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1 Espresso can prevent Alzheimer's protein clumping in lab tests--ScienceDaily
2 Science 'supersedes' creationism, Einstein tells religious students in newly revealed letter
3 New sensor mimics cell membrane functions, may enable screening of hard-to-diagnose cancers
4 A vegan way to stop damage from excessive ice build-up and freezer burn--ScienceDaily
5 First contact with aliens could easily end in genocide, scholars warn
6 Tracking the great hammerhead shark's every move
7 More than 25 years after its discovery, researchers have finally managed to synthesize this naturally occurring compound in large amounts--ScienceDaily
8 Chile's Atacama Desert is the sunniest spot on Earth, catching as many rays as Venus
9 Record-breaking heat wave baking southern US set to expand
10 The puzzle of the galaxy with no dark matter--ScienceDaily
11 Rare piranha-like fish with 'human teeth' caught by young angler in Oklahoma
12 Florida Keys coral reefs are already bleaching as water temperatures hit record highs
13 New catalysts for solar hydrogen production--ScienceDaily
14 Scientists just made the largest quasicrystal ever--because one of them bet it couldn't be done
15 Researchers illuminate resilience of U.S. food supply chains
16 NIH study finds radiation shows strongest association, less for surgery and endocrine treatments--ScienceDaily
17 Spallation Neutron Source accelerator achieves world-record 1.7-megawatt power level
18 Wnt signalling interpreted differently depending on the receiving cell and signal duration--ScienceDaily
19 Rare Esther Inglis manuscript unveiled
20 Current thinking on batteries overturned by cathode oxidation research--ScienceDaily
21 Halogenated greenhouse gases still being emitted in Germany
22 Single-cell atlas of the human kidney provides new resources to study kidney disease--ScienceDaily
23 Examining the contribution of cultural heritage values to steppe conservation on ancient burial mounds of Eurasia
24 Researchers map morphing placenta--ScienceDaily
25 ATLAS sets record precision on Higgs boson's mass
26 Microscopic cracks vanish in experiments, revealing possibility of self-healing machines--ScienceDaily
27 15 billion gallons of sewage-polluted water flows annually into Philly's rivers and streams, report says
28 Unusual white dwarf star is made of hydrogen on one side and helium on the other--ScienceDaily
29 Two types of ultrafast mode-locking operations generation from an Er-doped fiber laser based on germanene nanosheets
30 Result sets the stage for biomanufacturing of biofuels and other products with a very low carbon footprint--ScienceDaily
31 How do sandcastles stay together?
32 Nations aim to ink deep sea mining rules by 2025
33 Natural hazard vulnerability shows disproportionate risk--ScienceDaily
34 World's oldest glacier dates to 2.9 billion years ago, research finds
35 Greece facing 40íC weekend while record US heat wave set to expand
36 Lewy body disease can be detected before symptoms--ScienceDaily
37 'Swarm of boulders' in space shows the gory aftermath of NASA's asteroid-smashing DART mission
38 Around 2,000 penguins wash up dead on Uruguay coast
39 Changes in ocean wave and storm conditions have not caused long-term impacts on sandy coastlines in the past 30 years, a new study has found.--ScienceDaily
40 How Benjamin Franklin laid groundwork for the US dollar by foiling early counterfeiters
41 Researchers calculate boost from reflected light hitting back of [solar] device--ScienceDaily
42 Unproven numbers distract from the real harm of the illicit antiquities trade, says study
43 In rats, loss of immune cells leads non-moms to care for newborns--ScienceDaily
44 Mammal bites dinosaur in 'once-in-a-lifetime' fossil find
45 Combining two types of heart scan techniques could help doctors to detect the deadly heart condition hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) before symptoms and signs on conventional tests appear, according to a new study led by UCL researchers.--ScienceDaily
46 Hopeful signs for declining population of gray whales along West Coast
47 Treatment at the first signs of MS could mean lower risk of disability later--ScienceDaily
48 Elder orca moms protect sons from fights
49 Winery experiences affected by more than what is in your glass--ScienceDaily
50 Greenland has greener history than previously thought
51 Ancient DNA reveals the earliest evidence of the last massive human migration to Western Europe
52 Do certain amino acids modify the risk of dementia linked to air pollution?--ScienceDaily
53 Rewetting German marshes to blunt climate change impact
54 Gene variation makes apple trees 'weep,' improving orchards--ScienceDaily
55 People on HIV meds have 'almost zero' chance of spreading virus via sex once levels are low
56 Sick of hearing about record heat? Scientists say those numbers paint the story of a warming world
57 Scientists successfully model cell dynamics--ScienceDaily
58 Hubble images a starstruck galaxy
59 Bats struggle during organic farming transition--ScienceDaily
60 Criminal justice researcher says bail reform needs to go further
61 Powerhouse proteins protect heart cells from chemotherapy damage--ScienceDaily
62 Have you seen these giant piles of rocks at Yosemite? Rangers say knock 'em down
63 New software system finds, tracks moving objects as small as a pixel--ScienceDaily
64 Another report of a shark in Cape Cod Bay leaping out of the water to grab striper on fishing line
65 Researchers have trained a new algorithm based on promising new targets and reinvigorated the search for clusters of genes likely to result in interesting biological compounds--ScienceDaily
66 Adversity experienced by mothers during their childhood or pregnancy is reflected in their children's gut microbiomes--ScienceDaily
67 A 'toolbox of biocatalysts' improves control over free radicals--ScienceDaily
68 Hitting reset to start a new embryo--ScienceDaily
69 Ganglia play previously unrecognized role--ScienceDaily
70 Introducing the Climate Solutions Explorer--ScienceDaily
71 Why do spiders have 8 legs?
72 New study measures effectiveness of machine learning method--ScienceDaily
73 Immune systems develop 'silver bullet' defenses against common bacteria--ScienceDaily
74 Master copy of the Voyager Golden Record, designed as an audio postcard for intelligent aliens, is up for auction
75 Asteroid-smashing NASA probe sent boulders into space
76 These bones were made for walking--ScienceDaily
77 Ancient soil from beneath a mile of ice offers warnings for the future
78 Observing the long-postulated intermediate of catalytic amination reactions--ScienceDaily
79 Zooming across time and space simultaneously with superresolution to understand how cells divide
80 Climate science is catching up to climate change with predictions that could improve proactive response--ScienceDaily
81 Statins reduce dementia risk but new drug impairs lung function--ScienceDaily
82 Lake Tahoe is regaining legendary clarity
83 Machine-learning system effectively predicts emergence of prominent variants--ScienceDaily
84 Within sight of New York City, a despoiled river comes back to life
85 New study reveals reptiles' spontaneous association between vision and hearing--ScienceDaily
86 A mysterious interstellar radio signal has been blinking on and off every 22 minutes for more than 30 years
87 Treating bladder infections with viruses--ScienceDaily
88 Miocene period fossil forest of Wataria found in Japan--ScienceDaily
89 High winds feared as Rhodes fire rages
90 Scientists make promising discovery in fight against breast cancer--ScienceDaily
91 Male crickets court females in unison--unless rivals get too close--ScienceDaily
92 Some people's brain function still affected by Long COVID years after infection--ScienceDaily
93 In new space race, scientists propose geoarchaeology can aid in preserving space heritage--ScienceDaily
94 Parents encouraged to seek out child passenger safety technicians for training on correct child car seat installation--ScienceDaily
95 Research reveals the scale of disorder underpinning Motor Neurone Disease--ScienceDaily
96 Majority of older adults with cognitive impairment still drive--ScienceDaily
97 Omega-3 fatty acids appear promising for maintaining lung health--ScienceDaily
98 Chemists recycle shrimp waste as catalyst for hydrogen generation--ScienceDaily
99 A new paradigm for understanding how actin filaments are formed--ScienceDaily
100 Scientific breakthrough harnesses mRNA technology to develop powerful malaria vaccine--ScienceDaily
101 New standard for green hydrogen technology set by Rice U. engineers--ScienceDaily
102 Few federal and state policies consider ultra-processed foods, but policy activity is growing--ScienceDaily
103 Analyzing T cells in blood samples could be used to select at-risk patients for type 1 diabetes preventive therapy--ScienceDaily
104 Revealing HIV drug-resistance mechanisms through protein structures--ScienceDaily
105 How mother and infant sleep patterns interact during the first two years of life--ScienceDaily
106 Biosurfactants might offer an environmentally friendly solution for tackling oil spills--ScienceDaily
107 Bodybuilding supplement may help stave off Alzheimer's--ScienceDaily
108 Hazard-free production of fluorochemicals--ScienceDaily
109 Only 13% of parents, caregivers reported being aware of [peanut] guidelines introduced five years ago--ScienceDaily
110 Size determines the stickiness of cosmic dust aggregates--ScienceDaily
111 Accounting for radiation loss is the key to efficient wireless power transfer over long distances--ScienceDaily
112 Detection of bacteria and viruses with fluorescent nanotubes--ScienceDaily
113 Indonesians in sinking village forced to adapt
114 Thousands more evacuated as Greece battles wildfires
115 AI is transforming every aspect of science. Here's how.
116 Why do clouds float? / Live Science
117 Clearest-ever seafloor maps show deep-sea 'Grand Canyon' off US coast in stunning detail