File Title
1 Scientists pinpoint the microbes essential to making traditional mozzarella
2 Chromium replaces rare and expensive noble metals--ScienceDaily
3 Researchers improve production for short-lived scandium radioisotopes
4 The advance is seen as a critical first step toward novel treatments to repair and regenerate teeth--ScienceDaily
5 New book describes how whaling shaped U.S. culture even after petroleum replaced it
6 Researchers studied over 800 clinical assays of renal cancer with a specific genetic mutation, the largest series of its kind--ScienceDaily
7 Wine from Brazil's unsung savannah makes a splash
8 Finding could lead to a new class of drugs to address cardiovascular side effects of some cancer therapies--ScienceDaily
9 Scientists reveal how proteins drive growth of multiple cancer types
10 Neo-traditional, egalitarian or progressive?--ScienceDaily
11 Research finds teachers perceive more conflict with Black boys and the least with white girls
12 New approach to target a deadly form of prostate cancer--ScienceDaily
13 Key instability theory to reduce rock burst risks and enhance coal mine safety
14 Images of enzyme in action reveal secrets of antibiotic-resistant bacteria--ScienceDaily
15 Secondary publishing rights can improve public access to academic research
16 'Planting' rocks in farms, along with emissions reductions, could help meet key IPCC carbon removal goal--ScienceDaily
17 Odds of 'strong' El Nino now over 95%, with ocean temperatures to 'substantially exceed' last big warming event
18 New algorithm captures complex 3D light scattering information from live specimens
19 Digital puzzle games could be good for memory in older adults--ScienceDaily
20 Europe's 1st humans were likely wiped out by a sudden freeze 1.1 million years ago
21 Clarence Thomas has witnessed some awful sports with billionaire pals
22 Maui satellite photo shows full scale of deadliest US fire for more than a century
23 High in the Andes, Lake Titicaca's water levels fall to historic lows
24 Arterial stiffness may cause and worsen heart damage among adolescents by increasing blood pressure and insulin resistance--ScienceDaily
25 Drones equipped with lasers uncover secrets of bloody WWII battle
26 NASA's Europa probe gets a hotline to Earth
27 How orangutans respond to novelty in the wild--ScienceDaily
28 Medieval girl buried face down with bound ankles, likely so she couldn't 'return' from the grave
29 Universal linear processing of spatially incoherent light through diffractive optical networks
30 Researchers contact single graphene nanoribbons--ScienceDaily
31 Using glowing fish to detect harmful pesticides
32 Many expensive cancer drugs have unclear patient benefit--ScienceDaily
33 Gold buckyballs, oft-used nanoparticle 'seeds' are one and the same--ScienceDaily
34 New research shows bats feast as insects migrate through Pyrenees
35 Weaker transcription factors are better when they work together--ScienceDaily
36 Ship sets sail from England to retrace Charles Darwin's voyage nearly 200 years later
37 Researchers design efficient iridium catalyst for hydrogen generation--ScienceDaily
38 Researchers identify novel host-based target against multiple mosquito-transmitted viruses
39 Mathematician suggests universal framework for understanding 'oscillations'--ScienceDaily
40 The effect of induced positive consumption simulations on purchases
41 Mouse studies tune into hearing regeneration--ScienceDaily
42 July was the planet's hottest month on record--so far
43 A new way to evaluate the impact of medical research--ScienceDaily
44 Researchers develop versatile and low-cost technology for targeted long-read RNA sequencing
45 During pandemic, proponents of 'doing your own research' believed more COVID misinformation
46 New research offers solutions to improve drinking water access in developing countries--ScienceDaily
47 Can AI help hospitals spot patients in need of extra non-medical assistance?
48 Newly-developed AI method uses transformer models to study human cells
49 Nanoscale material offers new way to control fire--ScienceDaily
50 Strategies of kleptocrats and their enablers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, experts warn
51 Chemicals in soil from firefighting foam could be destroyed by grinding, proof-of-concept study shows--ScienceDaily
52 Biodiversity research and conservation efforts may be missing half the world's species
53 The world is crawling with this highly resilient creature--ScienceDaily
54 Mystery mass death of seals on remote, uninhabited Siberian island under investigation
55 A mathematical model provides new insights into the--ScienceDaily
56 No, this spider's venom will not give you a permanent erection, but it might last a few hours
57 Cyprus dig reveals key trading hub in antiquity
58 Bear-human coexistence rethought--ScienceDaily
59 Otzi the Iceman may have been bald and getting fat before his murder 5,300 years ago
60 Creating forest inventories with drones and artificial intelligence
61 Pig kidney xenotransplantation performing optimally after 32 days in human body--ScienceDaily
62 'Edward Scissorhands' creature that lived 230 million years ago discovered in Brazil
63 Critics of 'degrowth' economics say it's unworkable--but from an ecologist's perspective, it's inevitable
64 Device uses wood dust to trap up to 99.9 percent of microplastics in water--ScienceDaily
65 Listen to Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick in the Wall,' as decoded from human brain waves
66 Study highlights jobseekers' skepticism towards artificial intelligence in recruitment
67 Teeth could preserve antibodies hundreds of years old, study finds--ScienceDaily
68 'Sex drive switch' discovered in male mouse brain that kicks their libido into overdrive
69 New leaf-tailed gecko from Madagascar is a master of disguise
70 [Otzi:] Dark skin, bald head, Anatolian ancestry--ScienceDaily
71 13 billion-year-old 'Maisie's galaxy' is one of the oldest objects in the universe, James Webb telescope reveals
72 Mapping methane emissions from rivers around globe reveals surprising sources
73 The case of the Hirota people in Tanegashima--ScienceDaily
74 Why do we have earwax?
75 More human than human: Measuring ChatGPT political bias
76 Greater excess mortality after hurricanes more recently and for most socially vulnerable in the U.S.--ScienceDaily
77 How do screens damage your eyes?
78 Unlocking the mysteries of freezing in supercooled water droplets
79 Medications for chronic diseases affect the body's ability to regulate body temperature, keep cool--ScienceDaily
80 Hirota people of Japan intentionally deformed infant skulls 1,800 years ago
81 New study measures grammatical complexity of 1,314 languages
82 Insulating effect of deeper snow is thawing ancient carbon permafrost reserves--ScienceDaily
83 What happens to your body when you stop drinking alcohol?
84 Singlet oxygen battery for photodynamic treatment of deep infections--ScienceDaily
86 AI models are powerful, but are they biologically plausible?
87 How do youth view the way gang violence is shaping their communities?
88 'Resurrecting' the legendary figure behind Count Dracula--ScienceDaily
89 Hong Kong's laborers swelter as temperatures rise
90 Metastatic tumor characteristics and heterogeneity influence therapy responses--ScienceDaily
91 The modern sea spider had started to diversify by the Jurassic, study finds
92 New study offers hope to long-standing scientific problem--ScienceDaily
93 Where summer heat hits hard: Mideast and North Africa
94 Decoding how molecules 'talk' to each other to develop new nanotechnologies--ScienceDaily
95 Indian lunar lander splits from propulsion module in key step
96 Extreme heat may hasten cognitive decline in vulnerable populations--ScienceDaily
97 Research team simulates super diffusion on a quantum computer
98 Genetically modified neural stem cells show promising therapeutic potential for spinal cord injury--ScienceDaily
99 Bizarre polygons on Mars' surface hint that alien life on Red Planet was possible
100 Study shows pollutants are important to biodiversity's role in spread of wildlife diseases
101 Study tests various textures of wristbands and their ability to harbor harmful pathogenic bacteria--ScienceDaily
102 In rare case, man's brain starts to bleed following tooth extraction at the dentist
103 Sun bears appear so human-like they are mistaken for people in suits--experts explain
104 Platform could enable minimally invasive disease monitoring, smart therapeutics--ScienceDaily
105 The Milky Way wasn't always a spiral--and astronomers may finally know why it 'shape-shifted'
106 Study shows that wildfires once fueled extinctions in Southern California; will it happen again?
107 AI and mobility data may improve air pollution exposure models--ScienceDaily
108 'Flesh-eating' bacteria kill 3 in New York and Connecticut
109 Massive pre-Jurassic reptile had weaker bite than modern crocs
110 How cold temperatures trigger the brain to boost appetite--ScienceDaily
111 Parasite triggered painful uvula ulcer in man 5 years after he caught it in South America
112 Research finds political attitudes did not change during COVID-19 pandemic
113 AI-powered model using chest X-rays helps develop biomarkers for aging--ScienceDaily
114 10 Dazzling photos of the Perseid meteor shower, 2023
115 Berkeley's Michael Lewis defends 'Blind Side' family Michael Oher sued
116 New call for joint effort to bolster research integrity
117 Horrifying photo captures moment parasitic fungus bursts from huge spider's body