File Title
1 Plato's structural test campaign
2 ESA moves ahead with in-Orbit Servicing missions
3 Uniting Europe: DLR Spearheads Responsive Satellite Deployment Network
4 India launches cut-price mission to land on Moon
5 UK targets laser satellite communications with NorthumbriaU research grant
6 Lunar solar power satellite
7 Improving high-temperature stability of perovskite solar cells
8 Help ESA research key space-based solar power challenges
9 NASA advances Orion modules for upcoming artemis missions
10 Artemis instruments to study volcanic terrain on the Moon
11 Virgin Galactic Unveils Plans for its Second Commercial Spaceflight, Galactic 02
12 Virgin Galactic's use of the 'Overview Effect' to promote space tourism is a terrible irony
13 Above Space signs Umbrella Space Act Agreement with NASA
14 NASA expands options for spacewalking, moonwalking suits, services
15 India launches Chandrayaan-3 mission on path toward moon landing
16 GMV teams with Galician Innovation Agency to fortify CIAR with advanced cybersecurity system
17 Blinken warns Beijing on hacking as US, China keep dialogue going
18 Chinese hackers breached US govt. email accounts: Microsoft
19 Serbian intelligence chief sanctioned over corruption, ties to Russia
20 US podcast misinformation goes largely unchecked
21 France set to allow police to spy through phones
22 Pentagon aims to shore up security after damaging leak
23 US court limits officials' contacts with social media firms
24 China says UK offering 'protection to fugitives' after bounty put on Hong Kong activists
25 CIA director says US won"t 'waste' chance to recruit Russians disaffected by war
26 China's sweeping new anti-espionage law comes into effect
27 Hong Kong unlicensed pro-democracy radio station goes off-air
28 'Godfather of AI' urges governments to face dangers
29 Australia plans huge fines if big tech fails to tackle disinformation
30 Pentagon leak suspect pleads not guilty
31 Vast cyber espionage campaign linked to China: report
32 Australia terminates Russia's lease on new embassy, citing nat'l security risk
33 France uncovers sophisticated Russian disinformation campaign
34 Thales to buy Australian cybersecurity firm Tesserent
35 UN chief proposes code to tackle 'grave' misinformation
36 China operating intel unit in Cuba for years: US official
37 Canadian official probing election meddling by China resigns
38 AI, facial recognition tech front and centre at China security expo
39 HawkEye 360 raises $58 million for satellite architecture and data science acceleration
40 Teledyne e2v Space Imaging celebrates the success of its sensors as Aeolus de-orbits
41 Low altitude flights study everyday emissions
42 Climate-neutral air travel: Is it possible?
43 Europe-wide space-enabled aviation approaches take off
44 Czech Republic to provide helicopters, F-16 training to Ukraine
45 DLR project HorizonUAM provides answers
46 NASA-ISRO earth observing satellite coming together in India
47 NASA's GISTEMP Confirms June 2023 as the Record-Breaking Warmest Month
48 'We cannot work'--why Gulf summer feels even hotter than usual
49 Heat killed 61,000 in Europe's record-breaking 2022 summer: study
50 Texas scraps 'water break' law for construction workers, as global heat records soar
51 Monday world's hottest day on record, initial measurements show
52 UK saw hottest June on record in 2023: Met Office
53 Viasat provides status update on ViaSat-3 Americas Satellite
54 JUPITER 3 arrives at Cape Canaveral for launch
55 SpaceX launches satellite to serve rural Indonesia
56 GMV tests lunar rover at unprecedented speeds
57 New study reveals evidence of diverse organic material on Mars
58 Better tools needed to determine ancient life on Mars
59 Is there life on Mars? Maybe, and it could have dropped its teddy
60 NASA, Aerojet Rocketdyne put Gateway thruster system to the test
61 Safran and Terran Orbital sign a MoA to produce satellite electric propulsion systems in US
62 Sales rocket for Zenno's fuel-free satellite pointing system
63 Guiding Aeolus' safe reentry
64 Webb Telescope catches glimpse of possible first-ever 'dark stars'
65 Exploring dark matter and the first bright galaxies simultaneously: 21-cm forest probe may unlock secrets of early universe
66 Rocket Lab readies launch of seven satellites from New Zealand
67 Rocket Lab to boost Synspective's satellite constellation with more launches
68 Euclid's large halo around indefinitely small point
69 Sols 3887-3888: The Vastness
70 Earth and Moon seen from Mars
71 First Mars livestream: the movie
72 Mars in color as never seen before
73 ESA ground facilities support ISRO's Chandrayaan-3 lunar mission
74 Astronomers find answers to mysterious action of ghost stars in our Galaxy
75 Webb detects host galaxies of quasars in the early universe
76 Astronomers identify the coldest star yet that emits radio waves
77 China unveils preliminary plan on manned lunar landing
78 Robot team on lunar exploration tour
79 SHERLOC instrument offers new perspective on Jezero Crater, Mars
80 In Brazil, stargazers escape cities in search of 'astro-tourism'
81 New 3D Visualization Highlights 5,000 Galaxies Revealed by Webb
82 Webb locates dust reservoirs in two supernovae
83 Hawaii observatories play criical role adding color to new space mission
84 Google launches ChatGPT rival Bard in EU, Brazil
85 NASA humanoid robot to be tested in Australia
86 Satellite security lags decades behind the state of the art
87 Space Force, Air Force sign MOA on Guardian uniform development
88 Tensions on Earth don't have to affect outer space diplomacy
89 Spacecom General wants satellites with sustained maneuverability
90 iRocket contracts with US Space Force to transform how launch vehicles are powered
91 Arctic Weather Satellite progressing towards launch
92 WMO: tracking the world's weather and climate
93 MSU studies nutrients that may have fertilized ancient photosynthesis in Earth's oceans
94 Preventing interplanetary pollution that could pose a threat to life on Earth and other planets
95 Evidence of the amino acid tryptophan found in space
96 Ocean animals vacate areas both around and outside deep-sea mining operations
97 Critical negotiations on deep sea mining kick off in Jamaica
98 Startup bets on kitesurf to blow away shipping pollution
99 Underwater mining of high seas inches closer
100 This self-driving boat maps underwater terrain
101 How larger body sizes helped the colonizers of New Zealand
102 OceanMind selects Spire Global's satellite ship-tracking data to combat illegal fishing
103 New radar technique lets scientists probe invisible ice sheet region on Earth and icy worlds
104 Indonesia orders 13 long-range military radars from Thales
105 Spire using ever more satellite data to enhance global weather forecasts
106 Satellite info available for cities to tap into
107 Delhi river reaches record high in monsoon floods
108 S. Korea president vows 'complete overhaul' of approach to extreme weather
109 Turkey quake survivors' latest menace--dust
110 Satellites offer enhanced early warning systems for disaster-prone Asian communities