File Title
1 Extreme cooling ended the first human occupation of Europe
2 Sunlight peaks drove Ice Age's abrupt climate shifts, suggests study
3 HALO investigates transport of polluted air masses over the Pacific Ocean
4 NASA TechRise Student Challenge tests experiments in stratosphere
5 Telecommunications cable used to track sea ice extent in the Arctic
6 Earlier and earlier high-Arctic spring replaced by extreme year-to-year variation
7 Scientists warn Atlantic Ocean current could collapse by 2060
8 Antarctica vulnerable to extreme events
9 Oldest extant plant has adapted to extremes and is threatened by climate change
10 Australia's defense department charged over crocodile attack
11 DARPA seeks solutions to preserve bio-samples without cold storage
12 Biden, in environment push, protects lands near Grand Canyon
13 Two men arrested over wolf shooting in Hungary
14 Running wild: stray dogs threaten rare Balkan lynx
15 Wildlife lovers urged to join UK's annual butterfly count
16 Bangladesh major hub for tiger poaching; India's endangered tigers top 3,600
17 UK failing to meet global conservation promises: watchdog
18 Just 5000 steps can save your life
19 A climate-orchestrated early human love story
20 Indigenous groups call for bold steps at Amazon summit
21 Workers less productive, make more typos in afternoon and especially on Fridays
22 New insights into the origin of the Indo-European languages
23 Key Spanish lagoon dries out due to drought, overexploitation
24 Israel's pioneering use of water 'to the last drop'
25 UK water firms facing legal fight over pollution incidents
26 Water-stressed Iraq dries up fish farms
27 Loch Ness struggles with Scotland's shifting climate
28 Syria fishermen despair at water loss, river pollution
29 Drought-hit N. Africa turns to purified sea and wastewater
30 DR Congo's riverside capital running on scarce and dirty water
31 Biden to host Australian PM at White House
32 El Nino could imperil Australia's Great Barrier Reef
33 N. Zealand military 'not in a fit state,' government says
34 Climate activists block Rhine traffic in Basel
35 Despite scorching July, 1.5íC Paris climate limit not yet reached
36 N. Zealand, BlackRock to create climate investment fund
37 Top fundraiser offers defense of climate protests; Pope tells youths to tackle crisis
38 UAE vows to allow 'peaceful' assembly of climate activists at COP28
39 Asset managers not on track for climate target: report
40 Massive North Atlantic cooling event disrupted early human occupation in Europe
41 Climate activists block Rhine traffic in Basel
42 NASA study reveals compounding climate risks at two degrees of warming
43 Wine grape disease spotted from skies above California
44 US orange juice prices hit record after storms, crop disease
45 NASA data helps Bangladeshi farmers save water, money, energy
46 China to remove tariffs on Australian barley as ties improve
47 Austria farmers up in arms over Brussels GMO plans
48 NASA data shows fierce surface temperatures during Phoenix heat wave
49 The temperature the human body cannot survive
50 July hottest month on record: EU climate observatory
51 Three-quarters of children in South Asia face extreme heat: UN
52 US, UK scouts abandon heatwave-hit South Korean jamboree
53 South America sweats under high temps--in the middle of winter
54 Kuwait's scorching summers a warning for heating planet
55 Moroccan navy rescues 60 migrants in Atlantic
56 EU chief offers 400 million euros to help flood-hit Slovenia
57 Little warning and 'huge' losses, say China flood victims
58 Spanish city shatters heat record
59 Groundbreaking study reveals inner core dynamics and viscosity
60 Pakistan climber cleanses K2 as shrine to fallen father
61 S. Africa should tackle 'environmental racism': UN expert
62 Top U.S. official holds 'frank, difficult' talks with coup leadership in Niger
63 UAE sends military vehicles to Chad
64 Opposition mounts in Nigeria over possible Niger intervention
65 Macron suffers new Africa setback with Niger coup
66 'I miss the sun,' says Australian journalist detained in China
67 War of words over China breaks out on London wall
68 US says concerned over Chinese reclamation in Manila Bay
69 Fast-moving Hawaii wildfire kills at least 36
70 Land and sea efforts to save reefs must work together: study
71 Philippines says unaware of deal with China over disputed reef
72 World's oceans set new surface temperature record: EU monitor
73 Gulf of Mexico's oxygen-starved 'dead zone' smaller than expected
74 Alarm as seawater heats up off Florida Keys, imperiling reef
75 Iraq's extreme temperatures a 'wake-up call' for world: UN
76 How sound can be transmitted through vacuum
77 Calculations reveal high-resolution view of quarks inside protons
78 Unveiling the Quantum Enigma: Phase Transitions in Metals
79 Arrays of quantum rods could enhance TVs or virtual reality devices
80 Zelda, Mario movie boost Nintendo profits
81 Military-run Mexican airline to take off in December
82 DLR conducts first flight of HyBird demonstrator
83 Poland reinforces eastern border after airspace violation
84 UK water firms facing legal fight over pollution incidents
85 Inner city delivery hubs raise child health fears after UK court battle
86 Indonesia capital becomes world's most polluted major city: monitor
87 US to invest $1.2 billion on facilities to pull carbon from air
88 Size Matters: Carbon nanotube diameter influences photodetector efficiency
89 Power crisis cost Vietnam $1.4bn.: World Bank
90 Biden targets China as he touts manufacturing revival at home
91 Germany boosts climate fund
92 New Zealand, BlackRock announce $1.2 billion in funding for zero-emission grid
93 Supercomputer simulation seen as tool to guard against U.S. power grid failures
94 Biden to tout climate policy in visit to baking US southwest
95 Bahrain heat spurs record energy consumption
96 In a warming world, is an air-conditioned future inevitable?
97 Egypt energy-saving measures power satirical reaction
98 U.S. announces tax credits for clean energy programs in underserved communities
99 Huge solar arrays installed on Psyche
100 Lunar Regolith to Power Moon Bases: Blue Origin Gets NASA Backing
101 Solar batteries: a new material makes it possible to simultaneously absorb light and store energy
102 Highly efficient organometal halide perovskite photoelectrodes for water splitting
103 Alibaba announces unexpected 14% increase in quarterly revenue
104 'No evidence' Facebook harms well-being: global study
105 Amazon and Apple beat earnings forecasts as they polish AI skills
106 Meta to ask EU users' consent to share data for targeted ads
107 Using AI to protect against AI image manipulation
108 Biden calls China 'ticking time bomb' over economic woes
109 Nervous investors trade cautiously ahead of US inflation report
110 China slips into deflation as post-COVID recovery falters