File Title
1 China warns of 'multiple natural disasters' in July
2 'We only have this planet': Barbados PM urges unified climate finance response
3 US, EU, UK pledge additional aid at Ukraine Recovery Conference in London
4 Facing housing crunch, Toronto cuts into once-protected lands
5 Struggling German Greens urge EU to reconsider asylum reforms
6 Leader of Indigenous children's rescue team felt 'powerless'
7 110M displaced by war, climate change, human rights abuses
8 US climate envoy Kerry holds talks in China
9 US climate envoy locks horns with Republicans ahead of China trip
10 A multi-model prediction system for ENSO
11 Marine animal poisonings overwhelm California volunteers
12 UK polluting firms to face unlimited fines; Toxic foam blights crucial Brazil river
13 France to pay bonus for shoe, clothes repairs to cut waste
14 Hazardous 'forever chemicals' detected in nearly half of US tap water
15 Trial over Spanish ecological disaster starts, 25 years on
16 Philippines top court orders re-arrest of suspect in activist killing
17 Sri Lanka uproots 'last legume' tree to build highway
18 Amazon neighbors act to save world's largest rainforest; Lula slashes Amazon deforestation
19 Scorching heatwave threatens to break top temperatures
20 Acropolis closes at hottest hours amid Greece heatwave
21 Scientists discover 36-million-year geological cycle that drives biodiversity
22 US West and South bake under extended heat wave
23 New Zealand calls on China to curb tensions in 'contested' Pacific
24 El Nino spells trouble for vulnerable Galapagos iguana
25 Canada's Magdalen islands have 'front row' seat to climate change
26 Canada wildfires have burned over 10 mn. hectares this year
27 US envoy Kerry arrives in China to restart climate talks
28 As climate changes, farms in US 'Peach State' Georgia suffer
29 Iraq's marshes are dying, and a civilisation with them
30 Erdogan says working with Russia, Ukraine to save grain deal
31 Heavy rains, flooding leave 33 dead in South Korea
32 Delhi river reaches record high in monsoon floods
33 Scientists find evidence of world's oldest glaciers
34 'Unimaginable': Austria's highest paradise feels heat of climate change
35 Himalayan glaciers melting 65 percent faster than previous decade: study
36 MIT researchers to lead a new center for continuous mRNA manufacturing
37 Remote plant worlds
38 How Tau tangles form in the brain
39 London's new 'super sewer' to end Thames pollution blight
40 Iraqis beat summer heat by swimming in shrinking Tigris river
41 Considerable but unsustainable water supply from thawing permafrost on the Tibetan Plateau in a changing climate
42 Why trees outcompete shrubs to shift upward?
43 Iraq honey production at the mercy of heat and drought
44 Record-breaking heat bakes US, Europe, China
45 Panama seizes six tons of illegally traded shark fins
46 US climate envoy locks horns with Republicans ahead of China trip
47 'Risk is high': ship arrives to pump oil from Yemen tanker
48 In Canada, deserted oil wells are environmental time bombs
49 Why American communities are suing Big Oil for climate damages
50 Stratospheric success for BAE Systems' PHASA-35 UAV drone
51 Despite doubts from quantum physicists: Einstein's theory of relativity reaffirmed
52 UN rights council calls for AI transparency
53 Pump powers soft robots, makes cocktails
54 Magnetic robots walk, crawl, and swim
55 ChatGPT dragged to US court over AI copyright
56 Nations call for swift fossil fuel exit to tackle climate change
57 'Like hell': India's burning coalfields
58 EU official sees 'contradiction' between China's climate goals, coal plants
59 Australian coal earnings expected to plummet
60 White House launches $20 billion in grants for low-income, clean-energy initiatives
61 The pace of the energy transition is fast, but not fast enough, the IEA says
62 'Not there yet': COP host UAE vows to cut more emissions
63 End of S. Africa's blackouts 'within horizon': minister
64 OpenAI's Sam Altman takes nuclear startup public
65 New superconductors can be built atom by atom
66 High-resolution, ultrastable X-ray imaging usng lead-free anti-perovskite nanocrystals
67 EU lawmakers back chip-production plan
68 Egypt, Ethiopia agree to reach deal on controversial dam in four months
69 Building workers in torrid Texas say water-break ban is 'a law that kills'
70 'Hot and dangerous weekend': US bakes under relentless heat dome
71 UK polluting firms to face unlimited fines; Toxic foam blights crucial Brazil river
72 Losses stack up for FTC's Khan in US antitrust crackdown
73 Chinese premier affirms support for technology sector
74 Unlikely savior: Musk's antics give Zuckerberg PR makeover
75 EU Commission rebuffs Paris demand to 'reconsider' American hire
76 Germany bolsters approach to more 'assertive' China
77 COP28 host UAE and India vow 'successful' climate summit
78 Markets struggle as China growth misses forecasts
79 Markets extend rally on hopes Fed near end of rate hike cycle
80 Storm clouds loom large over China's economy
81 EU hosts Latin America amid rifts over Ukraine, trade
82 China's top diplomat tells EU not to 'vacillate'
83 'Artificially high' growth predicted for China in Q2: survey
84 How an "AI-tocracy" emerges
85 Pioneering Design Proposes Highly Directional Single-Photon Source
86 Nanophotonics: Coupling light and matter
87 Study finds ChatGPT boosts worker productivity for some writing tasks
88 Coordination could spare billions in grid upgrade costs and accelerate electrification
89 A bright future in eco-friendly light devices, just add dendrimers, cellulose, and graphene
90 How tidal range electricity generation could meet future demand and storage problems
91 Tiny quantum electronic vortexes can circulate in superconductors
92 Harvesting clean energy from thin air
93 Portland State to lead region-wide effort for the next generation electrical grid
94 Breakthrough in waste heat to green energy
95 How solid air can spur sustainable development
96 Germany wary of heat pump business sale to US group
97 Virginia Tech to study the environmental effects of utility-scale solar installations
98 Satellogic and OHB to collaborate on environmental earth observation applications
99 Huangshan dialogue advances sustainable development of heritage sites
100 Northrop Grumman to design autonomous vertical takeoff and landing aircraft for DARPA
101 US Air Force suspends personnel moves, bonuses over funding shortfall
102 AFRL Airlift Challenge tests AI-based logistics planning for future operations
103 Musk says Twitter has lost half its advertising revenue
104 San Francisco's race for robo-taxis cleaves sharp divide over safety
105 Malaysia PM holds virtual talks with Musk on Tesla investment
106 Drexel's titanium oxide material lets sunlight drive green hydrogen production
107 Uranium Energy Corp. completes Restart Program at the Christensen Ranch ISR Project in Wyoming
108 OpenAI's Sam Altman takes nuclear startup public
109 Report: Robots with artificial intelligence might offer real human companionship
110 'Call of Duty' to remain on Playstation
111 Scientists developing way to make cheaper Lithium batteries
112 China, Russia pledge $1.4 billion for lithium plants in Bolivia