File Title
1 Deadly wildfires burn across Maui--it's a reminder of the growing risk to communities that once seemed safe
2 Novel approach to measuring microbe activity in wetted soil leads to better understanding of vulnerability, researchers report--ScienceDaily
3 Rescued walrus calf that was receiving cuddles as part of his care in Alaska dies
4 Zentropy and the art of creating new ferroelectric materials--ScienceDaily
5 Avian botulism detected at California's resurgent Tulare Lake, raising concern for migrating birds
6 Hidden moles in hidden holes--ScienceDaily
7 Achieving dynamic imaging of interfacial electrochemistry
8 A new form of gene therapy can stop cell division in a particularly aggressive type of cancer--ScienceDaily
9 A breakthrough in multi-material microfabrication
10 Study reveals limitations of commercial exercise machines, emphasizing the need for a more personalized approach to exercise--ScienceDaily
11 Chemicals from maize roots influence wheat yield
12 Bioengineered tool unmasks cancer cells--ScienceDaily
13 Global consortium creates large-scale, cross-species database and universal 'clock' to estimate age in all mammalian tissues--ScienceDaily
14 Tattoo technique transfers gold nanopatterns onto live cells--ScienceDaily
15 Scientists investigate link between 'deprogrammed' regulatory T cells and cardiovascular disease--ScienceDaily
16 New gene editing tool helps zero in on small cancer-linked mutations--ScienceDaily
17 Study identifies first known gene change in sex-differentiated vision--ScienceDaily
18 Chip manufacturing, gravitational wave detectors and quantum computers could all benefit from better ways to measure a vacuum.--ScienceDaily
19 New orally available drug for spinal cord injury found to be safe and tolerable in healthy participants--ScienceDaily
20 Making molecules dance to our tune reveals what drives their first movements--ScienceDaily
21 Gut microbiome can increase risk, severity of HIV, EBV disease--ScienceDaily
22 Researchers create 3D-printed vegan seafood
23 Scientists reveal two paths to autism in the developing brain--ScienceDaily
24 What's the earliest evidence of humans in the Americas?
25 Random telegraph noises in vanadium-doped tungsten diselenide can be tuned with voltage polarity--ScienceDaily
26 Researchers have identified a new pack of endangered gray wolves in California
27 Effectiveness of video gameplay restrictions questioned in new study--ScienceDaily
28 Space photo of the week: Hubble captures one of our galaxy's oldest objects
29 Nematodes joy ride across electric voltages--ScienceDaily
30 Air pollution linked with global rise in antibiotic resistance
31 Researcher pioneers technique to self-assemble high-performance biomolecular films--ScienceDaily
32 Q&A with scientists behind controversial study predicting a colder Europe
33 Nano-sized particles released by red blood cells reduce inflammation and fat deposition in immune cells, potentially paving the way for new methods of treating atherosclerosis--ScienceDaily
34 Researchers identify 135 new melanin genes responsible for pigmentation
35 COVID-19 vaccination and boosting during pregnancy benefits pregnant people and newborns--ScienceDaily
36 India was a tree planting laboratory for 200 years. Here are the results
37 Social media use interventions alleviate symptoms of depression--ScienceDaily
38 Variable patient responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection are mimicked in genetically diverse mice--ScienceDaily
39 Morocco breaks heat record
40 Novel information on the neural origins of speech and singing--ScienceDaily
41 An early warning system for joint heat and ozone extremes in China
42 Mars once had wet-dry climate conducive to supporting life: Study
43 New massive brown dwarf discovered
44 Study demonstrates many-body chemical reactions in a quantum degenerate gas
45 Muon g-2 experiment result represents world's most precise measurement yet of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon
46 Military joins wildfire fight in Canada's far north
47 Iraq drought claims lakeside resort
48 Why do some animals adopt other animals' young?
49 New way to read data in antiferromagnets unlocks their use as computer memory
50 Making plant-based meat alternatives more palatable with protein microgels
51 Death tolls from climate disasters will 'balloon' without investment in Africa's weather stations, experts warn
52 Relatives of the 1st mitochondria may be living in geothermal hot springs today
53 Simulations reveal 'unprecedented details' of a star's evolutionary phase
54 2,000-year-old gold treasure from Iron Age tribe unearthed by metal detectorists in Wales
55 Theoretical and experimental physics team up in the search for particle flavor change
56 The largest asteroid impact crater on Earth is lurking beneath Australia, new evidence suggests
57 Republican parties in Colorado, Michigan are in tough shape: NPR
58 Govt. 'reviews' order allowing import of pre-owned medical devices after domestic manufacturers object
59 Ozempic and Wegovy maker courts Black leaders seeking Medicare's favor: Shots
60 The TikTok health hack involving castor oil doctors are warning against
61 Six signs of killer disease that can be 'very unclear and difficult to spot'
62 Five symptoms of new COVID variant Eris to spot as cases rise in UK
63 Mum, 44, transformed her body in six months with simple changes
64 Russia and Ukraine trade drone strikes: NPR
65 Why Helping Others Improves Your Health
66 Lake Tahoe black bear 64F has been captured with cubs in tow: NPR
67 How to live longer: Five healthy habits that will lead to a longer life
68 How to Help Your Kids Weed Out Bad Health Content on TikTok
69 Opioid addiction treatments are effective but few patients are getting them: Shots
70 FDA Approves First Pill for Postpartum Depression
71 New hope for dementia treatment as experts find high blood pressure link
72 $700 million superyacht tied to Putin is still being maintained in Italy: NPR
73 Obesity linked to changes in brain
74 New York City doctor charged with sexually assaulting unconscious patients and filming it
75 Trump's defamation countersuit against E. Jean Carroll is dismissed: NPR
76 At Fancy Farm, old jabs at McConnell take on new meaning amid health concerns: NPR
77 Cost of Missouri abortion-rights petition challenged in court again
78 Publishing giant Simon & Schuster has been sold to investment firm KKR: NPR
79 Carcinogens found at nuclear missile sites as reports of hundreds of cancers surface
80 Woman suffered lead poisoning after taking Ayurvedic medicine for infertility
81 In Utah and Kansas, state courts flex power over new laws regulating abortion post-Roe
82 Six symptoms of type 2 diabetes to look out for that aren't the classic signs
83 [COVID Variant Eris:] How is it Different from Other Strains and Who is More at Risk of Contracting it?
84 Confidence in NHS falls sharply as backlogs and strikes take their toll / UK / News
85 What is Lyme Disease, Bacterial Infection Model Bella Hadid Suffers From? Here is How She Battled this Condition
86 New COVID variant Eris is now dominant--symptoms to look out for
87 Grand Canyon National Park Ancestral Footprints National Monument: NPR
88 10 symptoms of Eris COVID variant as traditional symptoms 'far less common'
89 Biden creates a new national monument near the Grand Canyon: NPR
90 Dr. Michael Mosley shares two tips to reduce your risk of osteoporosis
91 Expert issues warning over everyday noise that could cause deafness
92 Woman was 'horrified' to find dull ache in knee was actually cancer
93 Mum's warning after baby left fighting for life with strange sleep being the first clue / UK / News
94 Can a soda boost your gut health? A varied fiber-rich diet will do more: Shots
95 The sign every man should look for after urinating--could signal silent killer
96 Mum issues warning to travellers after son died from cancer 'caused by stomach-eating bug'
97 Soaring sales of diabetes drug Mounjaro, widely used for weight loss, sends Eli Lilly to new heights
98 Mum saves son's life after he found a lump--'The doctor said it was nothing!'
99 The drink linked to liver cancer and liver disease mortality
100 How Newly Discovered Genes Might Fit into Obesity
101 Uvalde shooter cousin arrested for threatening to shoot a school: NPR
102 He was a church official who criticized Trump. He says Christianity is in crisis: NPR
103 5 things to know about Zurzuvae, the first postpartum depression pill: NPR
104 COVID-19 hospitalizations in the US are on the rise again, but not like before
105 From drone videos to selfies at the front, Ukraine is the most documented war ever: NPR
106 Regular bedtime may be linked to a healthier gut, study finds--National
107 West Virginia's capital officials reject abortion provider's proposal to start syringe service
108 Severe allergic reaction cases double in 20 years
109 Tampa area school district restricts Shakespeare to excerpts in class: NPR
110 Seven out of ten say doctor strikes put patients in danger
111 Abortion rights advocates push for 2024 ballot initiative in Arizona
112 What impact could a protective order have on Trump's campaign?: NPR
113 Mexico shutters 23 pharmacies at Caribbean coast resorts after US warned of dangerous pill sales
114 Better nutrition in TB patients' families can cut down new infections by over 40%, says Lancet study--ThePrint--Select
115 College professors sue Idaho over a law that they say criminalizes classroom discussions on abortion
116 Ohio's Issue 1 voted down in Tuesday's special election: NPR
117 What is new COVID variant Eris, now on WHO's radar, and what are its symptoms--ThePrint--Select
118 Australian police investigate how 3 died after apparently eating wild mushrooms at family meal