File Title
1 3,000-year-old untouched burial of 'charioteer' discovered in Siberia
2 Dual wavelengths of light shown to be effective against antibiotic-resistant bacterium
3 Study reveals goal-oriented rewards as key factors in decision-making--ScienceDaily
4 James Webb telescope reveals 3 possible 'dark stars'--galaxy-sized objects powered by invisible dark matter
5 Some corals may survive climate change without paying a metabolic price, scientists suggest
6 Researchers use genetic, isotopic analyses to map territories of jaguars in Belize--ScienceDaily
7 What determines how flexible you are?
8 The natural defenses of ticks could help improve anti-inflammatory drugs
9 Study compares water quality pre vs. post fertilizer bans over five years--ScienceDaily
10 Scientists discover ancient, underwater volcano is still active--and covered in up to a million giant eggs
11 Saltwater or freshwater? Difference is large for the climate when we flood low lying areas--ScienceDaily
12 400,000-year-old mammoth tusk found sticking out of the ground in English quarry
13 The legacy of past disturbance shapes coastal forest soil stability
14 Cell protein discovery points to healthier aging--ScienceDaily
15 Researchers turn to an everyday shop tool to study how materials behave
16 Efficient discovery of improved energy materials by a new AI-guided workflow--ScienceDaily
17 Extreme heat sparks wildfires, health warnings
18 The study followed more than 100,000 participants in a French cohort for seven years--ScienceDaily
19 Ancient 'unknown' script finally deciphered 70 years after first being discovered
20 Can parents' Disability Insurance boost children's economic mobility?
21 Detecting nanoplastics--in fractions of a second--ScienceDaily
22 Millions hit by extreme heat on three continents
23 VERA unveils surroundings of rapidly growing black holes--ScienceDaily
24 Astronomers discover mysterious 'Trojan' planets that share the same orbit
25 PandaX sets new constraints on the search for light dark matter via ionization signals
26 Scientists find that a special omega-3 lipid might prevent fatty liver disease--ScienceDaily
27 New study clarifies relationships between temperature and animals' sizes
28 Dry manufacturing process offers path to cleaner, more affordable high-energy EV batteries--ScienceDaily
29 Genetic quirk could explain why not everyone shows symptoms of COVID-19
30 Dinosaur on the dinner menu for prehistoric mammals, rare fossil suggests--National
31 Early humans were weapon woodwork experts, study finds
32 Gene mutation may explain why some don't get sick from COVID-19--ScienceDaily
33 Hundreds of 'ghost stars' haunt the Milky Way's center. Scientists may finally know why.
34 To stand out on LinkedIn, focus on journey, not achievements
35 Astronomers find new type of stellar object--ScienceDaily
36 Black rain frog: The bizarre, grumpy-faced amphibian that's terrible at jumping and swimming
37 Chemical cartography reveals the Milky Way's spiral arms
38 Does this exoplanet have a sibling sharing the same orbit?--ScienceDaily
39 A skyscraper-size asteroid flew closer to Earth than the moon--and scientists didn't notice until 2 days later
40 Scientific community inches closer to ultra-fast-charging energy storage--ScienceDaily
41 Proposed PFAS rule would cost companies estimated $1 billion; Lacks limits and cleanup requirement
42 Researchers study how a chatbot can teach kids supportive self-talk--ScienceDaily
43 Thousands of medieval coins unearthed by metal detectorists in Romania
44 Costly Deep Tunnel flooding project can't handle Chicago area's severe storms fueled by climate change
45 Testing how materials deform and fail under harsh conditions is key to manufacturing processes, crash testing and defense--ScienceDaily
46 Individual whale, dolphin ID using facial recognition tech
47 These resilient corals may dominate reef ecosystems of the future--ScienceDaily
48 Picturing where wildlands and people meet at a global scale
49 What's causing the severe Midwestern drought?
50 AI-guided brain stimulation aids memory in traumatic brain injury--ScienceDaily
51 Stanford University president announces resignation over concerns about his research
52 A faster way to teach a robot--ScienceDaily
53 Chemically bonded multi-nanolayer aerogel for thermal superinsulation
54 A global overview of antibiotic resistance determinants--ScienceDaily
55 Croatia targets latest climate-change threat: mosquitoes
56 Hairworms are missing the tiny 'hairs' responsible for cell movement, filtration, and sensing that every other known animal has--ScienceDaily
57 Study finds European breeding birds respond only slowly to recent climate change
58 Heat-struck Mediterranean is climate change 'hot spot'
59 Unusual fossil shows rare evidence of a mammal attacking a dinosaur--ScienceDaily
60 Pyjama sharks filmed mating in a giant, otherworldly underwater forest in 1st footage of its kind
61 Fiber optic sensing tracks seismicity from injected carbon dioxide at Australian site
62 Picturing where wildlands and people meet at a global scale--ScienceDaily
63 Best biopics about famous scientists to watch before Oppenheimer
64 The clever way blue-green algae hedge their bets in blooms
65 Potential applications could lead to a net-zero world--ScienceDaily
66 Dolphins terrorize and bite beachgoers in Japan--for the 2nd year in a row
67 NASA's IXPE fires up astronomers with new blazar findings
68 When exposed to too much ultraviolet radiation, collagen fibers become more tightly packed together--ScienceDaily
69 5 million-year-old fossils reveal 2 new species of saber-toothed cats in South Africa
70 Hubble sees boulders escaping from asteroid Dimorphos
71 Early humans were weapon woodwork experts, study finds--ScienceDaily
72 Rising and setting 'Omega sun' melts into a 'lava-like blob' in trippy mirage photos
73 Vehicle idling can compound local pollution on bad air days
74 Researchers put a new twist on graphite--ScienceDaily
75 Watch as crater collapses in Iceland's new volcano, spewing rivers of lava
76 New prostate cancer biomarkers provide hope to millions of men--ScienceDaily
77 Woman who died in deadly Vasa warship's wreck 400 years ago reconstructed in lifelike detail
78 Fueled by new chemistry, algorithm mines fungi for useful molecules
79 Models show Venus' superheated core could produce extended volcanism, long-lived resurfacing--ScienceDaily
80 Ultrabright stellar object is shining beyond the 'death line,' and no one can explain it
81 Meet Janus, the rare, newly-discovered star with 'two faces'
82 Experts alarmed as free Barbies given to UK primary schools to teach social skills
83 Instead of going to a landfill, they may help with future soil stabilization--ScienceDaily
84 Scientists may have found the missing link between heart disease and sleep problems
85 Impacts of climate change on animals will be multi-faceted, reveals study
86 Researchers demonstrate a way to remove the potent greenhouse gas from the exhaust of engines that burn natural gas--ScienceDaily
87 New research examines contamination in gulf coast waters
88 Artificial 'rocks' from macroplastics threaten ocean health--ScienceDaily
89 The hidden time bomb undermining retirement savings
90 Exposure to plastic particles kills up to 75% of cultured kidney cells--ScienceDaily
91 Improved stability could help perovskite solar cells compete with silicon
92 Shark shock--scientists discover filter-feeding basking sharks are warm-bodied like great whites--ScienceDaily
93 NASA's ComPair gamma-ray hunting mission prepares for balloon flight
94 Post-menopause orca mothers protect their sons from being injured by other orcas--ScienceDaily
95 Tourists help scientists reveal microplastic pollution on remote Arctic beaches
96 Paleontologists identify two new species of sabertooth cat--ScienceDaily
97 Spill of 1,200 barrels of crude blight Ecuadoran beach
98 Researchers generate human embryo-like structures that include extraembryonic tissue--ScienceDaily
99 Researchers make progress toward a new environmentally friendly nanomaterial that could revolutionize electronic devices
100 Catalyst can control methane emissions in natural gas engines--ScienceDaily
101 July likely to be warmest month on record: NASA scientist
102 Galaxy J1135 reveals its water map--ScienceDaily
103 Catspreading 'Big Boss' among finalists of Comedy Pet Photography Awards
104 All concrete, no trees: Athens ill-prepared for heatwaves
105 New treatment to tackle infections resistant to antibiotics--ScienceDaily
106 California Science Center starts complex process to display Space Shuttle Endeavour vertically
107 Flying reptiles had nurturing parental style--ScienceDaily
108 Just Stop Oil protesters set off orange flare at British Open / Golf News
109 See how an Alaska paddleboarder escaped a close encounter with a humpback whale
110 Understanding brain network connecting temperature sensation and emotion may help prevent heatstroke--ScienceDaily
111 Fluid leaked from scuba diver's blood vessels after 100-foot cave dive in rare medical case
112 Using GPS as a possible earthquake predictor
113 Pivotal role of DNA copy number--ScienceDaily
114 Temperature records shattered across the world as tourists flock to experience the heat
115 A quick and inexpensive test for osteoporosis risk--ScienceDaily