File Title
1 Building the World's Largest Eye: ESO's Extremely Large Telescope Reaches Construction Milestone
2 How Tau Tangles Form in the Brain: MIT Scientists Shed Light on Alzheimer's Disease
3 An Unexpected Haven: North Pacific "Garbage Patch" Teems with Life
4 Powered by Dark Matter: Webb Space Telescope Catches Glimpse of Possible First-Ever "Dark Stars"
5 Persistent Problem Solved: Previously Unrecognized Sedimentary Archive in Sand Dunes Could Expand Fire Histories Globally
6 Solving a Paleontological Puzzle: Why Do We Find So Much Amber in Cretaceous Rocks?
7 Gravity Still Holds: Einstein's Relativity Theory Stands Strong After Quantum Challenge
8 New Study: Climate Change to Push Countless Species Over Abrupt Tipping Points
9 Unique Quasar Sheds Light on Cosmic Mysteries: The Brightest in 9 Billion Years
10 Aging Breakthrough: Scientists Discover a New Molecule that Can Purge "Zombie" Cells
11 Earliest Evidence of Wine Consumption in the Americas Found on Small Caribbean Island
12 Alzheimer's Breakthrough: Inhaling Menthol Improves Cognitive Ability
13 Better than Drugs? Scientists Use Hugs to Treat Opioid-Exposed Newborns
14 Unlocking the Secrets of Vortex Rings: Paving the Way to Efficient Nuclear Fusion
15 A Vivid Display of Climate Change: Study Reveals Startling Changes in Ocean Hues
16 Land Abandonment Is Increasing--And It's Changing Nature
17 Resilient Roots: Study Shows How Ancestors Thrived Amid Climate Shifts
18 Hidden Epidemic: One in Five Adults May Suffer from Dangerous Snoring
19 2D Electronics Breakthrough: Researchers Resolve Long-Standing Roadblock by Observing Spin Structure in "Magic-Angle" Graphene
20 Web of Wonders: Expedition Discovers Four New Tarantula Species in Colombia's Biodiversity Hotspot
21 Innovative High-Power Thermoelectric Device Poised to Revolutionize Cooling in Next-Generation Electronics
22 Stellar Photobomber Crashes Hubble's Party: The Unraveling Tale of Arp 263
23 Tracing the Origin of Life--Researchers Uncover How Primordial Proteins Formed on Prebiotic Earth
24 An Unexpected Pathway to Hypertension: Your Phone Habits Could Be Putting Your Heart at Risk
25 Shattering Astronomical Records: The Coldest Star to Emit Radio Waves
26 Simple Blood Test Can Now Diagnose De Vivo Disease
27 Unmasking Clear Air Turbulence: Fugaku Supercomputer Simulates Invisible Winds, Enhancing Flight Safety
28 Stanford Researchers Treat Depression by Reversing Brain Signals Traveling the Wrong Way
29 Brain Speed vs. Intelligence: New Study Disputes Long-Held Beliefs
30 Scientists Successfully Produce Slow Electrons in a Solution
31 Bionic Breakthrough: Revolutionary Self-Sensing Electric Artificial Muscles
32 The Tale of Two Banks: Unraveling Lake Nasser's Color Mystery
33 Starling CubeSats Deployed: NASA's Swarm Satellite Mission Launches on Electron Rocket
34 This Sugar Kills Honeybees--It Could also Be Our Secret Weapon Against Cancer
35 Donanemab: The Breakthrough Drug Ushering a New Era in Alzheimer's Treatment
36 Record-Breaking Energy Storage: Nanosheet Technology Takes Dielectric Capacitors to New Heights
37 Simple Blood Test Can Now Diagnose De Vivo Disease
38 Are We Alone?--Life on Other Planets: What Is Life and What Does It Need?
39 Stanford Researchers Treat Depression by Reversing Brain Signals Traveling the Wrong Way
40 New Insights into Uncharted Territory--Scientists Discover an Enzyme Unexpectedly Playing a Role in the Spread of Leukemia
41 Scientists Successfully Produce Slow Electrons in a Solution
42 Cosmic Cradles and Graves: Tracing Life and Death of Stars in the Most Distant Galaxy
43 Will Artificial Intelligence End Civilization?
44 Scientists Discover a New Species of Parasitic Euglenids: Euglenaformis parasitica
45 Can Aliens Detect Us? New Study Explains
46 Illuminating Squid Bioluminescence: An Exploration of Bacterial Symbiosis
47 Shrinking Light: Nanoscale Optical Breakthrough Unlocks a World of Quantum Possibilities
48 Astronomers Discover Unexpectedly Strong Surface Magnetic Fields in Stars
49 Scientists Develop a New Promising Treatment for Tinnitus
50 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Encounters Giant Swirling Waves at the Edge of Jupiter's Magnetosphere
51 New "Smart" Implant Coatings Warn of Early Failure and Resist Infections
52 A Crust like Heavy Armor--New Research Sheds Light on Mars' Structure
53 New Study Challenges Popular 300-Year-Old Conjecture of Bilaterally Symmetrical Flowers
54 Gravitational Gluttony: How Galactic Mergers Bring Hidden Supermassive Black Holes to Life
55 Sea Snakes See in Technicolor: A Reversal of Ancestral Vision Loss
56 Myocarditis and COVID Vaccination: Yale Researchers Reveal New Insights
57 WHO Warning: Ongoing Bird Flu Outbreaks in Animals Pose Risk to Humans
58 First Female Director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center to Retire
59 300th Day in Space: Frank Rubio on Track for a New U.S. Spaceflight Record
60 Locked in Mortal Combat: Unusual Fossil Shows Mammal Attacking a Dinosaur
61 A Unique "Bawdy Bard" Act--Researchers Discover Extremely Rare Forms of Medieval Literature in a 15th-Century Manuscript
62 Spinning into the Future--New Waveguide Is Changing the Way Data Is Transferred and Manipulated
63 New Study Links Longer Breastfeeding and Improved Academics in Later Life
64 Exotrojan Unicorns: Astronomers Uncover Possible Sibling Planets
65 Scientists Discover Nature's Secret Weapon Against Coral Bleaching
66 Breaking Free: New Treatment Helps People Stop Using Addictive Opioid Painkillers
67 Astronomers Use Webb Telescope to Identify the Earliest Strands of the Cosmic Web
68 New AI Tool May Help Spot "Invisible" Brain Damage in College Athletes
69 Visolis Harnesses Synthetic Biology to Transform Biomass into Sustainable Everyday Products
70 Bizarre "Mind Controlling" Parasitic Hairworms Are Missing Genes Found in Every Other Animal
71 European Breeding Birds Defy Expectations in Their Climate Change Response
72 Scientists Detect 6000-Mile-Long Plume of Water Escaping from Saturn's Moon
73 Extracting a Clean Fuel from Water--a Groundbreaking Low-Cost Catalyst
74 The Feeling of Hunger Itself May Slow Aging
75 Omicron Mutation: How the Omicron Subvariant Evolved to Breach Lung Defenses
76 This One Weird Trick by NASA Is Saving Billions of Gallons of Fuel
77 Decoding the Dance of Vortex Rings in Superfluid Helium
78 Clownfish Evolution: A Genetic Tale of Adaptation and Survival
79 BepiColombo's First Mercury Flyby Unmasks Electron Rain as Trigger for X-Ray Auroras
80 Absolutely Stunning--Scientists Discover Metals that Can Heal Themselves
81 Chronic Pain Deterrence: The Surprising Power of Physical Activity
82 Protons to Power Next-Gen. Memory Devices and Neuromorphic Computing Chips
83 Low Levels of Vitamin D Linked to Long COVID
84 Columbia Study: Casual Cannabis Use Greatly Increases Teens' Risk of Depression, Suicidality
85 Avoid the Next Pandemic--Stay Away from the Bats
86 Good for Your Health and the Climate: The Power of a Plant-Based Diet
87 Disturbing Findings: Popular "Compostable" Plastic Doesn't Break Down in the Ocean
88 Elevating Performance: Colorful Foods Improve Athletes' Vision
89 Astronomers Break the "BOAT"--Decoding the Mystery of the Universe's Brightest Explosion
90 Startling Findings: 1 in 5 Children Have Levels of "Forever Chemicals" Above Safety Limits
91 Your College Diet Could Be Your Downfall: How Students' Poor Eating Habits Can Lead to a Lifetime of Illness
92 DNA Origami Nanostructures: Reprogramming the Shape of Virus Capsids to Advance Biomedicine
93 Scientists Discover a Way to Manipulate the Brain's Perception of Time
94 Birth of Our Planet: Caltech Uncovers New Details of Earth's Formation
95 Weather Anomalies and Insects: First-of-a-Kind Study Unveils Surprising Patterns
96 New Frontier in Cardio-Oncology: Powerhouse Proteins Protect Heart Cells from Chemotherapy Damage
97 Big Surprises from Tiny Fish: Guppies Challenge "Volunteer's Dilemma"
98 Seismic Enigma: Scientists Shed New Light on "Segment-Jumping" Ridgecrest Earthquakes
99 Century-Old Paradigm Overturned--Brain Shape Matters More than Neural Connectivity
100 Surprising Early Warning Sign of Cognitive Decline Discovered: Low Sexual Satisfaction
101 The Fungus Among Us: Defying Nature's Anti-Fungal Arsenal
102 Extraterrestrial Devourer: A Scorching Hot Exoplanet that May Have Swallowed a Smaller Neighbor
103 Newly Discovered Brain Mechanism Linked to Anxiety, OCD
104 Into the Unknown: NASA's GEDI Space Laser Provides Answers to Rainforest Canopy Mystery
105 Astronomers "Blown Away" by Weird Two-Faced Star
106 Quantum Matter Breakthrough: Researchers Uncover Unique Quantum Behavior
107 Surprising Discovery: 20% of "Healthy" Individuals Actually Have the Metabolism of a Prediabetic
108 Foundational Species: How Eelgrass Spread Around the World
109 Dying Stars' Cocoons: A New Unexpected Source of Gravitational Waves
110 Early Warning: GPS Data Could Detect Large Earthquakes Hours Before They Happen
111 300,000-Year-Old Weapon Reveals Early Humans Were Woodworking Masters
112 On the Road Again: Majority of Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment Still Drive
113 Blood Vessels as Guides: How Dendritic Cells of the Immune System Form 3D Networks
114 Troubling Findings: Bisexual Women Are Three Times More Likely to Attempt Suicide
115 Scientists Discover Existence of an Elusive Superconductive State First Predicted in 2017
116 Record-Breaking Solar Hydrogen Device: Turning Sunlight into Clean Energy