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1 Bud Light boycott takes fizz out of brewer's earnings: NPR
2 Thyroid Deficiency Linked to Iodine Deficiency and Fluoridated Water
3 This Thyroid Condition Is a Top Public Health Issue
4 Babies should get new drug that prevents RSV, CDC panel says
5 Two years after Tokyo, Simone Biles is coming back from 'the twisties.' Not every gymnast does
6 Why Screening and Commonly Prescribed Thyroid Drugs Often Fail to Relieve Symptoms
7 Beloved surrogacy champion Jennifer Allen mourned by families, colleagues, friend
8 Effective Treatment Protocols for Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid Disease
9 Alani Nu latest energy drink to face warning as others recalled by CFIA--National
10 25 minutes of walking a day is better than bedrest for patients
11 A federal appeals court just made medication abortions harder to get in Guam
12 Iodine is Important but a New Study Shows Too Much Causes Problems
13 Pediatricians' group reaffirms support for gender-affirming care amid growing state restrictions
14 Doctor Warns: Eat Soy and You'll Look Five Years Older
15 Cookware Chemical Linked to Thyroid Disease
16 Many Symptoms Suggest Sluggish Thyroid--Do You Have Any of These?
17 The Menopause Thyroid Solution
18 Iodine Deficiency: Signs, Symptoms, and Solutions for Poor Thyroid Function
19 2 Navy sailors charged with providing sensitive military information to China: NPR
20 'Crapsules'--The Latest Feces Transplant Pill
21 The 2 expelled members of the 'Tennessee 3' win back their state House seats: NPR
22 Best supplements for 'normal healthy cholesterol'--pharmacist shares three
23 The Insulin Coma Therapy Mystery
24 Breastfeeding Olympians want it all: Top careers and motherhood
25 The Queen Mother's health history--from emergency surgery to a fractured hip
26 Cyprus allows human COVID-19 medications to be used on cats to fight deadly virus mutation
27 19th-Century Doctors Prescribed a Dangerous Douche: Liquid Mercury
28 Florida activists want an abortion access amendment to the state constitution: NPR
29 Risk of kidney stones linked to how much sugar we eat--foods to avoid
30 A Greek zoo serves up frozen meals to animals to help them beat the heat
31 Antarctic sea ice is hitting record lows, as the climate warms: NPR
32 Sleeping sickness is a silent killer disease--key warning signs to look for
33 Excuse me! Meet a man training do a 1,000-plus burpees in a single hour
34 56 death-row inmates seek clemency from Louisiana's outgoing governor: NPR
35 Half world's population will suffer medical condition by 75, new study finds
36 10 of the least known symptoms of dementia you need to be aware of
37 What is Stiff Person Syndrome, Rare Neurological Disorder Titanic Singer Celine Dion Suffers From?
38 Lessons Learned from Patients with Psoriatic Disease
39 Jobs grew solidly in July, reinforcing hopes about the economy: NPR
40 Man's brain tumour misdiagnosed as anxiety--'I couldn't read to my kids'
41 A cyberattack has disrupted hospitals and health care in five states
42 Donald Trump enjoys rising GOP primary poll numbers even with criminal charges: NPR
43 Woman lost seven stone after being 'mortified' by incident on a plane
44 Fall abortion battle propels huge early voter turnout for an Ohio special election next week
45 Britons at risk of Victorian disease [malnutrition] as 'hidden epidemic' surges--key symptoms
46 The U.S. Geological Survey wants you to send in dead butterflies for research: NPR
47 New COVID variant Eris spreading across the UK--symptoms to spot
48 Health Canada approves 1st RSV vaccine for older adults, drugmaker says--National
49 Judge's decision could force change in Michigan's handling of newborn blood samples
50 Headaches with Lupus Are Common. Are They Actually Migraine?
51 Long-time Jane Doe in Gilgo Beach serial killings is identified as Karen Vergata: NPR
52 Lymphoma symptoms can include a cough and tiredness--other signs
53 AI proven to safely improve breast cancer detection accuracy, study finds--National
54 The Hatfield-McCoy feud can in part be explained by a rare medical condition that causes rage
55 'Disgraceful': N.S. man speaks out after mom waits 4 hours on floor for ambulance
56 US judge blocks new Illinois law allowing state to penalize anti-abortion pregnancy centers
57 Mammoth Mountain is just now closing for the season after record-breaking winter: NPR
58 Military spouses demand Sen. Tuberville stop blocking military promotions: NPR
59 Why the latest jobs data is raising hopes about a soft landing: NPR
60 James Webb telescope captures the Ring Nebula in brilliant focus: NPR
61 Federal appeals court upholds Connecticut law that eliminated religious vaccination exemption
62 Mississippi's felony disenfranchisement law is struck down: NPR
63 FDA approves first postpartum depression pill
64 Judge in Texas sides with women who sued over abortion bans: NPR
65 'Lesser-known' sign of silent killer could strike in your ears
66 Sudden weight gain could indicate a problem with your health
67 Cancer expert shares eight early signs of a tumour in your body
68 Best and worst GP surgeries ranked--check your local practice
69 How to Keep Children Safe from Dengue Virus as Cases Spike
70 Prosecutors ask judge to issue protective order after Trump post: NPR
71 Orthodontist shares important advice for brushing teeth after eating
72 Scouting body asks South Korea to cut World Scout Jamboree short in heat wave: NPR
73 Sucking your stomach in for a flat tummy can cause organ damage
74 Doctor shares how to identify early signs of blood clots
75 Rooh Afza is the sweet drink that quenches thirst in India, Pakistan and beyond: NPR
76 Father saved by defibrillator backs Daily Express campaign
77 Pakistani police arrest former Prime Minister Imran Khan: NPR
78 South Korea presses on with World Scout Jamboree as heat forces thousands to leave early
79 The rules prohibit it, but should Trump's trial be televised?: NPR
80 Trump's defense in 2020 election case could conjure ghost of Nixon once more: NPR
81 Doctor shares four 'less common' symptoms of type 2 diabetes to be aware of
82 Yellowstone National Park Grizzly Bear fatal attack: NPR
83 German forests are being lost to parasites and climate change: NPR
84 RSV prevention shot for babies gets OK from CDC: Shots
85 Expert shares three little-known factors that increase breast cancer risk
86 AP psychology class may be available to Florida students after all: NPR
87 Tony Bennett diagnosed with Alzheimer's prior to death--singer's first signs
88 Asa Hutchinson is optimistic that Trump's grip on GOP will loosen: NPR
89 Scaly skin from psoriasis could flare up if gut microbiome isn't right
90 Doctor warns an itchy bottom could be a warning sign of two cancers
91 Diabetic eye disease symptoms to be aware of--two thirds of type 2 diabetics at risk
92 All You Need to Know About Water Toxicity
93 'Unusual' sign on the tongue that can signal vitamin B12 deficiency
94 As clinics pivot post-Roe, battle rages over syringe service in opioid-ravaged West Virginia
95 5 Foods to Eat and Avoid During During Period Pain
96 How you can train your body for hot weather if you work outdoors--ThePrint--By Federico Grisone
97 [Voter Registration:] What states are doing: NPR
98 Doctor shares first signs of liver cancer to look out for
99 Simone Biles dominates the US Classic in return to gymnastics after 2-year break: NPR
100 How the Japanese diet and lifestyle make it easier to stay healthy: Shots
101 Philippines condemns Chinese coast guard use of water cannon on its boat: NPR
102 'Silent and quick': Lack of supervision the leading cause of drownings in children--National
103 Veterans see historic expansion of benefits for toxic exposure as new law nears anniversary
104 What one Indian couple risked to follow their hearts and avoid arranged marriage: NPR
105 Personal trainer shares tips to lose weight to lower cholesterol
106 Sweden defeats defending Women's World Cup champion U.S.: NPR
107 The mysterious story of Connie Converse, the singer-songwriter who vanished: NPR
108 Where did 20,000 Jews hide from the Holocaust? In Shanghai: NPR
109 Six things you should never do if you wake up in the middle of the night
110 Veterans see historic expansion of benefits for toxic exposure as new law nears anniversary
111 Musk vows to pay legal costs for users who get in trouble at work for tweets: NPR
112 Woman found dead on Phoenix-area hike, authorities say it may be heat related
113 'Barbie' is in the billion dollar club, the only film solely directed by a woman: NPR
114 Why prosecutors want a protective order in the criminal case against Trump: NPR
115 Survival rates rise for children with rare muscle-wasting disorder
116 Attacks at US medical centers show why health care is one of the nation's most violent fields
117 Skipping teeth brushing before bed can affect the whole body, warns dentist
118 Seven factors that could raise risk of bowel cancer in under 50s
119 Why a tan can take hours to appear--and when to know if it's a health risk
120 Trucking giant Yellow Corp. declares bankruptcy after years of financial struggl: NPR
121 Measles outbreak warning as new figures show vaccination rates falling--MAPPED
122 New charges against Trump focus on lies. Scholars see an authoritarian playbook: NPR
123 Dr. Mosley says tackling constipation with a stool may cut dementia risk