File Title
1 Europe-wide space-enabled aviation approaches take off
2 Czech Republic to provide helicopters, F-16 training to Ukraine
3 DLR project HorizonUAM provides answers
4 Pilot killed as fighter jet crashes during Venezuela exercise
5 ATLAS Space launches Freedom Space for Government Missions
6 SYRACUSE 4B Satellite Launched: Boost for French Military Communications
7 No additional radiation at cruising altitude off the coast of Brazil
8 China conducts extravehicular radiation biological exposure experiment on space station
9 Canadian student rocketry group reaches new heights with Spaceport Nova Scotia's first launch
10 Practicing the game-winning asteroid sample catch
11 Imagine walking on Hera's asteroid
12 Space Act Agreement with NASA will advance UArizona engagement in human spaceflight
13 Taking flight and making a splash
14 Winning spacesuit designs
15 Sidus Space Joins Forces with Lulav Space to Develop Advanced Star Tracker
16 NASA humanoid robot to be tested in Australia
17 Rise of the robots: UN tries to tackle 'mind-blowing' growth of AI
18 UN talks aim to harness AI power and potential
19 AI robots at UN reckon they could run the world better
20 Heading toward a cluster of craters: Sols 3880-3881
21 Astronomers discover elusive planet responsible for spiral arms around its star
22 'Sandwich' discovery offers new explanation for planet formation
23 A surprise chemical find by ALMA may help detect and confirm protoplanets
24 New era of exoplanet discovery begins with images of 'Jupiter's Younger Sibling'
25 Solving the RIME deployment mystery
26 Spacecom General wants satellites with sustained maneuverability
27 iRocket contracts with US Space Force to transform how launch vehicles are powered
28 Rice U. physicist to lead world's longest-running nuclear collider experiment
29 First direct visualization of a zero-field pair density wave
30 New driver for shapes of small quark-gluon plasma drops
31 Physicists discover a new switch for superconductivity
32 Atoms realize a Laughlin state
33 USTC explored gravity's effect on quantum spins
34 Shining potential of missing atoms
35 USTC enhances fluorescence brightness of single silicon carbide spin color centers
36 Subtle signs of fluctuations in critical point search
37 The 'breath' between atoms--a new building block for quantum technology
38 Webb locates dust reservoirs in two supernovae
39 Europe's on a mission to explore the dark universe with the launch of the Euclid Telescope
40 ALMA digs deeper into the mystery of planet formation
41 Europe's space telescope to target universe's dark mysteries
42 SYRACUSE 4B Satellite Launched: Boost for French Military Communications
43 Saturn's Rings shine in Webb's observations of Gas Giant
44 Key building block for life found at Saturn's moon Enceladus
45 PIGS finds ancient stars in the heart of the Milky Way
46 First 'ghost particle' image of Milky Way galaxy captured by scientists
47 JUPITER 3 arrives at Cape Canaveral for launch
48 Martian dunes eroded by a shift in prevailing winds after the planet's last ice age
49 Final Ariane 5 blasts off amid Europe rocket crisis
50 Commanding role for Andreas in space
51 ESA unveils its comprehensive, high-resolution image library in a revamped platform
52 ESA launches major recruitment drive for 2023
53 Ariane 5 bows out in style: dual payloads, perfect delivery
54 First ultraviolet data collected by ESA's JUICE mission
55 Unveiling Jupiter's upper atmosphere
56 ASU study: Jupiter's moon Europa may have had a slow evolution
57 Radio telescope observations confirm unintended radiation from large satellite constellations
58 ITU Radio Regulations Board approves waiver for Rivada LEO constellation
59 AST SpaceMobile confirms 4G capabilities to everyday smartphones directly from space
60 Satellite Internet fills holes in global connectivity, but cost remains an issue
61 Astronomers witness energetic switch on of black hole
62 New study weighs the universe's supermassive black holes
63 Eventually everything will evaporate, not only black holes
64 Solar astronomers discover 'shooting stars' on the Sun's corona
65 Parker Solar Probe completes 16th close approach to the Sun
66 A simulation finds solutions to a central mystery in space physics
67 Scientists are using deepfake AI images to understand the Sun's atmosphere
68 Gravity goes lunar: putting LESA to the test
69 Lunar rover prototype conquers steep, scary lander exit test
70 Underwater mining of high seas inches closer, worrying environmentalists
71 This self-driving boat maps underwater terrain
72 The ship sank. Or did it? Titanic misinformation swirls
73 Amazon neighbors act to save world's largest rainforest; Lula slashes Amazon deforestation
74 Nestle steps up reforestation project in Ivory Coast
75 Tropical deforestation up 10% in 2022 releasing billions of tons of carbon
76 Football pitch of tropical forest lost every 5 seconds
77 Latin America bank eyes finance 'umbrella' role for Amazon rainforest
78 Green growth in Amazon would bring Brazil billions: study
79 Earth's day was a constant 19.5 hours for over a billion years
80 Quasar 'clocks' show Universe was five times slower soon after the Big Bang
81 Time appears five times slower in early universe: study
82 NIST lays groundwork for future ultra-precise timing links to geosynchronous satellites
83 New cesium atomic clock provides autonomous precise time of 100 ns holdover for months
84 Climate change challenges hydropower-dependent Austria
85 Devastation reigns one month on from Ukraine dam flood
86 Kyiv puts environmental damage from Ukraine dam breach at $1.5bn.
87 Yellen urges 'direct' talks, US-China climate collaboration
88 German climate reform hit by vote delay; Austria court rejects children's climate lawsuit
89 UN highlights 'vicious cycle' of climate impacts for Latin America, Caribbean
90 Climate change spells 'terrifying' future: UN rights chief
91 Zimbabwe's carbon exchange kicks off with Belarusian gift
92 Carbon 'capture' climate tech is booming, and confusing
93 Inside-out heating and ambient wind could make direct air capture cheaper and more efficient
94 High entropy perovskite and quaternary enable high-efficiency CO2 reduction
95 Fungi based carbon storage critical to reaching net zero
96 EU pushes to slash food waste
97 Pesticides worsen climate emergency: NGO report
98 We may be underestimating the climate risk to crops: researchers
99 China's Qu Dongyu re-elected unopposed as head of UN food agency
100 From soup stock to supercrop: Japan shows off its seaweed savvy
101 China Achieves Milestone in Satellite-to-ground Laser Communications
102 Australia-first communications network paves the way for high-speed data in space
103 Satellogic and OHB to collaborate on environmental earth observation applications
104 Huangshan dialogue advances sustainable development of heritage sites
105 Top French court says Channel town must give migrants water
106 Climate activists block holes on Spanish golf courses over water use
107 Hazardous 'forever chemicals' detected in nearly half of US tap water
108 Trial over Spanish ecological disaster starts, 25 years on
109 'Drive-throw' recycling aims to ease Lebanon garbage crisis
110 Integrated space-ground supervisory system monitors pollution emissions in China