File Title
1 New guiding principles urgently needed for Great Lakes stewardship, researchers say
2 The Curiosity Rover finds evidence of high frequency wet-dry cycling in the Gale Crater--ScienceDaily
3 Novel machine-learning method produces detailed population trend maps for 550 bird species
4 The impacts of climate change on habitats are already evident--ScienceDaily
5 Study finds rain-driven microbial pollution persists at surfing beaches in colder months
6 Key neurons in the front of the brain act as 'traffic control' to manage our attention to visual stimuli--ScienceDaily
7 Huge tipping events have dominated the evolution of the climate system
8 Playing catch-up on weekends may not improve cardiovascular cost of sleep loss--ScienceDaily
9 NASA may delay crewed lunar landing beyond Artemis 3 mission
10 New research links chemical changes in seawater to volcanic activity, climate--ScienceDaily
11 Dissecting the anatomy of a 'superheroic' science class
12 Groups report evidence that the cosmos is filled with a background of gravitational waves likely due to mergers of supermassive black hole binaries--ScienceDaily
13 Few in U.S. recognize inequities of climate change
14 Having a bad hair day? Blame your genes!--ScienceDaily
15 Top fish predators could suffer wide loss of suitable habitat by 2100 due to climate change
16 Physicists demonstrate how sound can be transmitted through vacuum--ScienceDaily
17 App-based tool quantifies pesticide toxicity in watersheds, identifies mitigation opportunities
18 Tubular tissue advance could pave way for lab-grown blood vessels--ScienceDaily
19 Fossilized feces found to be infested with parasites from more than 200 million years ago
20 New research links early Europeans' cultural and genetic development over several thousand years--ScienceDaily
21 Israel's pioneering use of water 'to the last drop'
22 Particulate air pollution a growing risk for premature CVD death and disability worldwide--ScienceDaily
23 New photoreactor technology could pave the way to a carbon-neutral future, researchers say
24 'New' immune system responds better to therapy--ScienceDaily
25 A single gene and a unique layer of regulation opens the door for novel plant-fungi interactions
26 New approach for treatment-resistant breast cancers--ScienceDaily
27 From butter to baths, seaweed's potential is being tapped in Europe
28 Researchers are re-analyzing satellite data to calculate global water distribution--ScienceDaily
29 How sure is sure? Incorporating human error into machine learning--ScienceDaily
30 Replication of prior studies fails to find purported evidence of magnetic sensing in fruit flies
31 A study shows new steps toward more patients getting gene therapy--ScienceDaily
32 Mars is spinning faster, and scientists aren't sure why
33 Canadians are unprepared for natural hazards. Here's what we can do about it
34 A medication used for heart conditions improves the efficacy of current treatments for melanoma in mouse models--ScienceDaily
35 A single massive tectonic collision? That's not how the Himalayas came to be, scientists say
36 Novel socio-environmental vulnerability index pinpoints sustainability issues in Brazilian river basins
37 Study ties fracking to another type of shaking--ScienceDaily
38 Tiny 'King Tut' whale 'lived fast and died fast' in ancient Egyptian waters
39 Mysterious 300,000-year-old skull could be new species of human, researchers say--National
40 Notre Dame wants Cal and Stanford in ACC, but that's not enough yet
41 Researchers seek to determine climate drivers of early human interbreeding
42 It keeps plants from getting lazy--ScienceDaily
43 At least 36 dead in Hawaii wildfires, tourists evacuated
44 Advanced biosensor leverages CRISPR to identify colon cancer--ScienceDaily
45 Bizarre 'demon' particle found inside superconductor could help unlock a 'holy grail' of physics
46 Expect a busy 2023 hurricane season due to record Atlantic temps, NOAA says
47 Virgin Galactic's first space tourists finally soar, an Olympian and a mother-daughter duo
48 Scientists reverse hearing loss in mice--ScienceDaily
49 Spooky, subterranean daddy longlegs with ghostly pale bodies discovered
50 NOAA doubles the chances for a nasty Atlantic hurricane season due to hot ocean, tardy El Nino
51 COVID-19 causes mitochondrial dysfunction in heart and other organs, researchers find--ScienceDaily
52 'Wrinkle in space-time' enables James Webb to capture stunning image of most distant star ever detected
53 Russia is to launch its first mission to the moon in almost 50 years
54 New study underscores the growing threat of antibiotic resistance in healthcare--ScienceDaily
55 Nearly 170 genes determine hair, skin and eye color, CRISPR study reveals
56 As water reuse expands, proponents battle the 'yuck' factor
57 A climate-orchestrated early human love story--ScienceDaily
58 Spanish city shatters heat record
59 How a massive North Atlantic cooling event disrupted early human occupation in Europe--ScienceDaily
60 Movie-inspired technology successfully collects hail data from eye of the storm
61 Long COVID symptoms can emerge months after infection--ScienceDaily
62 Environmental human DNA offers new opportunities for public good
63 Common cold virus linked to potentially fatal blood clotting disorder--ScienceDaily
64 Archaeologists uncover Europe's oldest stilt village
65 Researchers find new pathway for HIV invasion of cell nucleus--ScienceDaily
66 Scientists identify two new species of mole in the mountains of eastern Turkey
67 Growing unpopularity leads to more loneliness and alcohol misuse--ScienceDaily
68 30 lost burials archaeologists are still searching for
69 Researchers use ribbons of graphene to push the material's potential
70 A new mechanism encouraging the brain to self-repair after an ischemic stroke--ScienceDaily
71 240 million-year-old fossil of salamander-like creature with 'gnarly teeth' unearthed in rocks for garden wall
72 As the Atlantic hits record temperatures, what does it mean for marine life?--National
73 ESPN's gambling deal is the death rattle of a fading empire
74 Study suggests rise in global photosynthesis rate due to increase in carbon dioxide has slowed
75 Analysis indicates ingested microplastics migrate into whales' fat and organs--ScienceDaily
76 Research sheds light on why leafcutter bees may prefer some leaves over others
77 Chloride ions from seawater eyed as possible lithium replacement in batteries of the future--ScienceDaily
78 Scientists uncover hidden math that governs genetic mutations
79 Fresh evidence adds weight to fears of link with illegal bone trade
80 Muon g-2 doubles down with latest measurement, explores uncharted territory in search of new physics--ScienceDaily
81 'Hyper-synchronized' brain waves may explain why different psychedelics have similar effects, rat study reveals
82 New genomic insights into watermelon evolution, quality, and resilience
83 Tool finds bias in state-of-the-art generative AI model--ScienceDaily
84 Hundred-year storms? That's how long they last on Saturn
85 Mosquito hearing could be targeted by insecticides--ScienceDaily
86 Ice cream cups sold in 20 states linked to Listeria outbreak, CDC warns
87 Arrays of quantum rods could enhance TVs or virtual reality devices, research suggests
88 2D optical waveguides could point way to new technology--ScienceDaily
89 Strange, 300,000-year-old jawbone unearthed in China may come from vanished human lineage
90 Scientists pioneer new machine learning model for corrosion-resistant alloy design
91 Even treated wastewater affects our rivers--ScienceDaily
92 400-year-old 'vampire child' found buried with its foot padlocked to stop it rising from the grave
93 How El Nino could impact health, food and the economy
94 Scientists connect beauty and safeguarding in ammonoid shells--ScienceDaily
95 What's the largest planet in the universe?
96 Key Spanish lagoon dries out due to drought, overexploitation
97 Catalysis scheme developed at the University of Bonn is inexpensive, sustainable, and effective--ScienceDaily
98 Arctic monitoring program plays vital role in global pollution reduction efforts
99 Chemicals from maize roots influence wheat yield--ScienceDaily
100 Infant formula safety checks can be improved with stratified sampling
101 Could artificially dimming the sun prevent ice melt?--ScienceDaily
102 Researchers develop new technology to recycle greenhouse gas into energy, materials
103 Researchers identify 135 new melanin genes responsible for pigmentation--ScienceDaily
104 A high-precision flatness measurement for cryogenic mosaic focal plane arrays
105 A roadmap to help AI technologies speak African languages--ScienceDaily
106 Developing new catalysts for carbon dioxide electroreduction
107 Recycling study demonstrates new possibilities for a circular plastics economy powered by renewable energy
108 Pom pom crab: The crustacean that uses anemones as boxing gloves
109 Stunned residents find nothing but ashes in Hawaii wildfire town
110 After seventeen years, a spacecraft makes its first visit home--ScienceDaily
111 Muons and the standard model, refuting an apocalypse, stellar tidal waves
112 Megastorms leave marks on Saturn's atmosphere for centuries--ScienceDaily
113 Satellites document effects of heat waves on plants
114 Infant formula safety checks can be improved with stratified sampling--ScienceDaily
115 This bizarre little succulent looks like a baby's butt
116 Despite opportunities to cheat, unsupervised online exams gauge student learning comparably to in-person exams
117 New genomic insights into watermelon evolution, quality, and resilience--ScienceDaily
118 An algorithm that shapes objects to cause them to roll down ramps following a desired path
119 MIT engineers developed a new way to create these arrays, by scaffolding quantum rods onto patterned DNA.--ScienceDaily
120 Protecting boreal plant species is a critical part of reconciliation efforts
121 New recycling process could find markets for 'junk' plastic waste--ScienceDaily
122 EPA decision in Alabama raises questions about Georgia Power's coal ash
123 A new technique offers a systematic evaluation of twist angle and strain in layered 2D materials--ScienceDaily
124 How language can turn down the temperature of heated climate change discourse
125 Exercise training and yoga can help improve lung function in adults with asthma--ScienceDaily