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1 Scientists uncover previously unknown spectrum of magnon excitations in an antiferromagnetic thin film
2 Researchers are using monkey poop to learn how an endangered species chooses its mates--ScienceDaily
3 New biological markers found that may predict which patients won't respond to chemotherapy
4 Researchers used ultrafast electron diffraction to image the structure of the pericyclic minimum, the 'transition state' of electrocyclic reactions.--ScienceDaily
5 Do phrases like 'global boiling' help or hinder climate action?
6 In animal studies, the fat molecule encourages stem cells to generate new cells that produce the brain's white matter--ScienceDaily
7 Scientists 'remote-controlled' designer human cells implanted in mice using only DC currents
8 Tropical trees use social distancing to maintain biodiversity
9 DNA tilts and stretches underlie differences in mutation rates across genomes--ScienceDaily
10 In rare case, man develops 'flesh-eating' bacterial infection on both legs, but 4 days apart
11 World's oldest swimming jellyfish found in B.C.'s Burgess Shale
12 Huge solar arrays permanently installed on NASA's Psyche spacecraft
13 Previously undescribed chemical process may offer safer, more practical way to create cyclopropanes--a key feature in many drugs and drug-candidates.--ScienceDaily
14 Strange, two-faced brain cells confirmed to exist, and they may play a role in schizophrenia
15 Research reveals Hawai'i's undersea volcano, Kama'ehu, erupted five times in past 150 years
16 In addition to turning on genes involved in cell defense, the STING protein also acts as an ion channel, allowing it to control a wide variety of immune responses.--ScienceDaily
17 Weird 'gut-eye axis' links the retina and intestines, and may help explain glaucoma
18 New exoplanet discovery builds better understanding of planet formation
19 New study on Atlantic current variability published--ScienceDaily
20 Subterranean crypt with empty tombs unearthed at medieval cathedral in England
21 Scientists discover the highest-energy light coming from the sun
22 Denial of service threats detected thanks to asymmetric behavior in network traffic--ScienceDaily
23 Meteorite that crashed to Earth 3,500 years ago carved into arrowhead by Bronze Age hunters
24 Scientists identify an alternative system for producing the medical isotope scandium-44
25 Mussel-inspired membrane can boost sustainability and add value to industrial wastewater treatment--ScienceDaily
26 Researchers design algorithm to monitor two-photon lithography nanoscale fabrication
27 Potential new tool for early identification of dementia risk--ScienceDaily
28 Rare 'Ides of March' dagger coin minted by Brutus after Julius Caesar's murder goes to auction
29 Curiosity rover faces its toughest climb yet on Mars
30 Current takes a surprising path in quantum material--ScienceDaily
31 James Webb Space Telescope reveals the colorful Ring Nebula in exquisite detail
32 Deep learning for new protein design
33 In a first, scientists define five types of colon neurons specialized for sending different signals to the brain--ScienceDaily
34 Winter storms over Labrador Sea influence Gulf Stream system
35 Social media algorithms exploit how humans learn from their peers--ScienceDaily
36 Loch Ness struggles with Scotland's shifting climate
37 New study finds dopamine neurons are more diverse than previously thought--ScienceDaily
38 Biosphere 2 experiment reveals that soils in drought stress leak more volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere
39 New study shows volcanism 56 million years ago released more methane than thought--ScienceDaily
40 19 'mass extinctions' had CO2 levels we're now veering towards, study warns
41 Unveiling the anomalous dynamics of non-collinear antiferromagnets
42 New photocatalytic system converts carbon dioxide to valuable fuel more efficiently than natural photosynthesis--ScienceDaily
43 Researchers may have solved the 'mirror twins' defect plaguing the next generation of 2D semiconductors
44 AI-augmented pipeline with Frontera yields ten-fold increase in target binding success--ScienceDaily
45 Why do lions have manes?
46 20% of young people who forwarded nudes say they had permission--but only 8% gave it. Why the gap?
47 Scientists uncover a startling--and exploitable--coordination of gene expression in tumors--ScienceDaily
48 Could an antibiotic taken after unprotected sex prevent STIs? What to know about doxy-PEP.
49 Conflict between humans and wildlife in Tanzania is being poorly managed--and climate change is making things worse
50 Study links long-term artificial sweetener intake to increased body fat adipose tissue volume--ScienceDaily
51 What is the biggest spider in the world?
52 The Pac-12 might finally be dead with Oregon, Washington leaving
53 New research shows the complexity of bacterial circadian clocks
54 Plant poachers damage forest preserves as demand for ramps and morels makes foraging more profitable
55 Modified virtual reality tech can measure brain activity--ScienceDaily
56 'Powerful' new RSV prevention drug should be available to all infants this fall, CDC says
57 Florida corals in hotter water than first thought. Scientists blame 'weird phenomenon'
58 Sustainable plastic made more compostable--ScienceDaily
59 Did scientists really create a room temperature superconductor? Not so fast, experts say.
60 Powerful gene editing approach boosts rotifers in pantheon of laboratory animals
61 Highest-energy sunlight ever recorded is far beyond what scientists thought possible
62 Nitrogen fixation hotspots in Atlantic seaweed--ScienceDaily
63 Ancient Roman boat from empire's frontier unearthed in Serbian coal mine
64 Brazil row over switch to e-books in Sao Paulo schools
65 Jessica Murray studies tree canopies in tropical montane forest systems of Costa Rica--ScienceDaily
66 Massive solar explosion felt on Earth, the moon and Mars simultaneously for the 1st time ever
67 Geomagnetic field protects Earth from electron showers--ScienceDaily
68 How long could a person survive in space without a spacesuit?
69 Putting starch into bio-based polymer makes bioplastics more compostable
70 Gas streamers feed triple baby stars--ScienceDaily
71 500 million-year-old worm with 'shuriken' spikes named after gigantic 'Dune' sandworms
72 Pollution risk for Olympic open water test in Seine
73 Scientists discover that Mallotus furetianus, native to Hainan Island, China, has antiobesity effects--ScienceDaily
74 Discarded plastic blights Honduran mangrove island
75 How good is that AI-penned radiology report? Scientists design new way to score accuracy of AI-generated radiology reports--ScienceDaily
76 World's oceans set new surface temperature record: EU monitor
77 Hartshorn salt and 'baking' solves a serious environmental problem--ScienceDaily
78 Researchers establish new reptile cell lines
79 How the hospital pathogen Acinetobacter baumannii quickly adapts to new environmental conditions--ScienceDaily
80 Barreleye fish: The deep-sea weirdo with rotating eyes and a see-through head
81 What does an aging Congress mean for a much younger nation?
82 A new model helps to understand the self-organization of molecules into living structures--ScienceDaily
83 Do we really use only 10% of our brains?
84 Study identifies disparities in testing and treating well water among low-income, BIPOC households in NC
85 How people feel about their sleep matters to their well-being, new research suggests--ScienceDaily
86 15 unexpected effects of climate change
87 First test images from Euclid space telescope unveiled
88 Researchers from Japan develop a new method to prepare organomagnesium intermediates having a protected azido group--ScienceDaily
89 Ancient lake microbes caused global warming during ice age
90 Invasion of the Arctic Ocean by Atlantic plankton species reveals a seasonally ice-free ocean during the last interglacial--ScienceDaily
91 'Pretty mathematics': How Paul Dirac found his famous equation
92 Direct costs of climate policies aren't a major barrier to public support, research reveals
93 Kordofan giraffes face local extinction if poaching continues--ScienceDaily
94 The Atlantic is at risk of circulation collapse. It would mean even greater climate chaos across Europe
95 Influenza shows no seasonality in tropics, posing challenges for health care--ScienceDaily
96 It survived 'Stumptown.' Now an ancient redwood may finally be protected for good
97 Researchers identify an important brain circuit for determining the value of your own reward in relation to others' rewards--ScienceDaily
98 About 1 in 3 vertebrate species is used, eaten or traded by humans, study finds
99 Single drop of ethanol to revolutionize nanosensor manufacture--ScienceDaily
100 Heaviest animal ever? Scientists discover massive ancient whale
101 Unveiling a new mechanism that accelerates aging of adipose tissues--ScienceDaily
102 Firefighters contain wildfire near Spanish-French border
103 Novel machine learning blood test detects cancers with genome-wide mutations in single molecules of cell-free DNA--ScienceDaily
104 Indian lunar landing mission enters moon's orbit
105 German city deploys snowplows after summer storm
106 Outdoor air pollution may increase non-lung cancer risk in older adults--ScienceDaily
107 Florida's coral is in hot water. Scientists are diving in to rescue the fragile creatures before it's too late
108 Insulin-like hormones critical for brain plasticity--ScienceDaily
109 Research reveals the ecological threats of small-scale fisheries in Thailand
110 Genetic model study--ScienceDaily
111 Gymnastics legend Simone Biles wins US Classic on return to competition after two years / More sports News
112 Research shows that a gut hormone called peptide YY also plays a vital role in maintaining the health of the gut microbiome by preventing helpful fungi from turning into more dangerous, disease-causing forms.--ScienceDaily
113 Unleashing a new era of color tunable nano-devices--smallest ever light source with switchable colors formed--ScienceDaily
114 How sensory neurons impact the gut--ScienceDaily
115 By fine-tuning the spin density in some materials, researchers may be able to develop new quantum sensors or quantum simulations.--ScienceDaily
116 New research suggests more effective approach--for managers, therapists, teachers and parents--ScienceDaily
117 New compounds for organometallic chemistry--sandwich complexes in the form of rings are kept together by their own energy--ScienceDaily
118 Study highlights importance of mineral iron in ocean ecosystems--ScienceDaily
119 Enhanced tumor modeling using Laponite bioinks for 3D bioprinting--ScienceDaily
120 The collaborators explored why the immune system malfunctions in patients with an unusual genetic condition first described in 2006--ScienceDaily
121 Could a black hole devour the universe?
122 What is the deepest-diving mammal?