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1 SpaceX tender offer values it at around $150bn: report
2 Potential financial losses from a renewable energy transition are concentrated among the wealthy--ScienceDaily
3 Hurricanes push heat deeper into the ocean than scientists realized, boosting long-term ocean warming
4 Countries will need to cooperate financially to successfully adapt to climate change--ScienceDaily
5 Solar maximum could hit us harder and sooner than we thought. How dangerous will the sun's chaotic peak be?
6 The fascinating story behind one-horned creatures in rock art
7 Coupling light and matter--ScienceDaily
8 Our galaxy's black hole not as sleepy as thought: astronomers
9 A subtype of depression identified--ScienceDaily
10 Growing seed bank is 'Noah's Ark' for Southern California desert plants
11 Do warmer temperatures make turtles better mothers? New finding suggests how and why temperatures determine the sex of turtles--ScienceDaily
12 Study reveals genetic signatures of chickpea's cultural crossroads
13 Study highlights six tools for decolonizing climate research
14 All the immunity, none of the symptoms--ScienceDaily
15 Effect of volcanic eruptions significantly underestimated in climate projections, study shows
16 Drug decelerates bacterial race to antibiotic resistance--ScienceDaily
17 Replacing news editors with AI is a worry for misinformation, bias and accountability
18 Lessons in sustainability, evolution and human adaptation--courtesy of the Holocene--ScienceDaily
19 There's no legal reason the US shouldn't supply cluster bombs to Ukraine--but that doesn't make it morally right
20 New study reveals global reservoirs are becoming emptier--ScienceDaily
21 From dugong to octopuses, here are 8 marine species being pushed toward the poles
22 Source of common kidney disease lies outside the kidney, study suggests--ScienceDaily
23 Four priorities as educators plan for next year
24 City buildings could blow air taxi future off course--ScienceDaily
25 How students approached AI in their first semester with ChatGPT
26 Combination therapy effective against canine melanoma--ScienceDaily
27 Begging dolphins prompt calls to reform recreational fishing
28 Repurposed drug shows promise for treating cardiac arrhythmias--ScienceDaily
29 Is the U.S. ready for an African swine fever outbreak?--ScienceDaily
30 High pressure induces excited states, suggests role in HIV infection--ScienceDaily
31 New clues about the origin of complex life--ScienceDaily
32 Are viruses keeping sea lice at bay in wild salmon?--ScienceDaily
33 The molecular control center of our protein factories--ScienceDaily
34 Generative AI models are encoding biases and negative stereotypes in their users--ScienceDaily
35 Study sets new standard for graft-versus-host disease prevention after stem cell transplant--ScienceDaily
36 Traditional methods cannot give us the insights we need to understand changing ecosystems--ScienceDaily
37 A new speciation atlas helps researchers to get more accurate results and new discoveries--ScienceDaily
38 Significant progress in small-cell lung cancer research--ScienceDaily
39 Research challenges current thinking on the genetic causes of very early menopause--ScienceDaily
40 Flooding tackled by helping citizens take action--ScienceDaily
41 Why ecosystem collapses may occur much sooner than expected
42 Cave excavation pushes back the clock on early human migration to Laos--ScienceDaily
43 Now, every biologist can use machine learning--ScienceDaily
44 DNA can fold into complex shapes to execute new functions--ScienceDaily
45 Is TBI a chronic condition? Study finds function may improve, decline up to seven years after injury--ScienceDaily
46 See the 'monster' sunspot that launched the Carrington Event, the most devastating solar storm in recorded history
47 'Shoebox' satellites help scientists understand trees and global warming--ScienceDaily
48 Montreal has worst air of any major city as wildfires rage: monitor
49 How does water put out fire?
50 Humans' evolutionary relatives butchered one another 1.45 million years ago
51 Ancient katydid fossil reveals muscles, digestive tract, glands and a testicle
52 Climate change causes a mountain peak frozen for thousands of years to collapse
53 What are the different types of telescope?
54 Colossal cave in Mexico that formed 15 million years ago is even more enormous than we thought
55 No simple answer for why people believe in conspiracy theories, says new study
56 120-year-old Cassius is pushing limit of crocodile longevity--and he's got 'years to come,' expert say
57 Work doesn't stop at net zero, scientists say
58 Study of Earth's stratosphere reduces uncertainty in future climate change
59 Wind and solar power overtakes coal for the first time ever in the US
60 A tailored and rapid approach for ozonation catalyst design
61 Paper suggests there could be captured planets in the Oort cloud
62 Flying squirrels in China have discovered a clever new trick to store nuts for longer
63 Team discovers ancient marine reptile fossil, leading to new evolutionary insight
64 1,000-year-old wall in Peru was built to protect against El Nino floods, research suggests
65 Study finds human impact on wildlife even in protected areas
66 Scientists solve long-known problem in mathematics
67 Book describes how British adapted Mughal systems of justice to establish rule in India
68 Megalodon was a warm-blooded killer, but that may have doomed it to extinction
69 Researchers uproot decades of buckthorn management practices
70 Evidence of ancient hydraulic engineering discovered along Nile
71 Solving the strength-toughness dilemma in superhard ceramics with a chemically tuned solid solution approach
72 New nationwide modeling points to widespread racial disparities in urban heat stress--ScienceDaily
73 Declassified US intelligence report finds no evidence of coronavirus 'lab leak' from Wuhan institute
74 Environmentalists and industry weigh in on how to decarbonize aviation
75 Study reveals reason hellbenders are disappearing
76 Ancient marine reptile fossil, publish ground-breaking evolutionary insight--ScienceDaily
77 Rare palm species that flowers underground discovered in Borneo
78 Some black truffles grown in eastern US may be less valuable lookalike species, study finds
79 Fighting loneliness by finding purpose--ScienceDaily
80 Broadband and continuous wave pumped second-harmonic generation from microfiber coated with layered GaSe crystal
81 Research questions value of sagebrush control in conserving sage grouse--ScienceDaily
82 Laughter can play an important role in well-being, research finds
83 Lean body mass, age linked with alcohol elimination rates in women--ScienceDaily
84 Toxic ideas online are spreading and growing through the use of irony, analysis shows
85 Investing in nature improves equity, boosts economy--ScienceDaily
86 Professor finds diversity of experience among board members leads to innovation
87 A killer, yes, but analysis of tooth minerals reveals how the warm-blooded predator maintained its body temperature--ScienceDaily
88 Novel study deepens knowledge of treatment-resistant hypertension--ScienceDaily
89 Researchers estimate that gray whales off Oregon Coast consume millions of microparticles per day
90 Scientists have developed a faster, more efficient way to synthesize CoSn(OH)6, a powerful catalyst required for high-energy lithium--air batteries--ScienceDaily
91 Researchers determine chloroplast size unlikely option for improving photosynthetic efficiency
92 How coral reefs can survive climate change--ScienceDaily
93 Experiment reveals 3D structural image of atmospheric boundary layer during haze pollution in the North China Plain
94 Cut marks on a fossil leg bone belonging to a relative of modern humans were made by stone tools and could be evidence of cannibalism--ScienceDaily
95 Magnetic bacteria provide clues for the early diversification of bacteria
96 Dry days trigger leaves to send a surprising growth signal telling roots to keep growing--ScienceDaily
97 Climate effects of future aerosol reductions for achieving carbon neutrality in China
98 People in power who are guilt-prone are less likely to be corrupt--ScienceDaily
99 Which is longer, Amazon or Nile? New quest aims to settle old debate
100 Largest survey of its kind could inform biodiversity policy--ScienceDaily
101 See the face of the 'Hobbit,' an extinct human relative
102 Why do mammals have a stiff lower jaw?
103 Researchers uncover immune cell marker and regulator of anti-tumor immunity--ScienceDaily
104 White Gladis the orca may have been pregnant when she started attacking boats
105 Sri Lanka's battle with plastic pollution
106 Grocery store carts set to help diagnose common heart rhythm disorder and prevent stroke--ScienceDaily
107 Pathogen protein modularity enables elaborate mimicry of host phosphatase
108 Scientists tried to solve the mystery of the helium nucleus--and ended up more confused than ever
109 Electron tunneling associated with ferritin in vivo in the retina, the cochlea, macrophages and other tissues
110 Where do honey bees come from? New study 'turns the standard picture on its head
111 South Korea has the lowest fertility rate in the world--and that doesn't bode well for its economy
112 Prescription tunes: Can music help improve the effects of drugs?
113 What game theory can teach us about standing up to bullies
114 Never-before-seen 'missing link' dinosaur walks, drinks and socializes in stunning new animation
115 Hot testicles may hold the secret to elephants' anti-cancer genes, suggests new study
116 Findings support placement of cochlear implants early in life--ScienceDaily