File Title
1 New research method determines health impacts of heat and air quality
2 Webb snaps highly detailed infrared image of actively forming stars--ScienceDaily
3 Swordfish missing circle-shaped chunks of flesh hauled in by fishers. What bit it?
4 Fungi that break down hardwood trees can do the same with plastic, study shows
5 A simpler method for learning to control a robot--ScienceDaily
6 Eerily perfect 'vortex rings' keep blowing out of Europe's most active volcano. Here's why.
7 'Is the doggy angry?' Research hints children under 5 can easily confuse dog emotions
8 Ancient DNA reveals diverse community in 'Lost City of the Incas'--ScienceDaily
9 Listen to a star 'twinkle' in world-first audio simulation
10 Data from Facebook, Instagram study on 2020 presidential election released
11 New planetary formation findings--ScienceDaily
12 Mysterious case of the 'Geneva patient,' the latest person in long-term remission from HIV, raises questions
13 Aeolus reentry: The breakdown
14 International team of scientists reports on the first detection of a quasi-periodic oscillation signal in the radio band from a Galactic black hole system.--ScienceDaily
15 City-size comet headed toward Earth 'grows horns' after massive volcanic eruption
16 Video shows 3 humpbacks jump in unison, a birthday surprise for man and daughters
17 Missing island explains how endemic species on the Miyako Islands emerged--ScienceDaily
18 Ruins of ancient Roman emperor Nero's theater unearthed in 'exceptional' discovery in Rome
19 Oceans are growing hotter, triggering global weather disasters
20 A common diabetes drug has a surprising side gig: Muscle protector--ScienceDaily
21 Predicting earthquakes is currently impossible. GPS data could help change that
22 800 great white sharks have visited Cape Cod in recent years
23 A new type of quantum bit in semiconductor nanostructures--ScienceDaily
24 Nematode resurrected from Siberian permafrost lay dormant for 46,000 years
25 Getting to the root of the problem in tree digital twin models
26 Washable, transparent, and flexible OLED with MXene nanotechnology?--ScienceDaily
27 How does the brain regulate body weight?
28 Blurring the line between planetary and human health spans
29 Study uses new code to test next-gen telescope abilities--ScienceDaily
30 New discovery shows tensile cracks can shatter classical speed limits, approach near-supersonic velocities
31 How eavesdropping viruses battle it out to infect us--ScienceDaily
32 AWAKE introduces a stronger wave to accelerate particles
33 Haley's Coronet and dwarf galaxy companion feel each other's gravitational forces as they begin to coalesce--ScienceDaily
34 How forests can cut carbon, restore ecosystems, and create jobs
35 Egg 'signatures' will allow drongos to identify cuckoo 'forgeries' almost every time, study finds--ScienceDaily
36 Teens need consistent positive messaging in multicultural environments, finds study
37 Beating a running personal best could be down to genetics, research reveals--ScienceDaily
38 In Costa Rica, saving seeds to feed future generations
39 How the brain detects and regulates inflammation--ScienceDaily
40 Study reveals structures of six states of a rotary sodium ion pump
41 French leader goes green to woo Pacific islands
42 Food allergy in infancy linked to childhood asthma and reduced lung function--ScienceDaily
43 G20 environment ministers race to reach climate consensus
44 For some people, gene variants may cause abdominal fat storage while protecting from diabetes--ScienceDaily
45 Team creates simple superconducting device that could dramatically cut energy use in computing
46 Scientists caught Hofstadter's butterfly in one of the most ancient materials on Earth--ScienceDaily
47 Potential new function of CRISPR-Cas system discovered
48 Hydrogen peroxide detected at Ganymede's poles; sulfur monoxide from Io's volcanos--ScienceDaily
49 Yellowstone's geysers at risk of extinction from climate change, tree skeletons reveal
50 Human presence found to influence overall mammal abundance in northern Myanmar
51 Researchers develop low-cost sensor to enhance robots' sense of touch--ScienceDaily
52 4,000-year-old cemetery discovered at future rocket launch site in UK
53 Antiparasitic resistance widespread in parasites that infect Arkansas cattle
54 Scientists discover secret of virgin birth, and switch on the ability in female flies--ScienceDaily
55 Teen's year-long case of depression and seizures caused by brain-injuring autoimmune disease
56 Billions in conservation spending fail to improve wild fish stocks in Columbia Basin
57 Hubble sees evaporating planet getting the hiccups--ScienceDaily
58 Spherical 'minibrains' to be grown on the International Space Station
59 They're alive! 46,000-year-old roundworms revived from Siberian permafrost, scientists say--National
60 Astronomers shed new light on formation of mysterious fast radio bursts
61 New study determines how much stars should innately twinkle--ScienceDaily
62 Body of climber missing for nearly 40 years discovered in melting Swiss glacier
63 Researchers look at who's to blame for financial fraud
64 What nap times reveal about your child's brain development--ScienceDaily
65 Mutation accessibility fuels influenza evolution
66 Digital simulation suggests small percentage of pathogens could cause significant ecological damage--ScienceDaily
67 New analysis of SuperCDMS data sets tighter detection limits for dark matter
68 An analysis of planned relocations around the world reveals a blueprint for positive outcomes--ScienceDaily
69 Watch orca tear open whale shark and feast on its liver in extremely rare footage
70 Looking for sterile neutrinos in the CMS muon system
71 Complex brain cell connections in the cerebellum more common than believed--ScienceDaily
72 China, Indonesia, and Vietnam lead global growth for coming decade in new projections
73 Despite different building materials and evolutionary histories, they [bees and wasps] converged on a similar design--ScienceDaily
74 Recent advances in, and perspectives on, photonic bound states in the continuum
75 Disqualified Ukrainian fencer Olha Kharlan awarded Olympics place and reinstated / More sports News
76 Researchers use quantum computer to identify molecular candidate for development of more efficient solar cells
77 Analysis provides further support for managing influenza A infection in people who work with swine--ScienceDaily
78 Alarm as seawater heats up off Florida Keys, imperiling reef
79 Linguistics and genetics combine to suggest a new hybrid hypothesis for the origin of the Indo-European languages--ScienceDaily
80 Scientists unveil synergistic method for non-canonical amino acid synthesis
81 Genome analysis of 46,000-year-old roundworm from Siberian permafrost reveals novel species--ScienceDaily
82 Are provocative social media posts an effective way for new businesses to engage audiences online?
83 Even moderate temperature increases can cause more emergency hospital visits and deaths--ScienceDaily
84 Axolotl: The adorable amphibian that can regrow its body and stay looking young forever
85 Get the 'forever chemicals' out of our drinking water
86 Imaging shows how solar-powered microbes turn CO2 into bioplastic--ScienceDaily
87 Supermassive black hole found spitting a giant, high-energy jet toward Earth
88 A new millipede species is crawling under LA. It's blind, glassy and has 486 legs
89 Novel Raman technique breaks through 50 years of frustration--ScienceDaily
90 Billions in conservation spending fail to improve wild fish stocks in Columbia Basin--ScienceDaily
91 How climate change is involved, and what we can do about it
92 Astronomers shed new light on formation of mysterious fast radio bursts--ScienceDaily
93 Europeans make love but not babies, says demography expert
94 Unlocking a mystery of fetal development--ScienceDaily
95 We've discovered how diamonds make their way to the surface and it may tell us where to find them
96 Researchers reveal a powerful platform for studying high-entropy alloy electrocatalysis--ScienceDaily
97 Water is refreshing in the heat, right? In parts of Florida this past week, not so much
98 New research highlights risks of selective adaptation in extreme coral habitats--ScienceDaily
99 European wind-mapping satellite returned safely to Earth
100 Scientists harness nanotechnology to help tackle a common cause of sight loss--ScienceDaily
101 Researchers discover central switch point in mitochondrial signaling chain under misfolding stress--ScienceDaily
102 Ocean currents vital for distributing heat could collapse by midcentury, study says
103 N. Atlantic ocean temperature sets record high: US agency
104 Medication used to halt cancer may help fight tick-borne illness--ScienceDaily
105 Expect worsening flooding and drought as rapid warming continues
106 How atomic nuclei vibrate--ScienceDaily
107 No great unconformity found between Xiamaling and Longshan formations in the North China Craton
108 Researchers tickle rats to identify part of the brain critical for laughter and playfulness--ScienceDaily
109 Ocean skin helps regulate ocean carbon uptake, study finds
110 Alternative cellular 'fuels' boost immunity--ScienceDaily
111 Groundwater pollution remains elevated in River Ythan catchment but on track for recovery: Study
112 Gene therapy treats chronic pain by dialing down sodium--ScienceDaily
113 Investigating the Ising model with magnetization
114 The device is printed all in one go and can pick and release objects--ScienceDaily
115 Acoustic emission monitoring technique, an essential way to analyze pulsed laser processing
116 Physical activity can promote learning and wellbeing at secondary school--ScienceDaily
117 Tau-regulating protein identified as a promising target for developing Alzheimer's disease treatment--ScienceDaily
118 How molecular entanglements determine the structure of polymers--ScienceDaily
119 Predicting molecular rotational temperature for enhanced plasma recombination--ScienceDaily
120 Why is gold so soft?