File Title
1 Hawaii volcano stops erupting, putting an end to stunning lava show
2 High-tech pavement markers support autonomous driving in tough conditions, remote areas--ScienceDaily
3 1st-century coins from Jewish revolt against the Romans discovered near the Black Sea
4 Scientists demonstrate terahertz wave camera can capture 3D images of microscopic world
5 What role does alternative splicing play in neurodegenerative disease?--ScienceDaily
6 Different pathways for achieving endothermy in teleost fish species
7 The dwarf cuttlefish, with skin that changes color based on what it sees and feels, could help neuroscientists ask and answer new questions--ScienceDaily
8 Dutch unveil 4,000-year-old 'Stonehenge'-like discovery
9 Low-dose aspirin may increase anaemia risk in healthy older adults: study--ScienceDaily
10 Asia's tallest tree discovered hiding in the world's deepest canyon in China
11 A novel solution to safeguard Japan's unique citrus cultivars and their breeders' rights
12 Daytime napping may help to preserve brain health by slowing the rate at which our brains shrink as we age--ScienceDaily
13 Neanderthals created Europe's oldest 'intentional' engravings up to 75,000 years ago, study suggests
14 Understanding the cation effect on the CO coupling reaction at the electrochemical interface
15 How tidal range electricity generation could meet future demand and storage problems--ScienceDaily
16 BMI alone is an 'imperfect' measure of fat, leading medical association says
17 Fusion simulations reveal the multi-scale nature of tokamak turbulence
18 Helping 'good' gut bacteria and clearing out the 'bad'--all in one treatment--ScienceDaily
19 Bizarre object hotter than the sun is orbiting a distant star at breakneck speed
20 42,000-year-old anatomically accurate penis pendant is the world's earliest known depiction of human genitalia
21 New study examines variability of water, carbon in Missouri agriculture ecosystems and future impact on crops
22 Exoplanet may reveal secrets about the edge of habitability--ScienceDaily
23 Aliens might be using a nearby supernova to get our attention, new study suggests
24 Rain gardens could save salmon from toxic tire chemicals
25 What Canadian wildfires signify for climate, public health
26 Phone communication spurs a cascading effect on social influence--ScienceDaily
27 Transforming the future of chip-scale applications
28 AI that uses sketches to detect objects within an image could boost tumor detection, and search for rare bird species--ScienceDaily
29 How moths create invisibility cloaks preventing detection by predators using biosonar
30 AI reveals hidden traits about our planet's flora to help save species--ScienceDaily
31 New study reveals irrigation's mixed effects around the world--ScienceDaily
32 Wild bees and butterflies are at particular risk
33 A cool solution to saving species from extinction--ScienceDaily
34 How climate change fuels extreme heat
35 Walkable neighborhoods help adults socialize, increase community--ScienceDaily
36 Sustainability at center of British polar science strategy
37 These long-necked reptiles were decapitated by their predators, fossil evidence confirms--ScienceDaily
38 Beijing temperatures near record as extreme heat sweeps northern China
39 Drug-resistant fungi are thriving in even the most remote regions of Earth--ScienceDaily
40 Astronomers discover new mini-Neptune exoplanet
41 Caribbean seagrasses provide services worth $255 billion annually, including vast carbon storage, study shows--ScienceDaily
42 UK's cuckoos unable to adjust migrations to keep up with climate change
43 Blood pressure drug could prevent post-traumatic headaches--ScienceDaily
44 Record-breaking 63,300 pounds of illegal shark fins seized in Brazil
45 How proteins protect mammalian sperm on their way to the egg cell
46 Ketone supplements worsen performance in trained endurance athletes, researchers find--ScienceDaily
47 Weakening democracy linked to rising deaths, study finds
48 RSV is a serious heath threat, but the public knows little about it--ScienceDaily
49 1st 'lab-grown' meat approved for sale in the US
50 Academic fields valuing 'brilliance' less welcoming to women, new analysis shows
51 Will engineered carbon removal solve the climate crisis?--ScienceDaily
52 Titanic sub was lost due to catastrophic implosion, US coast guard says
53 Powerful board allies are a CEO's best weapon, say researchers
54 Flowers, backyard feeders likely provide hummingbirds with alcohol, thanks to fermenting yeast--ScienceDaily
55 Study reveals how leaf-cutting ants gauge leaf portion size
56 Einstein and Euler put to the test at the edge of the Universe--ScienceDaily
57 How can the Chignik, Alaska, earthquake help predict future risk?
58 By adding weak linkers to a polymer network, chemists dramatically enhanced the material's resistance to tearing--ScienceDaily
59 Pandemic restrictions don't hamper innovation, evidence from the 1918 flu shows
60 The clue is in the glue--Nature's secret for holding it together--ScienceDaily
61 As Arctic warms, caribou and muskoxen slow biodiversity loss
62 Sinking seamount offers clues to slow motion earthquakes--ScienceDaily
63 Two mathematicians explain how building bridges within the discipline helped prove Fermat's last theorem
64 The results could help turn up unconventional superconducting materials--ScienceDaily
65 Nanofluidic aptamer nanoarray measures individual proteins
66 Studying herpes encephalitis with mini-brains--ScienceDaily
67 Novel method enables unrestricted isotope analyses
68 Never-before-seen way to annihilate a star--ScienceDaily
69 Earth's thermosphere reaches highest temperature in 20 years after being bombarded by solar storms
70 Bison reintroduced to Canada's Banff thrive again
71 Engineers 'strike gold' with innovation that recovers heavy metals from biosolids--ScienceDaily
72 US county sues oil companies for $51 billion over 'Heat Dome' disaster
73 Modern horses have lost their additional toes, scientists confirm--ScienceDaily
74 Watch the world choke on CO2 in eerie NASA videos of manmade emissions
75 Climate finance summit wraps up eyeing bigger progress
76 One in five women become pregnant naturally after having a baby conceived with IVF--ScienceDaily
77 19 dead, thousands seek shelter in South Asia monsoon floods
78 Between mountains in Hawai'i, innovative scientists show precision timing at the quantum limit.--ScienceDaily
79 Flow of water on a carbon surface is governed by quantum friction, says study
80 Loss of Y chromosome in men enables cancer to grow--ScienceDaily
81 Orca rams boat off Scottish coast, 2,000 miles away from original attacks
82 The global battle against 'forever' chemicals'
83 Smart farming platform improves crop yields, minimizes pollution--ScienceDaily
84 Tonga 2022 eruption triggered the most intense lightning storm ever recorded
85 How ceramics are telling the story of 14th century Chinese trade
86 Blood-free sensor can take readings for up to 72 hours and detect early signs of endocrine diseases more accurately than existing tests taken at one point in the day--ScienceDaily
87 Like dogs, wolves recognize familiar human voices
88 The device offers a promising new approach for photonic-based microwave signal synthesis--ScienceDaily
89 New finding suggests how and why temperatures determine the sex of turtles
90 MIT engineers' new technology can probe the neural circuits that influence hunger, mood, and a variety of diseases--ScienceDaily
91 Pineapple in frozen fruit potentially exposed to Listeria, prompting wide recall
92 New study shows that the Bachman's warbler was a distinct species
93 'Green' farming policies may accelerate global biodiversity loss, two leading academics have warned--ScienceDaily
94 4,500-year-old 'Stonehenge' sanctuary discovered in the Netherlands
95 When majority men respect minority women, groups communicate better
96 New 3D-printing method builds structures with two metals--ScienceDaily
97 People are falsely denying firearm ownership, and it's not who you might think
98 A novel approach to synthetic biology could revolutionize how scientists improve plants for bioenergy and agriculture--ScienceDaily
99 Researchers discover one-of-a-kind fish is local to lower Susquehanna
100 Stronger tape engineered through the art of cutting--ScienceDaily
101 Study suggests 21st century economic growth will be slower than expected
102 Chronic stress-related neurons identified--ScienceDaily
103 Hubble glimpses globular cluster NGC 6544
104 When soft spheres make porous media stiffer--ScienceDaily
105 Pain not perceived in the same way in people with Alzheimer's Disease--ScienceDaily
106 Microsoft claims to have achieved first milestone in creating a reliable and practical quantum computer
107 These novel solar cells achieve an impressive stabilised efficiency of 24.35%--the highest for perovskite solar cells (active area of 1 cm^2) to date--ScienceDaily
108 Science news this week: Asia's tallest tree and mysterious brain spirals
109 New nationwide modeling points to widespread racial disparities in urban heat stress
110 Glass sponge genome furnishes insights into evolution of biomineralization--ScienceDaily
111 What is the maximum number of biological parents an organism can have?
112 Russia, China block move for new Antarctic marine reserves
113 Breakthrough innovation could solve temperature issues for source-gated transistors and lead to low-cost, flexible displays--ScienceDaily
114 Why did the last ice age end?