File Title
1 Both Artemis mobile launchers see action
2 New type of star gives clues to mysterious origin of magnetars--ScienceDaily
3 'Strange metals' used in superconductors can entangle whole seas of electrons at once, and scientists finally understand how
4 The power of plants and how they are changing the way we eat and live
5 A new in-depth analysis of sea ice motion in the fastest-warming part of the globe shows how Arctic Ocean sea ice responds to different ocean currents and reveals that the seafloor plays a crucial role.--ScienceDaily
6 Great white sharks are washing up on Canadian beaches--but experts claim this could be a good thing
7 From aerial photograph to precise snow depth
8 Several vaccines associated with reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease in adults 65 and older--ScienceDaily
9 Plantation slavery was invented on this tiny African island, according to archaeologists
10 Strong quake rattles Colombian capital
11 Adherence to a Mediterranean lifestyle associated with lower risk of all-cause and cancer mortality--ScienceDaily
12 How non-native grasses turned Hawaii into a tinderbox
13 Scientists trap light inside a magnet--ScienceDaily
14 Scientists design novel nonlinear circuit to harvest clean power using graphene
15 Bee populations at risk of one-two punch from heat waves, pathogen infection--ScienceDaily
16 Turns out you can transmit sound in a vacuum, just not very far
17 Researchers estimate anthropogenic mercury emissions from 1500 to 1900
18 A new study shows that changes in grammatical complexity are not shaped by social environments--ScienceDaily
19 Bizarre 'failed star' the size of Jupiter is 2,000 degrees hotter than the sun
20 Novel method to construct all-graphene macrostructures
21 Platelets can replicate the benefits of exercise in the brain--ScienceDaily
22 These two great white sharks are exploring the oceans together
23 Artificial DNA structures fitted with antibodies may instruct the immune system to target cancerous cells
24 Data researchers connect diet to changes in the microbiome--ScienceDaily
25 The enduring mystery of mass whale strandings
26 America's wealthiest 10% responsible for 40% of US greenhouse gas emissions--ScienceDaily
27 Watch sloth fight off ocelot in incredibly rare footage from deep in the Amazon rainforest
28 A promising approach in sustainable chemical production
29 Race-based variations in gut bacteria emerge by 3 months of age--ScienceDaily
30 Black hole 'seeds' discovered in the early universe for 1st time ever
31 Public may overestimate pushback against controversial research findings
32 Ultracold quantum gas reveals insights into wave turbulence--ScienceDaily
33 Can sugar cause acne? / Live Science
34 Researchers discover how stem cells choose their identity
35 With advances in in vitro models, group proposes refined legal definition of an embryo--ScienceDaily
36 Scientists identify the microbes that make buffalo mozzarella so yummy
37 A new way to identify chiral molecules with light could vastly improve detection efficiency
38 To improve solar and other clean energy tech, look beyond hardware--ScienceDaily
39 Do blue light-blocking glasses reduce eyestrain? Review suggests no
40 Publication of 2,000 canine genomes provides toolkit for translational research
41 Immune cells present long before infection predict flu symptoms--ScienceDaily
42 China's rover maps 1,000 feet of hidden 'structures' deep below the dark side of the moon
43 The city plans to return the favor.
44 Heredity and environment account for people's love of nature--ScienceDaily
45 Scientists review the trajectory design and optimization for Jovian system exploration
46 Scientists reveal how sensory protein changes shape with nanometer resolution--ScienceDaily
47 Fountains of diamonds erupt from Earth's center as supercontinents break up
48 Climate change is making debt more expensive--new study
49 Collecting clean water from fog--ScienceDaily
50 2,200-year-old remains of sacrificed giant panda and tapir discovered near Chinese emperor's tomb
51 Researchers improve the performance of semiconductors using novel 2D metal
52 Molecules in vegetables can help to ease lung infection--ScienceDaily
53 Hawaii wildfires stoke climate denial, conspiracy theories
54 Discarded aloe peels could be a sustainable, natural insecticide--ScienceDaily
55 Natural history museum closes because of chemicals in taxidermy collection
56 What is the hottest place in the universe?
57 Ancient anarchists, filthy tycoons and a new state of matter
58 Certain sugars affect brain 'plasticity,' helping with learning, memory, recovery--ScienceDaily
59 West Indian Ocean coelacanth: The once-'extinct' Lazarus fish that can live for 100 years
60 Remote learning during pandemic aids medical students with disabilities
61 Ancient metal cauldrons give us clues about what people ate in the Bronze Age--ScienceDaily
62 10 bizarre phenomena that lit up the sky (and their scientific explanations)
63 US can cut building emissions by up to 91%, saving $100 billion per year in energy-related costs, modeling study shows--ScienceDaily
64 7 rules that explain Earth's most extreme animal shapes and sizes
65 Fresh look at DNA from Oetzi the Iceman traces his roots to present day Turkey
66 Physicists confirm 67-year-old prediction of massless, neutral composite particle--ScienceDaily
67 New species of wishbone spiders uncovered in field work
68 Scientists zero in on timing, causes of ice age mammal extinctions in southern California--ScienceDaily
69 Preclinical trials show platelets can replicate the benefits of exercise in the brain
70 Are you breaking your body clock? Researchers use mathematical models to better understand how the body regulates circadian rhythms--ScienceDaily
71 Largest ever study explores what it takes to go back to school
72 A healthy diet, reading, and doing sports promote reasoning skills in children--ScienceDaily
73 Climate change impacts are unraveling the fabric of society in the South-West Pacific, says report
74 Anxious people use less suitable section of brain to control emotions--ScienceDaily
75 A low-tech sludge solution for reducing antimicrobial resistance
77 This sure looks like the movements of a glacier across ancient Mars
78 Quantum physicists simulate super diffusion on a quantum computer--ScienceDaily
79 NASA's Psyche mission to a metal world may reveal the mysteries of Earth's interior
80 Stabilizing precipitate growth at grain boundaries in alloys--ScienceDaily
81 Trees, rivers and mountains are gaining legal status--but it's not been a quick fix for environmental problems
82 Study identifies neural dynamics that our visual system uses to transform what we see into what we do--ScienceDaily
83 A new 'spin' on ergodicity breaking
84 Colorado River Basin ranks among the world's most water-stressed regions, analysis finds
85 Clever coating turns lampshades into indoor air purifiers--ScienceDaily
86 Educational bootcamps can help people switch careers, says study
87 What makes those pandemic-era sourdoughs so deliciously, uniquely, sour?--ScienceDaily
88 Scientists confirm nickel plays a key role in an ancient chemical reaction
89 Cleaning water with 'smart rust' and magnets--ScienceDaily
90 Study indicates agriculture adds more phosphorus to streams than to lakes
91 Tubing and swimming change the chemistry and microbiome of streams--ScienceDaily
92 Emergency detected in pre-moon landing maneuver by Russia's Luna-25 probe
93 Sea sequin 'bling' links Indonesian islands' ancient communities--ScienceDaily
94 Nearly two-thirds of the top fossil fuel producers in Australia and the world aren't on track for 1.5íC climate target
95 Harnessing big data reveals birds' coexisting tactics--ScienceDaily
96 Can hot drinks help you cool down?
97 Russia's Luna-25 probe crashes on the Moon
99 A new approach to reduce the risk of losing solar-powered rovers on the moon
100 Can we assess our own immune system?--ScienceDaily
101 Space photo of the week: A cosmic 'ghost' peers through the universe's past
102 Three reasons we use graphic novels to teach math and physics
103 Urban great tits have paler plumage than their forest-living relatives--ScienceDaily
105 Illegal logging turns Syria's forests into 'barren land'
106 Novel treatment based on gene editing safely and effectively removes HIV-like virus from genomes of non-human primates--ScienceDaily
107 A carbon tax on investment income could be more fair and make it less profitable to pollute, analysis finds
108 Positive metabolic effects of gastric bypass disappear quickly--ScienceDaily
109 New study shows increasing fire frequency threatens ecosystem stability
110 Lesser-known brain cells may be key to staying awake without cost to cognition, health--ScienceDaily
111 One giant step: Moon race heats up
112 New research in mice demonstrates how the signaling molecule somatostatin acts to dampen neural circuits in the prefrontal cortex and stimulate exploratory behavior--ScienceDaily
113 Canada wildfires spread and merge as evacuations continue
114 USAs Noah Lyles Blazes to Mens 100m Gold in 9.83s
115 Spain swelters in latest searing heat wave
116 Sweltering temperatures bring misery to large portion of central U.S., setting some heat records