File Title
1 Asian markets mixed as traders nervously await US jobs report
2 China relaxes visa, urban residency rules to boost economy
3 Stocks struggle to recover from selloff, Fed rate fears linger
4 Asian markets rise as positive mood flows across trading floors
5 UN finishes removing oil from decaying Yemen tanker
6 European natural gas prices spike in response to strikes in energy-rich Australia
7 UAE's ADNOC awards $3.6 billion contract to expand gas infrastructure
8 U.S. gas prices stable at $3.83 per gallon and demand remains resilient
9 Thousands of US sailors, Marines reach Red Sea after Iran tensions
10 Canada provides new loan guarantees for disputed pipeline
11 Ecuador jungle community hopes vote will end oil drilling
12 Most oil removed from decaying tanker off Yemen: UN
13 Gold-nickel alloy boosts hydrogen evolution reaction efficiency
14 Britain says Wagner fighters 'likely' training soldiers in Belarus
15 Russia's economy is performing well, OPEC economists find
16 Musk says cage fight with Zuckerberg will be in Italy
17 SpaceX launches 22 additional Starlink satellites
18 Musk says his cage fight with Zuckerberg will stream on X
19 Space-based quantum science lab keeps getting better
20 DLR harnesses 3D Printing for efficient production of spaceflight components
21 Recycling parts for life on the Moon
22 Captain Kirk to the holodeck: Shatner beams in to remote meeting
23 For decades, artist Eduardo Kac has been laser-focused on sending hologram project into space
24 Missouri residents to get natural gas from landfill emissions
25 New process coverts CO2 into fuel more efficiently than photosynthesis
26 Harnessing synthetic biology to make sustainable alternatives to petroleum products
27 University of Illinois study finds turning food waste into bioenergy can become a profitable industry
28 China resumes group tours to US, UK, Japan and Australia
29 China reports biggest drop in exports since 2020
30 NZ election frontrunner backs Chinese cash for roads
31 House lawmakers accuse prominent investment firms of steering U.S. dollars to China
32 Oil prices hit four-month high on demand and supply-side concerns
33 Relief and despair: repeal of logging ban divides Kenya
34 Lula to host S. American summit on saving the Amazon
35 The fight to save 'sacred' Carpathian forests from loggers
36 Plans to plant billions of trees threatened by massive undersupply of seedlings
37 Why Europe is hungry for chips
38 Germany gets Taiwan chip giant TSMC's first European plant
39 A molecular additive enhances next-gen LEDs--but shortens their lifespans
40 A novel catalyst for efficient hydrogen production
41 Controlling the electro-optic response of a perovskite coupled to a phonon-resonant cavity
42 New quantum magnet unleashes electronics potential
43 Sweden to clear obstacles for new nuclear reactors
44 Ukraine nuclear plants fully operational for winter: operator
45 No explosives found on Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant roofs: IAEA
46 EU says no uranium 'supply risk' after Niger coup
47 Framatome's accident tolerant fuel technology one step closer to market readiness
48 Cathay Pacific rebounds to first-half profit as travel picks up
49 US lab repeats nuclear fusion feat, with higher yield
50 Fusion model hot off the wall
51 UK Nuclear Fusion company announces space rocket US Partnership
52 Niger coup raises questions about uranium dependence
53 First US nuclear reactor in seven years goes online
54 Novel proton-conductive membranes for automobile fuel cells
55 Researchers make discovery that could reduce explosions of lithium-metal batteries
56 MIT engineers create an energy-storing supercapacitor from ancient materials
57 New approach to fuel cell manufacturing could reduce cost, increase availability
58 Stellantis, Samsung to build second battery plant in US
59 Waste plastics transformed into chemicals with solar-powered catalyst
60 New robot boosts solar energy research
61 AI and satellite imagery transform solar energy potential mapping in China
62 Harnessing the power of the Sun for water remediation
63 Russian cosmonauts perform spacewalk to attach debris shields to space station
64 DARPA taps RTX to attune AI decisions to human values
65 Robots cause company profits to fall--at least at first
66 AI anxiety: workers fret over uncertain future
67 Oxford researchers pioneer outer space machine learning model
68 China's gigantic telescope adopts intelligent maintenance robots
69 AI revolutionizes underwater exploration with improved object tracking
70 Robot grips intuitively and moves objects like a human
71 A simpler method for learning to control a robot
72 Italian technology innovates rail worker safety with StreamEXO Exoskeleton
73 Robotic hand can rotate objects without sight using touch sensors, research shows
74 Enabling autonomous exploration
75 Tech titans promise watermarks to expose AI creations
76 'Oppenheimer' a warning to world on AI, says director Nolan
77 Teams selected to teach AI Agents to interact with people and learn
78 A sweaty robot may help humans understand impact of soaring heat
79 Bot inspired by baby turtles can swim under the sand
80 UN chief warns of AI risks to global peace
81 Munich researchers develop flexible, skin-like sensors
82 Report: Robots with artificial intelligence might offer real human companionship
83 Musk launches xAI to rival OpenAI, Google
84 Pump powers soft robots, makes cocktails
85 San Francisco's race for robo-taxis cleaves sharp divide over safety
86 How an "AI-tocracy" emerges
87 UN rights council calls for AI transparency
88 Artemis instruments to study volcanic terrain on the Moon
89 Lockheed Martin's NGI program completes all subsystem PDRs
90 Berlin offers to extend Patriot missile deployment in Poland
91 Lockheed Martin achieves milestone in PAC-3 MSE Integration with Aegis Weapon System
92 Swiss want in on Germany's Sky Shield plan
93 Lockheed Martin targets small businesses via Next Generation Interceptor
94 Poland to buy US Patriot missile defense systems worth $15bn.
95 RTX to develop platform agnostic, beyond-line-of-sight, satcoms
96 Northrop Grumman achieves key milestone in Arctic Satellite Broadband Mission
97 Hisdesat announces the launch of first SpainSat NG satellite for summer of 2024
98 ESA integrates Satellite Orbit Decay Forecast service to enhance satellite safety
99 Space plays larger role in US Southern Command's mission
100 'Space race' shows some still cling to Cold War script: Says Beijing
101 Alabama Republicans blast decision to keep U.S. Space Command in Colorado
102 Biden asks Congress for $13 billion in new Ukraine military spending
103 Philippine military says will send more supplies to disputed reef
104 China demands Philippines remove grounded ship from disputed waters
105 US Navy encounters 11 Russian and Chinese military vessels operating off Alaskan coast
106 Ukraine drone attack damages Russian tanker in Kerch Strait
107 Two US Navy men arrested on China spying charges
108 Russia announces start of Baltic Sea naval drills
109 Northrop Grumman boosts B-2 digital communications