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1 What Is National Dental Commission Bill and How It Will Elevate Dental Education, Healthcare Standards in India
2 9 Factors Why Liver Inflammation and Hepatitis Are Common in Women
3 8 Symptoms and Prevention Tips to Be Mindful of During Monsoon
4 $1.58 billion jackpot goes to lucky Mega Millions player in Florid: NPR
5 Romanian care homes scandal spotlights abuse described as 'inhumane and degrading'
6 Simple drawing test could help identify dementia signs, doctor advises
7 What is Antibiotic Resistance and How Does Rising Air Pollution Affects Recovery Rate?
8 A boy on the autism spectrum struggled with a haircut. His barber saved the day: NPR
9 Eris symptoms to spot and when COVID variant may be 'more cause for concern'
10 How one Afghan family made the perilous journey across the U.S.-Mexico border: NPR
11 The popular hobby that could double your risk of skin cancer--study
12 Gen Zers are running for office and this new PAC wants to back them: NPR
13 Exact number of steps we need to walk every day to avoid an early death
14 Is COVID Back in India? Why this is Not the Time to Freak Out but Take Precautions
15 Dentist shares three red flag signs of cancer that can strike in your mouth
16 Former Fox executive now argues Murdoch is unfit to own TV stations: NPR
17 How a trial in Texas changed the story of abortion rights in America: Shots
18 Mules who smuggle fentanyl across the border are often U.S. citizens: NPR
19 'Disease X' vaccine underway--expert predicts cause of next pandemic
20 Young woman went seven years without a period due to brain tumour
21 'Heartbreaking' inequalities exposed in children's dental care in North vs. South--MAPPED
22 Sen. Dianne Feinstein, 90, falls at home and goes to hospital, but scans are clear, her office says
23 Nurse Alix Dorsainvil, daughter are released after 2 weeks: NPR
24 Ohio vote shows enduring power of abortion rights at ballot box, giving Democrats a path in 2024
25 Helping Loved Ones with Cognitive Decline Give Up the Car Keys
26 Montana clinic files for bankruptcy following $6 million judgment over false asbestos claims
27 At 84, he has now completed his goal of riding every mile of the Amtrak network: NPR
28 Millions scramble to afford energy bills amid heat waves, but federal program to help falls short
29 Insurers won't cover new Alzheimer's treatment for some customers
30 Things to know about a vote in Ohio, court action in Kansas and Utah and other abortion developments
31 Prosecutors obtained secret search warrant for Trump's Twitter account: NPR
32 New car prices are dropping, but experts say you still might want to wait to buy: NPR
33 Norfolk Southern content with minimum safety too often, regulators say after fiery Ohio derailment
34 Daily Use of Sugary Drinks Raises Risk of Liver Ailments in Postmenopausal Women, Study Says
35 3 things to know: NPR
36 NHS warned of 'surge' in people wanting dementia diagnosis as new drugs offered
37 A lawsuit accuses a Georgia doctor of decapitating a baby during delivery
38 EG.5 subvariant may soon dominate COVID-19 cases in Canada. What to know--National
39 It's a match: NHS app pairs up patients with medics to cut backlogs
40 Opponents of Maine's new abortion law won't seek to nullify it through a referendum
41 Biden order restricts U.S. investments in Chinese technology: NPR
42 Man who threatened Biden shot in Utah: NPR
43 Instances of unruly airline passengers have dropped 80% since 2021, FAA says: NPR
44 Biden wants to compensate New Mexico residents sickened by radiation during 1945 nuclear testing
45 An illicit, Chinese-owned lab fueled conspiracy theories. But officials say it posed no danger
46 Ecuador presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio has been shot and killed: NPR
47 COVID-19 took a toll on heart health and doctors are still grappling with how to help
48 8 Ways to Manage Indigestion Caused by Humidity
49 The Many Benefits of CoQ10 and Ubiquinol
50 Seven lifestyle choices that could lead to erectile dysfunction
51 How to Protect Your Children from the Seasonal Infection? 3 Tips to Follow
52 People with low levels of certain vitamin 'more likely to have bad lungs'
53 Acid reflux medication could increase your risk of dementia by 33%
54 Chumash tribe could help manage new marine sanctuary on California coast: NPR
55 Hollywood strikes' economic impacts are hitting far beyond LA: NPR
56 How goat grazing helps fight California wildfires: NPR
57 Back-to-school booster? What to know about fall COVID-19 vaccine guidance--National
58 Dr. Amir shares difference in panic attack and heart attack symptoms
59 How heat makes health inequity worse: Shots
60 'Cancer had devoured half my pancreas by the time I was diagnosed'
61 A dad told he was 'too young to get dementia' speaks out about rare condition
62 Expert recommends two 'magic' sleeping positions for a healthy spine
63 Five signs of silent killer that can hit while you travel
64 Rent and gas prices helped push up inflation in July: NPR
65 A proposed rule pushes hospitals toward greater price transparency: Shots
66 Red flag sign of prostate cancer 43% of men ignore
67 The UK towns with the most COVID cases as new variant Eris becomes dominant
68 Clarence Thomas accepted even more gifts from billionaires, new report finds: NPR
69 Highest court refuses to hear appeal from B.C. churches opposed to COVID-19 ruling
70 Inside Russia's attempts to hack Ukrainian military operations: NPR
71 [Postpartum Depression Pill:] What It Means for You
72 The hospital breaching NHS standards more than 80 percent of the time
73 Iran moves American prisoners from prison to house arrest: NPR
74 Autistic people at higher risk of self-harm, psychiatric illness: study
75 Red wolves to be released in North Carolina under new lawsuit settlement: NPR
76 New blood cancer therapy approved in the U.S.--National
77 US suicides hit an all-time high last year
78 Supreme Court blocks OxyContin maker's bankruptcy deal that would shield Sackler family members
79 How much should a mother divulge to her daughters? Ann Patchett weighs it up: NPR
80 What to know about inflation today and what it means for the economy: NPR
81 Fresh hope for youngsters: Treatment could save kids a life of dialysis
82 It May Be Time to Pay Attention to COVID Again
83 SCOTUS will review Purdue Pharma bankruptcy deal.: NPR
84 NHS waiting lists hit record high of 7.6 million in England despite Sunak's pledge
85 Coal miners plead with feds for stronger enforcement during emotional hearing on black lung rule
86 First responders aren't happy about the prospect of more self-driving cars: NPR
87 Judge hears from experts to decide whether to block Georgia's ban on gender-affirming care
88 Biden administration seeks billions in additional funding for Ukraine: NPR
89 Family of Henrietta Lacks files new lawsuit over cells harvested without her consent
90 Up to 21 Atlantic hurricane are possible in the 2023 season: NPR
91 The 75th Emmy Awards will air on January 15, 2024: NPR
92 Millions of kids are missing weeks of school as attendance tanks across the US
93 Which Exercises Are Best for Lowering Blood Pressure?
94 Why WHO Has Classified New COVID Strain as ['Variant of Interest']
95 Two-Thirds of Appendectomies May Be Unnecessary
96 Ecuador arrests 6 Colombians in slaying of presidential candidate: NPR
97 Doctors Can Now Refuse to Give Treatment in Case of Abusive, Violent Patients or Relatives: Medical Body
98 Dengue outbreak in Bangladesh sparks alarm after 364 people die this year and infections rise
99 Expert warns you should never drink coffee one hour after waking up
100 Compound found in popular sweet shown to inhibit cancer growth
101 Recovery on Maui could take years, officials say, as the death toll rises again: NPR
102 New U.K. alcohol taxes cut beer costs in pubs, but other drink prices will rise: NPR
103 Ford's CEO is staking its future on electric cars: NPR
104 Long COVID symptoms may include 'blue legs' says professor
105 Historic Lahaina banyan tree appears to be scorched but standing: NPR
106 The red flag sign on skin you could be suffering heatstroke
107 Doctors in England walk off job again as pay dispute with UK government shows no progress
108 Why the sell-off in bond markets could impact you: NPR
109 The sign on your skin that you may have common lung condition
110 Six early warning signs of dementia 'not always easy to notice'
111 Signs on your nails which could indicate underlying condition
112 24 Students Hospitalized After Gas Leak at MCD School in Naraina
113 Taking Care of Your Mental Health When You Have RA
114 To convince diners to try vegetarian food, a hospital focuses on the climate: Shots
115 Key symptom of depression that's often missed--and what it means
116 Managing RA Through Diet and Exercise