File Title
1 Drones are showing us sharks like never before
2 What does the scrapping of a wind farm plan mean for UK renewable energy?
3 Brazil's Embraer plans to build electric flying taxi factory near Sao Paulo
4 Can houseplants purify the air in your home?
5 World will miss 1.5íC warming limit--top UK expert
6 Eating less meat 'like taking 8m cars off road'
7 Climate change plan will leave UK unprepared, advisers warn
8 Excessive heat: Why this summer has been so hot
9 Memo reveals pressure on UK climate finance pledge
10 Climate change: World's hottest day since records began
11 What is net zero and how are the UK and other countries doing?
12 Europe's Ariane-5 rocket completes final launch
13 Weather satellite captures lightning spectacle across Earth
14 Euclid: Europe's 'dark explorer' telescope launches
15 Virgin Galactic: Sir Richard Branson's rocket plane enters commercial service
16 Scientists pick up shock waves from colliding galaxies
17 Rhodes fires: Jet2 and TUI flights cancelled as British tourists in limbo
18 Climate: NFU Cymru leaders boycott tree planting scheme
19 Whitehaven Harbour secures seventh 'sea bin' to capture plastic waste
20 Rhodes fires: Scots tourists sleep on street as blazes spread
21 Greece fires: Warning Rhodes fires could worsen as thousands flee homes and hotels
22 Nova Scotia: Four missing after extreme rainfall hits Canada
23 Uxbridge: Keir Starmer says Labour must learn lessons of by-election defeat
24 Four arrests after washing machine demo at Grangemouth oil refinery
25 Derbyshire: Cost-cutting recycling centre changes planned
26 Forest of Dean: Another successful breeding year for pine martens
27 Cameras capture Galloway pine marten population growth
28 Climate records tumble, leaving Earth in uncharted territory--scientists
29 Maharashtra: At least 22 dead, dozens trapped in deadly India landslide
30 Europe heatwave: Temperatures to soar in Greece as fires still burn
31 What would happen if we stopped fishing?
32 Will workers be paid differently in the age of AI?
33 Prickly pear cactus tacos
34 What does 'Barbenheimer' really mean for Hollywood?
35 Barbie's surprising role in Moon exploration
36 How will extreme temperatures and heatwaves change how we work?
37 St. John: The tiny island where Robert Oppenheimer escaped his legacy
38 Seven AI companies agree to safeguards in the US
39 AI: Workers need more protection, says TUC
40 Nick Clegg: AI language systems are 'quite stupid'
41 Warcraft fans trick AI article bot with Glorbo hoax
42 AI will 'lead to more games being made and more jobs'
43 TSMC: Chip giant delays Arizona production in blow to Biden
44 Apple slams UK surveillance-bill proposals
45 Mobile roaming charges: Ofcom proposes new rules to curb fees
46 Artificial intelligence: Experts propose guidelines for safe systems
47 FIFA esports World Cup finalists respond to penalty row
48 UK amends encrypted message scanning plans
49 Elon Musk: Tesla may cut prices again in 'turbulent times'
50 Netflix ends password sharing in 'big market' India
51 Lean times hit the vertical farming business
52 How brands hope to tempt you with videos on labels
53 The US military revives an idea for stealthy sea power
54 Threads: The BBC drama which affected a generation of viewers
55 Coastal defense drone survey to be carried out
56 Solo travel: Why more people are doing it and tips for first timers
57 Intel's deepfake detector tested on real and fake videos
58 Cryptocurrency scam warning after 150k pounds handed over to fraudsters
59 Hollywood strikes: 'Most of us have second jobs'
60 Planet Wellbeing: Elderly entering virtual 'world' to end loneliness
61 Camden pupils in hostels successfully ask council for wifi
62 Famed US hacker Kevin Mitnick dies aged 59
63 Grocery robot trial to expand to Wetherby, Leeds council hears
64 Childcare shortage warning as childminders quit
65 Head teachers accept England pay rise
66 Top degrees fall for the first time in a decade
67 Transgender guidance for schools to be delayed
68 Parents 'desperate' as summer care hits 943 pounds a child
69 Open University IT issues mean students cannot see degree results
70 Sarah Perry: New university chancellor hits out at government degree criticism
71 The doctors graduating during walkouts and record waiting lists
72 What is the plan for 30 hours of free childcare and how will it work?
73 Ukraine war: University visits Swansea to share experiences
74 Struggling Bath families to get supermarket vouchers
75 Bristol learning centre celebrates 10 years supporting young people
76 Sunderland parents say disabled care closure 'catastrophic'
77 House builder collapse leaves family stranded
78 Texas A&M president Katherine Banks leaves over hiring backlash
79 Teachers accept 7.9% pay rise offer
80 Last day for Herm school ahead of trial
81 Mistley school finds new site for pupils due to safety risk
82 Government plan on Isle of Man land developments to be reviewed
83 Bristol nurseries struggling to recruit staff, bosses say
84 Food poverty: Parents dread end of free school meals in holidays
85 D.H. Lawrence: Author's former Eastwood home could become HMO
86 Ladywood: Fury as dozens fail to get inside meeting about homes
87 Row over British Journal of Psychiatry abortion paper saw panel quit
88 Baby loss in pregnancy: Pledge to store remains in dignified way
89 US heatwave sees hospitals use body-bag ice treatment
90 Drug donanemab seen as turning point in dementia fight
91 Senior doctors stage first strike in a decade
92 Extreme heat intensifies across south-west US
93 US approves first over-the-counter birth control pill
94 Aspartame--is it a possible cause of cancer?
95 South Koreans become younger under new age-counting law
96 She helped kill Roe vs. Wade--now she wants to end abortion in America
97 US health panel releases new breast cancer screening guidelines
98 Kenya sickle cell: Fighting to dispel the myths around the disease
99 New support for Somerset hospital patients with alcohol issues
100 Son to run 15km in Leicester after father has rare tumour removed
101 Teacher overwhelmed as 70k pounds raised for cancer treatment
102 Evan Davis was told at his wedding that father had killed himself
103 Strictly's Amy reveals her second cancer diagnosis
104 Lesbian couple drop NHS fertility treatment legal challenge
105 Toddler who spent life in hospital gets heart transplant
106 Bid to boost breastfeeding spaces for Jersey mums
107 Assistance animals: 'My dog is my lifeline and my safety net'
108 Patient's death in NI mental health unit preventable, inquest rules
109 Nebraska teen jailed for illegal disposal of her aborted foetus
110 Consultants' strike: Oxford doctors warn of NHS exodus
111 Nottinghamshire hospital drill goes ahead despite doctors' strike
112 University of Exeter apprenticeship aims to ease NHS staff shortage
113 Coroner's concern over number of falls at Hull hospitals
114 Swansea: Funeral for Morgan Ridler who died of cancer
115 Bath school given 50K pounds fine for exposing pupils to radioactive gas
116 Elon Musk: Time to say goodbye to Twitter logo
117 Trump Mar-a-Lago classified files case: Judge sets 20 May trial date
118 Senator releases FBI source's claim of Biden bribes from Ukraine
119 From Ukraine to Aspen, nervousness over a critical moment for the war
120 Gorilla thought to be male surprises zoo with birth
121 What criminal charges could Trump face in January 6 investigation?
122 Charlie Mackesy: 'I was hiding in the toilet before I won my Oscar'
123 Biden chooses Lisa Franchetti to head Pentagon military branch
124 How big are Donald Trump's legal problems?
125 US white supremacists found guilty of gay pride riot plot