File Title
1 Ultra small molecule as a new target for Alzheimer's disease?--ScienceDaily
2 To fight berry-busting fruit flies, researchers focus on sterilizing the bugs
3 Scientists discover urea in atmosphere revealing profound consequences for climate--ScienceDaily
4 Examining impacts of elevated salinity on microbial interactions within activated sludge microbial community
5 Reducing meals, cutting out midnight snacks may optimize gut health--ScienceDaily
6 Complexity is a barrier to horizontal gene transfer, shows new study
7 Children with caregivers who provide warmth, cognitive stimulation do better in STEM subjects in high school--ScienceDaily
8 An efficient strategy to promote novel products on Cu-based catalysts
9 Team finds ways to harness quantum power of atomic flaws
10 Technique restores healthy bacterial balance in C-section babies--ScienceDaily
11 Preserving forests to protect deep soil from warming--ScienceDaily
12 The US will send depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine--despite military, health and environmental effects
13 Archaeological study points to potential competition for limited resources--ScienceDaily
14 Abortion prison sentence shows the law is focused on fetuses--why that's dangerous for women
15 Pregnancy hormone repairs myelin damage in MS mouse model--ScienceDaily
16 How the Unabomber's unique linguistic fingerprints led to his capture
17 Slight alterations in ETS1 protein level can lead to allergic inflammation--ScienceDaily
18 Cutting back on social media reduces anxiety, depression, loneliness--ScienceDaily
19 Research team develops organic redox polymer as positive electrode material for aluminium-ion batteries--ScienceDaily
20 Researchers developed an online protocol for recording audio of people thinking aloud when trying to overcome trick questions--ScienceDaily
21 Serotonin booster leads to increased functional brain connectivity--ScienceDaily
22 Amid melting glaciers, Swiss vote on new climate law
23 Satellites show gains in California water
24 Eight people die in Mexico heatwave
25 Could Earth be inside a black hole?
26 An element essential to life discovered on one of Saturn's moons, raising hopes of finding alien microbes
27 NASA finds key building block for life in a moon of Saturn
28 White communities prefer to risk repeat flooding rather than move to safer but more diverse neighborhoods
29 How microbes may help mitigate mercury absorption
30 Much still pending on how high seas sanctions will work
31 Do fish get thirsty? / Live Science
32 Study reveals the existence of the swallowtail catastrophe in non-Hermitian systems
33 Completely unique' Roman mausoleum discovered in rubble of London building site
34 Paris summit to push for global debt and climate reform
35 Hot Jupiter' planet killed and ate its Mercury-sized neighbor
36 Europe is world's fastest warming continent: climate report
37 New research on self-locking light sources presents opportunities for quantum technologies
38 1st over-the-counter gel for erectile dysfunction approved by the FDA
39 Brain receptor patterns separate sensory and cognitive networks, new study finds
40 Enormous 240 million-year-old sea monster had its head torn off in one clean bite
41 UN adopts 'historic' high seas treaty
42 Digital artifacts boost internationalization of platform businesses, finds study
43 Why AI's top minds think it could end humanity, and how we can stop it
44 Stereotypes about dads are harming millions, family relationship expert warns
45 Humans inhale a credit card's worth of microplastics every week. Here's where it ends up.
46 A holistic approach to addressing food security in Africa
47 For a billion years, Earth may have had 19-hour days. Here's why.
48 Scientists use supercomputer to detail HIV protein mechanism crucial for drug development
49 Study examines women's strategic concealment of LGBTQ+ affinity
50 1st gene-edited snakes use mysterious 'Turing patterns' to achieve near-perfect hexagonal scales
51 Researchers reconstruct lifestyle and face of 7th-century Anglo-Saxon teen
52 Figuring out how to make the healthiest potato chips on the planet
53 Completing the rusty patched bumble bee genome may offer new approach to saving endangered bee
54 Team develops CRISPR tool with big data visualization platform for genome editing and modification
55 De facto decriminalization of drug possession reduces the overall arrest toll on the Black community
56 Kaikoura's deep seabed is rapidly recovering, say experts
57 Half the nation's wetlands just lost federal protection. Their fate is up to states
58 Tech luminaries give RFK Jr.'s anti-vaccine message a boost
59 How Apache opposition to a copper mine became a religious liberty test
60 A cheap fix to global warming is finally gaining support
61 Eight earthquakes in four weeks proves old fault exists near NC mountain town, USGS says
62 Bridging traditional economics and econophysics
63 El Nino and its high temps are back in an already hot world--what does it mean?
64 The spirit of Juneteenth: The freedom to self-determine
65 Martina Navratilova says she is clear of cancer after tests / Tennis News
66 Testing antimicrobial resistance in non-typhoidal Salmonella from retail foods collected in 2020 in China
67 Is your pet feeling a complex emotion?
68 Himalayan glaciers could lose 80% of their volume if global warming isn't controlled, study finds
69 Lab-grown human embryo models spark calls for regulation
70 New study reveals irrigation's mixed effects around the world
71 Mystery orcas with bulbous heads wash up dead in unexplained mass stranding
72 Blade-like spikes covered newly discovered dinosaur unearthed in the UK
73 Lipid making in plants involves the cooperation of two organelles, study finds
74 Bridging traditional economics and econophysics--ScienceDaily
75 The expansion of the universe could be a mirage, new theoretical study suggests
76 Combining twistronics with spintronics could be the next giant leap in quantum electronics
77 Clean, sustainable fuels made 'from thin air' and plastic waste--ScienceDaily
78 Study shows that adding silicon to soil could help protect canola from clubroot
79 Brain receptor patterns separate sensory and cognitive networks--ScienceDaily
80 The world's fish are shrinking as the climate warms. Researchers are trying to figure out why
81 Adaption and mitigation efforts might be improved with inclusivity and transparency--ScienceDaily
82 Deadly cyclone unearths fossils of giant marine creatures that lived 80 million years ago
83 Drones and other tech play major roles in saving our wildlife
84 Self-driving revolution hampered by a lack of accurate simulations of human behavior--ScienceDaily
85 Electrifying time-lapse image captures 100 lightning bolts torching the sky over Turkey
86 Concerns over missing Titanic sub piloted by video game controller, 'improvised' parts--National
87 Scientists discover new embryonic cell type that self-destructs to protect the developing embryo
88 Open-source software to speed up quantum research--ScienceDaily
89 Pheromone found to put scared rats at ease could lead to humane pest control--ScienceDaily
90 The animal kingdom is full of cheats, and it could be a driving force in evolution
91 Paris 2024 headquarters searched as part of corruption investigations / More sports News
92 Scientists discover critical factors that determine the survival of airborne viruses
93 A zoo of cells to study developmental time--ScienceDaily
94 Modern horses have lost their additional toes, scientists confirm
95 Restoring the blood-brain barrier?--ScienceDaily
96 Scientists describe a novel way to manipulate exotic materials
97 Robot is made of metal and yet is soft and flexible--ScienceDaily
98 Research identifies factors that make correcting misinformation about science more successful
99 Focus on function helps identify the changes that made us human--ScienceDaily
100 Topological bulk BICs enable compact, single-mode and beam-engineered QCLs
101 Microtargeting works, just not the way people think
102 Hidden mechanism connects cancer and diabetes--ScienceDaily
103 Climate change could lead to 'widespread chaos' for insect communities
104 Scientists unearth 20 million years of 'hot spot' magmatism under Cocos plate--ScienceDaily
105 PFAS found in blood of dogs, horses living near Fayetteville, NC
106 Towards a framework for managing millions of abandoned oil and gas wells--ScienceDaily
107 A new adsorbent for removing radioactive cesium ions from nuclear wastewater
108 Face of Anglo-Saxon teen VIP revealed with new evidence about her life--ScienceDaily
109 Media coverage of climate change research does not inspire action, say scientists
110 Robots able to accomplish tasks after watching people perform them in any environment--ScienceDaily
111 Volvic on front line of France's new water fears
112 New research reveals the impact of different species and their traits on human wellbeing--ScienceDaily
113 Spain's crops thrive on wastewater
114 Supersized fruit eater database on climate change frontline--ScienceDaily
115 Exotic new state of matter discovered by squishing subatomic particles into an ultradense crystal