File Title
1 Nebraska judge allows abortion limits and restrictions on gender-affirming surgery
2 Heat dome over Central U.S. will bring blazing temperatures to the Midwest: NPR
3 Tuohys plan to terminate Michael Oher's conservatorship: NPR
4 Canada monitoring new COVID variant BA.2.86 found in at least 4 countries--National
5 Concern over new COVID variant as it spreads to London
6 When the color of your urine could signal something wrong with your health
7 Doctor warns of three common symptoms that shouldn't be ignored
8 Local governments are spending billions of pandemic relief funds, but some report few specifics
9 When to wear a face mask to protect from Eris COVID variant
10 Do the COVID Vaccines Affect Your Ability to Think?
11 Three 'must-have' daily supplements, according to a medical nutritionist
12 Georgia Medicaid program with work requirement off to slow start even as thousands lose coverage
13 Doctor warns of nine 'less obvious' foods that raise stroke risk
14 How to Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels Without Any Treatment? 5 Tips to Follow
15 Signs of a shin splint to look out for--physiotherapist advises best treatment
16 How is it Spreading Rapidly? 5 Ways to Protect Yourself Against this Dangerous Virus
17 Kansas paper raided by police has a history of hard-hitting reporting: NPR
18 These poems by Latin American women reflect a multilingual region: NPR
19 New COVID Variant 'Pi' Emerges in Denmark and Israel; know about its symptoms and other details
20 After affirmative action, conservative activists' new target: corporate DEI: NPR
21 Health systems using 'less than 5% data'--World Bank says clinical & policy decisions not data-based
22 How a family's choice to donate a body for pig kidney research could help change transplants
23 NWT wildfires are forcing towns to empty. How do you evacuate a hospital?--National
24 Pickleball courts are moving into empty stores and malls: NPR
25 Why Republican candidates are meeting in Milwaukee for the first primary debate: NPR
26 Outcome document adopted at G20 health ministers' meet, focus on long-COVID, climate-resilient systems
27 Lolita, oldest orca held in captivity, died before chance to return to the ocean: NPR
28 Johnny Cash died from complications of a common condition--symptoms
29 Yellowknife residents wonder if wildfires are the new normal as western Canada burns: NPR
30 Netflix DVD offer confuses some customers: NPR
31 Risk of fatal heart attack doubles during a heatwave--cardiologist's advice
32 Outspoken Cardiologist Sets the Record Straight
33 The Victorian-era disease making its comeback at holiday destinations beloved by Brits / World / News
34 One supplement could improve your sleep, mood and heart health, says medical nutritionist
35 Whiten teeth naturally with four foods, advises orthodontist
36 How a General Mouthwash Can Detect Early Warning Signs of Risk of Heart Disease?
37 Symptoms to Precautions, All You Need to Know About this Highly Mutated Virus
38 Sex doctor shares two things to do after intimacy to lower risk of infection
39 Your waist size can determine your risk of heart disease
40 A wildfire in eastern Washington has killed one and destroyed 185 structures: NPR
41 Causes to Treatment, All You Need to Know About Kidney Damage
42 The Russian space agency says its Luna-25 spacecraft has crashed into the moon: NPR
43 Why this chaplain sees her atheism as a gift: NPR
44 Spain beats England to win its first Women's World Cup title: NPR
45 5 Warnings Signs that You Should Not Ignore in Children
46 Where do the 2024 presidential candidates stand on abortion? Take a look
47 Voters are picking a new president amid growing violence: NPR
48 Sweltering temperatures bring misery to large portion of central U.S., setting some heat records
49 Trauma expert says 'nice people' more likely to get autoimmune diseases--women even more
50 How to beat jet lag: apps, hacks and pills: Shots
51 California store owner shot and killed over a Pride flag displayed in her shop: NPR
52 One thing to avoid when brushing your teeth--a 'common misconception'
53 Why Does Your Blood Sugar Levels Spike in the Morning?
54 Understanding How the Virus Alters Our Immune System, and What to do About it
55 7 Immunity-Boosting Foods You Must Eat During Rains
56 Doctor warns 'modern lifestyle habits' are causing health and sleep problems
57 Maui wildfires have a huge mental health toll: NPR
58 Antiques Roadshow expert felt 'shocked' and 'scared' following life-threatening diagnosis
59 Eris strain of COVID could cause three new symptoms--what to look for
60 Just a handful of blueberries could improve your brain health--expert
61 Abortion bans in Texas are personal and professional for one pregnant doctor: Shots
62 COVID may trigger dangerous high blood pressure, warns 'alarming' new study
63 Foods You Should Avoid in PCOS
64 Guatemala's anti-corruption candidate wins presidency in landslide vote: NPR
65 Chris Evans reveals skin cancer diagnosis--five signs to get checked out
66 A decade after a sarin gas attack in a Damascus suburb, Syrian survivors lose hope for justice
67 New Studies on 3 Important Nutrients
68 Nearly half of parents say they feel uncomfortable discussing periods with their children
69 Slammed by industry, drugs bill set to get delayed as govt. plans fresh panel for review
70 Consuming A Small Amount of Nuts Daily May Lead to Lower Risk of Depression: Study
71 Judge blocks Georgia ban on hormone replacement therapy for transgender minors
72 What US States Have Allowed and Banned After End of COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
73 After World Cup win, Spain's Olga Carmona learned her father had died: NPR
74 Doctor warns vaping is 'more addictive' than smoking cigarettes
75 New blood test that could predict Alzheimer's disease available to buy
76 Russia strikes Chernihiv, as Kyiv welcomes F-16 pledges: NPR
77 Blood clots could be prevented with three easy steps
78 The biggest search for the Loch Ness Monster in 50 years is this weekend: NPR
79 Omicron infection didn't protect some seniors from getting COVID-19 again: study--National
80 Gene Therapy Offers New Way to Fight Alcohol Use Disorder
81 Rosemary Conley: 'There's a conspiracy of silence around my illness'
82 Eye scan could help detect Parkinson's disease years before diagnosis
83 Indiana's near-total abortion ban set to take effect as state Supreme Court denies rehearing
84 This book dissects the years-long battle for gender equality at MIT: NPR
85 Alabama can enforce ban on puberty blockers and hormones for transgender children, court says
86 RSV Pfizer vaccine to protect infants wins approval from FDA: Shots
87 Listeria in milkshakes at popular US burger restaurant leaves three dead / US / News
88 Osteoarthritis cases could reach 1 billion worldwide by 2050, study says--National
89 A salmonella outbreak is being linked to pet turtles: NPR
90 Teva to pay $225 million to settle cholesterol drug price-fixing charges
91 Maui County Mayor says 850 people are still unaccounted for in the wildfires: NPR
92 FDA approves RSV vaccine for moms-to-be to guard their newborns
93 US Becomes 1st Country to Approve Vaccine for Pregnant Women to Prevent Severe Disease Caused by RSV in Infants
94 PM Panel Reviews COVID Status in India, Directs States to Monitor Cases Amid Rise in New Variants
95 Charles Martinet, the voice of Nintendo's beloved Mario character, steps down: NPR
96 10-minute scan could help 'significantly' reduce prostate cancer deaths
97 Sha'Carri Richardson wins world championship in 100-meters: NPR
98 COVID symptoms to spot as Pirola strain arrives in UK
99 She was torn up and spattered with blood--then two strangers swung into action: NPR
100 Weight loss surgery slashes risk of all cancers, says expert
101 Planned Parenthood's first ad of the 2024 campaign targets Wisconsin: NPR
102 Fake Arizona rehab centers scam Native Americans far from home, officials warn during investigations
103 GoFundMe for Burger King employee who never took a sick day raises over $400k: NPR
104 Anti-inflammatory foods that can protect against arthritis--people as young as 30 at risk
105 Shh! Don't say 'abortion.' Texas quietly softens its ban on the procedure: Shots
106 Five of the best household chores you can do in minutes to beat cancer
107 Doctor shares three symptoms of COVID Eris variant you need to know
108 Time-restricted eating could improve memory in dementia patients--study
109 Food iteams that we should not eat uncooked
110 Biden administration opens loan repayment plan: NPR
111 Pakistan rescue mission underway to save 8 people trapped in a danglng cable car: NPR
112 Surgeon on the sign of cancer 'brought on by eating'--and 3 other symptoms not to miss
113 Hundreds of patients evacuated from Los Angeles hospital building that lost power in storm's wake
114 'I'm a nutritionist--here are five dietary things I would never do'
115 Fatty liver disease symptoms include bleeding gums
116 Dermatologist on four surprising triggers for 'morning psoriasis'--including shampoo
117 No harmful levels of PCBs found at Wyoming nuclear missile base as Air Force investigates cancers
118 Poorly cleaned ice cream machines tied to three listeria deaths in Washington: NPR
119 Four foods highly recommends to obliterate high cholesterol including 'shot-style drinks'