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1 To improve surveys and other research, entomologists study how colors attract wild bees
2 Researchers develop new algorithm to effectively investigate long-range interacting systems--ScienceDaily
3 Researchers successfully train a machine learning model in outer space for the first time--ScienceDaily
4 Giant 'bubbletrons' shaped the forces of the universe moments after the Big Bang, new study suggests
5 Research team synchronizes single photons using an atomic quantum memory
6 Unique Mexican black and pinto bean varieties are high in healthy compounds--ScienceDaily
7 Extreme weather events are exactly the time to talk about climate change--here's why
8 The new device, which can be incorporated into a bra, could allow more frequent monitoring of patients at high risk for breast cancer.--ScienceDaily
9 Tens of thousands evacuated as northern China hit by torrential rain
10 Mutation accessibility fuels influenza evolution--ScienceDaily
11 Greek ecosystems face increasing fire risk, experts say
12 Study found reduced intestinal inflammation and wound healing in a mouse model--ScienceDaily
13 Wildlife lovers urged to join UK's annual butterfly count
14 Scientists vacuum animal DNA from air in a Danish forest--ScienceDaily
15 Extinct birds on the ballot for New Zealand's avian beauty contest
16 Scientists develop two novel silver cluster-assembled materials with enhanced stability and excellent selective Fe3+ sensing ability--ScienceDaily
17 Who lived at Machu Picchu? DNA analysis shows surprising diversity at the ancient Inca palace
18 Self-healing plastic becomes biodegradable--ScienceDaily
19 Ancient pathogens released from melting ice could wreak havoc on the world, new analysis reveals
20 What these scientists learned from offering genetic screening to 13,000 Oregonians for free--ScienceDaily
21 Nerve cells in the brain can halt all movement in the body--even breathing--ScienceDaily
22 Experimental approach that triggers a type of immune cell may be beneficial against cancers in humans--ScienceDaily
23 The longer the animals shared circulatory systems, the more durable the benefits were to the older mouse--ScienceDaily
24 Scientists use a bath of swimming bacteria to assemble unconventional materials--ScienceDaily
25 Making renewable, infinitely recyclable plastics using bacteria--ScienceDaily
26 Wearable technology reveals potential benefits of vigorous incidental activity--ScienceDaily
27 New resource harmonizes 16S and shotgun sequencing data for microbiome research--ScienceDaily
28 Study reveals new way to reduce friendly fire in cell therapy--ScienceDaily
29 New technology promises rapid and reliable development of new diagnostic tests--ScienceDaily
30 New study reveals that tree species diversity increases spider density--ScienceDaily
31 Surprising daddy long-legs spiders discovered in Australia and Reunion--ScienceDaily
32 Protein Kinase C delta activity triggered by the plasticity of just a few synapses regulates cell-wide changes in gene transcription--ScienceDaily
33 Scientists show how fires along waterways in Australia's tropical savanna threaten endangered birds
34 Mystery object on Australian beach identified as part of Indian rocket
35 Raging storm batters northern China
36 2íC global warming target not economically reasonable unless we make major changes, says study
37 Are legs more important than arms?
38 Millimeter-scale meron lattices that can serve as spin injectors for LEDs
39 The PLATO mission could be the most successful planet hunter ever, scientists believe
40 Study reveals how seas around China respond to warming climate
41 Long-held myth says Hurricane Andrew sparked Florida's Burmese python problem. Is it true?
42 To spread or slide? Scientists uncover how foams spread on surfaces
43 But does the technology mimic human reasoning or is it using a fundamentally new cognitive process?--ScienceDaily
44 Sexual violence is a pervasive threat for female farm workers--here's how the US could reduce their risk
45 Study demonstrates efficacy of new short-term resistant TB treatment--ScienceDaily
46 Scientists make healthy sorghum crop healthier
47 Researchers discover method to overcome antimicrobial resistance--ScienceDaily
48 NASA's 1st nuclear-powered rocket could launch as soon as 2025
49 Improving wildfire predictions with Earth-scale climate models
50 Made of cement, carbon black, and water, the device could provide cheap and scalable energy storage for renewable energy sources--ScienceDaily
51 Russian scientists have grown watermelons in the coldest place on Earth
52 Xplore to offer faster rural satellite internet, alternative to Starlink after Jupiter 3 launch
53 Distinction must be made between genuine scientific skepticism and 'dogmatic denial,' warns expert
54 Why you shouldn't declaw tigers or other big cats--ScienceDaily
55 NASA accidentally severs contact with Voyager 2 probe 12 billion miles from Earth
56 How heat treatment affects a milk alternative made from rice and coconut water
57 Researchers dive into the molecular-level details of sperm formation--ScienceDaily
58 Bizarre giant viruses with tubular tentacles and star-like shells discovered in New England forest
59 Genome data rewrite the story of oat domestication in China
60 Iron Age warrior woman was buried with a sword and a mirror
61 NASA Mars Ascent Vehicle continues progress toward Mars sample return
62 Researchers identify two new subtypes of HPV-associated head and neck cancers--ScienceDaily
63 Researchers find evolutionary adaption in trout of Wyoming's Wind River Mountains
64 Lignin separation method could make renewable material profitable--ScienceDaily
65 Social media marketing shown to be most effective when it prompts consumers to start posting
66 Nuisance vegetation removal in Senegalese waterways reduces the overall prevalence of parasitic infections and increases local food production
67 Modifications to amino acids in sperm could be behind infertility
68 Has academia become more gender-fair for women? Findings from an adversarial analysis of gender bias
69 When cheating pays--survival strategy of insect uncovered--ScienceDaily
70 Researchers discover new types of cells in the brain of developing flies thanks to a new method that creates cell-type-specific genetic tools--ScienceDaily
71 NASA listens for Voyager 2 spacecraft after wrong command cuts contact
72 Sun 'umbrella' tethered to asteroid might help mitigate climate change--ScienceDaily
73 'Fire whirls' threaten Joshua tree desert in scorching US
74 Measuring a protein in spinal fluid in cognitively healthy adults predicted later onset of mild cognitive impairment and dementia years before symptoms emerge--ScienceDaily
75 Spain worries over 'lifeless land' amid creeping desertification
76 Hydrogen sulfide shows promise as healthy aging therapeutic when specifically targeted within cells--ScienceDaily
77 Data suggest holding Trump accountable will not threaten American democracy
78 Will the US run out of water?
79 Nuisance vegetation removal in Senegalese waterways reduces overall prevalence of parasitic infections
80 Scientists create novel approach to control energy waves in 4D--ScienceDaily
81 S. Africa links fall in Kruger's rhino poaching to declining animal numbers
82 Researchers find an epigenetic key that unlocks common deadly cancers--ScienceDaily
83 A 140-year-old Tassie tiger brain sample survived two world wars and made it to our lab. Here's what we found
84 New chemical process makes it easier to craft amino acids that don't exist in nature--ScienceDaily
85 Bizarre particle that can remember its own past created inside quantum computer
86 Mud could have made meandering rivers long before plants arrived
87 Nature-based solutions can help tackle climate change and food security, but communities outside Europe are missing out--ScienceDaily
88 Deadly swarm of earthquakes in Japan caused by magma moving through extinct volcano
89 Organoids revolutionize research on respiratory infections
90 The statistical model identifies links between battles in Africa and can be applied to other armed conflicts, according to a study at the Complexity Science Hub--ScienceDaily
91 Mysterious energy burst from the early universe puzzles astronomers
92 Researchers have created tools for tracking the navigational strategies of mice, which could be combined with other approaches to explore the neural processes behind selecting these strategies.--ScienceDaily
93 Rare 'Einstein cross' warps light from one of the universe's brightest objects in this stunning image
94 Sea level rise shifts habitat for endangered Florida Keys species
95 The patent-pending innovation sees texture and depth and perceives physical attributes of people and environments--ScienceDaily
96 Siblings rapidly lost their body fat in infancy due to rare, newly described gene mutation
97 Collisions between asteroids may lead to formation of metal asteroids able to generate and record magnetism: Study
98 Study to test eye drops for nearsightedness--ScienceDaily
99 NASA hears 'heartbeat' signal from Voyager 2 probe a week after losing contact
100 Researchers identify oldest known species of swimming jellyfish
101 Machine learning, blockchain technology could help counter spread of fake news--ScienceDaily
102 James Webb telescope discovers giant question mark galaxy in deep space
103 Many people feel they work in pointless, meaningless jobs, research confirms
104 Earth's most ancient impact craters are disappearing--ScienceDaily
105 Quantum-enhanced non-interferometric quantitative phase imaging
106 Sea level rise shifts habitat for endangered Florida Keys species--ScienceDaily
107 Teens engaged in activism become better critical thinkers, study finds
108 Organoids revolutionize research on respiratory infections--ScienceDaily
109 A floating sponge could help remove harmful algal blooms
110 The key to battling a pathogen hides in its genome--ScienceDaily
111 Researchers propose an integrated approach to grant review assessments
112 Study raises possibility of immunotherapy treatment for ALS--ScienceDaily
113 Simple chemistry can recycle polyurethane
114 Researchers propose an integrated approach to grant review assessments--ScienceDaily
115 'Spirit mediums' could help unlock tourism secrets, according to study