File Title
1 Huge lithium mine gets key greenlight in Portugal
2 Dual-use rechargeable battery
3 Towards efficient lithium-air batteries with solution plasma-based synthesis of perovskite hydroxide catalysts
4 Researchers develop a new source of quantum light
5 Boric acid-anchoring hole-selective contact for perovskite solar cells
6 Drawn by green subsidies, solar cell giant expands US production
7 New recipes for better solar fuel production
8 Design proposal could double space solar cell efficiency
9 Railways could be a key 'utility player' for backup power
10 Stanford University sends semiconductor investigation to ISS
11 The NEM 3.0 Debacle: A Dark Cloud Over California's Solar Industry
12 Solar investment outshines oil: IEA
13 Ten month voyage proves solar cell material survives, thrives in space
14 Brazil clean electricity hits decade high
15 Rooftop solar panels could power one third of US manufacturing sector
16 Small-scale proton exchange membrane fuel cells
17 Jaguar to pick UK over Spain for battery plant: BBC
18 Flexing crystalline structures provide path to a solid energy future
19 An electric vehicle battery for all seasons
20 Researchers develop calcium rechargeable battery with long cycle life
21 In Iowa, Asa Hutchinson touts measured approach to green energy transition
22 Clean, sustainable fuels made 'from thin air' and plastic waste
23 Carbon mitigation payments can make bioenergy crops more appealing for farmers
24 At Toronto tech show, second thoughts emerge over AI
25 'Don't steal our voices': dubbing artists confront AI threat
26 Can you trust your ears? AI voice scams rattle US
27 Should robots be given a human conscience?
28 Four-legged robot traverses tricky terrains thanks to improved 3D vision
29 Apple, defying the times, stays quiet on AI
30 Human extinction threat 'overblown' says AI sage Marcus
31 'AI doctor' better at predicting patient outcomes, including death
32 Swarming microrobots self-organize into diverse patterns
33 UK to host world's first AI summit: PM Sunak
34 NASA research gathers key radar data for autonomous air cargo delivery
35 Unleashing the power of intelligent drone swarms
36 How drone warfare has evolved in Ukraine
37 AI boss says 'heavy regulation' now could block progress
38 Here Comes the AI: Fans rejoice in 'new' Beatles music
39 Layers of self-healing electronic skin realign autonomously when cut
40 Countries tussle at 'rocky' global plastic talks
41 'We abuse plastic, it's so cheap': UN Environment chief
42 Novel docking system to be tested on the International Space Station
43 China's Xi, officials call for tighter controls over AI
44 New transmission line to carry wind energy electricity from Wyoming to Nevada
45 Brazil faces dilemma: endangered macaw vs. wind farm
46 Spire to provide TrueOcean with weather forecasts for offshore wind farm development
47 Sweden greenlights two offshore windpower farms
48 European leaders vow to boost North Sea wind energy production
49 UK offshore staff 'want public ownership of energy firms'
50 Polish MPs vote to make building wind turbines easier
51 UH professor developing new technologies to improve safety, resiliency of offshore energy systems
52 India shoots for the moon with latest rocket launch
53 SwRI delivers plasma spectrometer for Moon mission
54 Train me to the Moon and back
55 Evidence of new volcanic process on Moon discovered
56 NASA's Starling Mission Sending Swarm of Satellites into Orbit
57 High-Velocity Impacts Explored in Experimental Study
58 Hughes Partners with Netskope to Launch Managed SASE Solution for Small to Medium Enterprises
59 Axiom Space Awarded Contract to Pursue Spacesuit Development for International Space Station
60 China Aerospace Foundation and Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization Sign Cooperation MOU
61 Bursting the Bubble with Inflatable Habitats
62 NASA expands options for spacewalking, moonwalking suits, services
63 Man in the Moon gets his clock reset by 200 million years
64 Planning Take Two: Sols 3885-3886
65 Sols 3882-3884: Weekend Routine for a Red Rover
66 Reinventing cosmology: uOttawa research puts age of universe at 26.7--not 13.7--billion years
67 ESO's Extremely Large Telescope is now half completed
68 Exploring dark matter and the first bright galaxies simultaneously: 21-cm forest probe may unlock secrets of early universe
69 New 3D Visualization Highlights 5,000 Galaxies Revealed by Webb
70 Study increases probability of finding water on other worlds by x100
71 Studying rivers from worlds away
72 LandSpace to launch methane-propelled rocket
73 Orbex expands facilities in preparation for UK Mainland's First Vertical Rocket Launch
74 A space rocket hotter than the Sun
75 ASU scientist uses NASA MESSENGER mission data to measure chromium on Mercury
76 SpaceX's Falcon 9 first-stage booster breaks the record on its 16th flight
77 PLD Space wins the aerospace public-private partnership contract promoted by Spanish Government to develop a micro launcher
78 NASA expands task orders for spacewalking, moonwalking suits
79 'Like a mirror': Astronomers identify most reflective exoplanet
80 Saudi Space Commission holds several meetings with Chinese space companies
81 RTX selected for crossover task order under NASA xEVAS contract
82 Southern Launch reveals new logo and branding
83 Global study finds while humans sheltered in place, wildlife roamed
84 Key EU biodiversity bill may be scrapped as elections draw near
85 Heading to the North Atlantic to study the world's largest waterfall
86 Giant seaweed blob that threatened Florida has shrunk by 75%
87 Study trips, livestreamed fish: Japan's Fukushima charm campaign
88 A multi-model prediction system for ENSO
89 The sound of silence? Researchers prove people hear it
90 Welcome to the Anthropocene, Earth's new chapter
91 Considerable but unsustainable water supply from thawing permafrost on the Tibetan Plateau in a changing climate
92 Forest can adapt to climate change, but not quickly enough
93 Scientists discover 36-million-year geological cycle that drives biodiversity
94 Arctic Weather Satellite progressing towards launch
95 Guiding Aeolus' safe reentry
96 Teledyne e2v Space Imaging celebrates the success of its sensors as Aeolus de-orbits
97 High-resolution Ice Radar System Contributes to China's Antarctic Expedition
98 Sino-European joint space mission enters flight model phase
99 Lower U.S. gasoline prices may be their own undoing
100 UN warns Sudan faces 'full-scale civil war' as air raid kills 22
101 Hong Kong questions family of wanted activist Nathan Law: police source
102 Myanmar crisis tops agenda at divided ASEAN foreign ministers' meeting
103 China's Xi congratulates Uzbek president on re-election: state media
104 Drought scuppers salmon fishing season in California
105 Critical negotiations on deep sea mining kick off in Jamaica
106 At least 29 killed in India monsoon floods: officials
107 'Orange like the sun': visitors flock to Iceland volcano
108 Heat killed 61,000 in Europe's record-breaking 2022 summer: study
109 UN sounds alarm on heat threat to Iraq's fabled marshland
110 UN highlights 'vicious cycle' of climate impacts for Latin America, Caribbean
111 Last week the hottest worldwide on record: UN
112 French cherry farmers protest over insecticide ban; Report paves way for EU glyphosate use
113 Norway's DNO claims largest hydrocarbon discovery in 10 years
114 ChatGPT dragged to US court over AI copyright
115 Foxconn pulls from $19.4 billion deal in India to make semiconductors
116 Appeals court orders temporary halt to natural gas pipeline in national forest
117 Iraq to pay for Iranian gas imports with oil: PM
118 Why American communities are suing Big Oil for climate damages
119 University of Illinois study finds turning food waste into bioenergy can become a profitable industry