File Title
1 Indigenous chiefs demand action from Brazil govt. on land rights
2 Singapore races to save 'Garbage of Eden'
3 Lebanese activists fight rampant beachside development
4 In Costa Rica, saving seeds to feed future generations
5 'Silk of peace' weaves new bonds in post-quake Turkey
6 Humanity 'has agency over future': new head of UN climate panel
7 'Guardian angels': Rhodes locals help fire-stranded tourists
8 India landslide toll jumps to 27, at least 50 missing
9 Growing climate risks fuel surge in US home insurance costs
10 Yellen flags insurance 'protection gap' in climate disasters
11 Spain court finds Swedish firm not liable for disaster costs
12 Mali army says one soldier dead in attack
13 Soldiers say they have detained Niger's president in apparent coup
14 16 killed as homes hit in Khartoum air, artillery strikes
15 US blacklists officials who helped Wagner Group enter Mali
16 Rights group says Mali army and foreign fighters executed civilians
17 China envoy calls Kenya economic ties a 'win-win'
18 Hong Kong court rejects government ban on democracy protest song
19 Cambodian heir apparent hails poll victory, defying international criticism
20 Israel military reservists threaten over judicial revamp
21 'Happy Dancing' routine boosts fitness in fast-aging China
22 Hong Kong public broadcaster cancels LGBTQ radio show
23 French leader goes green to woo Pacific islands
24 Mineral-rich nodules and the battle over mining the deep sea
25 Deep ocean targeted for mining is rich in unknown life
26 Syria fishermen despair at water loss, river pollution
27 Drought-hit N. Africa turns to purified sea and wastewater
28 DR Congo's riverside capital running on scarce and dirty water
29 Spain's drought-hit tourism sector seeks to save water
30 G20 environment chiefs ready fresh bid for climate deals
31 'Fight is on' at deep sea mining debate in Jamaica
32 Ukraine lacks defences against Russian strikes: Putin offers grain to Africa
33 Breakthrough in rapid proton capture process unveils new reaction rate
34 Pioneering Design Proposes Highly Directional Single-Photon Source
35 Nanophotonics: Coupling light and matter
36 A simpler method for learning to control a robot
37 Surface Avatar--an astronaut on board the ISS controls a robot team on Earth
38 Airbus and Astrocast extend collaboration for satellite IoT
39 New Heights for Satellite Communication: Iridium Launches Certus for Aviation
40 In search of electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational waves
41 Above: Orbital achieves significant milestone with NASA in Space Station gravity tech
42 Urania: muse of gravitational-wave astronomy
43 New manufacturing equipment could be used at sea or in deep space
44 A study outlines the optimal strategy for accelerating the energy transition in China
45 Egypt announces planned power cuts, measures amid heatwave
46 One in three people still using dirty cooking methods: study
47 Mining giant Rio unlikely to meet 2025 climate targets
48 Wind of change picks up for German region's energy sector
49 'As long as we have AC': Phoenix heat shows gap between US rich, poor
50 Fears for UK 'green' policies after shock by-election result
51 Kerry says US not dictating climate policy to China
52 New approach to fuel cell manufacturing could reduce cost, increase availability
53 Stellantis, Samsung to build second battery plant in US
54 Tata picks Britain for massive electric car battery plant
55 Scientists developing way to make cheaper Lithium batteries
56 Next-generation flow battery design sets records
57 Norway's quest for 'black gold' from used car batteries
58 UK climate campaigners fear net zero policies under threat
59 China's GalaxySpace Debuts Revolutionary Flexible Solar Wing Satellite
60 Harnessing the power of the Sun for water remediation
61 Bifacial perovskite solar cells point to higher efficiency
62 Revolutionary recovery technique for space solar cells uncovered by Australian researchers
63 Virginia Tech to study the environmental effects of utility-scale solar installations
64 Framatome's accident tolerant fuel technology one step closer to market readiness
65 Mines found at Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant: UN watchdog
66 Unlocking the power of molecular crystals: a possible solution to nuclear waste
67 Uranium Energy Corp. completes Restart Program at the Christensen Ranch ISR Project in Wyoming
68 Solar batteries: a new material makes it possible to simultaneously absorb light and store energy
69 Controlling the electro-optic response of a perovskite coupled to a phonon-resonant cavity
70 New quantum magnet unleashes electronics potential
71 Chip giant AMD says AI to be 'mega-trend' for computing world
72 Consortium explores energy-efficient electronics and photonics
73 Chip tech leader ASML sales jump despite US-China spat
74 New superconductors can be built atom by atom
75 High-resolution, ultrastable X-ray imaging usng lead-free anti-perovskite nanocrystals
76 EU lawmakers back chip-production plan
77 AI and satellite imagery transform solar energy potential mapping in China
78 Egypt energy-saving measures power satirical reaction
79 Electrical fire sparks nationwide power outage in Iraq
80 Manchester scientists caught Hofstadter's butterfly in one of the most ancient materials on Earth
81 New study shows multiple advantages of capturing carbon where it is produced
82 EU looks to ban harmful chemicals in imported toys
83 AI revolutionizes underwater exploration with improved object tracking
84 Innovations in Photonics: Harnessing Bound States in the Continuum
85 Imaging shows how solar-powered microbes turn CO2 into bioplastic
86 Billions of nanoplastics released when microwaving baby food containers
87 Turning scrap wood into strong, sustainable materials for re-use
88 Belgian region puts huge Ineos chemical plant on hold
89 Aluminum recycling in Brazil: Scraping by in a billion-dollar industry
90 Chinese company to pay DR Congo state miner $2 billion over cobalt dispute
91 DARPA seeks input on novel methods to separate, purify rare earth elements
92 High-Velocity Impacts Explored in Experimental Study
93 Precision Laser Spectroscopy and the Quantum Motion of Atomic Nuclei
94 Back on track: Europe's night trains make bumpy comeback
95 Japan presses Sri Lanka to secure China debt deal
96 Biden administration proposes new vehicle fuel efficiency targets
97 Volkswagen profits dip as it struggles in China
98 Volkswagen takes stake in Chinese electric carmaker
99 Ford launches 'hands-free' driving on UK motorways
100 For decades, artist Eduardo Kac has been laser-focused on sending hologram project into space
101 Groundbreaking 3D-Printed frictionless gear for space applications
102 Sunak backs new UK oil and gas exploration
103 Supreme Court clears path for construction of Mountain Valley Pipeline
104 Oil, gas majors post sliding profits on weaker prices
105 Nigeria's end to petrol subsidies hits Niger black market
106 UN begins pumping oil from decaying tanker off Yemen
107 Device makes hydrogen from sunlight with record efficiency
108 Goddard, Wallops Engineers Test Printed Electronics in Space
109 Optimum Technologies unveils innovative spacecraft facility in Northern Virginia
110 How forests can cut carbon, restore ecosystems, and create jobs