File Title
1 Scots train ancient dog breed to deter eagle attacks
2 Paris Olympics swimming test event in Seine canceled due to pollution
3 Big waves becoming more common off California as Earth warms, new research finds
4 Continuous-flow manufacturing of cefazolin enables more flexible production while reducing cost and waste
5 Wild bird feeding surged worldwide during lockdowns. That's good for people, but not necessarily for the birds
6 Pac-12 was 'literally hours away' from being saved, angry AD says
7 Flexible production [of antibiotic cefazolin] while reducing costs--ScienceDaily
8 The EPA's ambitious plan to cut auto emissions to slow climate change runs into skepticism
9 Huge blue whale washes ashore in southern Chile
10 Water-stressed Iraq dries up fish farms
11 Why do we always have room for dessert?
12 Fixing hidden damage in carbon-fiber reinforced epoxy materials with a resin-injection method
13 Spain on heat alert as wildfires burn
14 Mysterious waves of magnetism may explain why the sun's atmosphere is hotter than physicists thought possible
15 Great Barrier Reef decline could impact Queensland's coastal erosion
16 The fish that hide behind other fish to hunt
17 Sparrows drift from favored spots after losing friends
18 Missing 'body' of ice age animal carving finally found--but nobody knows what the animal is
19 Plastic litter in oceans overestimated but could persist longer than expected, study suggests
20 U.S., Canada need resources to manage high demand of youth with heart disease risk factors--ScienceDaily
21 Room-temperature superconductors: The facts behind the 'holy grail' of physics
22 Simulation model shows how groups can keep important information within and across generations
23 Wildfires emit potent climate-warming organic particles--ScienceDaily
24 'Spider-like' mitochondrial structure initiates cell-wide stress response
25 Mineralization of bone matrix regulates tumor cell growth--ScienceDaily
26 Potential novel breakthrough treatment for fungal infections--ScienceDaily
27 Managing domestic and wild cats is likely to remain fraught, new research warns
28 Scientists discovered the unique molecular structure, which could have implications in age-related diseases like neurodegeneration--ScienceDaily
29 NASA InSight study finds Mars is spinning faster
30 Uncovering the Auger-Meitner Effect's crucial role in electron energy loss--ScienceDaily
31 Cal and Stanford's ACC lifeboat might not be able to save them
32 Whale like filter-feeding discovered in prehistoric marine reptile
33 Carbon dioxide--not water--triggers explosive basaltic volcanoes--ScienceDaily
34 Boeing's 1st astronaut flight bumped into next year, more repairs needed
35 Finding exposes unexpected killer of immune cells lacking self marker--ScienceDaily
36 Consumers should have more visual cues when making online purchases, experts say
37 Simulation model shows how groups can keep important information around within and across generations--ScienceDaily
38 New technology could provide early warnings for health problems--ScienceDaily
39 Researchers discover antifungal molecule
40 Study suggests harmful algal bloom toxicity varies over the summer--ScienceDaily
41 Bat activity lower at solar farm sites, study finds
42 Dogs with less complex facial markings found to be more expressive in their communication with humans--ScienceDaily
43 Ayurvedic infertility medicine sends woman to hospital with lead poisoning
44 New Antarctic extremes 'virtually certain' as world warms
45 Scripps Research-developed antibody therapy appears to have advantages over existing opioid-overdose treatments--ScienceDaily
46 Butterflies can remember where things are over sizeable spaces--ScienceDaily
47 German drought prompts rethink for ancient palace park trees
48 Advance uses thought experiments, instead of real data, to expedite learning--ScienceDaily
49 Long-term use of certain acid reflux drugs linked to higher risk of dementia--ScienceDaily
50 South American summit seeks roadmap to save Amazon
51 An experiment in Egypt suggests ways to spread information for women facing domestic violence--ScienceDaily
52 What are the origins of the Nazi swastika?
53 How AI can support an A1 lifestyle--ScienceDaily
54 'The stage was now set for the birth and growth of desert dunes': How the Sahara turned from a vast forest to the arid landscape we see today
55 How much snow disappears into thin air?
56 Unveiling the anomalous dynamics of non-collinear antiferromagnets--ScienceDaily
57 How many 'city killer' asteroids narrowly miss Earth each year?
58 Carbon Capture and Storage projects in Denmark at risk from bitumen formation
59 Working independently in a shared space was found to enhance relaxation--ScienceDaily
60 Baby Moby Dick? Rare white humpback whale calf filmed off Australia
61 Successfully managing forests must include stewarding the hidden life belowground
62 Key cause of restricted blood flow to the brain in vascular dementia--ScienceDaily
63 Forests are breaking up in the tropics but coming together elsewhere. Here's what it means for wildlife and the climate
64 Unraveling Alzheimer's catalysts--ScienceDaily
65 New species of bacteria discovered after man is bitten by stray cat
66 Mysterious 'question mark' picked up by James Webb Space Telescope--National
67 Nitrogen runoff strategies complicated by climate change
68 Texting while walking makes college students more likely to fall--ScienceDaily
69 See stunning new photos and videos of the moon as India's Chandrayaan-3 rover enters lunar orbit
70 Vaccination campaign protects endangered wild cattle from highly contagious potentially fatal skin disease
71 Pause in recent coral recovery on much of Great Barrier Reef--ScienceDaily
72 Omicron subvariant EG.5 and its spawn 'Eris' now dominant in the US
73 Cal and Stanford 'desperately' want to join ACC or Big Ten
74 New technique measures structured light in a single shot
75 Crocodiles are drawn to the wails of crying human babies and infant primates
76 People's everyday pleasures may improve cognitive arousal and performance--ScienceDaily
77 Largest-ever genetic family tree reconstructed for Neolithic people in France using ancient DNA
78 Chemical contamination on International Space Station is out of this world, study shows
79 Odd new shark species with humanlike molars discovered in Australia
80 A database of human genes we know almost nothing about
81 Single-photon imaging technique could be useful for biomedical and security applications--ScienceDaily
82 Woman's 'extra breast' under her armpit developed a wart-like tumor in unusual case
83 If this heat isn't bad enough, new study says snakebites are another risk
84 Expert creates portable EEG headset--ScienceDaily
85 Portugal, Spain battle wildfires amid heat wave alerts
86 Rising temperatures may impact nitrogen runoff from land to lakes and streams more than projected increases in total and extreme precipitation--ScienceDaily
87 A new species discovery just in time for tarantula appreciation day 2023
88 Novel non-pharmacological and non-invasive treatment may offer significant relief to and restore gait function in patients with neurological disorders--ScienceDaily
89 New tool provides greater accuracy for medical biosensors
90 Scientists find nuanced tactics are needed to increase urban biodiversity--ScienceDaily
91 33 dead, 18 still missing after record Beijing rains
92 New research shows a possible way to improve energy-efficient computing--ScienceDaily
93 New research links early Europeans' cultural and genetic development over several thousand years
94 What did Cleopatra, Egypt's last pharaoh, really look like?
95 Brain's 'appetite control center' different in people who are overweight or living with obesity--ScienceDaily
96 Astronomers discover a forming quadruple-star system
97 How certain proteins contribute to the formation of a class of RNA critical to protecting the genome investigated
98 Laboratory research finds gluten caused brain inflammation in mice--ScienceDaily
99 15 Dazzling images of the sun
100 Webb telescope reveals colors of Earendel, most distant star ever detected
101 Successful polycarbonate synthesis using the photo-on-demand interfacial polymerization method--ScienceDaily
102 2nd nuclear fusion breakthrough brings us a (tiny) step closer to limitless clean energy
103 Black men reap mental health benefits from 'otherfathering'
104 Accurate measurement of permittivity advances radio telescope receivers and next generation telecommunication networks--ScienceDaily
105 Bison are being introduced to the Russian Arctic to replace extinct woolly mammoths. But why?
106 Majority of Americans report high rate of food satisfaction
107 Eerie 'fireball' seen over Australia was actually a Russian rocket in disguise
108 Gray whales feeding along the Pacific Northwest coast are smaller than their counterparts who travel farther to forage
109 The oldest and fastest evolving moss in the world might not survive climate change--ScienceDaily
110 Hidden underworld filled with never-before-seen creatures discovered beneath the seafloor
111 Iraq's extreme temperatures a 'wake-up call' for world: UN
112 Scientists have discovered how poxviruses evade natural defences in living cells, and realized that drugs to stop them doing this are already available.--ScienceDaily
113 These sheep provide environmentally friendly landscaping at solar farms
114 Decades of work by a series of Duke investigators yields new drug, patents and a startup company--ScienceDaily
115 Can Ozempic and Wegovy cause 'stomach paralysis' and 'cyclic vomiting'?