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1 Cholesterol levels could be lowered with two 30 minute exercises
2 Man struck by warning sign of skin cancer while walking his dog
3 Dad died after catching stomach bug on holiday in Cyprus with his family
4 As U.S. bakes, public housing residents struggle to get AC: NPR
5 Doctor shares eight little-known warning signs of scalp cancer
6 Why do fencers shake hands?: NPR
7 'COVID is here to stay' says pharmacist--'most common symptoms'
8 Jill Biden says exercise including spin classes and jogging helps her find 'inner strength'
9 How scientists used lasers to find the Maya city of Ocomtun in Mexico: NPR
10 Common bathroom issue could signal sepsis--can lead to death
11 How to Protect Your Child from Conjunctivitis? 5 Tips to Follow
12 Vascular dementia affects 180,000 Britons--symptoms to spot
13 Amazon adds video telemedicine visits nationwide to its virtual clinic
14 Indiana will be 15th state to ban almost all abortions: Shots
15 Key signs of vitamin B12 deficiency--why the nutrient is vital in older age
16 Dementia expert share six signs of the condition you should be aware of
17 Doctor warns against 'potentially deadly' TikTok skincare trend
18 Red flag sign of atrial fibrillation may strike when you exercise
19 Thermo Fisher Scientific settles with family of Henrietta Lacks, whose HeLa cells uphold medicine
20 Long COVID Treatment Trials--Finally--Set to Start
21 Blood cancer symptoms can affect the skin--what to look for
22 'Poison in every puff': Canada becomes 1st country to have individual cigarette warnings--National
23 Heart disease risk could be lowered with four lifestyle changes
24 Young man's rash found to be medieval disease [leprosy]--case reported in US
25 As climate change leads to more and wetter storms, cholera cases are on the rise
26 Cancer breakthrough hopes as 'groundbreaking' holy grail drug kills all tumours in study
27 Henrietta Lacks' family reach a settlement over the use of her 'stolen' cells: NPR
28 Scientists reveal nut [pecan] that can help you lose weight and avoid diabetes / Science / News
29 Canadian military's COVID-19 vaccine policy violated Charter: review--National
30 Elon Musk sues disinformation researchers: NPR
31 Indiana abortion clinics stop providing abortions ahead of near-total abortion ban taking effect
32 Grip Strength Is a Crucial Vital Sign Your Doc Has Never Taken
33 Matthew DePerno is charged in Michigan voting machine scheme: NPR
34 Global AIDS program targeted in abortion battle gets new home in State Department bureau
35 Using Ozempic for 'Minor' Weight Loss: Fair or Foul?
36 The Afghan Female Tactical Platoon faces uncertain future in the U.S.: NPR
37 Leprosy cases on the rise in Florida. Should travellers be concerned?--National
38 is revamping using Bed Bath & Beyond's name: NPR
39 Trump charged with four felony counts for attempt to overturn 2020 election: NPR
40 Special counsel Jack Smith speaks about the indictment against Trump: NPR
41 Blackfeet tribe of Montana declares emergency over Medicaid scam that lured members to Arizona
42 Fitch cuts the U.S. credit rating, from the top AAA to AA+: NPR
43 Idaho health care providers can refer patients for abortions out of state, federal judge rules
44 The special counsel indictment explained: NPR
45 As the summer breezes fade, sweltering Europeans give air conditioning a skeptical embrace
46 Haiti aid efforts suffer blow with kidnapping of American nurse and daughter: NPR
47 1 dies, 8 others seriously hurt in tour bus rollover at Grand Canyon West: NPR
48 Five lunches to keep blood pressure under control
49 Is the Latest DENV-2 Strain More Severe? All You Need to Know
50 Cancer-killing pill that 'annihilates' tumours tested on humans
51 Do Pimples Appear Overnight? 6 Acne Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Away
52 Rise in COVID cases in UK 'driven by number of factors'--latest symptoms
53 Microchips restore feeling and movement to paralysed man with no feeling in arms and legs / Science / News
54 NASA says it detected a signal from Voyager 2 spacecraft: NPR
55 Your sleep pattern could influence your risk for diseases--affects gut health
56 Tests for genetic cancer risk are cheap, but many patients don't get them: Shots
57 Sign in your speech could be red flag for sepsis--phone 999
58 Harris says she won't debate DeSantis on new Black history standards in Florida: NPR
59 Common toilet issue could be a symptom of gallstones
60 What to know about the 2020 election charges: NPR
61 Blood clot signs could appear in the arm or leg--what to look for
62 Florida immigration law sees migrants leaving the state, dealing economic blow: NPR
63 'Great' summer drink to bust your high cholesterol levels
64 Model had both legs amputated due to serious condition caused by tampon
65 Poor documentation, lack of process--Govt. finds string of deficiencies among drugmakers after probe
66 After COVID, the new CDC director is focused on building trust with the public: NPR
67 Early heart attack signs that can appear months before--11 symptoms
68 Coalition of Jewish, Christian and Muslim congregations helps migrants settle in: NPR
69 Dementia diagnosis means grandma 'discovers' she has grandchildren every day
70 Three signs of liver cancer that could easily be missed
71 Experts after 39-yr.-old Russian food influencer's sudden death
72 Movie extras worry they'll be replaced by AI. Hollywood is already doing body scans: NPR
73 Woman woke up thinking she was 28 years younger after missed brain tumour
74 Govt. sets deadline for pharma MSMEs to adopt good manufacturing practices. 'Follow or be penalised'
75 Three types of food to avoid to protect eyes from long-term damage
76 'Moral distress' is taking a heavy toll on America's physicians and nurses: Shots
77 Sharing one beauty product could spread STIs linked to cancer and infertility
78 Amazon Fresh layoffs point to company's grocery store struggles: NPR
79 Opioid settlement cash intended to fight addiction fills a local budget gap: Shots
80 Kids Are Learning, Even When They're Not Paying Attention
81 What are 'fire whirls' caused by raging wildfires. spotted during the York Fire: NPR
82 Gene discovery by Canadian researcher 'major breakthrough' in HIV research: PHAC--National
83 Rishi Sunak gives blunt ultimatum to striking doctors / Politics / News
84 Fitch downgraded the U.S. rating--but does it matter? An explainer: NPR
85 Toronto woman believes Ozempic use connected to her stomach paralysis: 'I lack hope'
86 3 former dancers are suing Lizzo for creating a hostile work environment: NPR
87 Veterans sue U.S. Defense and Veterans Affairs departments to get access to infertility treatments
88 Trump's attorney tells NPR how he plans to defend against the latest charges: NPR
89 Alabama researcher will succeed Fauci in infectious disease post
90 How to Wean Off Opioids
91 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife announce their separation: NPR
92 Woman's escape from makeshift prison cell likely spared others, FBI says: NPR
93 Young man's persistent headaches turned out to be kidney failure
94 Medicaid drops nearly 4 million people since pandemic protections expired: Shots
95 COVID infection risk increased by gruesome habit, new study finds
96 Virus that causes cold-like symptoms can cause pneumonia or even death
97 Problem with the eyes could increase dementia risk by 33 percent, says study
98 Climate change is settled science. Republicans don't see it that way in new poll: NPR
99 Petting other people's (friendly) dogs can boost your health: Shots
100 Pop artist Post Malone wants you to be happy and "eat those chicken nuggets.": NPR
101 This Thyroid Condition Is a Top Public Health Issue
102 After the East Palestine train derailment, are railroads any safer?: NPR
103 Doctor shares most common COVID symptoms as UK sees cases rise
104 What Biden's Rehoboth beach vacation looks like: NPR
105 Mum's migraines 'caused by sinus infection' actually had deadly brain tumour
106 40% of IVF Treatments Are Unnecessary
107 Seven key symptoms of dementia which can appear suddenly
108 How to sleep--a weekend lie-in may not counteract nights of little sleep
109 Brain tumour symptom could appear at mealtimes
110 Can toothpaste cause osteoporosis?
111 Lung cancer symptoms can be seen on your face
112 Canadian travellers' risk of leprosy 'very low' despite Florida uptick--National
113 Three Foods that Are Your Real Friends this Monsoon Season
114 Just three seconds of exercise a day can boost your health, says study
115 Liver doctor shares six signs of silent disease
116 Doctor warns IBS symptoms could be 'red flags' for serious illnesses
117 Introduction to Dysphagia: A Throat and Esophageal Disorder with Many Underlying Causes
118 Trump heads to court while his alleged co-conspirators remain unnamed: NPR
119 Man who lost half of tongue to rare cancer shares first red flag symptoms
120 'Good Fortune' brings 'Pride and Prejudice' to New York Chinatown: NPR