File Title
1 Warning: Marijuana Use May Alter Your DNA Methylation
2 Cosmic Cataclysms Unveiled: Citizen Scientists' Record-Breaking Observation of Pinwheel Galaxy Supernova
3 The Breath of Life: How Omega-3 Fatty Acids Promote Lung Health
4 Unmasking Ancient Aromas: Scientists Identify Composition of 2000-Year-Old Roman Perfume
5 Minimally Invasive Marvel: Ultra-Flexible Endovascular Probe Maps Deep-Brain Activity
6 NASA's Newest Storm-Watching Satellites Captured the Evolution of Hurricane's Structure
7 Groundbreaking Study Reveals that Plants Can Remove Cancer-Causing Toxins from Air
8 Ice Core from Secret Cold War Army Mission Reveals Greenland Melted Recently
9 Cosmic Nomads: NASA's Roman Space Telescope Could Find 400 Earth-Mass Rogue Planets
10 New Study: Type 2 Diabetes Drug Could Treat Autoimmune Disorders like Rheumatoid Arthritis
11 Fruit Fly Compound Could Lead to New Antibiotics
12 DART Impact Aftermath: Hubble Sees Boulders Escaping from Asteroid Dimorphos
13 Journey to Quantum Supremacy: First Steps Toward Realizing Mechanical Qubits
14 Concerning--Over 27% of Young Kids May Have Malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa
15 Scientists Discover Bacteria that Can Break Down Certain "Forever Chemicals"
16 Contrary to Expectations--Depressed Brains Exhibit Suppressed Immune Cells
17 Hidden Danger: Study Reveals that One in Three Type 2 Diabetics May Have Undetected Heart Disease
18 The Unseen Spark: How Ancient Microorganisms Helped Cause Massive Volcanic Events
19 Unleashing Cosmic Power: Energy Flow in the Universe's Largest Shock Waves
20 Mammalian Anomaly: The Secret Armor of African Spiny Mice
21 The Race for Nuclear Time--Scientists Make Important Advance
22 New Discovery Illuminates One of Cancer's More Insidious Survival Mechanisms
23 Death Becomes Her: The Catastrophic Stellar Explosion that Shook UGC 12295
24 The "Metaverse": A Powerful Tool for Better Science
25 Houston, We Have a Solution: Solar Cell Defects Healed by the Sun in the Vacuum of Space
26 Astronomers Find Mysterious Stellar Object Blasting Out Radio Waves Every 22 Minutes
27 Investigators Discover "Shocking" Sexual Assault Epidemic in the NHS
28 Scientists Develop New Class of Antibiotics to Fight Resistant Bacteria
29 Probing the Abyss: Fermilab's Dark SRF Experiment Illuminates the Search for Dark Photons
30 Increased Omega-3 Intake May Protect Against Age-Related Hearing Loss
31 VERA Telescope Network Reveals Surroundings of Rapidly Growing Black Holes
32 New Fluoride-Free Toothpaste Is Just as Effective at Cavity Prevention
33 Meteoritic and Volcanic Particles May Have Promoted Origin of Life Reactions 4.4 Billion Years Ago
34 Continuing to Increase--Autoimmune Diseases Now Affect Over 10% of the Population
35 New Potential Drug Target for Alzheimer's Disease Discovered
36 Deep Underground Tunnels Could Hold the Key to Habitability on Mars
37 Scientists Uncover Evolutionary Origins of Masturbation
38 Lost Giants: New Study Uncovers Decline of African Megafauna
39 Chain Reaction: How Over-Reactive Protein Synthesis Leads to Cognitive Disorders
40 JPL and the Space Age: Sky High (NASA Documentary)
41 Mission Possible: Steering Aeolus Through Earth's Fiery Welcome
42 Scientists Discover that a Japanese Delicacy Could Extend Lifespan and Reduce Stress
43 A Busy Day Aboard the ISS: Space Biology, Human Health Research and Robotics
44 Record-Breaking Quantum Contextuality Observed in Single System
45 NASA's Webb Space Telescope Detects Water Vapor in Rocky Planet-Forming Zone
46 The Vaccine Victory: An 84% Reduction in COVID Mortality for Cancer Patients
47 Food as Medicine--Strawberry Consumption Linked with Heart Health, Cardiometabolic Benefits
48 Evolutionary Triumph: How an Unlikely Amphibian Survived Its "Judgment Day"
49 Planet Resurfacing: Venus Volcanism Could Have Been Fueled by Ancient, High-Energy Impacts
50 Researchers Identify 5 Subtypes of Heart Failure
51 Previously Unknown Material Could Revolutionize Cancer Treatment
52 Large Hadron Collider ATLAS Experiment Sets Record Precision on Higgs Boson's Mass
53 Large Study Uncovers New Details About Long COVID
54 New Stanford-Developed High-Tech Helmets Could Protect Football Players from Debilitating Concussions
55 Overturning Assumptions: Multiple Sclerosis More Prevalent in Black Americans than Previously Thought
56 Violent Neutron Star Collisions: Unlocking the Origins of Gold and Other Heavy Elements
57 Not So Rare After All: Unveiling the True Prevalence of "Rare" Diseases
58 Is the U.S. Ready for an African Swine Fever Outbreak?
59 Quantum Leap: Scientists Develop Promising Building Blocks for Photonic Quantum Simulators
60 Warning: Popular Cooking Oil Can Wreck Your Gut, Leading to Inflammatory Bowel Disease
61 Defeating Data Thieves with Quantum Physics: The Future of Secure Digital Payments
62 NASA Curiosity Rover's Scientific Stopover in Mars' Jau Crater Cluster
63 The Genesis of Jupiters: Incredible New Image Reveals Secrets of Planet Birth
64 Perceiving Quantities: Fruit Flies' Astonishing Numerical Abilities
65 Impact of Deep-Sea Mining on Ocean Animals May Be "Even Bigger than We Think"
66 3 Things You Should Know: Climate Change's Impact on Extreme-Weather Events
67 Olive Oil Boosts Brain Health--Linked to 28% Lower Risk of Fatal Dementia
68 Unlocking the Moon's Inner Mysteries: Discovery of a Solid Core
69 AI Eyes on the Sky: Counting Africa's Largest Bat Colony
70 Why Are Wait Times in California Emergency Rooms So Long?
71 Search for Ancient Martian Life: NASA's Perseverance Rover Sees Mars in a New Light
72 Strange "Skin-Feeding" Behavior in Caecilians Discovered to Help Inoculate Their Young
73 At the Universe's Edge--Scientists Put Einstein and Euler to the Test
74 Innovative Liquid Cushioning Technology Promises Revolution in Safety Gear
75 Bitter Harvest: The Dirty Little Secret of Strawberry Fields
76 Scientists Call for a Renaming of Obesity
77 Scientists Discover RELMalpha Protein Protects Females Against Obesity
78 Breaking Bacterial Barriers: New Strategy Improves Treatment of Chronic Wound Infections
79 Full Communications with Space Station Restored, Astrobee Free-Flying Robots Powered On
80 Mysterious QPO Signals Reveal New Features of Galactic Black Holes
81 Tiny Surgical Robots with Magnetic Tentacles Could Transform the Treatment of Cancers
82 Breast Cancer Treatment Linked to Accelerated Aging
83 Researchers Capture Atomic View of Synthetic DNA
84 Simple Brain Hack Could Boost Learning and Improve Mental Health
85 Unseen Impact of the Pandemic: Youth Mental Health Emergencies on the Rise
86 Mind-Blowing Simulations of Stellar Convection Reveal What Makes Giant Stars Twinkle
87 Better than Sleeping Pills--Researchers Uncover a Surprisingly Effective Sleep Aid
88 The First Step to Life: Hitting Reset to Start a New Embryo
89 The Quantum Odyssey: Visualizing Topological Materials with "3D Glasses"
90 Engineers of Eden: Beavers Transform Idaho's Baugh Creek into an Emerald Refuge
91 The Octopus Molecules--a New Potential Solution to Nuclear Waste
92 Destination Psyche: NASA Spacecraft Prepares for Epic 2.5-Billion-Mile Voyage
93 Magic Cocktail Generates Lung's Most Critical Immune Cell in the Lab
94 We Asked a NASA Technologist: How Do We Communicate with Spacecraft?
95 Strawberry Power: The Secret to Improved Cognitive Function and Lower Blood Pressure
96 Orbiting Higher: Space Station Preps for Upcoming Missions, Astrobee Powered Off
97 Unlocking the Potential of High-Entropy Alloys: A Powerful Electrocatalysis Research Platform
98 Defying Kirchhoff: Efficient Energy Harvesting with "Law-Breaking" Device
99 Super Corals' Kryptonite: Unveiling the Risks of Selective Adaptation
100 New Imaging Technology Provides a Quick Look Inside a Human Being
101 Paradoxical--Metastatic Breast Cancer's Trojan Horse
102 Not Empty Shells: New Findings Debunk Popular Belief About Dementia
103 Fiery Flyby: Juno's Close Encounter with Jupiter's Volcanic Moon, Io
104 Intense Fires Ignite on Greek Islands--Thousands Forced to Evacuate
105 From Centuries to Days: Breakthrough in Monte Carlo Computer Simulations
106 Microbial Espionage: How Eavesdropping Viruses Fight to Infect Us
107 We're All Asgardians: Scientists Discover New Clues About the Origin of Complex Life
108 Scientists Use Gene Editing to Create a Better Melon
109 The Science Behind Skipping Stones: Gateway to Marine Engineering Advances
110 Unearthing Our Past, Predicting Our Future: Scientists Discover the Genes that Shape Our Bones
111 In the Heart of Mars: NASA's Perseverance Rover Unearths Ancient Rivers' Secrets
112 First-in-Class Drug to Treat Cannabis Use Disorder Shows Great Promise in Clinical Trial