File Title
1 UPS union negotiated a historic contract. Now workers have the final say: NPR
2 St. Louis activists praise Biden's support for compensation over Manhattan Project contamination
3 How Menopause Affects Your Weight
4 How to Tell Someone that You Have Breast Cancer
5 Rule to limit silica aimed at preventing black lung disease: NPR
6 Nebraska judge allows abortion limits and restrictions on gender-affirming surgery
7 The diet plan that could improve your chances of living to 100
8 Five 'anti-inflammatory' foods to cut cancer risk including chocolate
9 Five early signs of coronary heart disease to spot--Speak to your GP 61
10 7 Ways to Strengthen Bone and Joint Health in Your 40s
11 Violent threats against officials are rising. Here's why: NPR
12 How to treat common insect bites and stings, according to a pharmacist
13 Postpartum depression is a reality for many dads. 'I didn't recognize the signs'--National
14 Montgomery riverfront brawl reflects racial tension, divide in America: NPR
15 Popular drink [coffee] linked to dry mouth, bad breath and cavities, warns dentist
16 A new gray wolf pack found in California: NPR
17 Scientists race to save rare Chittenango Ovate snails from extinction: NPR
18 Doctor shares dark chocolate could reduce your risk of stroke
19 Drinking water barrels for migrants in Texas have disappeared: NPR
20 Phil Everly died of COPD--signs of symptoms of the condition to look out for
21 Playing football may increase risk of Parkinson's disease in men, study finds--National
22 Focus on Osteoporosis: Our battle supported by doctors and nurses
23 Expert shares signs of dementia that can appear in eyes before memory problems
24 Four most common symptoms of type 2 diabetes not to ignore
25 How to Take Care of Your Eyes During Eye Flu? 5 Tips to Follow
26 Mishmash of how US heat death are counted complicates efforts to keep people safe as Earth warms
27 European Union Poised to Ban Toxic Dental Amalgam
28 Are These Edible Nuts Effective in Shedding Those Extra Kilos?
29 How to Save Your Life and Those You Love When Hospitalized
30 Seemingly healthy breakfast could cause tummy troubles and bloating
31 Popular weight-loss drugs like Wegovy may raise risk of complications under anesthesia
32 The sudden sign in your vision that could signal diabetes--doctor
33 Already used to treat Parkinson's disease, researchers found surgical treatment dramatically reduced chronic heavy drinking--ScienceDaily
34 How fermentation turns cabbage into kimchi--and how it helps gut health: Shots
35 4 people dead after an explosion destroys 3 structures in Pennsylvania: NPR
36 Four 'red flag' symptoms of anal cancer you need to get checked out
37 Three 'silent killer' conditions--first signs to look out for
38 Xylazine causes open wounds, making the illegal drug supply even more dangerous: NPR
39 More states expect schools to keep trans girls off girls teams as K-12 classes resume
40 5 Dietary Practices to Lower Risk of Chronic Kidney Diseases
41 New Zealand, whose pandemic response was closely watched, removes last of COVID-19 restrictions
42 Too much vitamin C can lead to 'extremely painful' kidney stones, warns doctor
43 Woman's first symptoms of multiple sclerosis included blurred vision and dizziness
44 PragerU and other changes coming to Florida schools this year: NPR
45 Why Hawaii's sirens could--and couldn't--have made a difference against fires: NPR
46 The fight over Alabama's congressional map returns to court: NPR
47 A police raid of a Kansas newsroom raises alarms about violations of press freedom: NPR
48 Young mum, 23, shares first symptoms after receiving life-threatening cancer diagnosis
49 Gum disease can increase risk of dementia, new study finds
50 The UK beaches where doctor says swimming in the sea could present risk to your health
51 The red flag sign at mealtimes that could signal stomach cancer
52 'Jelly belly' cancer symptoms include a swollen tummy--what to look for
53 Drinking, Often Heavy, Is Common Among Cancer Survivors
54 Monster energy drinks are being recalled in Canada--National
55 Dozens of smash and grab robbers hit a Nordstrom in L.A. on Saturday: NPR
56 Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer
57 Kyiv makes gains; China's defense minister visits Russia: NPR
58 4 divers missing off S.C. coast found alive after 12-hour search: NPR
59 'Stealth mental health' workshops can identify treatment needs for older adults: Shots
60 In a landmark climate change trial, a Montana judge sides with youth activists: NPR
61 What You Need to Know About Birth Control if You're Transgender or Nonbinary
62 Michigan State students unearth traces of 142-year-old observatory: NPR
63 Kansas newspaper says it investigated local police chief prior to newsroom raid: NPR
64 No details yet, but Georgia grand jury returns indictment in 2020 election probe: NPR
65 Texas wants Planned Parenthood to repay millions of dollars
66 Roundup Weed Killer Called Out as a Bee Killer
67 States that protect transgender health care now try to absorb demand
68 Who is Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis?: NPR
69 Memory troubles could really be a nutrient deficiency issue, says expert
70 What is RICO? Georgia DA uses the law in Trump charges: NPR
71 7 Ways to Strengthen Your Immunity to Combat Viral and Flu Season
72 Number of dead from Maui's wildfires rises as officials press search for victims: NPR
73 Check how many COVID cases are in your area as Eris becomes dominant variant
74 Reduce risk of early death by doing outdoor chore for 11 minutes a day
75 Michael Oher says 'The Blind Side' family made millions off claim he was adopted: NPR
76 Woman suffered debilitating pain for more than a decade before receiving [endometriosis] diagnosis
77 Fees for electronic payments eat into health care budgets: Shots
78 Some athletes with a fear of flying are leaning on greater resources than their predecessors
79 Latinos are the biggest ethnic group in Texas, but their political power lags behind: NPR
80 Tremors may signal 'common' condition that isn't Parkinson's disease
81 How hackers at the Def Con conference tried to break AI chatbots: NPR
82 High school grads get ready for college in states that ban abortions: Shots
83 Five red flag symptoms of Legionnaires' disease--when to call NHS 111
84 Barclay to meet with leading oncology professor in bid to bring down cancer / Politics / News
85 Trouble swallowing could be sign of condition 'commonly seen in white males'
86 Blood pressure could be lowered by eating three dried fruits
87 Quebecers no longer seeing doctor-assisted deaths as last resort: oversight body
88 Dentist warns one food you should never eat first thing in the day
89 These organizational changes can shake up company hierarchy
90 OTC Hearing Aids Are Here, but Picking One Is No Simple Task
91 Curiosity About Weight Loss Drugs Opens Treatment Doors
92 Most Canadians have hybrid COVID-19 immunity. Could it prevent a fall wave?--National
93 A study of fracking's links to health issues will be released by Pennsylvania researchers
94 Who are the 18 other [Fulton County indictment] defendants?: NPR
95 Can theaters sustain the so-called 'Barbie boost' at the box office?: NPR
96 Canada's unfilled health-care jobs doubled since pandemic began: StatCan--National
97 Two Connecticut deaths linked to bacteria found in raw shellfish
98 Trees are not always a miracle cure for improving air quality
99 Gene therapy injection into the brain causes alcohol use disorder to stop--in monkeys
100 Astronomers confirm Maisie's galaxy is among earliest ever observed
101 'Like swallowing a dinner plate': 180 million-year-old fish may have choked to death on its supersized supper
102 Searching for the universe's missing teenage pictures
103 Cassius, the world's biggest captive crocodile, could be even bigger than we thought
104 Scientists outline a new strategy for understanding the origin of life
105 China's oldest water pipes were a communal effort--ScienceDaily
106 EPA clears Washington state to do more controlled burns to prevent wildfires
107 Source of hidden consciousness in 'comatose' brain injury patients found--ScienceDaily
108 100-year-long 'megastorms' on Saturn are creating radio signals that scientists can't fully explain
109 Survival of this frog in California wildfire scar lends 'some hope' for threatened species
110 Scientists explore dinosaur 'Coliseum' in Denali National Park--ScienceDaily
111 Montana court rules for young people in landmark US climate trial
112 Transforming flies into degradable plastics--ScienceDaily
113 What's in the mysterious waters of Tulare Lake? Contaminants, egrets and many unknowns
114 Key role of ice age cycles in early human interbreeding--ScienceDaily
115 Wildfires in Maui are among the deadliest in US history. These are the other fires atop the list
116 New mnemomic networks discovered in the brain--ScienceDaily
117 Dry lightning can spark wildfires even under wetter conditions--ScienceDaily
118 A rarely seen whale has died in the Florida Keys, and biologists are investigating
119 New insights boost scientists' efforts to stay ahead of COVID-19, next pandemic--ScienceDaily