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1 People 'grossed out' as dermatologist says how often we should shower
2 Modi govt. likely to bring in stricter pan-Indian system to recall substandard drugs from market--ThePrint--Select
3 Diabetes Will Double by 2050
4 Causes to Prevention, All You Need to Know to Protect Kids this Monsoon
5 Stunning Results from Sunscreen Testing
6 Five 'early' diabetes symptoms that can strike on the toilet--doctor advice
7 What Can You Do to Help Prevent Cataracts?
8 Volunteers are trying to save dozens of whales beached on West Australia coast: NPR
9 Why is Viral Pink Eye Cases Rising During Monsoon? 4 Ways to Prevent it
10 'Our own front line': Ukrainian surgeons see wave of wounded soldiers since counteroffensive began
11 More than a fifth of festival-goers will not wash their hands for the entire festival
12 Brain doctor shares five 'tell-tale signs' of a concussion
13 Isometric exercise is most 'effective' exercise for lowering blood pressure
14 Diabetes and heart disease risk raised by late night snacking, says study
15 See where rates of heat-related illness are highest, according to CDC data: Shots
16 Blinken dedicates a new U.S. Embassy in Tonga on Pacific tour: NPR
17 Identity thieves can target your medical coverage, so you get their bills: Shots
18 Four sleep problems that could signal chronic fatigue syndrome
19 'Give the gift of life!' Mum makes plea after two year hunt for kidney for son
20 Doctors in England escalate pay dispute as they announce another 4-day walkout in August
21 Mum died of same extreme morning sickness Princess Kate suffered from
22 Over 70% of adults don't understand washing symbols on their clothes
23 Neil Young's health through the years--'It's going to take its toll'
24 Alberta clinic charging for access to doctors would break medicare laws, Health Canada says
25 Doctor explains why skin peels after sunburn--why never to touch it
26 A look at Malaysia's 400-mile railway being built by China's Belt and Road plan: NPR
27 Fleetwood Mac bassist John McVie's four-year battle with bowel cancer--symptoms to spot
28 Are you taking your vitamins wrong? Expert's key advice for taking supplements
29 Most Britons in the dark about dangerous microplastics in coffee cups
30 Myocarditis symptoms include chest pain and fatigue--eight signs
31 Nigerian doctors walk off the job again. Overstretched and underpaid, many have left for overseas
32 Bananas are 'nature's sleeping pill' and could promote better sleep
33 Combo of extreme heat, air pollution may increase risk of deadly heart attack: study--National
34 6 days after fuel spill reported, most in Tennessee city still can't drink the tap water
35 Tips on Living with Migraine
36 Rudy Giuliani says he falsely accused 2 election workers of mishandling ballots: NPR
37 Two fatty liver disease symptoms could be mistaken for heat stroke--what to look for
38 Kevin Spacey is acquitted on sexual assault charges in a London court: NPR
39 Doctor shares three signs of type 2 diabetes that could show up before a diagnosis
40 What is Sundowning Syndrome, Neurological Condition Triggered After Sunset? All You Need to Know
41 UK prime minister urged to speed up compensation for infected blood scandal victims
42 Misconceptions About Genomic Tests
43 Going Vegetarian May Help Your Heart and Lower Diabetes Risk
44 Protecting Your Eyes and Ears During the Summertime
45 McConnell abruptly stops speaking at press conference: NPR
46 A professor was suspended for speaking critically of Texas Lieutenant Gov.: NPR
47 NYC plans to set up a shelter for 1,000 migrants in the parking lot of a psychiatric hospital
48 Groundbreaking study finds loss of smell 'could be early sign of dementia'
49 Michigan bans use of conversion therapy on LGBTQ youth under measure signed by governor
50 Prosecutors want disgraced crypto mogul Bankman-Fried in jail ahead of trial: NPR
51 Water temperature off Florida coast hits 101.1 degrees; coral is dying off: NPR
52 Insurance coverage for mental health care gets a boost from Biden: Shots
53 Big carmakers unite to build a charging network and reassure reluctant EV buyers: NPR
54 Sesame is being newly added to some foods. The FDA says it doesn't violate a allergy law
55 Rain, floods spark conjunctivitis outbreak in Delhi-NCR. What causes it & how it can be prevented
56 How many transgender and intersex people live in the US? Anti-LGBTQ+ laws will impact millions
57 Whales beached in Australia are euthanized after rescue efforts fail: NPR
58 Four bowel cancer symptoms not to miss--advice from colorectal doctor
59 Singapore set to execute first woman in nearly 20 years, rights groups say: NPR
60 5 Powerful Asanas to Manage Joint Pain and Relieve Stiffness
61 Doctor shares how sit and rise test could predict your longevity
62 Swan upping 2023 finds royal cygnet numbers drop by 40% in a year--bird flu blamed
63 Weighted infant sleepwear could pose a risk to babies, critics warn: NPR
64 On America's farms, foreign workers solve one problem but raise others: NPR
65 Symptom of scabies can appear worse at night--other signs to spot
66 Barbie has Wall Street seeing pink as Mattel reports financials: NPR
67 Two new mums die of herpes shortly after giving birth by caesarean section
68 Japanese pop star Shijiro Atae says he's gay and is warmly received by fans: NPR
69 Doctors 'saved my life' says teen--but still no diagnosis for sudden all-over swelling
70 They billed Medicare late for his anesthesia so he got sent to collections: Shots
71 Using a razor for too long could put you at risk of serious health problems
72 Doctor shares gruesome reason you should never use your phone on the toilet
73 A doctor leaves a lasting impression on a woman caring for her dying mom: NPR
74 Troubling risk factor for dementia found in new study--'everybody' at risk
75 Overactive thyroid symptoms that could be missed during hot weather
76 Biden announces an advanced cancer research initiative as part of the bipartisan 'moonshot' effort
77 Niger's military announces a coup on state television: NPR
78 Dentist warns that biting your nails could ruin your teeth
79 Diet to follow if you want to live longer, according to researchers
80 How Liver Can Impact Weight Loss? 4 Exercises to Manage Liver Health
81 Whistleblower testifies that the government has recovered 'non-human biologics': NPR
82 Head and neck cancer symptoms to look for--surgeon's advice
83 1st drug of its kind that could treat incurable eye diseases being developed in Ontario
84 Supreme Court OKs completion of Mountain Valley gas pipeline: NPR
85 How to sleep--having good gut health could be key
86 Untreatable gonorrhea may be on the horizon in Canada. Here's why--National
87 Dangerous fungus is becoming more prevalent. Scientists believe climate change could be to blame
88 What to Know When Newly Diagnosed [with Multiple Myeloma]
89 Why Niger's coup matters to the U.S.: NPR
90 Scientists discover possible early sign of Alzheimer's disease after 15-year study
91 A meat allergy caused by tick spit is getting more common, CDC says
92 New study shows just how Facebook's algorithm shapes politics: NPR
93 Things People with Multiple Myeloma Wish You Knew
94 Tornado at Pfizer factory put hospital drug supplies at risk: Shots
95 Larry Nassar survivors sue Michigan State over alleged 'secret decisions' on releasing documents
96 Multiple Myeloma and Your Relationships
97 DOJ launches investigation into Memphis Police Department: NPR
98 Sprains, strains and ACL tears. What to know about some of the NFL's most common injuries
99 Getting Support for Multiple Myeloma
100 GM won't halt Chevy Bolt EV production after all: NPR
101 Life with an Early RA Diagnosis
102 Misleading clients on abortion could cost Illinois pregnancy centers
103 Trump charged with additional count in Mar-a-Lago documents case: NPR
104 A shifting ocean current shows the planet is changing faster than we understand: NPR
105 'Into the Bright Sunshine' spotlights the achievements of LBJ VP Hubert Humphrey: NPR
106 Hidden fees are on the rise and killing budgets everywhere: NPR
107 South Dakota attorney general calls on lawmaker to repay more than $600K in COVID-19 relief funds
108 6 Ways to Prevent HPV Infection in Women Above 30
109 Can Conjunctivitis Spread by Eye Contact? 5 Ways to Prevent Pink Eye
110 Tiny British 'tentacle' robot can detect the first signs of lung cancer
111 Britons unaware of a cancer-linked virus you can catch in the bedroom
112 Cancer risk could be slashed by 32% with less than five minutes of chores a day
113 Leg pain could be warning sign of cardiovascular disease, experts warn
114 Little-known 'early' symptom of bowel cancer you might spot when out with friends
115 Medicare drug price negotiations raise the question: What's a fair price?: Shots
116 Doctor warns of mistake men make in the shower that can cause infection