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1 'My breast implants made me suffer for years with mystery illness that made me go blind'
2 Who will pick America's crops?: NPR
3 Hand grip strength could correlate with your physical and mental health
4 Ukraine struggles to rebuild a navy destroyed by Russia: NPR
5 What to know as recreational marijuana becomes legal in Minnesota on August 1
6 Dr. Michael Mosley recommends foods that could ease arthritis symptoms
7 Trans care bans for kids are testing federal courts in new ways: NPR
8 Runners could be at risk for 'silent killer' condition rhabdomyolysis--symptoms
9 Fukushima plant official says the coming release of treated water a milestone for decommissioning
10 Congress heads toward another shutdown fight: NPR
11 The 75th Emmy Awards ceremony is delayed by actors strike: NPR
12 Three diets that could reduce Alzheimer's risk--and one to avoid
13 Merger talks end between large health care systems in Minnesota, South Dakota
14 Six symptoms of alcohol-related dementia--how to slow progression
15 Koplik spots could be symptom of measles--what to look out for
16 Uvalde victim's mother, Kimberly Mata-Rubio, is running for mayor: NPR
17 Randy Meisner, founding member of the Eagles, has died: NPR
18 Can kids still play outside in the heat? Here are tips to stay healthy: NPR
19 Playing Through the Pain of Ulcerative Colitis
20 Biden overhauls how the military prosecutes sexual assault: NPR
21 Women Increasingly Dying of Alcohol-Related Causes
22 She is trying to get the U.S. to take extreme heat more seriously. Here's how: NPR
23 Carlee Russell is charged with Alabama kidnapping hoax: NPR
24 CDC says summer COVID wave may have begun: Shots
25 Fewer Republicans believe Trump did 'nothing wrong' according to new poll: NPR
26 'I had a boob job at 19--it made me lose my hair and go blind'
27 Paperwork problems drive surge in people losing Medicaid health coverage
28 Biden administration proposes new fuel economy standards for cars and trucks: NPR
29 Trader Joe's says its falafel and two types of cookies could have rocks in them: NPR
30 Autonomous backup driver pleads guilty to endangerment in pedestrian death: NPR
31 800 great white sharks are swimming off the Cape Cod coast: NPR
32 Biden publicly acknowledges he has another grandchild for the first time: NPR
33 Critics say new U.S. heat safety rules for workers don't go far enough--National
34 U.S. tells SCOTUS Purdue bankruptcy settlement for opioid lawsuits abuses law--National
35 Cancer symptoms include 'constant' back pain--what to look for
36 The beautiful seaside town where 102-year-olds still go horse riding
37 Expert on 'ABCD' early warning signs of dementia to spot in yourself and others
38 'X' logo installed atop Twitter building, spurring San Francisco to investigate: NPR
39 5 Ways to Boost Digestion in Moms-to-Be and How it Affects Their Newborn
40 Water is refreshing in the heat, right? In parts of Florida this past week, not so much
41 Soldiers declare Niger general as head of state following coup: NPR
42 Stroke risk could be lowered by up to 27% by eating the 'right protein'
43 Heart Health to Immunity Booster, 6 Reasons to Switch to this Healthier Alternative
44 What's a mental health time bomb? Life's little annoyances called 'micro stresses'
45 Five signs of liver cancer that warrant seeing a GP as soon as you can
46 Peru has more ancient sites than authorities are able to protect and conserve: NPR
47 As NYC limits access to migrants and asylum seekers, many are left homeless: NPR
48 How Physical and Emotional Health Impacts Your Fertility? Experts Speak
49 U.S. economy is booming, thanks to shoppers, pay raises, and Taylor Swift: NPR
50 Doctor shares seven simple dietary tweaks to bust high cholesterol
51 Borax-drinking TikTok trend slammed: 'You're not a washing machine'--National
52 Elon Musk takes @x handle away from its original owner: NPR
53 U.S. museum returns WWII Japanese soldier's 'good luck' flag: NPR
54 Union leaders and bosses back Sunday, Express Better Bones Campaign / Politics / News
55 Diabetes risk could be lowered by eating these three plant foods
56 Why drag restrictions and bans have failed to become law: NPR
57 CLIMATE GLIMPSE: Here's what you need to see and know today
58 Katie Ledecky passes Michael Phelps for most individual golds at world champions: NPR
59 Mum details first signs of blood cancer that GP initially dismissed
60 Doctor shares tell-tale signs your bloating could be symptom of cancer
61 Bloating could be reduced with three natural remedies
62 Anchorage homeless face cold and bears. A plan to offer one-way airfare out reveals a bigger crisis
63 Optometrist shares three things contact lens wearers need to remember
64 A drone attack on Moscow briefly shut the airport and injured one: NPR
65 Stem cell therapy is the new buzzword in healthcare--but it's expensive, unproven, dangerous.
66 An Arkansas judge has blocked a law targetting librarians over 'harmful' books: NPR
67 Doctor shares four 'anti-inflammatory' foods that could cut cancer risk
68 Against heat stroke, doctors fight back with pounds of ice: Shots
69 A nematode survived 46,000 years in permafrost: NPR
70 Turn patients into consumers. It will be a better model for healthcare services
71 This Ivy League researcher says spirituality is good for our mental health: NPR
72 African leaders leave Russia summit without grain deal or path to Ukraine peace: NPR
73 Veterans mark 70 years since the Korean cease-fire: NPR
74 Supporters of Niger's coup march waving Russian flags and denouncing France: NPR
75 Lower cholesterol levels with three lifestyle changes, says expert
76 Parkinson's patients given fresh hope as brain's 'pause button' found / Science / News
77 What is Juvenile Arthritis? Signs and Symptoms to Be Aware of in Kids
78 Attack on Pakistan political rally kills at least 35: NPR
79 Record heat waves illuminate plight of poorest Americans who suffer without air conditioning
80 Young man diagnosed with gout at 18--'I've never experienced pain like it'
81 New Hampshire nurse and her child kidnapped in Haiti: NPR
82 Trump's defamation case against CNN is dismissed by federal judge: NPR
83 Kansas transgender people find Democratic allies in court bid to restore their right to alter IDs
84 The Yellow trucking meltdown, explained: NPR
85 An SUV hits migrant workers in North Carolina: NPR
86 Could weight loss 'wonder drug' semaglutide cause stomach paralysis? US reports spark worry in India
87 Blue blood from horseshoe crabs is valuable for medicine, but a declining bird needs them for food
88 What Are Polyphenols and Why Do We Need Them?
89 Collagen benefits according to research--from reduced joint pain to good heart health
90 France travel warning after outbreak of deadly infection--health advice
91 COVID cases surge in the UK--latest symptoms to look out for
92 Hot weather got you down? Heat's mental health effects are real: Shots
93 New vaccine may help prevent Alzheimer's disease, study suggests
94 After McConnell's and Feinstein's episodes, should we talk about age limits?: NPR
95 Woman diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after bad stomach pain
96 Canada rolling out individual cigarette warnings this week. Will it curb smoking?--National
97 Pregnant woman's lung cancer symptoms mistaken for chest infection
98 5 Types of Conjunctivitis You Must Know About
99 The fruit shown to improve heart and brain health--just two servings a day
100 Three signs in the eyes you could be having a cluster headache
101 RFK Jr. says he's not anti-vaccine. His record shows the opposite. It's one of many inconsistencies
102 Seven symptoms of 'silent killer' [pancreatic] cancer--early diagnosis vital
103 The first symptom of testicular cancer that can appear for some men
104 Ultra-processed food doubles risk of death by cardiovascular disease in diabetics, 12-yr. study says
105 Takeaways from AP's reporting on inconsistencies in RFK Jr.'s record
106 Causes of hyperpigmentation--when to see a doctor
107 Ukraine's counteroffensive makes some gains: NPR
108 Warning sign around your eyes could point to high cholesterol
109 Brain fog and other long COVID symptoms are the focus of new small treatment studies
110 Twitter's 'X' sign defies permit rules; San Francisco launches investigation: NPR
111 Lori Vallow Daybell to be sentenced in 'zombie' murders: NPR
112 Alabama health care providers sue over threat of prosecution for abortion help
113 More than 2 Million in U.S. Have Inflammatory Bowel Disease
114 Paul Reubens, aka Pee-wee Herman, dies at 70: NPR
115 Treatment of brain fog, other long COVID symptoms focus of U.S.-based studies--National
116 The tragic failure of care in the community, as witnessed by an ex-nurse / Books / Entertainment
117 Cancer drugs could help thousands more patients
118 Parents share what they learned from watching 'Bluey': NPR
119 Experts call for e-cig curbs to stop child vaping
120 Alcohol increases men's risk of high blood pressure, study claims
121 ACLU of Indiana asks state's high court to keep hold on near-total abortion ban in place for now
122 Appeals court lets Kentucky enforce ban on transgender care for minors
123 Phoenix ends 31-day streak of highs at or above 110 degrees--by reaching 108: NPR
124 The COVID-19 Spike Injury You Need to Know About
125 6 Early Signs of [Lung] Cancer in Youngsters and How to Prevent It