File Title
1 NASA's "Message in a Bottle" Campaign: Sign Poem that Will Fly Aboard Europa Clipper
2 A Thin Leap Forward: World's First Functional 2D Microchip
3 Behind Galactic Bars: Webb Telescope Unlocks Secrets of Star Formation
4 Hubble's Final Gaze: Unraveling the Mysteries of Jellyfish Galaxies
5 Cultural Legacy in Peril: The Fight to Save Japan's Purple Gromwell
6 A Magical Combination--Scientists Develop a New Class of Materials
7 Oral Estrogen Hormone Therapy's Troubling Tie to High Blood Pressure
8 Unexpected Organization: Newly Discovered Muscle Fiber Structure
9 Peering into Cosmic Shadows: BlackGEM Telescopes Join the Hunt for Gravitational Waves
10 Scaling Up Quantum Computers: RIKEN Scientists Connect Distant Silicon Qubits
11 Stanford Medicine Reveals: Tiny DNA Circles Defying Genetic Laws Drive Cancer Formation
12 Zap Energy Unveils Innovative Method to Quantify Fusion Energy Gain
13 Genomic Innovation in Rice: Transforming Black, Brown, and Red Varieties with CRISPR
14 First Contact: Simulating a Message from Extraterrestrial Intelligence to Earth
15 Puzzle-Solving Mastery: How a Methane-Producing Bacterium Creates Its Own Sulfate Reduction Machinery
16 When Going Green Goes Wrong: The Human Rights Paradox of Decarbonization
17 Unleashing Exotic States of Matter: RIKEN Proves Edges Unnecessary
18 Breakthrough in Glioma Treatment: New Drug Delays Progression of Deadly Brain Cancer
19 Defying the Aging Process: Groundbreaking Research Reveals that Our Muscles Reverse to an "Early-Life" State
20 Lab-Grown Mini Lungs: Accelerating Respiratory Disease Research
21 Microglia Mystique: Newly Discovered Brain Mechanism Linked to Anxiety and OCD
22 Rethinking Pandemic Strategies: Regular Testing and Self-Isolation Can Outperform Lockdowns
23 Climate Change Is Expected to Increase the Number of Devastating Flash Droughts
24 SpaceX's Dragon: Launching Science, Power, and Fresh Food to ISS on 28th Resupply Mission
25 Cosmic Smoke Signals: James Webb Telescope Discovers Organic Molecules in Distant Galaxy
26 HeartBEiT: Mount Sinai's AI Innovation Decoding Electrocardiograms as Language
27 Science Made Simple: What Are Protons?
28 Scientists Discover that a Molecule Has Been Spreading Emotions for Millions of Years
29 Detecting Neutralizing Antibodies for COVID-19: A Novel Technique Uncovered by MIT Chemists
30 Piercing Solar Physics Mysteries: Supercomputer Simulations Illuminate the Sun's Magnetic Dynamo
31 Power of Exercise: Countering High Genetic Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
32 Revolution in Pet Sterilization: Gene Therapy Offers Long-Term Contraception for Cats
33 Revolutionary 3D Printing Technology a "Game Changer" for Discovering and Manufacturing New Materials
34 More than Green Spaces: How Investing in Urban Parks Improves Health and Saves Money
35 Webb Space Telescope Shows Early Universe Crackled with Bursts of Star Formation
36 140 Million-Year-Old Tooth Reveals Diversity of Spinosaurs in Ancient Britain
37 Innovative Design Doubles Efficiency of Lightweight Solar Cells for Space
38 Accidental Innovation: Notre Dame's Unexpected Discovery Enhances Drug Potency
39 A Quantum of Solace: Resolving a Mathematical Puzzle in Quarks and Gluons in Nuclear Matter
40 AI Revolutionizes Antibiotic Discovery: A New Hope Against Evasive Hospital Superbugs
41 SpaceX Dragon Arrives at ISS with Pioneering Science Experiments and Solar Arrays
42 Unwind and Thrive: How Evening "Recovery" Impacts Your Workday Mood
43 Decoding the Body-Brain Connection: Muscle Fat as a Predictor of Cognitive Decline
44 AI Demonstrates Superior Performance in Predicting Breast Cancer
45 Stellar Archaeology: Chemical Clues Reveal Supernova Secrets from Universe's First Massive Stars
46 Scientists Discover Five Thousand New Species in the Pacific Ocean--But They Are at Risk
47 From Chaos to Cure: Deadly Virus Structures Point Toward New Antibodies and Vaccine Targets
48 Prenatal Genetics: The Hidden Key to Childhood Mental Health Risk?
49 NASA's Psyche Asteroid Mission Back on Stellar Track--Extraordinary Turnaround Wows Review Board
50 The Dark Side of Motherhood: Brain Region Identified that Prompts Females to Kill Their Young
51 Researchers Warn: Global Warming of Up to 3 Degrees Likely
52 Flipping the Fat Burn Switch: The Breakthrough that Could Lead to New Obesity Treatments
53 Tiny Particles, Big Surprises: The Unexpected Complexity of Catalysts
54 Once-in-a-Lifetime Find--Scientists Discover 5.5 Million-Year-Old Elephant Graveyard in Florida
55 Next-Gen. Superconducting Diode: Enhancing AI Performance and Quantum Computing Scalability
56 Astrophysicists Spot a Cosmic Whisper: The Faintest Galaxy in the Early Universe
57 Anxiety Relief in Sight: Scientists Identify Key Gene
58 Star Devours Planet, Brightens Spectacularly
59 NASA's Parker Solar Probe Plunges into Fast Solar Wind and Discovers Its Mysterious Source
60 SpaceX Dragon's Successful Cargo Delivery to Space Station Sets Up Friday's Spacewalk
61 New Research Finds that Commonly Used Osteoporosis Tool Is Suboptimal
62 Astrocytes: The Unsung Heroes of Stress Management
63 Hunting the Ghosts of the Universe: Unraveling the Neutrino Enigma
64 Cardiovascular Crystal Ball: New Tool Predicts Future Heart Disease Risk
65 Baldness Breakthrough: microRNA Stimulates Hair Growth in Aging Follicles
66 Brain Ventricle Expansion: The Dark Side of Multiple Spaceflights on Human Brain Structure
67 Northeast U.S. Chokes on Record-Breaking Wildfire Smoke from Quebec
68 COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdowns Altered Mammal Movement Behaviors Worldwide
69 Unhealthy Relationship: Food Addiction Affects 1 in 8 Americans Over 50
70 Intestinal Bacteria--The Secret to Living to 100?
71 The Human Brain Project: Bridging Micro and Macro Understandings of the Brain
72 Quantum Speedup--Quantum Computers Are Better at Guessing
73 Genetic Jigsaw: Piecing Together the Human Pangenome
74 Researchers "Split" Phonons in Step Toward New Type of Linear Mechanical Quantum Computer
75 Mars as Never Seen Before: ESA's Mars Express New Global Color Mosaic
76 Scientists Discover that Family and Loved Ones May Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Journey
77 Breaking the 21-Day Myth: Machine Learning Unlocks the Secrets of Habit Formation
78 Bacterial Battle Armor: How a Frog Vaccine Alters Microbiome Against Deadly Fungus
79 A Supernova Afterparty: Hubble Snaps Cosmic Disarray in the Heart of Pegasus
80 Caution: Teen Screen Time Over 3 Hours Daily Linked to Increased Back Pain
81 Mars Express in Numbers: A 20-Year Journey of Groundbreaking Martian Discovery
82 Flash of Light Brighter than a Trillion Stars Leads to Supermassive Black Hole Breakthrough
83 Italy's Campi Flegrei Supervolcano Edges Closer to Possible Eruption--Last Erupted in 1538
84 Tarantula Nebula's Magnetic Maelstrom: Secret Ingredient to Surprising Survival of 30 Doradus
85 Why Do We Find It So Hard to Resist Treats like Chocolate Bars? Scientists Discover Sweets Change Our Brain
86 Evolutionary Role of Curly Hair: Keeping Early Humans Cool and Hydrated
87 Astronauts Begin Spacewalk to Install Solar Array Live on NASA TV
88 Scientists Reveal the Secret to Creating "Living and Breathing" Buildings that Use Less Energy
89 Power Leap: NASA Spacewalkers Successfully Install New Solar Array on ISS
90 Scientists Have Mapped the Ground Beneath Antarctica's Most Vulnerable Glacier for the First Time
91 Surprising Phenomena Observed by NASA's NuSTAR in Brightest Cosmic Explosion Ever Detected
92 Structured Light Revolution: Noise-Free Optical Communication Demonstrated
93 A Pinch Too Much: How Salt Consumption May Influence Your Cognitive Health
94 The Hidden Parasite Wreaking Havoc on Caribbean Sea Urchins
95 Unprecedented Image of Black Hole's Powerful Jet and Shadow Captured by Astronomers
96 Newly Discovered Dinosaur Iani May Have Been Species' "Last Gasp" in a Changing Planet
97 Riding the Atmospheric Rivers: Satellite Evidence of Record Water Gains in California
98 Defying Fundamental Laws of Biology--Scientists Discover Real-Life Chimeras
99 Scientists Harness Biology's Favorite Chemical
100 Built into the Genome of the Microbes--Scientists Uncover Over 30,000 "Hidden" Viruses
101 Columbia Study: Energy Drink Ingredient Taurine May Boost Health and Slow Aging
102 Harnessing Gravitational Waves to Explore the Early Universe and Answer Fundamental Questions in Cosmology
103 Two Years of Life--The Hidden Cost of COVID for Heart Attack Patients
104 COVID-19 Can Cause Brain Cells to Fuse--Leading to Chronic "Long COVID" Neurological Symptoms
105 Science Made Simple: What Are Neutrons?
106 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Has COVID Affected Climate Change?
107 Stanford Scientists Identify Genes Linked to Familial Brain Cancer
108 Strange Transient Radio Pulses Provide Clues to Mysterious Origin
109 Cause and Cure Discovered for Common Type of High Blood Pressure
110 5.8 Trillion Degrees: Getting to the Bottom of When the Smallest Meson Melts
111 Harvard Scientists Reveal that Air Pollution May Increase Risk of Dementia
112 New Study: Vegan Diets Can Provide Adequate Nutrition for Dogs
113 Rocks: The Unexpected Powerhouse of Sustainable Solar Energy Storage
114 Lost in Space? Why--and How--NASA Gives a Name to Every Spot It Studies on Mars
115 Exotic Matter Uncovered: Physicists Stumble upon a Material Composed of Bosons