File Title
1 Study uses pine slash to improve soil
2 Exercise may or may not help you lose and keep off weight--here's the evidence for both sides of the debate
3 Observers investigate a short-period X-ray binary system
4 Grizzly bear believed to have killed woman on Buttermilk Trail near Yellowstone National Park
5 Research team takes neuromorphic computing a step forward
6 Lava outburst 3 times the size of Texas may have triggered Snowball Earth 717 million years ago
7 New research suggests ways to improve underpass design for freshwater turtles
8 Psychedelic psilocybin could treat anorexia in some patients, trial suggests
9 Potent anti-cancer therapy created using 'click chemistry'
10 Invisible barrier that runs through Indonesia finally explained by scientists
11 Multinational enterprises should choose between two colocation strategies, research finds
12 Bizarre 'relic galaxy' is missing a key component of the universe, and scientists are stumped
13 Pro1 protein malfunction allows rice blast fungus to thrive, new study shows
14 2,300-year-old glass workshop littered with Celtic coins is oldest known north of the Alps
15 Journal editors weigh in on AI in science publishing
16 New research proposes computational approach for predicting product distributions--ScienceDaily
17 Rare bubble of goo that grew on a woman's tongue had no clear cause
18 Longhorned ticks discovered in Boone County for first time, researchers find
19 Heat waves, cold snaps and high levels of fine particulate pollution could raise heart attack risk; however, the most dangerous combination is heat and fine particulate pollution, according to a new study published in Circulation--ScienceDaily
20 Novel method shows promise for monitoring biodiversity on working lands
21 A robust, low-cost sensor can monitor heat flow in devices to improve efficiency--ScienceDaily
22 Stinky beach-invading seaweed predicted to spread north
23 Webb detects water vapor in rocky planet-forming zone--ScienceDaily
24 Diffractive networks enable quantitative phase imaging (QPI) through random diffusers
25 Scientists find that supplementation with a special omega-3 lipid could treat acute kidney injury--ScienceDaily
26 'Quantum avalanche' explains how nonconductors turn into conductors
27 How an unlikely amphibian survived its 'Judgement Day'--ScienceDaily
28 The Colorado River Basin has lost water equal to Lake Mead due to climate change
29 Link found between childhood television watching and adulthood metabolic syndrome--ScienceDaily
30 Team boosts metropolitan quantum teleportation to hertz rate
31 AI predicts the work rate of enzymes--ScienceDaily
32 A general methodology to measure the light-to-heat conversion efficiency of solid materials
33 Climate scientist finds new way to measure the Earth's ability to offset carbon emissions--ScienceDaily
34 Research shows that genetically engineered vesicles better target cancer cells
35 Drought-hit N. Africa turns to purified sea and wastewater
36 A high-pressure flux method to synthesize high-purity oxyhydrides
37 New drug delivery system shows promise in treatment of life-threatening pregnancy condition--ScienceDaily
38 New study suggests clues to urban resiliency lie within ancient cities
39 Researchers discover specialized immune cells patrolling the human eye--ScienceDaily
40 Building efficient mass transfer pathways for electrocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction reaction
41 Dementia becomes an emergency 1.4 million times a year--ScienceDaily
42 What can central Utah's earthquake 'swarms' reveal about the West's seismicity?
43 Wormlike animals are first amphibians shown to pass microbes to their offspring--ScienceDaily
44 How do brain cells send messages?
45 Scientists discover new isopod species in the Florida Keys
46 Robots, AI programs may undermine credibility of religious groups, study finds--ScienceDaily
47 A new, Jupiter-size planet is on the verge of being born, and astronomers have incredible images of it
48 A nano switchable polar column system that allows high-density data storage
49 Findings have significant implications for strengthening the global response to current and future viral threats--ScienceDaily
50 Rare 'brain-eating' amoeba infection behind death of 2-year-old in Nevada
51 Repeatedly seeing headlines of wrongdoing reduces perception of moral offense, finds study
52 Using our oceans to fight climate change--ScienceDaily
53 40 human skulls found in Kentucky apartment linked to national network of body part dealers
54 Why do vegetarians eat animal products?
55 Scientists predict a collapse of the Atlantic ocean current to happen mid-century--ScienceDaily
56 A potentially deadly, irreversible lung disease is striking workers who make popular quartz countertops
57 Harnessing materials and mechanics science for a sustainable future
58 A historic study has provided first-time insights on electric scooters.--ScienceDaily
59 Invisible supernovas called 'bosenovas' may be exploding all around us, new research suggests
60 Designing detectors for DUNE
61 New image reveals secrets of planet birth--ScienceDaily
62 Watch drone delve into Siberia's growing 'gateway to the underworld,' the largest permafrost depression in the world
63 Egg 'signatures' allow drongos to identify cuckoo 'forgeries' almost every time, study finds
64 New material concept eliminates unwanted effects by impurities in organic light-emitting diodes--ScienceDaily
65 World's 1st 'boomerang meteorite'--a rock that left Earth, spent millennia in space, then returned--possibly discovered in the Sahara Desert
66 Was Olympus Mons once a giant volcanic island?
67 New technique can extract and recycle phosphorus from municipal waste--ScienceDaily
68 Algeria battles wildfires that have killed 34
69 Inflammation discovery could slow aging, prevent age-related diseases--ScienceDaily
70 Gulf Stream current could collapse in 2025, plunging Earth into climate chaos: 'We were actually bewildered'
71 Advanced imaging technology helps monitor baby corals on Great Barrier Reef
72 Scientists develop tool to predict dam removal costs by analyzing 55 years of past removals
73 Lakes have been growing increasingly salty due to road de-icing, but a new analysis suggests with careful action, concentrations may stabilize--ScienceDaily
74 Florida ocean temperature topped 100F, setting potential record
75 Grocers that discount food nearing expiration could reduce the amount of food waste that contributes to GHG emissions--ScienceDaily
76 Silver fly takes flight in the fight to save Fall Creek hemlocks
77 Why computer security advice is more confusing than it should be--ScienceDaily
78 NASA lab hopes to find life's building blocks in asteroid sample
79 Bacterial testing in kids with sinusitis could slash antibiotic use--ScienceDaily
80 Will climate change hit Mediterranean tourism?
81 Coupling spectroscopy with sorting algorithms paves the way for more efficient and reliable waste segregation in the future--ScienceDaily
82 Why don't overplucked eyebrows fully grow back?
83 Lights could be the future of the internet and data transmission--ScienceDaily
84 Gene-therapy drops restore teen's vision after genetic disease left his eyes clouded with scars
85 Researchers develop atomic spin oscillator with high stability
86 Scientists make toolbox of biodegradable nanowires from designed proteins--ScienceDaily
87 Night sky 'bleeds' over Arizona after SpaceX rocket punches a hole in the atmosphere. Here's why.
88 Scientists observe driver of chemical reaction in plastics industry for first time
89 Glyphosate impairs learning in bumblebees--ScienceDaily
90 Mars rover is spying on the sun's far side to hunt for hidden, dangerous sunspots
91 Urban planning is often overlooked as a career. Here are some ways to change that
92 New robot boosts solar energy research--ScienceDaily
93 Buddhist ritual saves exotic fish from slaughter--only for 'adventurous' Tibetan otters to feast on them instead
94 Collaborating with a university on a new product? Let your customers know, study advises
95 Curiosity supercharges people's memory for paintings they saw while pretending to be an art thief--ScienceDaily
96 US government is hiding evidence of 'non-human intelligence,' UFO whistleblower tells Congress
97 Astronomers reveal new features of galactic black holes
98 Newly described 235-million-year-old fossil had armored plates above its backbone--ScienceDaily
99 Machu Picchu's servants hailed from distant lands conquered by the Incas, genetic study finds
100 Breakthrough in solid-state storage innovates how biological materials are stored and handled
101 Scientists determine activation process of important protein--ScienceDaily
102 Salmonella outbreak in 4 states linked to ground beef, CDC warns
103 A third of children with history of social care face school exclusion
104 Earlier and earlier high-Arctic spring replaced by 'extreme year-to-year variation'--ScienceDaily
105 Earth's plate tectonics traced back to 'tipping point' 3.2 billion years ago
106 Study examines disparity in state revenue collection between the West and the rest of the world
107 Scientists gain insights into the social behavior of a Neolithic community--ScienceDaily
108 Black bear caught napping in a bald eagle's giant nest on Alaska military base
109 Reducing contamination in single-molecule DNA extraction using nanopore technology
110 Automated analysis of microplastic concentrations--ScienceDaily
111 Newly identified protein could help fight cancer
112 AI can ask another AI for a second opinion on medical scans--ScienceDaily
113 Perfectly preserved turtle fossil gives clues to habitat 150 million years ago
114 Study links cadmium levels in women's urine to endometriosis--ScienceDaily
115 New insights into the evolution of the plague pathogen
116 Breastfeeding is associated with a 33% reduction in first-year post-perinatal infant mortality--ScienceDaily
117 Enhanced light absorption in thin silicon photodetectors with photon-trapping structures
118 Revealing the biology of insulin production--ScienceDaily
119 Predicting molecular rotational temperature for enhanced plasma recombination
120 Plastic-eating fungi could help take a bite out of Earth's rampant pollution crisis, study suggests
121 Mineral-rich nodules and the battle over mining the deep sea
122 Scientists discover role immune system's T cells play in regulating fat and muscle loss during infection in mice--ScienceDaily
123 Iceland's 'baby volcano' is still spewing lava rivers, in a tantrum visible from space