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1 Health Minister rejects 'nanny state' calls to ban characters like Tony the Tiger
2 Weight loss 'wonder drug' semaglutide can cut down risk of heart disease, says Danish drugmaker
3 North Carolina GOP seeks to override governor's veto of bill banning gender-affirming care for youth
4 A quarter of Britons could be at risk of blood clots--expert advice
5 Germany's Cabinet is set to approve a plan to liberalize rules on cannabis possession and sale
6 North Korea claims U.S soldier crossed border because of inequality in the U.S.: NPR
7 The Taliban is going after Afghans who studied in the U.S. with Fulbright: NPR
8 Nightly ritual could improve memory and brain health, scientists say
9 The green vegetable ranked 'world's healthiest food' in new study
10 'Barbaric' and 'negligent' treatment in ICE detention, inspections found: NPR
11 Peanuts Help in Fighting Heart Disease, 5 Other Benefits of Consuming Moongfali
12 Tuohy family responds to Oher's allegations about adoption: NPR
13 Scarlet fever symptoms include six signs in the mouth
14 Hospitals use lawsuits to collect on unpaid medical bills in North Carolina: Shots
15 Maui doctor helps fire victims by bringing medical care and drugs: NPR
16 Simple at home test to see if you have flu or new COVID variant Eris
17 Puerto Rico schools are in crisis. Here's how they got there: NPR
18 Why Trump's Georgia indictment won't shake his GOP support: NPR
19 Maui cultural heritage destroyed in wildfires: NPR
20 Why the Chinese economy hasn't recovered after COVID lockdowns: NPR
21 These interns took selfies with all 100 senators. Here's what they discovered: NPR
22 A mother of 3 was struggling at the airport. The 'mom tribe' swung into action: NPR
23 Cell phone photos and some metadata. A son's search for his mother in Maui: NPR
24 Montreal researchers join international study of rare genetic disease Friedreich's ataxia
25 Pig kidney works in a donated body for over a month, a step toward animal-human transplants
26 Dementia patients could display six symptoms nearing the end of their life
27 7 Warning Signs of Brittle Bones You Should Not Ignore
28 What's the End Game for Cybercrimes and Ransomware Attacks?
29 NPR names veteran newsroom leader Eva Rodriguez as executive editor: NPR
30 Sign on your legs and ankles of 'severe' fatty liver disease
31 Pakistani Christians are targeted in mob violence after blasphemy accusations: NPR
32 3 things to know about these charges: NPR
33 Target says backlash against LGBTQ+ Pride merchandise hurt sales: NPR
34 Some abortion drug restrictions are upheld by an appeals court in a case bound for the Supreme Court
35 Having Lung Problems? Eat Your Veggies, Science Says
36 Bacteria found in raw shellfish linked to two Connecticut deaths also blamed for New York death
37 Court rules to restrict mifepristone but no changes until Supreme Court rules: Shots
38 How Georgia's Republican governor broke with Trump--and thrived: NPR
39 Junior doctors' walkout led to 61,000 delays for patients
40 Some U.S. abortion pill restrictions upheld, case bound for top court--National
41 Sen. Schumer says Inflation Reduction Act provides contrast with GOP in 2024: NPR
42 Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis is trying to crowdfund her defense fees: NPR
43 A marijuana legalization question will be on Ohio's fall ballot after lawmakers failed to act on it
44 New York Times considers legal action against OpenAI as copyright tensions swirl: NPR
45 Common arthritis drug could boost effectiveness of morning-after pill, study finds
46 Landmark climate law drives US energy transition, but hurdles remain: NPR
47 Wildfires prompt evacuations of capital of Canada's Northwest Territories: NPR
48 Maui fire survivors are confronting huge mental health hurdles, many while still living in shelters
49 Aldi says it will buy 400 Winn-Dixie, Harveys groceries across the southern U.S.: NPR
50 GP shares 'key difference' between summer flu and COVID to look out for
51 A camp teaches Ukrainian soldiers who were blinded in combat to navigate the world again
52 Uzbekistan says distributors of contaminated Indian cough syrup paid bribe to skip testing
53 The lifestyle shown to slash risk of early death by 29% in new study
54 Mum shocked to discover cause of 4ft. 11" teenage daughter's stunted growth
55 Hawaii governor vows to block land grabs as fire-ravaged Maui rebuilds: NPR
56 Corruption in Afghanistan offers lessons for billions going to Ukraine: NPR
57 Michael Parkinson's 'difficult' health battles through the years
58 Tuohys calls Oher's claims 'hurtful,' part of a 'shakedown': NPR
59 James Webb telescope photo shows a question mark-shaped structure in deep space: NPR
60 People most at risk of COVID--new study as Eris variant emerges
61 New York officials are trying to stop teen deaths tied to subway surfing: NPR
62 Vaping linked to bronchitis in new study--warning issued
63 Hope to adopt traditional medicines in every country's national health system: WHO chief
64 Invasive yellow-legged hornet has been spotted in U.S. for first time: NPR
65 Postpartum depression drug needs to be available in Canada 'ASAP,' experts say--National
66 China makes it harder for its Muslim citizens to go to Mecca, or anywhere else: NPR
67 Dr. Amir on the symptom of prostate cancer millions 'often don't think about'
68 Woman charged with threats against Judge Tanya Chutkan: NPR
69 With a simple question, Ukrainians probe mental health at a time of war: NPR
70 Only the cleverest in the UK can 'nail' this tricky brainteaser / Weird / News
71 Half of Canadians do not have a doctor, or battle for appointments: survey--National
72 Wildfires force 20,000 residents to evacuate from Yellowknife, Canada: NPR
73 Tweets are 'overt acts' in Trump's Georgia indictment. What does this mean?: NPR
74 Mortgage rates just hit their highest since 2002: NPR
75 The head coach of the U.S. National Women's Soccer team has stepped down: NPR
76 Feds raise concerns about long call center wait times as millions dropped from Medicaid
77 Type 2 Diabetes May Raise Your Risk of Endometrial Cancer
78 Survivors of the 2018 Camp Fire offer advice to people in Maui: NPR
79 Judge who signed warrant to search Kansas newspaper had two DUI arrests: NPR
80 Renewed hope for breast cancer gene tests
81 'Suits' just set a streaming record years after it ended. Here's what's going on: NPR
82 Record heat boosting wildfire risk in Pacific Northwest: NPR
83 USC Annenberg study shows Hollywood movies still lack diversity: NPR
84 New York City officially bans TikTok on all government devices: NPR
85 Trump lawyers ask for election interference trial to be pushed to April 2026: NPR
86 Maui County EMA director Herman Andaya resigns after scrutiny: NPR
87 Mississippi judge declares mistrial in shooting attack on Black FedEx driver: NPR
88 Siri, Am I Anti-Science?
89 Trump cancels press conference on election fraud claims, citing attorney advice: NPR
90 Hay fever sufferers should avoid certain foods that could 'trigger' allergies
91 COVID Variant BA.2.86 Is Highly-Mutated Strain, Under WHO's Watch After Detected in 3 Countries
92 New COVID strain BA.X being tracked by WHO as fears mount over rising cases
93 A 4% income tax on millionaires will make lunch free for Massachusetts students: NPR
94 One in five men globally infected with potentially cancerous HPV
95 Should the U.S. continue helping Ukraine? Some conservative voters say no: NPR
96 Exercise, then brain training could be game-changer for slowing dementia: Canadian study
97 Warning issued over paracetamol overdose after social media challenge emerges
98 Symptoms when you go to the toilet you should never ignore
99 How to improve indoor air quality, from filters and purifiers to HVAC upgrades: Shots
100 Australia issues advisory on turmeric supplements--what it says & why you needn't give up haldi yet
101 Maui churches in Lahaina taking in people who lost homes in fires: NPR
102 Understanding the Importance of Early Detection
103 Global initiatives on digital health will bring world on common platform, Modi tells G20 meet
104 A neonatal nurse in a British hospital has been found guilty of killing 7 babies
105 A new ruling could make solar panels more expensive in the United States: NPR
106 First case of new COVID variant BA.2.86 detected in UK
107 Na 'Aikane o Maui Cultural and Research Center destroyed in Maui fires: NPR
108 Smells that could signal something wrong with your health
109 Far-right websites target Georgia grand jurors: NPR
110 Fever 'no longer main COVID symptom'--symptoms to spot as new variants emerge
111 Under threat from China, Taiwan's companies pivot to defense manufacturing: NPR
112 3 wildfire policies Maui can copy from California to prevent future disasters: NPR
113 Trump tests the tolerance of judges and even his own lawyers: NPR
114 World chess body bans transgender women from women's tournaments: NPR
115 Stem cells from one eye show promise in healing injuries in the other
116 Tiny Organ, Long-Lasting Pain: Mystery of Chronic Appendicitis
117 North Carolina laws curtailing transgender rights prompt less backlash than 2016 'bathroom bill'
118 Cyberattack keeps hospitals' computers offline for weeks
119 Another Disney princess, another online outrage. This time it's 'Snow White': NPR
120 Montreal public health warns of possible hepatitis A exposure at local hostel