File Title
1 Bold Ascent: NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Tackles Its Toughest Climb Yet
2 Is Your Sleep Schedule Making You Sick? New Research Links Irregular Sleep to Harmful Gut Bacteria
3 Could Feijoas--the "People's Fruit"--Help Prevent Diabetes?
4 The Consequences of Climate Change: Sea Urchins Struggle to Hold On
5 Molecular Highways: A Breakthrough in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs)
6 Cygnus Soars: Installation Complete and Cargo Ops Initiated on Space Station
7 A Spectacular Sight: Webb Space Telescope Captures Stunning Images of the Ring Nebula
8 NASA Has Reestablished Full Communications with Voyager 2
9 Unraveling the Mysteries of Topology: Scientists Debunk Existing Assumptions
10 Astronaut's Nighttime Odyssey: A Spectacular View of Antalya, Turkiye
11 Contrary to Expectations--Researchers Discover Dopamine's Unexpected Role in Movement
12 Scientists Discover Way to Defeat Crop-Killing Gray Mold Without Toxic Chemicals
13 Shattering Old Beliefs: Antipsychotic Drugs Work Differently than Scientists Thought
14 Revolutionizing Optical Imaging with Complex-Domain Neural Networks
15 Superconductor Unleashes Rare Physics: A Journey into Uranium Ditelluride Crystals
16 Awakening the Ancient: A 46,000-year-old Nematode Reanimated from Siberian Permafrost
17 Predicting Adolescent Mental Health Issues--Researchers Identify Plasma Biomarkers
18 Landmark Discovery of the Oldest Known Swimming Jellyfish--505 Million Years Old
19 Driving High: Can Field Sobriety Tests Identify Drivers Under the Influence of Cannabis?
20 Unleashing a New Era of Color-Tunable Nano-Devices--The Smallest Ever Light Source with Switchable Colors
21 Scientists Discover that Hawai'i's Undersea Volcano, Kama'ehu, Has Erupted 5 Times in the Past 150 Years
22 Reviving a Discarded Theory--Researchers Solve Half a Century-Old Physics Mystery
23 Not Just a "Disposable" Organ: Your Thymus May Be Saving Your Life
24 NASA's Journey to Psyche: The Power Behind the 2.5 Billion-Mile Mission
25 Awakening Ancient Dangers: Catastrophic Risks of "Time-Traveling" Pathogens from Melting Permafrost
26 Analysis of Over 7,000 Reservoirs Shows Worldwide Water Reserves Are Depleting
27 Scrambler Therapy--a Noninvasive Treatment that May Offer Lasting Relief for Chronic Pain
28 The Life and Times of Dust: A Glimpse into the Early Universe
29 500-Million-Year-Old "Dune" Monster Unveiled--Ancient Sea Worm Unknown to Science
30 Mysterious Microorganisms Unveiled as Key to the Origin of Complex Life
31 A Wasted Wonderland: Greenland's Struggle Against Melting in 2023
32 Study Warns that Doctors Are Not Prepared for AI Transformation of Medicine
33 Warning: Consuming Added Sugars Could Increase Your Risk of Kidney Stones
34 Obscure Aquatic Plant Unveils Plant Growth Secret
35 Rewriting Earth's Early History: Scientists Discover High Iron Oxidation in Primordial Magma
36 Japanese Scientists Develop Novel, Completely Solid, Rechargeable Air Battery
37 Biosensor Vision: Revealing the Crucial Role of Insulin-like Hormones in Brain Plasticity
38 Cosmic Tug of War: Dark Energy Camera Captures Galaxies in a Prelude to Merger
39 Inflammation in the Elderly: Could Vitamin D Be the Answer?
40 More Efficient than Natural Photosynthesis--New Photocatalytic System Converts Carbon Dioxide into Valuable Fuel
41 Exploring the Origins of Life--Scientists Propose Alternative Model
42 Beaming Power from Space: Caltech's Prototype Achieves Wireless Energy Transmission
43 Ghostly Galaxies: Hubble's Glimpse into the Ethereal NGC 6684
44 Scientists Discover an Epigenetic Key that Unlocks Common Deadly Cancers
45 Debunking Myths: Depression, Anxiety, and Cancer Risk
46 Free Energy Principle Predicts Self-Organized Learning in Real Neurons
47 Stanford Researchers Discover New Subtype of Depression
48 Revolutionary Treatment Emerges in the Battle Against Deadly Fungi
49 Sniffing Out COVID-19: How Scent Dogs Outperform Modern Testing Methods
50 Solar Surprise: Scientists Discover Unprecedented High-Energy Light Coming from the Sun
51 A Single Drop Changes Everything: New Technique to Revolutionize Nanosensor Manufacturing
52 Not What Scientists Thought--What Causes Mudslides and Floods After Wildfires?
53 Global Genomes: Scientists Rewrite the Story of Human Genetics
54 Inspired by Einstein and De Haas: Scientists Discover Unusual Ultrafast Motion in Layered Magnetic Materials
55 Unraveling Cosmic Mysteries--New Method Proposed for Measuring Universe Expansion
56 Mission Successful: NASA and DoD Ace First Recovery Test for Artemis II
57 Infant Immunity: New Research Identifies Weak Spot and "Secret Weapon"
58 Climate Change: The Unseen Power Behind the Rise and Fall of the Tibetan Empire
59 Blocking the Sun: A Solar "Umbrella" Tethered to Asteroid to Help Mitigate Climate Change
60 Sun's Fury Unleashed: NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory Captures Intense X1.6 Solar Flare
61 Sharks Near NASA's Florida Spaceport: 7 Fascinating Facts
62 Scientists Uncover "Astonishing" Complexity of Bacterial Circadian Clocks
63 Remarkable Chinese Fossil Reveals Reptiles Using Whale-Like Filter Feeding 250 Million Years Ago
64 Nature Secret Recipe Inspires Breakthrough in Safer, Greener Fluorochemical Production
65 Euclid's First Glimpse: Peering into Dark Matter and the Universe's Expansion
66 Solid-State Breakthrough: The Future of Storing Biological Materials
67 Mars Is Spinning Faster: NASA's InSight Uncovers Surprising Acceleration
68 Revolutionizing Battery Performance: UCLA Reveals True Shape of Lithium for the First Time
69 FDA Approves Zurzuvae (Zuranolone)--First Oral Treatment for Postpartum Depression
70 NASA Selects Axiom Space for Another Private Space Mission to the ISS
71 Ancient Graphite Reveals a Quantum Surprise: Scientists Discover Hofstadter's Butterfly
72 Shattering Classical Speed Limits--New Discovery Shows Tensile Cracks Can Approach Near-Supersonic Velocities
73 COVID-19 Vaccine Showdown: Moderna Takes the Edge Over Pfizer-BioNTech for Seniors
74 Chemists Develop Sustainable Method to Remove "Forever Chemicals" from Water
75 Scientists Discover Genetic Secret of Virgin Birth
76 Arctic Invasion: Atlantic Plankton Exposes Ice-Free Ocean in Earth's Past
77 Cosmic Gold Factory: Single Kilonova Produced 1,000x the Mass of the Earth in Very Heavy Elements
78 New Research Unveils How Childhood Abuse Triggers Mental Diseases
79 High Levels of Certain Protein Linked to Increased Risk of Death
80 Hydrothermal Vents and Global Warming--New Revelations from Below the Ocean's Surface
81 Outside the Kidney--New Study Uncovers Unexpected Source of Common Kidney Disease
82 Sun Unleashes an X1.5 Class Flare: NASA Captures the Stunning Display
83 Cancer Therapy, Agriculture Studies One Day Before Spacewalk
84 Drowning Heritage: Over One Million Acres of Tribal Land Submerged by U.S. Dams
85 NASA's SpaceX Crew-8 Assignments for Long-Duration Space Mission
86 Scientists Unlock the Secrets of an Unusual Ancient Species' Survival Strategy
87 A New Era of Superconductivity: How Uranium Ditelluride Could Shape Quantum Computing
88 Scientists Discover that Carbon Dioxide Can Trigger Explosive Volcanic Eruptions
89 New Polymer Breakthrough Could Revolutionize Recycling
90 NASA's "Game-Changing" Autonomous Mini Rovers Will Team Up to Explore the Moon
91 Trust Your Feelings: Perception of Sleep Quality Outweighs Tracker Data, New Study Reveals
92 Dark Matter Remains "Dark"--Scientists Use Atomic Clocks to Shed New Light
93 Evidence that Earth Is Enveloped in Slow-Rolling Sea of Gravitational Waves
94 Which Came First: The Reptile or the Egg? Study Challenges Prevailing Views on Early Animal Reproduction
95 Spacewalk Success: Cosmonauts Install Debris Shields Outside the International Space Station
96 Antarctica's Alarm Bells: Scientists Warn of Escalating Extreme Events
97 Unlocking the Lizard's Secret: A Breakthrough in Cartilage Regeneration
98 From Dormancy to Drama: Litli-Hrutur Volcano Erupts After 800 Years
99 Catalytic Mysteries Unveiled: First-Ever Observation of a "Difficult to Prove" Catalytic Intermediate
100 Unlocking Einstein's Treasure Chest: Webb's Intriguing Insights into the "El Gordo" Galaxy Cluster
101 Boost Your Brain with Light Exercise: The Surprising Benefits of Mild Workouts for Seniors
102 Ocean Alarms from the Past: Century-Old Coral Exposes the Intensifying Pacific Current
103 Vine Vision: NASA's Airborne Technology Spots Stealthy Grape Disease
104 THz Waves--a New Potential Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease
105 Don't Worry: New Research Indicates that Screen Time Doesn't Negatively Impact Preschoolers' Development
106 Japanese Scientists Construct Complex 3D Organoids with Ingenious Device
107 Salted Secrets: Drops of Seawater Contain Traces of an Ancient World
108 Ancient DNA Reveals African Roots of American Cattle
109 Scientists Discover New Achilles Heel of Bacterial Cell Wall
110 Debunked: Study Finds No Connection Between Common Fungus and Pancreatic Cancer
111 Physicists Open New Path to an Exotic Form of Superconductivity
112 Telekinesis--Scientists Develop New Technology for Targeted Cancer Therapy
113 Unpacking Science and Preparing for Lift: Expedition 69's Spacewalk Cleanup and Cygnus Boost
114 Wrinkle in Space-Time Helps Webb Reveal Earendel--Most Distant Star Ever Detected
115 Scientists Discover Ancient Parasites in 200-Million-Year-Old Fossil Poop
116 Reversing Alzheimer's: Stem Cell Therapy Shows Promise
117 4 Billion Years Old--Earth's Oldest-Known Rocks Provide Clues About Early Tectonics
118 How Toxic Is Alcohol? New Research Exposes 60 Alcohol-Related Diseases