File Title
1 Unlocking the Potential of High-Entropy Alloys: A Powerful Electrocatalysis Research Platform
2 Defying Kirchhoff: Efficient Energy Harvesting with "Law-Breaking" Device
3 Super Corals' Kryptonite: Unveiling the Risks of Selective Adaptation
4 New Imaging Technology Provides a Quick Look Inside a Human Being
5 Paradoxical--Metastatic Breast Cancer's Trojan Horse
6 Not Empty Shells: New Findings Debunk Popular Belief About Dementia
7 Fiery Flyby: Juno's Close Encounter with Jupiter's Volcanic Moon, Io
8 From Centuries to Days: Breakthrough in Monte Carlo Computer Simulations
9 Microbial Espionage: How Eavesdropping Viruses Fight to Infect Us
10 We're All Asgardians: Scientists Discover New Clues About the Origin of Complex Life
11 Scientists Use Gene Editing to Create a Better Melon
12 Decoding Death: Scientists Uncover New Insights into the Plague Pathogen
13 The Future of Immunity: The Exciting Progress of Universal Vaccines
14 Astonishing Magnetar Discovery Baffles Astronomers and Challenges Physics
15 Zinc: The Overlooked Micronutrient Key to Human Health
16 Avalon Explosion: Life on Earth Didn't Arise as Described in Textbooks
17 Could Global Warming Silence Yellowstone's Iconic Geysers?
18 Nano Nightmare: Billions of Nanoplastics Released When Microwaving Baby Food Containers
19 Gravitational Lensing and Quasars: New Method Measures Galaxy Mass 3 Times More Precisely
20 Scientists Discover Hidden Weakness of Deadly Brain Cancer
21 Cornell Researchers Supercharge Photosynthesis Using the Power of Algae
22 Gene Mutation Discovery Reveals New Therapeutic Target for Parkinson's Disease
23 Greenland's Hidden History: Geoscientists Challenge Pre-Existing Climate Beliefs
24 Drink to Forget? Excessive Drinking May Accelerate Alzheimer's Progression
25 Chilling Forecast: Scientists Predict a Collapse of the Atlantic Ocean Current
26 New Discovery Provides a Clearer Picture of How Galaxies Form and Grow in the Early Universe
27 Australia's Latest Surprise: New Species of Daddy Long-Legs Spider Discovered
28 New Technology Restores Cold Sensation in Amputees' Phantom Limbs
29 Countdown to the Moon: NASA Completes First Artemis II Launch Simulation
30 ESA's Aeolus: A Historic End to a Trailblazing Mission
31 Healing Power of Light: Biomimetic Materials Pulsed with Low-Energy Blue Light Can Reshape Damaged Corneas
32 Scientists Revive 46,000-Year-Old Nematodes from Siberian Permafrost
33 Splashdown Prep School: Artemis II Crew Takes on Naval Base San Diego
34 Scientists Uncover New Brain Circuit for Epilepsy
35 NASA's SpaceX Crew-7 Mission: What You Need to Know
36 Astronomers Shocked by "Weird" Phenomena: Hubble Sees Evaporating Planet Getting the Hiccups
37 Viral Ping-Pong: "Swine Flu" Strain Has Passed from Humans to Pigs Nearly 400 Times Since H1N1 Pandemic
38 Could Engineered Carbon Removal Solve the Climate Crisis?
39 Quantum Squeezing: At the Edge of Physics
40 The Most Dramatic Evolutionary Biogeography Story I've Ever Seen--Plant Fossils Reveal Ancient South America-to-Asia "Escape Route"
41 5 Minute Daily Investment Could Be Key to Reducing Cancer Risk
42 Rewriting Textbooks: Scientists Discover Unexpected Complexity of Cerebellar Connections
43 Concerning--Cannabis Legalization Linked to Surge in Poisonings
44 MIT Develops Superconducting Device to Radically Cut Energy Use in Computing
45 When the Cell Digests Itself--Unraveling the Origins of Neurodegenerative Diseases
46 Protein Found in Cow's Milk Significantly Speeds Up Wound Healing
47 Innovative New Vaccine May Hold Key to Treating and Preventing Alzheimer's Disease
48 Treatment Breakthrough for Eosinophilic Esophagitis, a Disease Caused by Allergies that Can Prevent Children from Eating
49 New Study Uncovers Dramatic Shifts in Sexual Identity
50 600 Million-Year-Old Time Capsule--New Discoveries from the Himalayas Shed Light on Earth's Past
51 Searching for Sterile Neutrinos in the Large Hadron Collider's CMS Muon System
52 A Seismic Shift--Earth's Plate Tectonics Recently Underwent a Fundamental Change
53 The First Bees Evolved on an Ancient Supercontinent More than 120 Million Years Ago
54 Mimicking Minds: UCLA Finds AI Language Model GPT-3 Can Reason About as Well as a College Student
55 Shark Shock--Scientists Discover Basking Sharks Are Warm-Bodied in One-in-a-Thousand Exception
56 New Hybrid Hypothesis Shakes Up Indo-European Language Origin Theories
57 Tracing Ghosts of Evolution: The Hidden Genetic Lineage in Gorillas
58 Cancer Breakthrough: Yale Scientists Discover New Way to Reduce Friendly Fire in Cell Therapy
59 Miniaturized Atomic Clocks: Accelerating the Search for Dark Matter--And Beyond
60 Gnathia jimmybuffetti--Scientists Discover New Isopod Species in the Florida Keys
61 Physics Breakthrough: Scientists Discover Rydberg Moire Excitons
62 Scientists Create New Material Five Times Lighter and Four Times Stronger than Steel
63 New Study: Vitamin D Could Ease Psoriasis Severity
64 Decoding the Mysteries of the "Wonder Material" Graphene Through Rainbow Scattering
65 Scientists Use Bacteria to Make Renewable, Infinitely Recyclable Plastics
66 Robotic Arms and Jetpacks: Gearing Up for Cygnus's Arrival at the ISS
67 12.3 Billion Miles Away: NASA Has Lost Communication with Voyager 2 Spacecraft
68 Dark Universe Explorer: Euclid's Large Halo Orbit Around Infinitesimal Point
69 Tickling the Truth Out: Scientists Identify Part of the Brain Critical for Laughter and Playfulness
70 Solving a 20-Year Old Puzzle: Sahara Dust and Its Impact on Climate Change
71 RNF41--New Therapeutic Target for Cirrhosis and Liver Inflammation Identified
72 Permafrost Pandora's Box: Unleashing "Time-Traveling" Pathogens from the Icy Past
73 Researchers Have Discovered Central Mechanism Behind Cognitive Decline Associated with Normal Aging
74 The "Lost City of the Incas"--Ancient DNA Sheds Light on Machu Picchu's Past
75 Triboelectric Nanogenerator--New Technology Successfully Harvests Electricity from Raindrops
76 Bone Health Alarm: Study Shows 50% Increased Risk of Hip Fracture in Vegetarians
77 Train of Typhoons in the Western Pacific Leave a Trail of Destruction in the Philippines, Taiwan, and China
78 Aging and the Brain: How Probiotics Could Slow Cognitive Decline
79 Unprecedented Precision: Physicists Measure the Wave-Like Vibration of Atomic Nuclei
80 Muscadine Wine: A Promising New Ally in the Fight Against Skin Aging
81 Beyond Visible Light: Unraveling the Secrets of Gamma-Ray Bursts
82 Unprecedented Precision: Physicists Measure the Wave-Like Vibration of Atomic Nuclei
83 Near-Earth "Potentially Hazardous" Asteroid Discovered: First Triumph for HelioLinc3D Algorithm
84 The Alzheimer's Alarm: How Your Biological Clock Could Be Warning You
85 Still out There: NASA Detects Carrier Signal from Voyager 2 Amid Communication Blackout
86 Scientists Discover Potential New Function of CRISPR-Cas System
87 Drinking Kombucha Linked to Reduced Blood Sugar Levels in People with Type 2 Diabetes
88 NASA Science & Hardware en Route to Space Station--Northrop Grumman Cargo Mission Launches
89 Big Paws, Bigger Problems: Why You Shouldn't Declaw Tigers or Other Big Cats
90 New Study: People with Alzheimer's Disease Perceive Pain Differently
91 Sodium Power--New Gene Therapy Treats Chronic Pain
92 The Sacrifice Within--The Secret Behind Our Body's Resilience
93 Scientists Discover Secret Link Between Two Key Cancer Hallmarks
94 Exceptionally Potent--Newly-Discovered Antibodies Can Neutralize Virtually All Known COVID-19 Variants
95 The Elusive Ghost Shark--Unlocking Secrets of One of the Strangest Deep-Sea Creatures
96 Outsmarting Fungal Resistance--Scientists Discover a New Way to Beat Deadly Fungus
97 Windpark Fryslan: The World's Largest Freshwater Wind Farm
98 Calcium Uptake: New Discovery Could Slow Aging and Prevent Age-Related Diseases
99 Surprising Finding: Scientists Discover New, Unexpected Mechanism of Cancer Cell Spread
100 Fourth Dimension Breakthrough: New Metamaterial Controls Energy Waves
101 Ancestral Origins Unveiled: Caterpillar Venom Traces Back to Bacteria
102 From Bean to Brain: Lab Tests Show Espresso Can Prevent Alzheimer's Protein Clumping
103 Mars' Olympus Mons--the Largest Volcano in the Solar System--May Have Once Been an Island
104 Scientists Discover that Grief Can Increase Risk of Heart Problems
105 The Dawn of a New Era: A New Type of Quantum Bit Achieved in Semiconductor Nanostructures
106 A Paradigm Shift in Neurobiology: The Brain's Anti-Inflammatory Circuitry Revealed
107 Single Atom Catalysis: Palladium's Power Against Methane Pollution
108 NASA Mars Ascent Vehicle Continues Progress Toward Mars Sample Return
109 Cosmic Mystery Solved? The Stellar Flare a Trillion Times More Powerful than the Sun's
110 HADAR: New Method Allows AI to See Through Pitch Darkness like Broad Daylight
111 Scientists Discover New Promising Target for Alzheimer's Disease Treatment
112 The 2íC Climate Challenge: Is Global Warming Target a Financial Time Bomb?
113 Cybersecurity Breakthrough: New Cipher System Protects Computers Against Spy Programs
114 Certain Protein May Predict Mild Cognitive Impairment Years Before Symptoms
115 Zero-Gravity, Full Schedule: Inside Expedition 69's Science Sprint Ahead of Cygnus
116 Igniting New Insights: The Thermal Shift in Quantum Field Theory
117 Scientists Uncover a Surprising Link Between Pure Mathematics and Genetics
118 Hidden Hypertension Hazard: Just a Single Alcoholic Drink a Day May Raise Blood Pressure
119 Unleashing Photonic Power: Groundbreaking Advancements in Optical Computing
120 Bizarre Behavior: Violent Atmosphere Allows Rare Look at the Early Life of a Planet
121 New Research: Regular Pecan Consumption Could Curb Obesity and Reduce Inflammation
122 Blurred Vision, Blurred Mind: Study Reveals Higher Dementia Risk in Older Adults with Eye Issues
123 Race Against Time: Earth's Most Ancient Impact Craters Are Disappearing
124 Lung Disease Without a Name: The Puzzling Affliction Impacting Millions of Smokers
125 Optical Computing Breakthrough: Seeing Through the "Unseeable"