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1 What is Naegleria Fowleri, Rare Brain-Eating Amoeba that Killed a 2-Year-Old in the US?
2 Alabama resumes lethal injections and executes a man for the death of a woman: NPR
3 Dementia and memory loss could be prevented by volunteering in later life
4 British PM Rishi Sunak suffers 2 big defeats in UK special elections: NPR
5 Doctor's warning of 11 common things that damage your brain--from coffee to oral hygiene
6 If you eat breakfast late, your risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases by two thirds
7 Why Canada can't just put its wildfires out: NPR
8 Dr. Mosley shares gut-friendly foods that could promote healthy aging
9 Blood cancer symptoms include fatigue--'Common in all types'
10 13-year-old girl went to bed and never woke up due to undiagnosed brain tumour
11 Wildfire smoke spotlights need for better indoor air quality, experts say--National
12 Yoko Ono on how she beats depression--'It gives me a real high'
13 A new overtime law was supposed to help farmworkers. Why some now want it gone: NPR
14 Young filmmaker urges others to 'look for clues' after losing friend to suicide
15 Microwaving baby food in plastic containers could pose health risk
16 The White House and big tech companies release commitments on managing AI: NPR
17 Top virologists fear foxes and minks will start next pandemic on dodgy fur farms / Science / News
18 Texas law gets rid of mandated rest breaks for construction workers: Shots
19 16 things you should do every day to improve health and wellbeing--from Michael Mosley
20 Tony Bennett, king of the American Songbook, dies at 96: NPR
21 Nurse urges men to do prostate cancer risk check online after losing dad
22 Family's 'impossible' fight to raise 300,000 pounds for cancer jab for little Teddy
23 Berlin area lion search called off; officials say it might've been a wild boar: NPR
24 Good News, with Some Complications
25 VP Harris to speak in Florida against new Black history curriculum: NPR
26 Biden's nominee to top spot at Navy would be first female Joint Chiefs member: NPR
27 U.S. repatriates a stolen Christopher Columbus letter to Italy: NPR
28 Texas A&M president retires after fallout over Black journalist as professor: NPR
29 6 things to know about Trump's classified documents case: NPR
30 Alabama lawmakers refuse to create a 2nd majority-Black congressional district: NPR
31 AMC Theaters reverses its decision to price tickets based on where customers sit: NPR
32 Stem cell donor urgently sought to cure Emilia, 5, of rare blood disorder
33 Feds seek public input on proposed long-term care safety legislation--National
34 Tornado-damaged U.S. Pfizer plant won't see drug production delays: company--National
35 Biden administration asks employers to give more help to workers who lose Medicaid
36 Four warning signs of pancreatic cancer that can strike on the toilet
37 Inspiring Stories of Ex-Smokers Who Quit the Bad Habit
38 Excessive sweating at night could signal cancer--check sheets and pillows
39 Places in the UK with the most takeaways--how obesity levels compare
40 A Critical Look at 'The China Study' and Other Food Plans
41 While North Korea fires missiles, it stays silent on U.S soldier: NPR
42 How Your Future Is Being Decided for You
43 Doctor shares 'early signs' of heart disease--when to call 999
44 6 High-Fiber Foods that Should Make it to Your Meal Plate to Manage Blood Sugar Level
45 Diabetes symptoms include five 'lesser-known' signs--expert
46 No Labels, Americans Elect and recent history of third-party candidate groups: NPR
47 Otter 841 continues to evade capture in Santa Cruz: NPR
48 Insurers withdraw from riskiest areas as threats from climate change grow: NPR
49 What NEAT means in fitness, and how to get more of it: Shots
50 Warning sign of liver cancer can strike in your eyes, doctor warns
51 5 Powerful Asanas to Boost Memory and Concentration
52 Vaping could be damaging your teeth--orthodontist's advice
53 5 Types of Atta that Are Beneficial for the Heart
54 Train derailment in northern Montana spills freight, but hazmat car safe
55 The Who frontman Roger Daltrey given 'second chance' after surviving meningitis
56 Call for investigation as excess deaths spark 'dangerous' theories
57 Hundreds of thousands march in Israel against Netanyahu's judicial overhaul: NPR
58 Millions are living with brittle bones and fractured spines
59 Judge orders Montana health clinic to pay nearly $6 million over false asbestos claims
60 Israel's Netanyahu is hospitalized to receive a pacemaker: NPR
61 Doctor shares tell-tale signs your pain could be caused by cancer
62 Tough pill to swallow for e-pharmacies as govt.'s draft bill proposes curbs on online sale of drugs
63 Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms include 'tingling' in hands and feet
64 4 Principal Measures to Improve Gut Health in Rainy Season
65 Democrats eye Wisconsin high court's new liberal majority to win abortion and redistricting rulings
66 How to Best Optimize Your Muscular Health
67 Covering the heat wave in sizzling Phoenix, an AP photographer recounts a scare from heat exhaustion
68 How to sleep during a holiday heatwave--expert's tips
69 'I was one of the first children to get long COVID and I'm still not better' / UK / News
70 How to Keep Your Feet Safe in Rainy Season? 5 Tips to Follow
71 An Afghan teen makes it to the U.S., but his family is left behind in Kabul: NPR
72 Doctor shares three 'most common signs' of blood clots in your legs
73 Polls are open in Spain in an election that could herald a return of the right: NPR
74 Heavy flooding in Afghanistan has killed at least 12 and left dozens missing: NPR
75 A Russian strike on Ukraine's Odesa has killed one and badly damaged a cathedral: NPR
76 2,000 people have been evacuated as a wildfire rages on the Greek island of Rhodes: NPR
77 Multiplying rabbits outnumber homes in Florida neighborhood: NPR
78 Doctor shares 10 best foods for slashing high cholesterol levels
79 Next year's Olympics are giving Paris an impetus to confront crack cocaine use on city streets
80 Vitamin B2 could help keep eyes 'healthy,' says expert
81 Heat kills in 3 main ways. Know the signs to protect yourself: Shots
82 Biden designates a national monument honoring Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley: NPR
83 Danish rider Jonas Vingegaard wins the Tour de France for the 2nd straight year: NPR
84 Twitter's iconic blue bird logo is changing to an X, Elon Musk says: NPR
85 Minneapolis backs off arrests for psychedelic plant use
86 Bell tolls for Wisconsin man who wins the Ernest Hemingway look-alike contest: NPR
87 Fukushima plant water release within weeks raises worries about setbacks to businesses, livelihoods
88 Best exercise to improve heart health--expert shares benefits of HIIT
89 Social media dieting fads 'fuelling health crisis in teenage girls'
90 New study finds an alarming number of teen girls are undernourished
91 UN Command says it's communicating with North Korea over detained U.S. soldier: NPR
92 Gene therapy eyedrops restored a boy's sight. Similar treatments could help millions
93 Waking up tired could signal long-term condition fibromyalgia
94 Ultra-processed food is a big part of the U.S. diet and it can make people sick: Shots
95 Two new outbreaks of deadly Marburg virus reported--symptoms to look for
96 Top 10 most expensive countries to be hospitalised in--Monaco tops the list
97 House Republicans' CHOICE Act would roll back Obamacare protections: Shots
98 Kratom at the center of a spate of wrongful death lawsuits: NPR
99 Dr. Mosley shares "almost everyone in the UK" should take vitamin D
100 Secrets behind 'superagers' revealed in new study--how to stave off memory loss
101 How to sleep--expert shares six things you could be doing wrong
102 Woman killed in apparent bear attack outside Yellowstone: NPR
103 Detecting nanoplastics in fractions of a second using modified Raman spectroscopy
104 Cap top 20% of energy users to reduce carbon emissions--ScienceDaily
105 Final moments of dinosaur and mammal's epic 'mortal combat' battle preserved by volcanic eruption
106 Quantitative analysis of cell organelles with artificial intelligence
107 Life on Earth didn't arise as described in textbooks--ScienceDaily
108 500-year-old gold coins discovered in a German monastery were 'hastily hidden' during a 'dangerous situation'
109 How do microbes spread globally? A study clarifies how they travel around the world
110 Bot inspired by baby turtles can swim under the sand--ScienceDaily
111 Woman in France hit by suspected meteorite while drinking coffee on her porch
112 Alaska volcano's week-long eruption eases after spewing another massive ash cloud
113 Study demonstrates immune-modifying effect using a new method--ScienceDaily
114 'MIND diet,' intended to prevent dementia, doesn't offer significant brain benefit, trial suggests
115 As the planet warms, scientists worry that cases of infectious diseases could spike
116 Containers attract, trap organic molecules that frequently foul nanosurfaces--ScienceDaily
117 Highly pathogenic bird flu behind 'unusual deaths in cats' in Poland, WHO says
118 Unraveling the mystery of semi-extractable RNAs from human cell lines
119 A new study finds that many wildlife species were remarkably resistant to the impacts of the Mendocino Complex Fire in Northern California--ScienceDaily