File Title
1 Extinct "Hotspot" Volcanoes Spill Secrets on Inner Workings of Volcanoes
2 Engineers Develop the First Fully Integrated Wearable Ultrasound System for Deep-Tissue Monitoring
3 Nature's Alchemy: Cellular Waste Transformed into Essential Chemicals
4 AI Battles Superbugs: Helps Find New Antibiotic Drug to Combat Drug-Resistant Infections
5 Unveiling the "Mysterious" Gaza Wine: Scientists Analyze Ancient Grapes
6 Space Dust--a New Way to Search for Alien Life
7 Want Better Kimchi? Scientists Reveal the Secret
8 From Forgotten Formula to Climate Game Changer: A New Tool for Converting Carbon Dioxide
9 Heavy Drinking Could Be Jeopardizing Your Muscles
10 Unraveling the Secret of Maintaining Weight-Loss: Role of Neurotensin Unveiled
11 Cancer and AI--Can ChatGPT Be Trusted?
12 How Old Is that Microplastic? A New Way to Unveil the Age of Oceanic Microplastics
13 Breaking the Cosmic Silence: First Detection of Radio Waves from Type Ia Supernova
14 Slowing Cognitive Aging: Major Study Finds Daily Multivitamin Improves Memory in Older Adults
15 Higgs Boson Unveils New Secrets: Rare Decay Detected at Large Hadron Collider
16 New Study Reveals How Climate Change Can Change Hibernation Patterns
17 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Why is Sea Level Rising?
18 Why Are Teenagers Saying No to Alcohol?
19 Semi-Visible Particle Jets: Is Dark Matter Hiding in Plain Sight?
20 STING like a Bee: MIT's Revolutionary Approach to Cancer Immunotherapy
21 Egg-Citing Breakthrough: Scientists Develop Allergy-Free Eggs
22 Scientists Induce Hibernation-Like State Using Ultrasound Stimulation of the Brain
23 Slowly Vanishing--Over 50% of the World's Largest Lakes Are Losing Water
24 Driving on the Moon: NASA Pursues Next-Generation Lunar Terrain Vehicle
25 New Study: Special Mediterranean Keto Diet Could Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
26 Hubble Explores Aftermath of Catastrophic Stellar Explosion in NGC 298
27 Microbes Discovered in the Alps and Arctic that Can Digest Plastic at Low Temperatures
28 Unlocking the Secrets of the Brain's "Internal Compass"
29 Blood Pressure Monitoring at Your Fingertips: Super Low-Cost Smartphone Attachment
30 Gene Therapy Breakthrough in Treatment of Age-Related Hearing Loss
31 Hang in There: How Sloths Master the Art of Survival in Changing Climate
32 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Makes Closest-Ever Flyby of Jupiter's Volcanic Moon Io
33 Chemical Cartography: Mapping the Hidden World of Plant Roots
34 COVID-19's Ripple Effect: The Youth Suicide Surge
35 Black Hole Paradox: Unstable X-ray Emissions Shake Foundations of Particle Acceleration Theory
36 Exploring Quantum Gravity: Physicists Tune in to the Cosmic Ring of Black Holes
37 Improve Your Health: Experts Recommend a Six-Teaspoon Limit of "Free" Sugars
38 NASA's Lunar Orbiter Captures Impact Site of Failed HAKUTO-R Moon Lander
39 Nested Invasions: Alien Species Do Not Arrive Alone
40 Obesity Amplifies Risk of Mental Disorders--Depression, Anxiety, Psychosis and More
41 Goldilocks Galore: Hundreds of Millions of Planets in the Milky Way Could Potentially Harbor Life
42 The Woman Who Doesn't Feel Pain--New Study Reveals Her Unique Molecular Machinery
43 LOME's Twist: Ancient Mass Extinction Event May Not Be So Strange After All
44 New Innovative System Can Turn Seawater into Fuel
45 Forget Me Not: How Flavanols Fight Age-related Memory Loss
46 Hidden in Plain Sight: Windshield Washer Fluid Is an Unexpected Source of Vehicle Emissions
47 Unearthing Prehistory: Australia's Oldest Pterosaur Bones Date Back 107 Million Years
48 The Silent Whisper of Death: 4,000-Year-Old Plague DNA Found in Britain
49 Optimizing Teen Sleep--Scientists Reveal the Secret
50 Climate "Fingerprinting" Reveals Clear Human Influence on Atmospheric Temperature Changes
51 26% of Students--New Study Reveals Alarming Rise of Nicotine Vaping in Schools
52 World's Most Powerful Laser Reveals Secrets of Pressure-Driven Ionization in Stars and Nuclear Fusion
53 Astronomers Find First Radiation Belt Outside Our Solar System--10 Million Times Brighter than Jupiter's
54 Webb Space Telescope Detects 6000-Mile Water Plume Jetting from Saturn's Moon Enceladus
55 Botox Breakthrough--New Discovery Could Save Lives
56 Tumor Avatars--a New Approach to Personalized Cancer Treatment
57 Microsoft's Quantum Breakthrough--Were They Wrong?
58 Eavesdropping on E.T.: New Software for Hunting Technosignatures from Extraterrestrial Intelligence
59 Mastering Uncertainty: An Effective Approach to Training Machines for Real-World Situations
60 A Deadly Craft: Unraveling the Dangerous Reality of Flintknapping for Early Humans
61 Meltdown: The Alarmingly Rapid Disappearance of Greenland's Glaciers
62 MIT and IBM Develop New Tool to Help Choose the Right Method for Evaluating AI Models
63 Iron Deficiency Could Be Making Your Mental Health Symptoms Worse
64 3D Printing Paves Way for "Designer" Titanium Alloys
65 Scientists Discover Chinmo--"The Youth Gene"
66 Unlimited Resolution--Unprecedented Microscopy Technique Is a "True Game-Changer"
67 New Weapon Against Brain Cancer: Gene Engineered Cell Therapy's Two-Pronged Assault on Metastatic Melanomas
68 Final Act for NASA's Kepler Planet Hunter: Unearthing a Triad of Alien Worlds
69 Are "Forever Chemicals" Really Useful? New Research Questions Their Effectiveness
70 Reclaiming Youth--How Scientists Are Getting Around Muscle Aging
71 Revamping Energy Recovery: New Way to Efficiently Convert Waste Heat into Electricity
72 Galactic Bubbles: Unexpected Complexity of the Milky Way's Mysterious Structures
73 NASA Extends Roman Space Telescope Science Operations--Exploration of Dark Energy, Dark Matter and Exoplanets
74 Endolysins--a Solution to Antibiotic Resistance?
75 The Arctic's Unseen Savior: The Montreal Protocol Has Delayed an Ice-Free Arctic by 15 Years
76 Exoplanet Discovery Alert: Webb Space Telescope Finds Water in Ultra-Hot Alien World
77 Mighty Little Volcanoes: Unveiling the Deepest Hydrothermal Activity
78 A "Scientific Surprise"--White-Bellied Pangolins Have Second-Most Chromosomes Among Mammals
79 Researchers Discover Shared Genetic Basis for Cannabis Use and Psychiatric Disorders
80 Don't Sleep on this: Study Links Sleep Apnea to Smaller Brain Volume
81 Does COVID-19 Vaccination Cause Changes to Women's Periods?
82 Deep Sequencing Identifies Several New Genetic Variants in Vascular Anomalies
83 Pushing Boundaries: Smaller, Lighter Space-Based Imaging Spectrometers with High Spectral Resolution
84 Illuminating Science: X-Rays Visualize How One of Nature's Strongest Bonds Breaks
85 Chilling Secrets: Rocks Beneath Antarctic Ice Sheet Reveal Surprising Past
86 NASA's GUARDIAN: Innovative GPS-Based Tsunami Detection System
87 Johns Hopkins Research Links Heart Attacks with Faster Cognitive Decline
88 Feeling Lucky? How Unexpected Wins Shape Our Risky Decisions
89 Tobacco Industry Tactics: Makers of PFAS "Forever Chemicals" Covered Up the Dangers
90 SpaceX Dragon Prepares for Launch: New Solar Arrays and Spacewalks Await
91 Revolutionizing Electrochemistry: Innovating with Nanoporous Model Electrodes
92 Revolution in Physics: First-Ever X-Ray of a Single Atom Captured
93 The Future of Food Safety: Detecting Pathogens Before They Cause Illness
94 New Research Shows that Hiring More Women Is Good for Business
95 Jupiter Bound: Juice Spacecraft Deployments Complete
96 ESA's Mars Express: Live Streaming from Mars for the First Time
97 The Dawn of Diversity: Release of the New Human Pangenome Reference
98 The Earliest Quiescent--Researchers Reveal Traits of Ancient Galaxy 25 Billion Light-Years Away
99 NIH Scientists Discover Protein Behind Rare Genetic Skin Disorder
100 Sodium on Steroids: A Nuclear Physics Breakthrough Thought to Be Impossible
101 AI-Powered Breakthrough for Improved at-Home Hepatitis and COVID-19 Testing
102 The "Thunder God Vine"--An Herbal Compound to Help Fight Arthritis
103 Origami in Orbit: Reusable Heat Shield Transforms Spacecraft Reentries
104 Spacewalk Preps and Science Work on Space Station as SpaceX Dragon Counts Down to Launch
105 Astronomers "Stunned" by Discovery of Mysterious Filaments in Milky Way's Center
106 A Sustainable Solution--Unlocking the Hidden Potential of Wastewater
107 Spotting the Seeds of Neurodegeneration--Scientists Develop a Groundbreaking Blood Test for Synucleinopathies
108 3D Printing to the Rescue: Shrinking Vacuum Pumps for Bigger Discoveries
109 Death to Blood Cancer Cells: New Drug Combination Could Revive the Power of Leading Treatment
110 Enhancing Memory with Deep-Brain Stimulation During Sleep
111 The Odyssey of Mars Express: Charting Two Decades of Red Planet Exploration
112 Redefining Fluid Dynamics: Ancient Invention Sparks Modern Breakthrough
113 Do Osteoarthritis Treatments Actually Work? New Study Questions Efficacy
114 Everything in the Universe Is Doomed to Evaporate--Hawking's Radiation Theory Isn't Limited to Black Holes
115 June's Astronomical Spectacles: The Full Strawberry Moon and Summer Solstice
116 Cognitive Impact of Exercise and Mindfulness in Older Adults: A Comprehensive Study
117 Light-Speed Advances: Graphene Nanoprocessing with a Femtosecond Laser
118 Little-Known Microbes Could Be an Early Warning Signal of Climate Tipping Point
119 Critical Oversight in EPA's PFAS Rules: Ignoring a Key Contaminant Source
120 Survival Is a Disgusting Matter--How Nature Uses Revulsion as a Shield
121 Scientists Discover that Coastal Ecosystems Are a Net Greenhouse Gas Sink
122 How Our Cells Kill Themselves--Scientists Decode the Exact Mechanism at the Atomic Level
123 Genotoxic Warning: Chemical Found in Common Sweetener Damages DNA
124 Beware the Splice of Life: This Killer Protein Causes Pancreatic Cancer
125 Scientists Identify 240-Million-Year-Old Mystery Ancient Marine Reptile
126 Hidden Hero Identified--Researchers Flip the Script on Liver Cancer
127 Secrets of Hypernuclei Flow: First Observations at Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider