lebanon border tension raises fears of bloody escalation
136 Iran protests: Return of morality police met by defiance
137 Israeli protesters vow no let-up in anti-reform fight
138 Israel's Jenin operation reignites Palestinian anger
139 Deadly Mediterranean wildfires kill more than 40
140 Russian jet damaged US drone with flares in Syria, says US
141 S Korea tunnel tragedy: Officials ignored multiple warnings
142 Singapore executes woman for the first time in 20 years
143 India LGBT couples: 'My parents were ready to kill me for their honour'
144 Han Kuang: Taiwan conducts drills to repel a Chinese invasion
145 Qin Gang: Foreign minister's downfall leaves China red-faced
146 Semiconductors: Can India become a global chip powerhouse?