File Title
1 Typhoon knocks out power in southern Japan
2 North Atlantic Oscillation contributes to 'cold blob' in Atlantic Ocean--ScienceDaily
3 'Exceptional' winged Medusa discovered in Roman-era mosaic in Spain
4 Beijing rains heaviest since records began 140 years ago
5 Research into aromas while sleeping sparks 226% cognitive increase--ScienceDaily
6 'Black swan' pathogens from ancient permafrost may be getting ready to wake up
7 Evidence for rainfall-triggered seismicity in intraplate domain at the earthquake of November 11, 2019 in France
8 Multicyclic molecular wheels with polymer potential--ScienceDaily
9 Greenland's largest glacial floating ice declined 42% due to global warming, scientists determine
10 Safety of AI-supported mammography screening--ScienceDaily
11 Expert explains how cities can beat the heat by building better
12 Using gemstones' unique characteristics to uncover ancient trade routes--ScienceDaily
13 A chatbot willing to take on questions of all kinds is the latest representation of Jesus for the AI age
14 Irregular sleep patterns associated with harmful gut bacteria--ScienceDaily
15 Iceland's newest volcano is now spewing out tornadoes
16 Calculations reveal high-resolution view of quarks inside protons
17 Gravitational arcs in 'El Gordo' galaxy cluster--ScienceDaily
18 Can picking your nose raise the risk of catching COVID-19? The answer may (not) shock you
19 Water-purifying cup makes drinkable water from creeks and streams
20 Learning how to control HIV from African genomes--ScienceDaily
21 Muscle-healing gel could be a 'new frontier' for treating pelvic floor damage, very early study suggests
22 Why it [toxic algae blooms] is becoming worse
23 Cape Cod is one of the world's largest hotspots of great white sharks, study finds
24 New radar research overcomes nearly century-old trade-off between wavelength and distance resolution
25 With a new, user-friendly interface, researchers can quickly design many cellular metamaterial structures that have unique mechanical properties.--ScienceDaily
26 'Potentially hazardous' 600-foot asteroid detected near Earth after a year of hiding in plain sight
27 Broaden definition of education for children in care to better support their development, study urges
28 Scientists tie obesity to sex- and age-specific genes--ScienceDaily
29 Crusader sword found in Holy Land was bent, possibly in naval battle, X-rays reveal
30 Scientists dig into wildfire predictions, long-term impacts
31 How a chemical reaction used by cooks helped create life on Earth--ScienceDaily
32 This colossal extinct whale was the heaviest animal to ever live
33 In some materials, immutable topological states can be entangled with other manipulable quantum states
34 Fiber optic cables detect and characterize earthquakes--ScienceDaily
35 Study also shows that larger, intact watersheds reduce flood risk more effectively--ScienceDaily
36 Examining the power of host social interactions in bacterial evolution
37 Can field sobriety tests identify drivers under the influence of cannabis?--ScienceDaily
38 Paleontologists discover microvertebrate faunal assemblages in Manitoba, Canada
39 Theorists predict differential distribution of 'up' and 'down' quarks within protons--and differential contributions to proton's properties--ScienceDaily
40 New study: Political animosity is global
41 Agroecosystem Sustainability Center researchers share the strategy and data publicly--ScienceDaily
42 Duct tape evidence holds up in court using innovative method from forensic scientists
43 Important step toward next-generation probiotics--ScienceDaily
44 South America sweats under high temps--in the middle of winter
45 New neuroimaging approach could improve diagnosis of schizophrenia--ScienceDaily
46 Feeding traces on fossil leaves help researchers identify factors leading to enormous herbivore diversity
47 New building blocks for chemistry
48 Dune patterns reveal environmental change on Earth and other planets--ScienceDaily
49 Cross-institutional study on the use of artificial mussels to monitor radioactivity in the ocean
50 An innovative new study from the Texas A&M School of Public Health offers objective insight on employee behavior and the potential benefits of flexible work arrangements.--ScienceDaily
51 Lung damage in countertop makers is leading to safety measures in California: Shots
52 Canada's 988 mental health crisis hotline launching November 30--National
53 As Injuries from Pickleball Surge, Here's How to Play Safely
54 Denmark's latest Quran burning sparks more outrage in Iraq and other Muslim nations: NPR
55 3rd man arrested in firebombing of Planned Parenthood in Southern California last year
56 Tourists scramble to leave Rhodes and Corfu: NPR
57 Texas Gov. Abbott refuses to remove floating border wall despite federal threats: NPR
58 Migraine Home Remedies and 'Cures': What Really Works?
59 IRS will stop making most unannounced visits to taxpayers' homes, businesses: NPR
60 Trader Joe's issues recalls for 2 types of cookies that could contain rocks: NPR
61 What I've learned as a healthy 24-year-old living in a care home
62 Call inquiry into Canada's COVID-19 response, medical journal urges--National
63 Israeli doctors reveal Netanyahu's chronic heart problem only after implanting pacemaker
64 Diabetes Control: 5 Ayurvedic Herbs to Manage Your Blood Sugar Level Naturally
65 Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause a 'yellowish' tinge in the eyes--other signs
66 Eight habits to help you live an extra 20 years
67 New MERS Coronavirus Detected in Abu Dhabi: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
68 Rise in people with ill health will have significant impact on NHS
69 New case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus confirmed--symptoms
70 The Biden administration proposes new rules to push insurers to boost mental health coverage
71 Congregations leave United Methodist Church over defiance of LGBTQ bans: NPR
72 Daily dose of olive oil could slash risk of dying from dementia by 28%
73 How Long Does it [Eye Flu] Last and How to Treat it?
74 Loose Ends volunteer crafters help families finished loved ones' handicrafts: Shots
75 The Biden administration proposes new rules to push insurers to boost mental health coverage
76 'Doctors thought our son had acid reflux but then found 28mm brain tumour'
77 Indonesian police crack down on traffickers who sent 122 people to sell their kidneys in Cambodia
78 Tafari Campell, Obamas' personal chef, drowned in Martha's Vineyard, police say: NPR
79 Hypermobile EDS symptoms to look out for--and when to see a GP
80 Cancer risk could be predicted with 'cellular fingerprints' / Science / News
81 China replaces Foreign Minister Qin Gang, absent from public for a month: NPR
82 Poland's population constantly shrinking despite pro-family policy
83 Assistive Devices: Living Better with Arthritis
84 A pop-up serves reality TV-inspired menu amid strike: NPR
85 100-year-old who works four days a week shares longevity secrets
86 Travelling during the extreme heat? What to know if you fall ill abroad--National
87 Bronny James in stable condition after suffering cardiac arrest at USC practice, spokesman says
88 What We Learned from Pain of Ankylosing Spondylitis
89 Recent deadly heat waves fueled by climate change, new research finds: NPR
90 'My baby is double the size of her sister--strangers can't believe they are twins'
91 Cases of tick-borne illnesses are on the rise. Some experts believe climate change is the cause
92 Parmesan cheese could boost your memory--study
93 Gynecologist who sexually abused dozens of patients is sentenced to 20 years in prison
94 U.S. Maternal Mortality Crisis Grows, Yet Deaths Seem Preventable
95 TikTok launches new text-only publishing option: NPR
96 EGFR Lung Cancer in Asian People
97 Abortion rights amendment cleared for Ohio's November ballot, promising volatile fight this fall
98 Rheumatoid Arthritis: Do Home Remedies Work?
99 A political gap in excess COVID deaths widened after vaccines arrived: NPR
100 6 Ways to Improve Back Pain
101 Biden's dog, Commander, bit Secret Service agents 10 times in four months: NPR
102 Intermittent Fasting vs. Calorie Counting for Type 2 Diabetes
103 House may launch an impeachment inquiry of President Biden: NPR
104 Why It Takes So Long to Diagnose Ankylosing Spondylitis
105 Marine veteran Trevor Reed was wounded fighting in Ukraine: NPR
106 Transgender patients sue the hospital that provided their records to Tennessee's attorney general
107 Biden administration's rules for asylum-seekers blocked by judge: NPR
108 Court says OxyContin maker's bankruptcy and protections for Sackler family members can move ahead
109 How Phoenix is dealing with its record-breaking heatwave: NPR
110 UPS union calls off strike threat after securing pay raises for workers: NPR
111 Block on Iowa's strict abortion law can be appealed, state Supreme Court says
112 Salmonella in ground beef sickens 16, hospitalizing 6, in 4 states, CDC says
113 U.S. congressman goes on 'thirst strike' for worker heat safety protections--National
114 Cigna health giant accused of improperly rejecting thousands of patient claims using an algorithm
115 Families sue to block Missouri's ban on gender-affirming health care for kids
116 Israeli doctors walk off the job, and more strikes may loom after a law weakening courts passed