File Title
1 Jumbo problem: Sri Lanka's battle with plastic pollution
2 The global battle against 'forever' chemicals'
3 'Time bomb'?: Race to identify health effects of microplastics
4 Rubbish-clearing divers come to rescue of 'pearl of Kyrgyzstan'
5 Hundreds of quakes in Iceland spur volcano warning
6 Peru volcano rumbles to life, spews ash on towns
7 Moderna signs agreement towards making mRNA medicine in China
8 No evidence COVID created in Chinese lab: US intelligence
9 Brimful clinics, cemeteries as dengue ravages Peru
10 Wildfires 'off the charts' in Canada as temperatures climb
11 Earth formed from dry, rocky building blocks
12 'Unimaginable': Austria's highest paradise feels heat of climate change
13 Sweet success: Jordan's beekeepers busy as honey demand soars
14 Heat wave in US turns Texas prisons into 'ovens'
15 Texas scraps 'water break' law for construction workers, as global heat records soar
16 First drug developed by generative AI administered to patients
17 Hong Kong cuts elected council seats to exclude 'anti-China' forces
18 Wanted activists should surrender or 'spend days in fear': Hong Kong leader
19 Australia to support activists threatened by Hong Kong
20 Preventing interplanetary pollution that could pose a threat to life on Earth and other planets
21 Evidence of the amino acid tryptophan found in space
22 Biggest UK water supplier fined over sewage discharge
23 Kenya's Ruto lifts six-year logging ban
24 Drills, red wine: Ukrainians ready for leak at Russia-held plant
25 S. Korea says respects IAEA approval of Fukushima water release
26 IAEA chief in Japan ahead of Fukushima water release
27 Yellen says 'impossible' to decouple China, US economies
28 Maritime sector seals carbon-cutting deal but sparks criticism
29 Blinken to seek ASEAN pushback on China, pressure on Myanmar
30 Superconducting qubit foundry accelerates progress in quantum research
31 Taiwan chip giant sees no production hit from China curb on rare metals
32 China slaps export curbs on essential chip-making metals
33 Netherlands imposes new trade restrictions to block export of semiconductors to China
34 Fukushima water release plan clears last regulatory hurdle in Japan
35 UN observers urge access to Ukraine nuclear plant
36 Zelensky tells Macron Russia planning 'dangerous provocations' at nuclear plant
37 Belgium, French firm seal deal extending nuclear reactors
38 Ukraine warns against 'panic' after alleged nuclear threat
39 Framatome selected by US nuclear power plant to provide incore instrumentation
40 New adsorbent can remove radioactive cesium ions from nuclear wastewater
41 UN nuclear chief says situation 'serious' at Ukraine plant
42 Ukraine nuke plant safety fears in spotlight
43 IAEA requests more access to Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in hunt for explosives
44 Arctic set for high-speed broadband as polar mission completes key milestone
45 US-China cooperation in climate finance 'critical': Yellen
46 TotalEnergies CEO says COP28 chief can press oil nations on climate
47 US forces prevented Iran from seizing two tankers near Oman: Pentagon
48 Activists protest over ship pollution at maritime meet
49 Momentum to partner with Eutelsat and OneWeb to for Oil and Gas industry
50 Environmentalists sue Norway over new oil projects
51 Gulf oil states on a Pacific charm offensive
52 UAE climate chair urges oil firms to slash emissions
53 Public support hydrogen and biofuels to decarbonise global shipping
54 Iran Guards seize commercial ship in Gulf: US Navy
55 Gasoline prices stable, but that could change amid oil production cuts
56 Is Threads really a 'Twitter killer' as Musk calls his lawyer
57 Twitter rival Threads crosses 10 mn. users within hours of launch
58 The chore of packing just got faster and easier
59 China says critical metals curbs 'not targeting' any country
60 Unveiling the secrets of liquid iron under extreme conditions
61 Surprise! Weaker bonds can make polymers stronger
62 Italy sets curbs on Pirelli's Chinese investor Sinochem
63 Defense Department announces effort to increase Idaho cobalt extraction
64 Syrians turn plastic waste into rugs to make a living
65 Liquid shock absorbers in football helmets could reduce impact on brains
66 Swedish group to supply 'green steel' to Mercedes
67 Buckle up! New class of metamaterials is here
68 China's top diplomat urges S. Korea, Japan to know their 'roots'
69 Xi and Putin to address Shanghai alliance, with Iran to join
70 'Weaker Putin is a greater danger': EU's Borrell
71 Prigozhin aimed to capture Russian generals: report
72 Turkey to hold NATO talks with Sweden next Thursday
73 NATO ready to defend against 'Moscow or Minsk': Stoltenberg
74 UK's Wallace rules himself out of NATO job
75 China slams Biden for equating Xi to 'dictators'
76 Startup bets on kitesurf to blow away shipping pollution
77 International Maritime Organization nations agree to 2050 net zero emissions goal
78 Germany's new big hope against warming--heat pumps
79 U.N. finds developing countries need major financial commitment for cleaner energy
80 Polluting shipping to face climate reckoning
81 Why Saudi Arabia's "The Line" isn't a revolution in urban living
82 The global search for cooling: an energy-demanding loop
83 New carbon accounting rules target 'greenwashing'
84 EU eyes withdrawal from fossil-friendly energy treaty
85 Researchers grow precise arrays of nanoLEDs
86 China unveils new operating system amid US tensions
87 Chinese fintech giant Ant announces share buyback after crackdown
88 Germany's 'China city' seeks new direction amid fraying ties
89 Musk predicts Tesla self-driving cars 'later this year'
90 Legal battle looms over London's expanding vehicle pollution fee
91 FAA clears California company's flying car for takeoff
92 Vehicle color recognition based on neural networks and multi-scale feature fusion
93 Strange bedfellows: auto rivals embrace Tesla EV chargers
94 VW eyes sales growth powered by US, China
95 U.S. liquefied natural gas exports expected to outpace rivals this year
96 Algorithmic breakthrough unlocks path to sustainable technologies
97 NGO accuses Chinese renewables firms of abuses in 18 countries
98 Chemists discover why photosynthetic light-harvesting is so efficient
99 COP28 host UAE pledges to triple renewables
100 NSU perovskite solar cells set new record for power conversion efficiency
101 Launch of next generation photovoltaics lab
102 Climate goals need clean energy surge in Global South: IEA
103 Solar cells can, finally, stand the heat
104 Norway's quest for 'black gold' from used car batteries
105 Dual-use rechargeable battery
106 Nobel-winning lithium battery inventor John Goodenough dies at 100
107 Ford-backed electric battery venture approved for $9.2 billion US loan
108 Lithium boom comes to Brazil's 'misery valley'
109 A novel, completely solid, rechargeable air battery
110 Turning up the heat